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βœ…Linear Neural Networks for Regression and Classification explained in simple terms and how to use it (with code).
A quick thread πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡πŸ»
#Python #DataScience #MachineLearning #DataScientist #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode #hubofml #deeplearning
Pic credits : Joshua Image
1/ Imagine you have a box with a lot of buttons on it, and each button can give you a different answer. You also have a big list of questions that you want to ask, like "What's the weather like today?" or "Is this a cat or a dog?".
2/ Now, instead of asking just one button at a time, you can connect all the buttons together with wires. When you ask a question, it goes through the wires and each button can help decide the answer a little bit.
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βœ…Time Series Forecasting explained in simple terms and how to use it ( with code).
A quick thread πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡πŸ»
#Python #DataScience #MachineLearning #DataScientist #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode #hubofml #deeplearning
Pic credits : ResearchGate Image
1/ Imagine you have a special notebook where you write down the temperature outside every day. You write down the temperature in the morning and also in the afternoon. Now, after a few months, you have a lot of temperature numbers in your notebook.
2/ Time series forecasting is like using magic to predict what the temperature might be in the future. You look at all the numbers you wrote down and try to find a pattern or a trend.
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βœ…Generative Adversarial Networks ( GANs) explained in simple terms and how to use it ( with code).
A quick thread πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡πŸ»
#Python #DataScience #MachineLearning #DataScientist #Programming #Coding #100DaysofCode #hubofml #deeplearning
Pic credits : ResearchGate Image
1/ Imagine you have two friends, let's call them the "artist" and the "critic." The artist wants to draw something cool, and the critic wants to judge if the drawing is good or not. The artist tries to draw something, and the critic looks at it and says whether it's good or bad.
2/ Now, the artist really wants to improve, so they keep drawing and the critic keeps judging. Over time, the artist gets better and better at drawing because they learn from the critic's feedback. The artist wants to make drawings that the critic will say are really amazing!
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Heard someone saying if you don't have a Linkedin profile please create one and build it to look good, check those of the people who work in roles you would like to apply for and improve it (it made realize how we underrate the fact that some people might not be aware or have it)
We tend to assume things alot for example not every frontend developer knows that they can deploy their projects on Vercel, Github pages, Netlif etc. So often we'll brush off these important concepts, and move to high-level conversations that might be relevant to mid-level senior
Yesterday a graduate committed suicide may he R.I.P Maybe it was an aspect of mental health or unemployment as people claimed. It just hit me, how often do we share with people that they can switch career paths or pick some skills & still be able to get roles, a sense of belongin
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React Docs: Your First Component πŸš€

I'll break it down for you(and me) in a thread 🧡

#learningReact #100daysofcode
🌟 React components are the building blocks of user interfaces (UI) in React applications. They allow you to combine markup, CSS, and JavaScript into reusable UI elements.
πŸ”§ Components in React work similar to HTML tags. You can compose, order, and nest components to design complete pages and UI elements.
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πŸš€ Buckle up! The AI revolution is here and ChatGPT is just the tip of the iceberg.

Allow me to introduce 5 insanely powerful AI extensions that are changing the game. A thread 🧡

#AI #FutureTech #100DaysOfCode Image
1️⃣ Murf AI πŸŽ™οΈ

Transform text into lifelike speech with over 120+ realistic voices in 20 languages. Create captivating voiceovers for videos, e-learning, podcasts, and more.

Explore Murf AI here:
2️⃣ πŸ”₯

Supercharge your productivity with AI-powered meeting transcription and note-taking. Capture and search for important moments in meetings effortlessly.

Get organized and stay ahead with Fireflies AI:
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Create this content post in seconds using the brand new microsoft designer tool πŸ€–

The step by step process

#100DaysOfCode #developer #designer Image
🌍 Go to (no login needed).

For your information, it's just DALL-E underneath.

Make a prompt with the following formula


here some examples
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#DataScience #DataAnalytics #DataScientists #programming #Python #100DaysOfCode
Simple Thread 🧡🧡🧡
A data analyst is a professional who works with data to uncover insights and help businesses make informed decisions. Here are the steps to becoming a data analyst
βœ… Obtain a degree: While it is possible to become a data analyst without a formal degree, having a degree in a related field, such as statistics, mathematics, computer science, or data science, can be beneficial.
βœ… Learn programming languages: Programming languages such as Python, R, SQL, and Java are commonly used in data analysis. Learning these languages can help you analyze data more effectively.
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Learn Python (with AI) 1/100

I'm very interested in developing a workflow to help students and teachers use AI in an educational setting.

