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💥💥💥BOOM 💥💥💥

The stakes just went up massively in #GMCgate.

The #muttoncrew's @dr_barrett, a self-proclaimed "paediatric haematologist" just accused @DrAseemMalhotra of making a false claim over the Jorja Halliday case.

Big mistake
Neil Barrett, who claims to be at @CHIatConnollym is a member of the #muttoncrew, the UK's famous "disinformation warriors" on twitter. He has a researchgate profile but that's where his trace ends.

He's a real doctor but no web presence.
Whether he is practising is unknown.
But now we have an interesting conundrum because Neil is claiming that Jorja Halliday's death was not vaccine related, even though she was certified as dying of "myocarditis" - "on the day she was due to receive her vaccine".…
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Toxic Cheese 🧀🧀...

If you are a health professional who administered or prescribed (i.e. ordered for administration) a fourther or higher dose of #Comirnaty to a person you did this off label.

You included that in your consent didn't you?…… Image
This document was revised in February 2023, by which time fourth, fifth and sixth doses had been given to patients without their consent or knowledge that they were being given off-label.

The valid on-label indications are here…

And, despite the protestations of @thesassymicrobe - who not only wrote extensively of having suffered this distressing problem - but vehemently denied it was an adverse effect of COVID "vaccination"...

The TGA have it listed as an adverse event. Image
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And weirdly the co-owners of this magical claspin inhibitor to prevent breast cancer...

Have never published on it together.…
And have never published a single paper on claspin or BRCA.

So how did they get a patent for a cancer drug that they have never published on, unless they purposefully withheld that finding from the public who fund them?

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I'm so glad this video of @DrSusanOliver1 was restored as it solidifies her role as part of the infamous #muttoncrew "disinformation agents" funded by the UK public without consent.

And it explains her attack on Professor Clancy, who has 10x more papers than she does.

Susan Oliver is a nanoparticle scientist who has recently "retired" from the Boyer lab at UNSW. She has only a handful of papers on nanoparticles and has never participated in a clinical trial.

She is the opposite of an expert in vaccine medicine.…
Yet one of her most recent papers was written with the CCP organisation the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

She never published with this group before and the two Chinese authors have no publication history together. Ghosts in the machine. Image
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I’ve been messing around with #midjourney5 and of course I thought I should make some mouse army 🐭images. Here are the results, feel free to steal and use. #muttoncrew made a special appearance in one of them 😂 #AI
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PSA: I am planning to reduce the activity on this account.

I'll explain why.

Two days ago I released a bombshell tweet exposing the shenanigans that the pharma companies and academia play in order to suppress toxicity data related to novel therapies.

This is the tweet, with the hashtag #placentagate
The #placentagate tweet was then completely suppressed by twitter in a new shadowbanning technique that rendered the tweet invisible even to people who tried to click on it.

There was something special about this, so we dubbed it #placentagategate
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The "journalist" who changed the face of medicine.

There were really only two people who provided evidence against Andrew Wakefield to the GMC.

Richard Horton, who published fraudulent data in the #surgisphere scandal.

And Brian Deer, a self-declared journalist...
Who failed to declared his conflicts of interest to the world even to this day.

Yet has been obsessed with Andrew Wakefield for the sole "crime" of not declaring his involvement as an expert witness for lawyers, which is a well recognised role of doctors.
And now Brian Deer turns up on my timeline with his arrogance.

No problem. Just like the #muttoncrew you can get a clue as to where interest lie by looking at follows for Pharma accounts.

Very predictable.

So let's see what happens. I have a few questions.
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.@ztkelly is the obstetrician affiliated with "Project Halo" - the UN's propaganda arm obsessed with forcing mRNA therapies on pregnant women despite the documented risks.

Brent Lee and Graham Bottley coordinate the #muttoncrew who use tax payer money to suppress information……
@ztkelly Dr Kelly is obsessed by reporting doctors to the GMC if they are pushing back against the COVID "vaccine" narrative.

