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Pro-lifers don't like complexity. At 17 weeks my placenta detached and he was much too small. I thought I felt my baby's frantic attempts to breathe. My OBGYN advised me to terminate the pregnancy, there wasn't much time. But I couldn't.
Every doctor told me it would only get worse. And it did get. But I already loved him. I'd waited 8 years for him. They saw on the Ultrasound that his umbilical cord was yards long.
An umbilical cord spinning out a lifeline helplessly. He'd stopped growing. But his heart continued to beat even as his movements - frantic at first when the oxygen cut off, slowed, and he became horribly still. I hated the doctors who couldn't save him.
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This is my kettle. A thread. Photo of a Le Creusset teap...
That kettle is a medical device. Did you know a kettle could be a medical device?
How? Well, let me tell you.
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Τον Ιανουάριο του 1692, ο Αιδεσιμότατος Samuel Parris βλέπει την 9 ετών κόρη του Elizabeth και την 11 ετών ξαδέρφη της Abigail να πετάνε πράγματα και να βγάζουν περίεργες κραυγές.

Ο Parris είναι δήμαρχος ενός χωριού ονόματι Σάλεμ.

#αμβλωσεις #RoeVWade
Τα συμπτώματα των κοριτσιών περιλαμβάνουν βρισιές, σπασμούς και περίεργες κινήσεις που προσιδιάζουν σε υστερία.

500 χρόνια αργότερα οι ιστορικοί θα συνέκλιναν στην εξήγηση της παιδικής ανάγκη για προσοχή.

Όχι αυτό ωστόσο που έχουν στο μυαλό τους οι κάτοικοι του Σάλεμ.

Αντί αυτού και αναζητώντας τις αιτίες των συμπτωμάτων των κοριτσιών, ο Parris κατηγορεί 3 γυναίκες για χρήση μαγείας.

Την Τιτούμπα, ινδιάνα σκλάβα που είχε φέρει από την Καραϊβική.
Την Σάρα Γκουντ, μια άστεγη ζητιάνα.
Και μια κατάκοιτη ηλικιωμένη ονόματι Σάρα Όσμπορν.

3/ Image
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Breaking news out of Phoenix, Ariz.:
Pro-abortion protesters surrounded the capitol in an attempted insurrection & began pounding on the windows. Law enforcement has used tear gas to disperse the crowd.
Two journalists on the ground confirm the protesters were pounding on the windows. Lawmaker Wendy Rogers says the mob was threatening to break them. #Insurrection ImageImage
Footage from outside the Arizona state capitol in Phoenix after the pro-abortion mob had been cleared:
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With Roe toast, I am willing to volunteer my skill set as an exceptional (no, really, for real) messaging, press liaison, international communications expert to any local, community based 501C3 and or NGO organization in the US, with priority going to groups with less 1/
than 15 people, who earned less than 7,000 USD in the last year in donations.
Organizations must be headed by those assigned female at birth, with a higher priority going to marginalized communities, but I will get to every group I can.
Anyone earning over that amount I will
do work on a sliding scale. If you can afford to hire cleaning staff you are paying full price, tho.

#RoeOverturned #RoeVsWade #RoeVWade
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Seattle: A large brigade of #Antifa members in black uniforms & masks joined the pro-abortion protest over #RoevWade. Video by @KatieDaviscourt.
Seattle: A young woman and man stand with signs in support of the pro-life cause in front of a large far-left group protesting over #RoeVWade. One woman from the crowd runs up to try & pepper spray them in a surprise attack but her weapon malfunctions.
Breaking: The young pro-life woman was viciously assaulted by a mob of masked #Antifa militants in Seattle. Earlier, another woman ran up to try & assault her with pepper spray but the weapon malfunctioned. Video by @KatieDaviscourt.
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Los Angeles: Pro-abortion protesters shut down the freeway & use sticks to attack drivers who won’t stop. #RoeVWade