So I'm teaching myself Python with the help of AI.

A little about my approach follows:
There's no doubt traditional education will be heavily disrupted by AI in the coming years.

But what's the best way to learn with it?

What are its limitations? Where will competent teachers fit in the equation?

I'm hoping to find some answers from this experiment.
To be clear I'm not just using AI to learn coding.

I'm using @yu_angela's popular (and excellent!) #100daysofcode Python course with the goal of being able to more easily create AI chatbots and apps by the end.

Here's how things went Day 1:
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" Data Analyst Project on Hotel Booking "

That you can add in your resume or portfolio to showcase your skills πŸ’―

β—» In Recent Year , City Hotel & Resort Hotel have seen High Cancellation Rates. Each Hotel is now Dealing with number of issue as result including Fewer #revenue & Less than ideal Hotel room use.
πŸ”Ή Insights :

1️⃣ More Cancellation occur when prices are higher
2️⃣ When there is Longer waiting list , Customer tend to Cancel more frequently
3️⃣ The majority of Clients are coming from a offline #travel agents to make their #reservations
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" SQL Puzzle Interview Question "

Table script:

create table input (
id int,
formula varchar(10),
value int
insert into input values (1,'1+4',10),(2,'2+1',5),(3,'3-2',40),(4,'4-1',20);
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Shamelessly stealing an idea from @jacksonfall and prompting GPT-4 to help me build a profitable business.

I'm going to start with the same prompt and do whatever it asks me to.

Let's goooooooo

Alright so the approach here is to find a product or service with high demand and low supply using a website like @junglescout or @GoogleTrends

On Google trends, the term "chat GPT" is exploding in popularity so I asked HustleGPT to suggest products related to that.

#gpt4 Image
@junglescout @GoogleTrends Top ideas generated by the bot πŸ€–

- AI-related books
- Ergonomic keyboards
- High-quality microphones
- Webcams

It also suggested digital products and I liked that more so I asked it to elaborate.

The answer? Chat bot scripts. That sounds easy enough πŸ˜… Image
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#willwritesandcodes #100DaysofCode #Day31

Uninstalled and reinstalled @ProgrammingHero again, did the exam for #Cpp course, and it still crashed at the end.


It could be my phone. I'll have to try installing it on another device. Still a bummer screenshot of the error message as programming hero app cras
Also resinstalled the very different app, @Prghub, which has much shorter courses and as a result felt deceptive about how much you were learning. I haven't uses it in over a year for sure. They have a bunch of new courses. I'll try some-I don't know if I'll keep at it w this app
#willwritesandcodes #100DaysofWriting #Day23-#Day27, need to keep track of how much I write and where. I kind of write a lot, but not always towards the goals I want to write toward. So I'm writing this tweet to stand in for missing those days' record while noting that I do write
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#willwritesandcodes #100DaysOfCode #Day30

Today was a great family day-

also studied some

Looked over my #Cpp cards

2 Docker lessons
4 #CSS lessons (next #Sass)
pseudocode for binary search algorithm

closely read #Knuth's flowchart for #ArtofComputerProgramming
@wildlearnerapp's #React course has taught me more so far than at least one other online course, if not two others.
My strategy is #repeatedexposure - the more I get aquainted with a lot of the concepts, the easier I find it to engage in coding itself, its concepts, syntax, & logic --- especially since I have such a hard time getting to sit down to actually code, given my job and family life.
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#willwritesandcodes #100DaysofCode #Day29 (actual)

This is a throwback to my first javascript *script,* useBash.

I just love #bash

Anyways, today... Image
Today I haven't done nearly enough; but I went over my #JavaScript Interview Question flashcards (& the 1st #Cpp one)

I also discovered @wildlearnerapp !! which is very schnazzy looking & has good quizzing so far (but where is the C++ course?)

I *love* discovering new resources
Also, #Perl? watched a couple videos on Perl.

