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In this thread, you'll find @PrateekJainDev's CKAD exam preparation guide including notes and practice questions.

🧵👇#Kubernetes #CKAD #DevOps #K8s #100DaysOfCloud #CKA
CKAD exam Preparation Notes and Practice Questions: Part 1

This part will cover topics like #Kubernetes Architecture, Pods, Deployments, Namespaces, and ReplicaSets

CKAD exam Preparation Notes and Practice Questions: Part 2

This part will cover topics like Commands and Arguments, Environment Variables, ConfigMaps, Secrets and Security Context in #Kubernetes.

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I want to give back to the #AWS & #cloud community and so here's a thread with some FREE resources. A collection of free technical video content, THE best online learning community and a collection of free AWS mini projects.

Please retweet and help me spread this far and wide.
1/ my YouTube channel I post regular FREE technical and #aws fundamentals videos, in-depth theory and real world like mini projects. I don't have a regular schedule so be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell so you don't miss out.
2/ The BEST FREE online technical learning community Almost 54,000 members all focused on REAL learning. Other creators hang out on here @jonbonso @derekm1215 and @andrewbrown - helps build confidence and your professional network.
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TIL #100DaysOfCloud Twitter Space
Getting Hired at @googlecloud with @tpryan and @ansarico

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🧵Summary Thread…
On your first day of Google, you are gifted a colourful beanie hat with a propeller. It's called the Noogle hat, because people who were it are New Google (Noogle) employees.
Do you need Google Cloud Certifications to get a cloud role? No. Certification might benefit some roles after hiring eg. if the role requires you to build workloads using the GCP services.
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TIL in #100DaysOfCloud Twitter
Getting Hired at VMware
with @MarjASTEM @J0hnKjell and @poozza

VMware hiring pipeline is a DE&I's dream

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🧵 Let's recap in this thread
Do you need VMware certifications to get the job?

No. Certs could shortlist you for very specific roles, though if you do need a cert, you can obtain them after being hired.

Other certs like AWS, Azure and GCP could be a plus for specific roles.…
What kind of roles are available at VMware?
Basically everything. To name a few

Software Development
Program Managers
Technical Accounts Managers
Solutions Architect

Give the search with "Cloud" a try and take a look :…
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Do you want to be a Cloud Engineer?
Then you're going to need to learn 🐧 Linux Commands

You can learn the most 50 popular commands from this @freeCodeCamp video course:

Bash scripting is a common skill alongside Linux commands.

Bash scripts are used to automate or codify configuration or run tasks in Linux environments.

@freeCodeCamp has an #AWS tutorial using Bash scripts with the AWS CLI.…
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TIL on #100DaysOfCloud Twitter Spaces with @DonReamey and @lounecl about Getting Hired at Microsoft / Azure

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🧵summary thread
1/ Microsoft and Azure are the same company. In terms of the hiring process, it is generally the same between these two organizations for similar roles. eg. Software Developer Engineer (SDE)

A Hiring Manager's technical challenges can greatly vary
/2 Microsoft and Azure Certifications at least for the Software Developer Engineer (SDE) are not a factor during hiring.

Consider whether the role is working on the underlying infrastructure or building workloads ontop of Microsoft services
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Kubernetes Interview Ready Guide ♾🐋☸️

Everything you need to know to Crack kubernetes Interview 🚀⚡

Handwritten 🧵👇
30 Days Challenge Thread 🚀
I will add 5 Interview questions every alternative day 🌟 in this thread so make sure to bookmark this and share with others to help them 🔥

• The questions covered here are mostly conceptual
• I never claim only these type of questions are/should be asked during interviews
• For interviews, you should have fundamentals strong. And you should be able to provide solutions to practical problems.
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🧵 M E G A T H R E A D

Check out all of my amazing threads that cover various topics like #JavaScript, #React, my favourite podcasts and many more...

