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Hemos estado repartiendo culpas y lamentándonos por el fracaso de la investidura que ni siquiera hemos analizado la última oferta que el PSOE lanzó a Unidas Podemos. Creo que es interesante para encarar lo que viene y evitar nuevos errores. ¿Abrimos hilo? ABRIMOS HILO 😉👇
Los titulares de prensa hablan de que el PSOE había ofrecido a Unidas Podemos una vicepresidencia y tres ministerios (Vivienda, Sanidad e Igualdad). Analicemos en qué consisten y qué margen de maniobra política dejan.
Una vicepresidencia no tiene funciones constitucionales. La Ley del Gobierno dice que son las que asigne el presidente (aparte de sustituirle en su ausencia). Su importancia se debe a que, normalmente, solo hay una y además asume la titularidad del Ministerio de la Presidencia.
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99% Hindus are law abiding Constitutionalists! Constituion is very important, cuz otherwise it is just civil war. With it, one can limit it to "skirmishes".

Hindus should however understand GoI can go only by Constitution, and its hands are tied. GoI can play an important role
GoI can give Hs only limited protection. Hs need to look for protection within themselves for their families, their friends, their women, their temples, their festivals, their neighborhoods, their streets.

STOP CURSING GoI. Stop being stupid idealistic Constitutionalists.
It is time, Hs wake up to reality. They've been shifting blame to GoI for too long.

They see Constitution n think everything that's written there, about freedoms, about rights, about security, about equality, everything has to be provided by GoI. Why? Cuz it's in Constitution
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#YesEVM #EVM #EVMHacking
M3 Control Unit of EVM has Radio Frequency transmitter and receiver
It has been installed since 2013
Gopinath Munde was in charge of it.
We cannot blame @narendramodi or @BJP4India
Since 2013, it has been Munde way
Now onwards, it will be Syed way
2019 Elections will have many surprises
One group is to make money out of elections
Price will be calculated on real time based on demand
If there is a neck to neck competition
in that case, even a single vote will be expensive
This group has list of serial number of Control Unit
If you give your constituency and the candidate name
they will find out the serial number of the candidate
and transfer votes to the Control Unit

It is like Western Union money transfer
This group has no moral value
just want to make money

You could pay them in BitCoin
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Today 'Vikas' and 'Hindutva' are
two sides of the same coin.

Don't forget the ground realities,
" भूखे पेट भजन न होय "

Those who are saying Modi has forgotten Hindutva are the biggest fools you'll find on planet Earth.

You can not achieve Hindutva without Vikas. See how. 👇
Congress specifically kept
Hindu$ busy in Gareebi,
Unemployment, Inflation etc.

Unlike Hindu$, Mu$lims, even
if they are unemployed, living
a life of misery, won't forget to
offer 5 times Namaz!

State sponsored Madrasas
still exist, but do we have
State sponsored Gurukuls ? No.
Max beneficiaries of all the wordone by PM Modi in the last
4.5 years are Hindus, especially
from Rural India. It is a harsh
reality today that max Hindus
won't eat "Ghaas ki Roti" for
the sake of righteousness.

Hindus need Vikas. Only then you can make them focus on Hindutva.
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Looking at the amount of anger against #Nota voters, I have tried to put up my observations rgd the same in the next few tweets.
The #Nota reasons need to be understood before 2019 & addressed.
1. #Nota voter is BJP voter, registering his / her protest against either the local candidate/ state / Central Govt policies etc.

The average voter is not really concerned about fiscal deficit /G20 meets but the quality and hardships of his life and his family's future.
2. Do not give tickets to unworthy candidates, esp those with criminal background/base.

Tickets should not be given to new entrants trying to cash in on Modi popularity.

Coordinate with / Encourage feedback from RSS foot soldiers. #Nota
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I am writing a thread for supporters PM Narendra Modi .
I am a professional , a Doctor , with no intention to join active politics but I take interest in politics to support the efforts of PM Narendra Modi. It doesn't make me supporter of any political party including Bjp! 1/n
After yesterday's defeat of my Prime minister's party Bjp in 3 Assembly Elections, I am too feeling low but in view of larger battle of 2019 for my PM , I am seeing silver lining in the cloud vis a vis yesterday's mandate that I would like to share in this thread . 2/n
One cannot ignore the fact that Bjp had incumbent Governments for last 15 years in Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh & for last 5 yrs in Rajasthan with same term for incumbent CMs.Anti incumbency was natural in these states & especially in Rajasthan, people were unhappy with CM.3/n
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It's worth looking at the innovative electoral reform called #NOTA. What's the cost it incurs for political parties, democracy and soverign (including non-voters) at large? Interesting fault line emerges. More than moral argument, what we need analytical assessment.
#NOTA can be used to alter the political direction of a country in the future. It may look naive (at this point) but please be advised that the targets of classic disinformation campaigns are certain political party or leaders. Alternatively, NOTA offers asymmetric chaos.
#NOTA can be weaponized by the external forces which are interested in destabilizing the electoral process and the underlying trust behind it. It can create new fault lines in terms of informed opinions and judging the quality candidates vs moral case with adulterated arguments.
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