My learning journey is vast, immersive, and cyclical. If I don't finish something right away, or if I start something new, I almost always cycle back to the old ones. I feel I have learned a lot this way, for better or worse.
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12 Best FREE #SQL Courses and Certifications Online in 2023 β€” compiled by @tut_ml
#Databases #DataScience #BigData #Analytics #DataScientists #100DaysOfCode…
#SQL Notes for Professionals:
[free 166-page PDF download]
#Database #DataScience #DataAnalytics #DataScientists #DataProfiling
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πŸ“Š Hey Folks

✍ So Day - 6 on #powerbi πŸš€

⚠ Today I Made a Awesome #America Retail Analysis Dashboard

πŸŽ‡ The beauty of Power BI is that you can look at each element to make better #decisions. The #dashboard's visual representation allows users to quickly see the #data that's relevant for the choices they have to make
πŸ”₯Then, define clear objectives to ensure that the dashboard accurately reflects your desired outcomes. πŸ‘‡

#PowerBI #100DaysOfCode #100daysofcodechallenge #Data #100daysofcoding #developer #DataScience #dataScientist #DataAnalytics #excel #SQL #tableau #visualization #Dashboard
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#willwritesandcodes #100DaysofCode #Day19

Today I did several @enkidevs workouts on #CSS and #interviewprep, finally actually finished the #HowToProgram video on Python Modules, typing up a #python program from the video which I hope to record an audio code walkthrough for.
Hoping to get more done today still. Overall, I've been pretty productive, due in part to using the #forestapp for #focus.
I've heard a number of people talk about how important it is to get used to reading other people's code, actually understanding it, and talking about it, so if I start doing these walkthroughs it will be to practice those skills.
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#willwritesandcodes #100DaysofCode #Day19

I should spend more time going over #Perlisisms. I'm sure some of them are outdated; a number of them seem worth dwelling on.
Today I did several @enkidevs workouts, and at least one @GrasshopperApp lesson.

I find it is frustratingly easier to study than to actually sit down and code. Is this procrastination? Why is typing out lines on the computer harder than reading etc?
Probably fear of failure mixed with the sense of being so slow, already bypassed by others, that I feel walking in the right direction is almost - a waste of time?
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🐍Python is easy!

You can learn enough #Python in 8-10 hours to pick the rest up with active practice.

Here are my top 5 #free places to catch the basics:

1/ Codeacademy (where I first learnt Python) -
2/ MITx 6.0001 (this series is a brilliant intro to CS) -
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I've been on both sides of an Interview table and have experience over 50+ interviews.

Here are some 8 Tips about cracking your Technical Interviews πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡

#100DaysOfCode #Interviews
1. Ask Questions:

You will be intentionally given a vague question with vague inputs.

You are expected to ask clarifying question and have clear understanding of requirements before jumping into solution.

Don't assume anything !!
2. Improve Solution Overtime

You're not expected to come up with optimised solution in one go. First come up with brute force and then eventually try to optimize it.

Interviewers usually give some hint about optimised solution. Don't expect it for obvious ones.
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Generator function* in JavaScript:

A thread 🧡

#100DaysOfCode #javascript #Angular #reactjs #devbubble
In JavaScript, generator functions are a special type of function that allows you to use the yield keyword to pause and resume the execution of the function.

#100DaysOfCode #NodeJS #CodeLife
They allow you to create iterators, which are objects that can be used to iterate over a sequence of values.

A generator function is defined using the function* keyword and can be invoked using the yield keyword.

#100daysofcodechallenge #NodeJS #reactjs
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Memoization: Using Proxy in JavaScript

#100DaysOfCode #javascript #rarely_used #devbubble
Memoization is a technique used to optimize the performance of a function by caching its results for a given set of inputs.

#100DaysOfCode #reactjs #Angular #NodeJS
The idea is that if a function is called multiple times with the same input, it's more efficient to return the cached result instead of re-computing the result each time.

#100daysofcodingchallenge #reactjs #Angular #NodeJS
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Data virtualization: With Proxies in JavaScript.

A thread 🧡

#100DaysOfCode #javascript #rarely_used #devbubble
Data virtualization using Proxies in JavaScript refers to the ability to create virtualized data structures, such as virtualized arrays, that load their data on demand rather than loading all data at once.

#100DaysOfCode #ReactJS #Angular
This can be useful for improving the performance of an application when working with large data sets.

In this Eg., we create a VirtualArray class that takes in two args- the length of the array & a loader function.

#100DaysOfCode #javascript #NodeJS #ReactJs #Angular #devbubble Proxy - VirtualArray in JS
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