Does she contravene GMC good medical practice with her disparaging of "anti-vaxxers" who are likely to be 1:5 of the…
@ztkelly Please continue to archive tweets of doctors and academics who abuse and disparage people on the basis of their medical choices.

It contravenes most university and medical good practice guidelines.

They are starting to delete them so please use
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Extracorporeal cheese 🧀🧀🧀

Did anaesthetists (intensivists) who openly declared their hatred for "antivaxxers" on social media send them on a pathway to death?

This could be bigger than the #midazolam scandal.

That was the damning table. But for background let's just wind back a bit.

@caz_sampson is a self declared ICU anaesthetist. In the UK, anaesthetists run the ICUs. In the US they tend to be called intensivists.

Notice Caz's horns on her profile picture - we'll come back to it
Caz is a associate of the #muttoncrew who follow @swaledalemutton and their affiliates whose job is to "counter disinformation".

One of their techniques is to label people they don't like "antivaxxers" without defining that term.

Caz hates antivaxxers.
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What I've discovered over the last 3 years of this long con is that when I reveal something that is confronting but true, the #muttoncrew trolls are rolled out in force.

This is the second intensivist that is upset that they don't understand baseline miscarriage rates
So, here's a question for you #MidazolamJohnny

When Zauche presented this chart on behalf of the CDC was she misrepresenting the data, as you seem to think?

[Src: page 32:…]
The pregnancy data is not only made more complicated than it needs to be, but has been thoroughly misrepresented.

More on this here with references to the recent work by @sonia_elijah @MaryanneDemasi and @jathorpmfm…
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The Australian branch of the #muttoncrew enabled by @BenFordham who thought it would be a great idea to do an interview with "CookerWatch" a far-left twitter account.

Just to show how inclusive he is eh?

Remember Ben Fordham enabled masks and vaccine mandates.
Here he is. "Cookerwatch" has a follows list full of far-left, vitriolic hate accounts.

@BenFordham and @2GB873 were the driving force behind vaccine mandates in Australia.

If you were injured as a result of a COVID vaccine mandate, this is why…
In fact 2GB were so focused on making sure the population were forced to have an investigational gene therapy - that appears to be behind a 20% risk in mortality - other presenters went on vaccine rants.

@JimWilsonMedia was another, now he's gone.…
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But Vicky's misinformation unravels when we see that she is quoting a paper from Jan 2022 when the majority of the women in the analysis were "unvaccinated". Base rate fallacy anyone?

PS. Vicki is a #muttoncrew member.
Only 12% of the cohort had a "vaccine" but of course these would occupy a lesser proportion of risk-days, because they occurred later in the study period.

Vicky is disingenuous or doesn't understand medical statistics
@profnfenton @MartinNeil9
@profnfenton @MartinNeil9 And the vaccines were only being taken up really from June 21, for a study period ending Oct 21 (and starting March 2020).

So the risk-exposure time was much lower for vaccinated women.

Base rate fallacy.
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Please post your best #jikkyphobia tweets below (you might need to screenshot them as most of these trolls are blocked!)...

I do hope @elonmusk and @TwitterSupport find a way of dealing with these coordinated #muttoncrew troll accounts
@elonmusk @TwitterSupport If you're not sure where to look try:
"Jikky" in the search bar with your favourite insult word or just put
"jikky from:username" in the search using your favourite #muttoncrew account name!

#jikkyphobia is fun 😂
@elonmusk @TwitterSupport Too funny #jikkyphobia

@stkirsch are you really me? 😂😂
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Well firstly you should spell it right😂.
Secondly, you should know that miRNAs are involved in T-cell exhaustion.
Thirdly, look to see if any new therapy might induce those miRNAs.
Lastly, pls be nicer to people - stop these #muttoncrew swarms
When you spend 26 years just looking at flow cytometry you end up not being able to see the bigger picture.

The cascades of chaos induced by tinkering with modified RNA are catastrophic.

T-cell exhaustion is a disaster…
Here is another damning indication that the mRNA vaccines are inducing T-cell exhaustion, as referenced in the previous tweet.
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