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A friend just told me his boss (who’s the CEO but in general runs the company in a very modernized/worker friendly way) is willing to allow work from home but refusing to take more safety precautions b/c “the whole #COVID19 thing is a hoax from the biased media”. #MAGAMasochism😷
The whole story really highlights the problem with the unholy alliance between business owners, supply side economics (that aren’t worker friendly) and the @GOP. In a public health crisis, the CEO mentality still attempts to maintain profits while skimping on worker well-being.
IOW, the CEO mentality is very much aligned with Trump’s inclination to minimize the threat of Coronavirus/COVID19, not just b/c many of them voted for this disaster and still support it, but b/c acknowledging the scope of the problem then working to fix it requires less profit.
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Propane Jane: Chris Matthews is out! In a lot of ways, he does have insightful analysis on history. He has "institutional memory" & he brought that to the table at MSNBC. Having said that, he's an older white man from another time & place.
@docrocktex26 #InstabilityInChief
@docrocktex26 Propane Jane: Because of his being an older white male, he's often made comments that are offensive to people of color, to those in the LGBTQ community, to women, to those on the left.
@docrocktex26 #InstabilityInChief
@docrocktex26 Propane Jane: Is Christ Matthews' position of privilege such that he can't distinguish members of a different race? For instance, Sen. Tim Scott & Jaime Harrison.
@docrocktex26 #InstabilityInChief
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As if #MoscowMitch doesn’t already have that territory covered. 🙄
Spoiler Alert: Trump is about to abuse every ounce of power that he possibly can until he can’t anymore. He won’t be able to handle the narcissistic injury of impeachment proceedings and in his rage he’ll destroy every single thing his tiny hands can grasp. #AmericanSociopath
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Every day is a scandal with Trump occupying the WH because Trump’s entire life, family, business and social network are a scandal. He’s always lived a disordered life, now he’s imposed constant chaos onto the entire country with impunity. #AmericanSociopath #InstabilityInChief
There’s been no reprieve for 2.5 years straight, every news cycle’s been punctuated by the crimes and disorder of Trump and his associates. The air is thick with hatred, corruption, abuse and destruction, that’s a direct manifestation of the pollution coming from the White House.
This shit isn’t “great”, it’s grotesque.
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More than $1 trillion in worldwide stock value was wiped out on Monday… via @markets #TrumpTradeWar #InstabilityInChief
Trump's economic adviser says America 'will suffer' from his trade war… #FiscalMalfeasance #MakeAmericaBrokeAgain
GOP senator: Bankrupt farmers should be happy to 'sacrifice' for Trump… via @owillis #MAGA #AmericanSociopath #SelfInducedEconomicAnxiety
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Propane Jane discusses how the Barr letter is a stall tactic to manipulate the media/public opinion and why no news is good news for Trump supporters who’ve been conditioned to believe their favorite #AmericanSociopath is infallible via @RickSmithShow…
How Did the Mueller Report Show Up on Amazon When It Hasn’t Been Made Public?… via @variety
Monica Lewinsky: ‘If F*cking Only’ Clinton Had Got the William Barr Summary Treatment… via @thedailybeast
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Trump delivers belligerent 25-minute rant on fake 'national emergency'… #InstabilityInChief #AmericanSociopath
Cue the articles of impeachment. 🚨 #NationalEmergencyDeclaration
Cue the #25thAmendmentNow. 🚨
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Rick; Making bombing abortion clinics great again.
Propane Jane: We knew we would end up here. Susan Collins sat up there and pretended she didn't know Kavanaugh would vote to overturn Roe v Wade.
@docrocktex26 #InstabilityInChief
Propane Jane: They're trusting the GOP to enforce policies they don't believe in. No how many ways you vote for Obamacare or Medicaid expansion, GOP is more concerned w/ getting $ to insurance co's.
@docrocktex26 #InstabilityInChief
Propane Jane: The GOP tried time and time again to do away with Obamacare & we end up with an onslaught of policies that are not beneficial to patients.
@docrocktex26 #InstabilityInChief
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Propane Jane: Obama sat down for interviews before the Super Bowl as well; those same courtesies are being extended to Trump as well.
Rick: Can we just...not? Please?
@docrocktex26 #InstabilityInChief
Rick: I'm struggling with just how bad Trump is as President. You knew, though. You've been on the show since Inauguration Day two years ago.
Propane Jane: I don't have a crystal ball but I recognized certain personality traits Trump has.
@docrocktex26 #InstabilityInChief
Propane Jane: It's not surprising Trump lies because he has antisocial tendencies. It's like serving a neurotoxin and brain poison to the public because of his lies.
@docrocktex26 #InstabilityInChief
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Nancy Pelosi Is About to Make the Shutdown a Whole Lot Worse for the President…
Source: Trump tells Schumer he can't accept Dems' offer because he'd 'look foolish' via @cnn TOO LATE DT, that damage is already done. #InstabilityInChief
This is the Nancy Pelosi moment and Donald Trump should be very afraid…
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Racism shut the government down. Tell the story accurately.
