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#capitalism requires what people call "magical thinking". it requires people to believe that impossible things aren't merely *possible*, but can be done routinely, and turned into a dependable cash flow. #AI / #AGI of the @fchollet / @JeffDean sort is a perfect example.

the very name "#AGI" gives the game away: the #programming boys daydream that they've invented a "general intelligence", a universal thinking machine capable of solving literally any problem—and #capitalism is willing to gamble on that. it's just what #business wants.

remember that the ideal corporation in #capitalism *does nothing*. it produces nothing, it provides no service, it solves no problems for anyone not in the ownership hierarchy—because producing things *costs money* and capitalists hate all expenditures for any reason.

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Firstly, xenogenders are not "made by autistic people for autistic people". The coiner, Baaphomett, is allistic.
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என்னோட இதுவரை எழுதப்பட்ட அனைத்து மார்க்கெட்டிங் திரட்டையும் இணைச்சு ஒரே திரட்டா இங்க Pin பண்றேன் வேணுங்கிறவங்க உபயோகப்படுத்திக்கவும். உங்களோட சந்தேகங்கள், கேள்விகளை தயவு செஞ்சு இந்த I'dல கேட்கவும். நான் பழைய உபயோகப்படுத்துறது கிடையாது. Image
இதெல்லாம் என் அறிவுக்கெட்டி எழுதுன விஷயம்தான் ஏதாவது தவறு இருந்தால் மன்னிக்கவும் 🙏.
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Mar 2019, #BYJUS showcased investors that in FY21, Revenue shall be 5609 Cr and profit be 549 Cr and justified its Val at 16364 Cr

Done Revenue of only 2800 Cr and loss of 4500 Cr in FY21 but now at Valuation of 1,75,606 Cr

Startup Valuation is biggest MLM scam of this century! BYJUs Projection shown in 2019
Every #MLM needs an innovative Product.

So here comes an "An Idea + flamboyant Founders who can Pitch + a legal entity" packaged as a Product wherein an existing investor is expected to recruit new investors at higher valuation.

#BYJUS #startups #sharktankindia
The Investors are more to be blamed for this #MLM

New Age Investors are happy when their money is burnt with no resulting revenue growth because if there is enough revenue; to fund the expense means no need of follow-round

Loss is needed to validate next #Valuation
#BYJUS (3/n)
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happy #PrideMonth to the straight woman who made this and the straight girls for whom it was made!
you can safely assume that any "gay" media today (with the exception of gay porn) is made by and for straight women
the one womens space that will always be safe from men is the #mlm "men loving men" tags on social media
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ The curious case of “disguise, I see thou art a wickedness” [Viola, Twelfth Night] - PART 1 of 2: <Background>. On 22/Oct/2021 #ClearBank froze the accounts of @theFCA’s notorious #Emoney op #Viola Money(Europe) Ltd “VMEL”, …
2/ citing “financial crime concerns” + informed the slumbering UK regulator (@theFCA). A week later VMEL’s Estonian bank (#LHV) issued 2 months termination notice to VMEL. 4 days later (on 2/11/2021) the FCA finally issued a pitiful ‘1st supervision notice’ BUT astonishingly …
3/ still allowed VMEL to carry out unsupervised ‘individual transactions’ of <£5k (remember this + this date for Part 2). 6 days later astonishingly the FCA reportedly backtracked + rescinded even the conditions of it’s pitiful ‘1st supervision notice’ (#BigLaw no doubt …
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The world's economy ground to a halt during the pandemic as millions died, production slowed or stopped altogether, and the resulting supply chain disruptions made many essential products and services impossible to deliver. 1/ Bosch's painting 'The Conjurer,' in which a fast-fingered ma
And yet, the world's billionaires added $5.5b to their net worth during that time.… 2/
Thank "financialization," the subordination of the real economy - the economy that makes and delivers the things we need - to the financial economy, a global high-stakes casino where wanton destruction of businesses and lives can be a path to unimaginable wealth and power. 3/
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Today I'm going to be breaking down this page, because, quite frankly, it needs doing. This is from 2016; a pivotal year in the messianic EDUCO #Cult's history here in the UK…
It's not often one webpage has an introductory YouTube video urging people to visit it; actually, the exception is for those #MLM or Scam sales-funnel pages.
Geoffrey Semaganda of urges us to visit his friend's webpage!
Semaganda describes Weerasekera, whilst mispronouncing his "friend"'s name, as "One of the top performers in the country, at the highest level". He says you will learn how to find "High net-worth clients"! You are asked to donate £97 to @macmillancancer to attend the free seminar
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Per morning DPC: #OFT2 launch weather I think I understood 50% go, and the crew asked for @nasa TV to be uplinked to them so they can watch. #ISS #Exp65
Pressure on the #ISS: 752mmHg and on the Prk: 176mmHg.
Many beams, booms and brackets that were removed from #MLM #Nauka yesterday are too large to be disposed by Russian vehicles so they have to be disposed by USOS cargo vehicles. #ISS
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Good morning everyone! #ISS crew is now back awake and is just having their morning DPC (daily planning conference). Seems like the activities for undocking of #Pirs will actually take place today! #Exp65 #MLM #Nauka
Russian #ISS crew members are also doing some tasks today to prepare for a potential contingency EVA if that becomes necessary after #Pirs undocking and before #Nauka docking.
Also the OPM (optimal propulsion maneuver) that actually did not take place yesterday will now take place today affecting the Ku-Band capability of the #ISS.
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On board the #ISS many activities regarding #Pirs undocking have been canceled indicating that the undocking tomorrow based on the current status of #MLM #Nauka has been canceled. #unconfirmed #Exp65
Ok so the OPM (optimal propulsion maneuver) to reorient the #ISS to the undocking attitude for #Pirs is still on schedule! MCC #Houston reminded @Aki_Hoshide to close the window shutters for that during morning DPC (daily planning conference)
Since I am getting many retweets and likes on that tweet I like to remind everyone that this is just what I think I understoond on the translation loop during the morning DPC on the #ISS livestream. Let's wait everyone and see what the day holds up for us.
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Добрый день! Вам ничего не известно про Web Token Profit? Обещают просто огромные ежедневные проценты, вывод денег хоть каждый день. Одну знакомую затянуло туда, сама несёт туда деньги, знакомых агитирует очень настойчиво…

В данном проекте
налицо не только классические признаки финансовой пирамиды, но и также наличие в схеме псевдовалюты, MLM-схема распространения, реферальные выплаты.
Да и все три слова, вынесенные в название проекта (Web Token Profit) как бы кричат нам о том, что перед нами
лохотрон обыкновенный.

Подробнее:… для продвижения используют такие теги: #wtp, #webtokenprofit, #webtokenpay, #btc, #bitcoin, #trading, #dss, #crypta, #cryptocurrency, #hyip, #mlm, #млм, #заработок_в_интернете, #заработок_в_сети, #доход_в_сети,
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