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BREAKING: An 8 y/o boy & his twin 4 y/o sisters are facing potential separation from their mother at the #migrantpersecutionprotocols tent court in Laredo. ImmDef is in touch w/ their atty, Jorge Trevino from @TrevinoLawFirm, who represented them via video from San Antonio today.
Immigration Judge Tijerino granted their asylum-seeking mother “withholding of removal” finding that there is a 50% or higher chance she will be persecuted because of her political opinions if sent back to Venezuela. HE THEN DENIED THE CHILDREN’S APPLICATIONS.
This means that these children, 5 days before Xmas, face being sent back to Mexico alone while appeal is decided. Their dad, a US legal permanent resident, is currently racing from San Antonio to Laredo fearful that his small children could be sent back to Mexico by themselves.
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Out of 156 human beings at #migrantpersecutionprotocols court today in San Diego, only 4 (all from the same family) are represented by an attorney. This means 152 people entered the US this morning to face immigration court alone #thisisnotjustice #dueprocessdenied (thread 1/?)
Sitting in court waiting for IJ O’Connor to come out and a baby is screaming. The “detention officers” from the private security company who are tasked with detaining #mpp families while they go to court are handing out diapers.
Only #mpp cases being heard in San Diego today & a few detained merits by video conference. Each judge has 40+ people on their afternoon docket. Babies & toddlers are crying as we wait for the judge to come in. One mom is breastfeeding her toddler to get him to stop crying.
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While @DHSMcAleenan and co. were publicity-touring the very courts we were not allowed to see, @amnestyusa was in San Antonio observing the nearly 120 proceedings happening inside from where the judge hears them.

What we saw was heartbreaking, enraging, and haunting.
I observed cases in IJ McCullough's courtroom, where 56 cases were scheduled and about 33 people appeared.

Three were represented.

The vast majority had to fend for themselves.
After the represented cases, the pro se people received a group rights advisal, and were then called up one by one, where their charges were read and cases set out.

(It still enrages me that people who came here in search of safety are made to plead to charges of wrongdoing.)
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As the #AsylumBan decision was issued, handing death sentences to 1000s of ppl seeking safety, I was crossing into the US from Mexicali after 3 days providing legal triage to victims of Trump’s #MigrantPersecutionProtocols. I then drove 4 hours back to LA, blissfully unaware. 1/
News of this cruel decision from #SCOTUS is sinking in within the context of what I saw and heard over the last three days. Seems like a good time to share a bit of what is happening in Mexicali, where 6000+ ppl have been forced back after seeking asylum. Here is my context. 2/
It’s brutally hot in Mexicali. When I arrived it was about 105 & ppl kept telling me it was 120 two weeks ago. Multiple ppl I met mentioned there kids had suffered illnesses related to the heat. And that’s another thing, there are so many kids. So many toddlers and babies. 3/
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Today was hard. We went to a shelter full of families. Nearly 100% of the people we spoke with had been kidnapped already, most by Mexican officials. How can ppl look at these kids and their parents trembling, crying, begging for help, for safety, for life...and deny them that?
I saw pictures of kidnapped children sobbing in a corner. I met a woman who was raped in Mexico and was so traumatized she couldn’t write her name on a pad of paper. She trembled so much it was just scribbles. #migrantpersecutionprotocols #mpp
Don’t look away. Don’t move on to your next post. Don’t keep scrolling past the horrors you read about or see here. These are PEOPLE. We are torturing them and we are encouraging the Mexican government to torture them. They just want to LIVE.
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One thing that Americans almost uniformly believe is that people should have a fair chance in court. But the “Remain in Mexico” or MPP #MigrantPersecutionProtocols program is designed to eliminate fairness. This program is against our collective value of fairness. 1/
The government has forced 10,000s of people who seek asylum to wait in Mexico where there are almost no lawyers. There is literally only one non-profit @AlOtroLado_Org attending to everyone. Volunteers come in weekly to do what they can, but the cases are complex 2/
Most people in #MigrantPersecutionProtocols cannot find a lawyer to help them. Reports are that almost 99% of people are appearing pro se (without a lawyer). Remember, these are asylum cases so the stakes are high. It’s literally life or death. 3/
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Thread: Unsurprisingly, I remain disgusted at the illegal #MigrantPersecutionProtocols. My clients are so unbelievably traumatized at the hands of the US government they can barely speak for 5 minutes without breaking down completely.
One of my clients fled death threats from gangs in El Sal after the police told the gang she filed a report. When she arrived, she was abused by CBP. She’s so terrified of CBP that though she could likely get out of MPP, she can’t imagine even a few days detention by the US govt
Another client entered in July. He was never told why he was sent back to Mexico. He opposed the Venezuelan government and fled after being threatened and assaulted. He is being forced to wait FIVE MONTHS in Mexico before his first hearing in the US.
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Yesterday I watched an immigration judge spend 3 hrs scolding families living on the streets of Tijuana for not providing the court with an address where they can receive mail. They were homeless or had no address because forced to remain in Mexico in #MigrantPersecutionProtocols
The immigration judge also repeatedly scolded the babies and toddlers in deportation proceedings for making noise. Parents in #MigrantPersecutionProtocols can’t leave their children in Mexico to come to court in USA, so the rooms are full of kids trying to sit quietly for hours.
Each family expressed the incredible barrier that being forced to remain in Mexico in #MigrantPersecutionProtocols creates to finding a lawyer and told the judge that the nonprofits are at capacity & some don’t call back.

