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Our statement on the appalling case of #ChildQ. We extend our full sympathy and solidarity to Child Q and her family at what must be a traumatising, exhausting and distressing time.
We especially thank Child Q for her courage in coming forward with her story, which must have been unimaginably difficult. We condemn in the strongest possible terms not just the individual actions of police officers involved, but the institutional frameworks built to hide them..
…the teachers who stood by in silence, and the carceral logic that facilitates a culture of violence, of surveillance, and of shattering dehumanization.
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No More Exclusions Means:

No More Occupation
No More Dispossessing
No More Colonizing
No More Bombing
No More Apartheid
No More False Equivalence
No More Imperialism

#FreePalestine #GazaUnderAttack #SaveSheikhJarrah
No More Air Strikes
No More Drones
More Cease Fire
No More Attempts to Rewrite History
No More Exploitation
No More Genocide
No More Media Lies

#NoMoreExclusions means:

No More Deportations
No More Racism
No More Unconscious Bias
No More Stigmatisation
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Since the student protest at #PimlicoAcademy on 30th March, there has been a lot of media coverage about the alleged motivations of the students. Here are some of the headlines: Image 1/4 - Text reads: Evening Standard - Headline: PimlicoImage 2/4 - Text Reads: Daily Mail - Headline: Inside the acImage 3/4 - Text reads: The Mirror. Headline: Children who pImage 4/4 - Text reads:  The Guardian. Headline reads: Child
Most of the headlines & articles tell us that students staged a walkout (the protest remained on site) due to upset over a flag & the uniform. These misperceptions imply students took drastic action to complain about minor things. Their actual demands have far more substance. Image 1/3 - Text reads: Sky News. Headline: Pimlico Academy:Image 2/3 - Text reads:  The Mirror. Headline: Pimlico AcadeImage 3/3 - Text reads:  LBC. Headline: Pupils walk out of c
Students tried to use the recommended school channels to raise concerns, they even got over 1000 people to sign a petition. This was ignored by the school's leadership. When you exhaust all available routes, what else is left to do to make change happen?
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🚨 🚨🚨NEW: School Exclusions during the Pandemic “Exclusions are detrimental to children’s education, wellbeing and socioemotional development, and it is cause for concern that exclusions are being used at all, let alone amidst a global pandemic.”…
“Our research found that exclusions occurred extensively prior to lockdown, and continued to occur as soon as pupils returned to school in September 2020.”
“Overall, an astounding 13,268 exclusions were issued between September 2019 and November 2020; this is even more concerning when one considers that this was across just 34 secondary schools and 39 primary schools.”
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Further thoughts on the #DreamAndPromise 🧵:

It's important to highlight that the criminalization bars and exclusions in the bill were placed there by Democrats, not Republicans.

Again, this was Democratic leadership that added further criminalization.
One take away for me is that we still have much work to do with our communities to make the connections between criminalization and the deportation pipeline.
It's not that this bill is "imperfect". It's that it ADDS criminalization to already existing immigration laws. It looks to the criminal legal system to determine who is "worthy" of protection and safety.
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Today’s passage of #DreamAndPromise by the House is the result of decades of deep organizing by immigrant communities & reflects the urgent need to provide protection from deportation.

But the addition of harsh criminalization provisions in this version is very concerning.
The policing & mass incarceration systems in this country are fundamentally rigged against Black & Latinx ppl, and the #DreamAndPromise Act is no exception.

#HR6 is designed to strip access to Biden's promise of immigration reform from people who have experienced police contact.
Criminalization born of a racist system cant be the measure we use to determine who belongs & who goes.

Instead of extending access to undocumented communities of color #HR6 has punitive provisions that could make anyone who’s committed a misdemeanor ineligible for legal status.
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The #DreamAndPromise Act will provide long overdue protections to DACA, TPS, and DED recipients. Disappointingly, the legislation also contains harmful criminalization bars that will exclude many immigrant youth. We need bold and inclusive legislation that leaves no one behind.
Thanks @RepMondaire for highlighting the importance of second chances & the need to eliminate the criminalization bars that will exclude thousands from the #DreamAndPromise Act.…
Thank you @RepPressley @RepSchakowsky @RepChuyGarcia for highlighting the need for bold & inclusive legislation that leaves no one behind and why the criminalization bars have no place in the #DreamAndPromise Act.
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Thread on #DreamAndPromise Act and #Criminalization🧵:

Despite efforts to improve the bill and eliminate the harmful criminalization bars that will exclude thousands of Black and brown youth, the bill remains the same.
48 Representatives supported an amendment to eliminate some of the criminalization bars. But it wasn’t enough. #NoMoreExclusions
As you see public support of #DreamAndPromise Act, we also have to recognize how the bill falls short and why relying on the criminal legal system to determine who “deserves” immigration relief is unacceptable. #NoMoreExclusions
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