Oh and by the fucking way, Trump and the GOP don’t (and never did) have a mandate to build their racist ass wall in the first place. The very thought of this and other heinous ideas was why 3 million more Americans voted for Hillary than did Trump. We didn’t vote for this SHIT.
Matter of fact the GOP’s racism is one of the main reasons they just lost the damn House. They’re going out the same way they came in, virulently racist and egregiously fucking stupid, incompetent and negligent. Mark it down.
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Technically they still aren’t telling us anything new. #InstabilityInChief is always spooked, completely distracted and in a terrible mood.
They said this 2 weeks ago. When are folk finally going to accept that this is his clinical baseline and it will never get better?
Expect Trump to throw temper tantrums from here on out, save yourself a hot take.
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Propane Jane: Years ago there was an op-ed by a teacher who said that listening to Trump was like listening to a student who was unprepared for assignment & tried to filibuster their way through it.That's what happened here
@docrocktex26 #InstabilityInChief #MakeAmericaRakeAgain
Propane Jane: There were a lot of climate change researchers who went to extraordinary measures to preserve their work once they found out Trump would be President.They feared their research would be intentionally destroyed
@docrocktex26 #InstabilityInChief #MakeAmericaRakeAgain
Propane Jane: Trump is taking it personally, I'm sure, that he lost when so many Democrats won seats in the election.
@docrocktex26 #InstabilityInChief #MakeAmericaRakeAgain
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All this effort being put into identifying the NYT op-ed writer as if 65 million of us didn’t vote against this fool and 60% of us don’t openly despise every move he’s made since he’s been there. GTFOH, MSM. 😒
Y’all’s time would be better spent searching for evidence of a buildable House majority that will impeach this cancer and remove him from the WH. Democracy isn’t a high school cafeteria gossip circuit, stop working on behalf of Trump’s wounded ego and do your damn jobs.
The bottom line is STILL that Trump is sick, dangerous and temperamentally UNFIT to be POTUS and *everybody* knows it, including all of his GOP enablers in Congress/SCOTUS, and all of the people he hires to manufacture and manicure his delusions.
Stop enabling their sociopathy.
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Trump calls a black woman a 'dog' to prove he's not racist…
Omarosa on why she was recording Trump campaign officials: "In Trump world, everyone lies"… via @cbsthismorning
Trump's 'strategy of trotting out black people to support him' is backfiring, according to new poll… via @thinkprogress No shit, Sherlock.
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This won’t be the first time Trump and Putin have met 1 on 1 in private either, they did the same exact thing last summer. How many more treasonous rendezvouses do they need to have before folk understand that they go together?
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What’s more shameful is the White American majority voted for Trump precisely so this would happen, and the more he justifies such heinous actions by calling the undocumented “animals” the more his approval rating rebounds. #ThisIsAmerica
Never forget that White Americans voted in majority for dictator Donald Trump and EVERY racist, inhumane atrocity his corrupt government commits. @HillaryClinton called them deplorable for a reason and they prove it daily.
Propane Jane discusses how the deplorables’ dehumanization of marginalized groups has paved the way for dismantling of every civil rights advancement of the 20th Century and the illegitimate ascendancy of #InstabilityInChief via @RickSmithShow…
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The whole report is an egregious lie.
I’m not gonna waste much time debunking Trump’s obviously falsified physical exam report because we all know it’s bullshit, but I do have a hot take on the cognitive portion that I’d like to share...
For starters, the number one red flag with the “MOCA” cognitive screening test he took is the painfully obvious and suspicious fact that he REQUESTED IT SPECIFICALLY.
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The entire Trump family and social network is populated by narcissists and sociopaths, they all think and act the same because they learned it from him. He requires everyone around him to be as pathological as he is and they have complied for privilege and power’s sake.
No one is pulling Trump’s strings, so to speak. He wouldn’t allow that and is always in charge of his own shit show even though he isn’t competent. His handlers are just along for the ride and unsuccessfully trying to contain the mayhem.
Their family unit isn’t functional, it’s just a series of inadequate responses to Trump’s mental meltdowns. Likewise his WH staff is just doing damage control after Trump makes a colossal mess.
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The MAIN mental health problem here is the sadomasochism of the White majority that keeps voting @GOP to arm and kill themselves and others.
It's egregiously delusional to expect that you can flood the streets with hundreds of millions of guns and still prevent rampant gun death.
The White American majority is in outright denial/disavowal of the decimation of its communities by random mass gun violence aka terrorism.
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Retired general calls out Trump’s ‘shameful’ command of military: ‘The president lied’ about Niger ambush…
Mother of slain soldier confirms Trump lied: He “did disrespect my son and my daughter”… via @shareblue
Get back to us when @realDonaldTrump's ready to sit still and answer questions about the #Niger ambush for 11 hours like HRC did w/Benghazi.
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