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Jason Leitch
September 2020

‘The test we have is a BIT RUBBISH….

… it is positive if it finds live virus or remnants of a dead virus …

… it can’t tell the difference…’

He does not get to re-write history now

#Malfeasance carries a sentence of life imprisonment

‘My regret over Covid lockdown’

Jason Leitch, March 2023

I don’t fuckin think so, Jason! You were up to yer fcukin neck in lockdown-loving restrictions

I keep receipts wee man

There’s a list of 5 people in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿that should be jailed for crimes against human rights-?your on it
Original interview from the ‘National Clinical Director’ back in September 2020…
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Regardless of my views on MP Andrew Bridgen, he makes some excellent points here⬇️

Most importantly, his statement within the House of Commons is now a matter of public record

Ignorance cannot be used as a defence in #Malfeasance trials, when the risks were known & recorded

Part 2

MP Andrew Bridgen making a statement to the House of Commons on the reported harms of the vaccine

Ends by calling for the boosters to be stopped

London, England
17th March 2023
‘Safe and Effective’

Now rebranded as

‘Safe and Important’ by the NHS Image
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Not only was .@healthgovau colluding with Facebook in SINGAPORE to remove private groups of those INJURED by COVID vaccines..

They spent 10 MILLION dollars pushing the failed drugs to avoid scrutiny

Who provided the $10m?
@rennick @SenatorAntic @MRobertsQLD
So the Aus Dept of Health (of which the @TGAgovau is a subsidiary and uses the same colour scheme in documents) lobbied twitter using the partner support portal to have accounts removed that were quoting the TGA's own data.
This is a MASSIVE conflict of interests and raises HUGE concerns about abuse of power in public office.

Twitter accounts were raising legitamate concerns over the TGA's conduct in approving the vaccines and then reporting on the deaths, which they suppressed.
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New stinky cheese 🧀🧀🧀
Don't you just love the @UKHSA?

Not only have they delayed publishing #pregnancy data after June 2022 in the latest vaccine surveillance report but they are gaslighting you about the #stillbirth rates.

Here's the chart:
@1979pop @ClareCraigPath
Here are the figures
No doses of vaccine in pregnancy = 3.76 per 1000
One+ dose in pregnancy = 3.3 per 100
95% confidence intervals do not cross.
A significant increase then, right?

There was another piece of information missing which was buried further in the report.

Minority groups had a 25% lower uptake of vaccination

Why is that important?
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Just catching up on #minibudget2022 ramifications: if businesses aren't "on their feet" #KwasiKwarteng might there be a correlation with a 10 year Tory rule? Or do you & @trussliz @BrineMP & @ReesMogg & all your colleagues abrogate your responsibilities? #GeneralElectionNow
#KwasiBudget trickle-down "advocates for a lower tax burden on the upper end of the economic spectrum". Economist John Kenneth Galbraith called it horse & sparrow: "If you feed the horse enough oats, some will pass through to the road for the sparrows."…
@KwasiKwarteng @trussliz @hmtreasury @BrineMP I accuse you of #malfeasance: intentional conduct that is wrongful or unlawful, especially by officials or public employees. You are gambling with the economy justifying it with a ideology that has been debunked #GeneralElectionNow
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Fired Florida Covid Dashboard Architect Claims She Was Asked To Manually Change Numbers | via @Forbes #GOPGenocide #Sadism #DeathPanels #MAGAMasochism…
Texas city and county leaders ask Gov. Greg Abbott for authority to implement local stay-at-home orders via @TexasTribune #StayHomeTexas #GetOuttaTheWayGreg #GOPMalfeasance #GrossNegligence…
More than 30 Texas bars sue over Gov. Greg Abbott's recent shutdown order | via @TexasTribune #Cult45* #COVIDIOTS #VultureCapitalism #MAGAMasochism #Sadism 🦊🤡…
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Report: The Trump administration didn’t order ventilators or masks until mid-March | via @voxdotcom #AmericanSociopath 🤬#InstabilityInChief #LockHimUp…
“Trump’s approval for his management of the coronavirus is now under-water, 47-52%. Approval is down from 55% in the poll released on March 20, and closer to where it was in the March 13 poll, when it was 43%.” #TrumpSlump #InstabilityInChief #ITMFA 🤡😷…
Trump Is Gutting Our Democracy While We’re Dealing With Coronavirus | via @nytimes #AmericanSociopath #DudeGottaGo #ManchurianCandidate 🦊🤡😷 ImageImageImageImage
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