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Covid has been gnawing at my brain since my first infection February 2020.

Over the past 41 months, I have watched helplessly as it ripped apart my brain in various ways leaving me a shell of my old self.


Brain damage has progressed rapidly since 1st scans early '21 w 1st lacunar infarct stroke.

From recent scans:

'cystic encephalomacia of superior R parietal lobe & redemonstrated dilated perivascular space in L basal ganglia'

'Volume loss'

'Cystic encephalomalacia'

'Dialated perivascular space in basal ganglia'

'White matter hyperintensities of L peritrigonal region & subcortical frontal gyrus'

'Lesions throughout brain, 20'
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I'm turning 45 this week.

I just learned I have cognitive impairment akin to early stage Dementia or Alzheimers usually seen in someone 30 - 40 years older than i am.

I'm loosing it y'all.

Had a cognitive/memory assessment done today w one of my neuro.

They are trying to access the extent of the damage from the strokes & subsequent brain damage & progression.

My memory loss is getting much worse. I forget everything.

I have damage in frontal lobe, basal ganglia, progressive #encephalomalacia in right parietal lobe, volume loss, lesions throughout brain & brain stem, 4 inoperable 🧠 #aneurysms, mass around pineal gland & #chiari.

My brain's ravaged from #strokes & Covid.
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I'm begging you, please, listen to those of us who have #LongCovid from the 1st wave.
We're sharing experiences & medical traumas to try to help you understand how damaging long term affects of Covid are to help protect you from suffering the same fate.
Sharing isn't easy.
Cognitive decline coupled w emotional impact of so much hate & denial we face takes a toll.
We keep shouting into the void hoping our voices will help others understand how absolutely necessary it is to protect yourself & others.
Many of us have multisystem degeneration & damage & have been disabled by Covid.
We've had to fight for our lives everyday while being dismissed by friends, family, & drs.
Our advocacy is based in our survival & much of hc now is based in what we've learned along the way.
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This is HUGE! Brain damage “was observed in all infected animals, regardless of disease severity, suggesting reduced brain oxygen may be a common complication of infection.” Folks this is your brain we are talking about protecting! #LongCovid #BrainDamage…
I have been concerned about this since the “loss of smell” effect. It’s dead brain. They found microemboli (CLOTS) & tiny bleeds all throughout 3 very important parts of the brain. These are PERMANENT. The damage will worsen with each new infection. #LongCovidBrainDamage #Covid
Funny thing about brain damage. It’s additive through life. So it’s hard sometimes to see in kids, but will show up later in life (or now) as serious deficits. Why is it people are willing to trade not wearing a mask & filtering air, for thousands of mini strokes?! #LongCovidKids
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