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La #guerra in #Ucraina ci sta insegnando molte cose di cui almeno 4 ci sembrano veramente rilevanti.
S siete curiosi di saper quali sono venite con #noi alla #scuola (per non dire all'Università ) del #doppiostandard 1/7
Queste 4 cose le ha elencate @pappe54, un accademico #israeliano che da decenni si batte per smontare la #Propaganda del suo stesso paese: uno che se ne intende, insomma. 2/7
Lezione n.1 Ci sono #rifugiati di #guerra buoni e #rifugiati di #guerra cattivi.
Per la precisione: ci sono #rifugiati di #guerra bianchi, poi ci sono gli #immigrati #neri. 3/7
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"The Nation of Islam, Caring for the Black Body, and #VaccineHesitancy," another thread for #BlackHistoryMonth

The history of the Nation of Islam (#NOI) *helps* to explain why some U.S. African Americans do not want a foreign substance injected in their arms.
#COVID19 cover of Black Muslim Religion by Edward Curtis
As @COVIDBLK and others have revealed, the horrible impact of #COVID19 has had on Black people is due to the health care system's anti-Black racism as well as social and economic racism.

Any "cultural explanation" that blames Black people for #vaccinehesitancy repeats racism. CDC graph of Covid-19 impacts by race
The assault on Black people's bodies is a pillar of U.S. culture. And since forever, Black people have developed cultural, social, political, and economic strategies--from root work to community organizing--to protect the Black body.
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It's not that bigotry against Jews or other ethnicities isn't a bad thing and can't be called out on their own, but @JackPosobiec and others who carry the "conservative media" label still virtue signal and play this game. This enables bigotry against whites and Christians.
The trend in popular media, and generally in our culture altogether, has been to tolerate expressed bigotry toward white people and/or Christianity without much, if any, pushback. Instead of confronting it or bucking the trend, conservative media engages in the same pandering.
The Nation of Islam is a dissident cult group wallowing in bigotry. Pick a group outside their narrow umbrella and they're generally bigoted toward them. Yet time and time again media figures ignore almost every objectionable thing about the group except "anti-semitism".
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1) A lesson in telling the truth

Allah orders in Suratul Hujuraat, إِن جَآءَكُمْ فَاسِقٌۢ بِنَبَإٍ فَتَبَيَّنُوٓا۟ "if a faasiq comes to you with any information, VERIFY IT."
The word فَاسِقٌۢ in the above ayat, refers to any fabricator, liar, unreliable or unrighteous person.
2) Ibn Katheer explains:
"Allah the Exalted orders investigating the news that sinners & the wicked bring, to make sure of its authenticity. Otherwise, if the sinner's word is taken for granted and a decision is based on it, regardless of whether the information is true or not,
3) ...the authorities will be taking the lead of the sinners. Allah the Exalted & Most Honored forbade taking the path of the corrupted & sinners. This is why groups of the scholars of Hadith refuse to accept narrations from narrators whose reliability is unknown,
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@HuffPostItalia Vedete qui che cosa risponde il dottor @borghi_claudio a @vitalbaa, il 22 giugno 2018: "questo è il nostro programma. L'euro è a pagina.9 [...] Con questo programma ci ripresenteremo se dovessimo tornare al voto e questo faremo se dopo otterremo la maggioranza"
@HuffPostItalia @borghi_claudio @vitalbaa A pagina 9 del programma (qui:…) si parla dell'euro come "principale causa del nostro declino economico" e si dice che il programma consiste nel ridiscutere tutti i Trattati UE e tornare alla "Comunità Economia Europea precedente al trattato di Maastrich"
@HuffPostItalia @borghi_claudio @vitalbaa Per concludere:

la risposta di Borghi all'utente @vendutoschifoso ("prima questi #noi devono diventare maggioranza nelle urne...") è del tutto coerente con quanto egli rispose a @vitalbaa nel giugno 2018, e la mia interpretazione in maiuscolo corretta e in buona fede.
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“I social e il peso delle parole”

Dopo aver assistito alle notizie provenienti da oltremanica su #Brexit e le varie dimissioni di ministri britannici ecco arrivare la bufera sul presidente di commissione Bilancio #Borghi.
Proviamo a fare chiarezza partendo dal tweet
dove #Borghi risponde all’account @vendutoschifoso e alla sua provocazione che “Senza #itaexit sarà considerato #traditore quindi se non vuole avere rimpianti faccia quello che tutti #noi #vogliamo” con “prima questo #noi deve diventare maggioranza alle urne”.
Quindi il prof.
@ricpuglisi attraverso lo screenshot di quella conversazione twitta
taggando varie testate giornalistiche e politici nonché il commissario europeo
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May Allah reward you @joebradford. The paradigm however is incorrect. Heraclius was a Byzantine ruler of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Elijah Muhammad on the other hand was a Baatini cult leader who promoted himself from Chief Minister to Messenger of Allah. #NOIcontradictions
This indeed is the error made when viewing the #NOI and it's offshoots: instead of seeing them as heretical Baatinis with more in common with Musailima, many see them as simple albeit, sinful Muslims. Yet sinful Muslims do not declare prophethood on one day & Godhood the next!
Moreover, there is no evidence to this day that Elijah Muhammad or his common law girlfriend Clara ever renounced the prophetic claims he made for over 40 years. His own nephew Sultan Muhammad Sr, declared publicly in 1990 that both Elijah & Clara died unrepentant with no shahada
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