Video by @AnthonyCabassa_:
At the pro-abortion demonstration in Los Angeles, they held a large sign of a guillotine and shut down the freeway. Image
LAPD officers prevent the group of pro-abortion protesters from proceeding on a street. They curse out the officers.
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IT Begins: Lying #Marxist Set The Stage For Nationwide Violence Claiming "Peaceful Protestors" Were Ran Down at a #RoeVWade Protest in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Video shows the #NightOfRage Rioters attacked the truck first. ImageImage
#NightOfRage: This video clearly shows the Marxist protestors attempting to stop the truck and attacking it.
Here is another video of the truck attacked by violent Marxist #NightOfRageRioters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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At a pro-abortion rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, protesters try to stop a truck on the road & begin attacking it. #RoevWade
The videos do not show that at all Lyz. Image
The video you posted later shows the woman running up to hit the truck and falling down. Why did you post a deceptive still image to mislead the public? Image
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A large brigade of uniformed and masked #Antifa members have gathered in Washington, DC for their direct action over #RoeVWade. They’re promising violence. Video by @LisaBennatan:
Washington, DC: #Antifa militants holding umbrellas to shield themselves from cameras (and to possibly use them as weapons later) chant with the crowd about carrying out arson attacks if their demands aren’t met. Video by @LisaBennatan:
It’s still early in the US capital & the far-left pro-abortion protesters have begun setting the US flag on fire & shout about setting more fires. #Antifa

Video by @Julio_Rosas11:
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Journalist Jonathan M. Katz appears to call for deadly violence by invoking Haiti after #RoeVWade was overturned by the US Supreme Court.

Abortion is illegal in all of Haiti. Image
Rachel Bean, of Minneapolis, is using her Twitter account to express support for violence and arson. ImageImage
"Do not be peaceful!"
A Minnesota far-left account urges violence over #RoevWade. ImageImage
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Let's not pretend Republicans could give 2 f*ks about abortion as "life." Or you can ask GOP Rep. Scott Desjarlais of TN, who's so "pro-life" he pushed both his wife and mistress--a patient of his--to get abortions… #RoeVsWade #roevwadeoverturned
You could also ask former "pro-life" GOP Congressman Tim Murphy, who also pressured his mistress to get an abortion he was so devoted to his belief wrt "life."… #RoeVWade #roevwadeoverturned
You might also wanna talk to former deputy Republican National Committee Finance Chairman Elliott Broidy, he was also very all life-y except when it came to pressuring the mistress to get an abortion… #RoeVsWadeOverturned
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OH BOY: Antifa and far left activist playbook this evening in Seattle. I thought it was going to be “mostly peaceful protests.” 😂🔥 #RoeVsWade #Seattle #Protest 👇🏽 Image
IN CASE YOU GET ARRESTED: What’s the over under on American flags being burned tonight? Windows smashed? Buildings spray painted? 🔥 #RoeVsWade #Seattle #Protest Image
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🇺🇸 🚨Quelques impacts de la décision de la Court suprême américaine de supprimer le droit à l’avortement, pour y voir clair et prendre la mesure du niveau d’injustice et de barbarie. 🧵➡️…
1/ avorter n’est pas interdit par la court suprême, mais le droit à l’avortement (deja fortement affaiblis dans de nombreux états) est supprimé. Les États sont donc de nouveau libres de légiférer comme ils l’entendent sur le sujet. Image
2/ la décision est injuste : les femmes riches/ aisées peuvent encore avorter dans un état qui autorise l’avortement (ou illégalement par des circuits privés). Les femmes des classes moyennes et laborieuses sont coincées.…
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Though Donald Trump is no longer in power, his judicial nominees have led America's Christian right to its holy grail: the Supreme Court overturning the nationwide right to abortion, writes @shauntandon

Read more: Image
@shauntandon Following the Supreme Court's decision to overturn #RoeVWade, leaders of liberal states have pledged to welcome women seeking abortions from states where the procedure will be banned
The Supreme Court's overturning of the constitutional right to abortion gives all 50 states the freedom to ban the procedure

13 states, mostly in the south of the country, have adopted "trigger" laws to come into force after the decision was handed down ImageImageImageImage
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Will continue to update this thread as Democrats call for violence or encourage violence in the wake of SCOTUS reversing #RoevWade.