👇#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie
Thread #1: This is the place where you can find most of the amazing resources, tutorials, code snippets, tips and tricks about #JavaScript. Happy Coding Days 😎

👇#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #React
Thread #2: This is the place where you can learn most of the thing about #React. Find out some of the best resources, tutorials, code snippets, tips and tricks to enhance your React skills.

👇#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #JavaScript #ReactHooks
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Today is day ONE of #100DaysOfCode! My goal for the day is to cont. through codecademy's 'Create a Back-end app with JavaScript' (maybe get to the 40% mark?), start Harvard's cs50 course, & get through a few of NetNinja's Node js tutorials. Yay! #BlackTechTwitter #WomenWhoCode
Good Morning, Good morninggg!! 🌞 Today TWO of #100DaysOfCode I got through 30% of codecademy’s ‘Create a backend app with js’, week 0 of Harvard’s cs50 and watched a NetNinja video. I’ll post below the topics I covered in a few #BlackTechTwitter #WomenWhoCode
Yesterday I went over a couple of code challenges, I began covering express-react-views, and went over the game logic of Tic Tac Toe while trying to write a different version. Week 0 of Harvard's cs50 was very interesting and put me down a binary code & algorithm rabbit hole
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My favourite VS Code extensions...

These are best of my favourite ones...

🧵 This is a thread 🧵

#programming #coding #CodeNewbies #CodeNewbie #Developer #java #javascript #python #DevComIN #DEVCommunity #100DaysOfCode #vscode @code #html #100DaysOfCloud #code #android
1. TabNine
• AI coding assistant
• Better auto-completes
• Understands patterns in your code
• Fast
2. Prettier
• Enhance readability of your code
• Make your code look more beautiful
• Fast...
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Want to become AWS Certified, but don't know where to start?

#AWSCertified #100DaysOfCloud

🧵🧵 Thread 🧵🧵
Why should you get certified?

If you want to market yourself as a professional AWS Cloud user. You'll find that getting certified gives a form of acknowledgement.

But I do recommend everyone to get practical experience and go build things, that's how you learn the most!
Getting started:

If you're new to Cloud technology go for the easiest certification - AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

If you have a technical background and you're familiar with the terminology, go with - AWS Certified Developer associate.
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Are you a Cloud Newbie?🤓
Do you want to get started with Cloud☁️?

I wrote a @ThePracticalDev blog just for you

Check it out👇…

Any feedback is appreciated😅
#100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfCloud #cloud #CodeNewbie
Don't forget to leave a feedback on dev .to😇
(❤️🦄 Would also be appreciated )
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Wow! 3000 amazing people from all walks of life follow me on here.

I’m so thankful, and instead of the usual thank you, I’d like to acknowledge some amazing people who have influenced me on my coding journey! As well as some accounts that deserve some more attention!
@anniebombanie_ gets first mention, she is an amazing dev, but beyond that an incredible and encouraging person who isn’t afraid to be authentic even as she grows!
@jackdomleo7 one of my first friends on here, who is a skilled dev and writer, and is awesome with feedback!
@FrancescoCiull4 who is known for his best known for his memes, but honestly is such an inspiration and so knowledgeable and uplifting!
@KassandraSanch an absolute css wizard, who only encourages and always takes the time to help when asked.
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Yesterday I've received lots of feedback from you guys on how to protect yourself from burning out.

I've summed up the replies in this thread to hopefully help you out 🧵🧵🧵

#100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfCloud
Doing sport or exercising helps to relieve stress.

Even going out for a walk is a nice change of breaking your habit of sitting inside.
Use the Pomodoro method to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks to relax your brain.

You can also decide to take longer interval (your choice)
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In order to grow, you should get out of your comfort zone, take risks, and be open to change. Let me explain to you why by sharing my story...…

#100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfCloud #AWS
I've also uploaded my story on DEV if you prefer that.…
This blogpost is a follow up on the thread I wrote earlier this week and includes more details and learnings.

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