Judge: “I find that hard to believe. They have intake.”
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I spent the day doing court observation at hearings for asylum seekers forced to wait in Mexico under the #MigrantPersecutionProtocols in El Paso. One Central American man there with his 11-year-old daughter had a lot to say to the judge. The school year is supposed to begin. 1/
His little daughter had already lost a year of school because the family had to run for their lives - first his wife and son, followed by him and their daughter. Wife and son have already been let into the US, he said. But he and his daughter were placed into MPP, sent to 3/
Ciudad Juárez, a very dangerous Mexican border city. It’s so dangerous, he said, that even if he had work authorization there, he can’t leave his kid alone. @hrw and others have documented migrants being targeted for kidnapping, extortion, sexual assault, robbery, etc., 3/
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In Juarez, Lilia* & Yasmin* from Cuba, found the Trump Admin turning away asylum seekers at the U.S. port of entry. They put their names on the CBP "metering" list. Weeks into their wait men targeting migrants kidnapped & repeatedly raped Lilia & Yasmin.…
After their families paid a ransom, Lilia & Yasmin lived in fear for weeks before their turn to request asylum. “We thought that when we entered the United States, we’d finally be safe,” Yasmin said. Instead, DHS returned them to Mexico under the #MigrantPersecutionProtocols
CBP officers ignored their fear of being sent back to Mexico. A CBP officer told Yasmin that whatever had happened there “did not matter.” She recalled that CBP officers “said we had no rights.” One said to her, “‘It’s better to give Cubans $20 and send them back to Cuba.’”
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What @SpeakerPelosi and @SenSchumer have shown them is that it does not matter how many kids die, how many refugees are crammed into tiny, airless cells and cages without showers for weeks on end, how many families are ripped apart, Ds will keep writing the checks. No strings.
Once you know that, if you’re them, that’s basically all you need to know to start #ExpeditedRemoval and #AsylumBan2.0 and #MigrantPersecutionProtocols in full force.
In 2 months, there’ll be an adp of 60k, complete with severely overcrowded camps and prisons, and more suffering. They’ll come back again for more money. Instead of fixing the issues they’ll keep expanding. There is no evidence they won’t get the $ from Congress.
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I’d like to think I’m a reasonably well-informed consumer of news about the #MigrantPersecutionProtocols and #RemainInMexico

The things I’m learning at #AILAAC19 from advocates appearing in these hearings daily and serving people subjected to these policies are next-level evil.
.@ImmDef reports of regular family separations, and attempted family separations.

Imagine being told to leave your 12 year-old alone in Mexico because ICE didn’t file the Notice to Appear in Court for everyone in your family. Or being told your infant can come but you can’t.
.@taylorklevy discusses a 7 year-old in court bleeding from the head after getting attacked in Mexico. Didn’t get access to a nonrefoulement interview.
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Good morning! Today the Senate Judiciary Committee is having a hearing Sen. Graham's "Secure and Protect Act," his plan to rewrite asylum laws.

Importantly, this will be Acting DHS Secretary @DHSMcAleenan's first appearance since Friday's tariffs announcement.

I'm livetweeting!
The @NatImmForum has a great explainer on Sen. Graham's bill, which is here.

The bill would allow for vastly expanded detention of families and children, block asylum for anyone not going to a port of entry, and create other new limits on asylum.…
Given that today's hearing comes just days after the tariff "deal," we should expect Senators on both sides of the aisle to question @DHSMcAleenan about the details.

I wrote about the tariff deal yesterday here, and why we should remain skeptical of it.…
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