"You ain't seen nothin' yet," Maxine Waters called for pro-abortion crowd to "fight."The hell with the Supreme Court!"
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in front of the Supreme Court called for people to "get in the streets."

AOC also refused to condemn violence proposed by pro-abortion groups.
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No clue who this is, but people don't like him
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🚨Happening Now: #NightOfRage Marxist Protests Continue Grow Across The US

America braces for openly planned riots following the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe and give control over laws regulating the murder of babies back to the states.
Activists in Los Angeles Stage A Protest Ahead of Planned #NightOfRage Marxist Riots…
Earlier Marxist Though Leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Called Upon Left-Wing Extremists to Join the Protests Riot Over the Supreme Court's Roe ruling…
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I understand the intense feellings on either side of this issue,

but if the news are telling you that Roe v Wade was settled law or that it would stand forever they are lying to you

Roe had a many rather large weaknesses, & its incredible it lasted as long as it did
Roe v Wade was always fragile,

Ginsburg said in a 1992 lecture that “doctrinal limbs too swiftly shaped, as experience teaches, may prove unstable”… @MrAndyNgo @MrAndyNgo @MattWalshBlog @lizzywol @wil_da_beast630 @Timcast @QTRBlackGarrett @libsoftiktok
isn't a rightwing talking point either,

many lefty outlets & journos pointed this out over the years, its a common belief taught in law school & discussed in congress & legislatures across the country

just not something they like to talk about openly…
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Statement on today’s #RoeVWade decision from our Director Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis @MatiH_ID

🧵 1 of 8 Statement from City of St. ...
“Reproductive and Health Equity in the City of St. Louis and throughout the United States took a serious blow today with the overturning of Roe v Wade and its constitutional protections.
2 of 8
Marginalized individuals and persons with limited resources will face additional barriers to getting the health care they want and require.
3 of 8
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Inbox: @Gannett staff received two emails today in light of #RoeVWade being overturned.

The first one on the impact on employee health insurance, the second emphasizing social media guidelines re: ruling news. ImageImage
This is what @axios management sent to staff after SCOTUS overturned #RoeVWade this morning. ImageImageImageImage
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- #RoevWade

- Biden condemns ‘sad day’ for US, as AOC joins pro-choice protests

- #RoevWade

- Nation’s largest nurses union condemns Supreme Court decision

- #RoevWade

- Journalist points out hypocrisy of Supreme Court justices who said during confirmation hearings that Roe v Wade was settled

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🛡️#T3OccultAstrology SCOTUS SAYS NO ABORTION 6/24/22
All Planned
Moon sets up chaos throughout the day- peaks tonight
Violent Mars🟥Pluto will ramp up into July 4 during the #SatanicNewMoon 6/27 - 7/2
W/ Saturn🟥Uranus waxing and NO HOPE FOR THE WEARY, this builds into 2023
+1 Image
The promise made on the June 15 #SuperFullMoon by pro-abortion support group #JanesRevenge spoke of "increasing drastic measures" that might not be "so easily cleaned up as fire and graffiti."
📢This happens tonight!…
This may be the pivotal moment that sends what's left of our country into the planned chaos we all know is coming. The timing and configuration is just to perfect to be discounted as coincidence. #PriestKingsInControl
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My college friend's father is a staunchly Catholic man who was also an OBGYN. He refused to abort any children for the first 3 years of his practice (1/)
He moved his practice in year 4 and worked in downtown Chicago. His patient base changed from rich and mostly white to more diverse ethnically and financially. (/2)
On the 2nd week of his new location, an 11 year old black child was wheeled into the ER with severe cramps and what looked like a distended belly. (/3)
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