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99% Hindus are law abiding Constitutionalists! Constituion is very important, cuz otherwise it is just civil war. With it, one can limit it to "skirmishes".

Hindus should however understand GoI can go only by Constitution, and its hands are tied. GoI can play an important role
GoI can give Hs only limited protection. Hs need to look for protection within themselves for their families, their friends, their women, their temples, their festivals, their neighborhoods, their streets.

STOP CURSING GoI. Stop being stupid idealistic Constitutionalists.
It is time, Hs wake up to reality. They've been shifting blame to GoI for too long.

They see Constitution n think everything that's written there, about freedoms, about rights, about security, about equality, everything has to be provided by GoI. Why? Cuz it's in Constitution
Nothing can be more idiotic. That's the ideal. That is not how reality works. We are not living in some Star Trek utopia. So come down with your expectations.

The way BJP is working, sending out signals, reacting. They're doing it JUST AS THEY CAN AND SHOULD DO! That's their job
GoI will go by the book. They'll look after law & order in the imperfect way it works.

Stop expecting more! Problem does not lie with NaMo, Amit Shah, or BJP.

Problem is our unrealistic expectations.

Hs cannot replace self-organized security with GoI protection.
When I say self-organized neighborhood security teams, I don't mean some security bought with money. I mean every family in the neighborhood contributing their children to the cause.

What GoI can do is complement and supplement these DIY security teams.

India is extremely close to a major flare up Syria style. And Hindus are still playing Constitution.

At the maximum Hs have 2 years before everything starts flying around our ears.

GoI cannot save Hs. GoI can only help Hs save ourselves to a limited but welcome extent.
The more Hindus curse GoI for any M attacks on Hs, be it Chandni Chowk, Kairana, Meerut, whatever, the more Ms will attack Hs.

Why? Because it works.

After all is it not M wish that Sickularists again come to power? Don't 99% of them express this same wish during elections?
It is one thing to protest, put pressure on GoI. It is quite another to curse GoI and cry NOTA.

If you do that, you are abetting M crimes on Hs.

Think about it!

Things to do:

1. Put constructive pressure on GoI to increase security and speedy justice. Peaceful protest marches help.
2. Don't rage or curse at GoI. Remain supportive.
3. Build own collective neighborhood security.

Any lack of commitment on any of these 3 issues helps enemy
Hs, just ask yourselves:

We're all riled about what happened at #GaliDurgaMandir.

#Sickular parties lost big in the last elections. Now you've given them a template: attack a Mandir, kidnap a H, and Hindus will stop supporting NaMo.

Media can build up some alternate H Kejriwal
This is the worst form of stupidity and twitter Hs are full of it.

Because of our reckless behaviour of taking down our own champions, we are condemning Hs to a fate of being leaderless at the macro level.

We destroy trust in days, what has been built over years.
Do you think this trust in our champions can be repaired, even if NaMo & GoI arrest and prosecute the Gihadis of Chandni Chowk, after the way it is taken apart?

No, cuz Sickulars and Ms will do another similar attack, and we will start attacking GoI again.
We are giving Sickulars and Ms the keys to our car to take us wherever they want, at whatever speed they want. They can escalate when they choose, and they can choose where to hit us with maximum effect.
What is the purpose of terrorism: to show people that their gov can't save em n turn em against their gov.

What happened after this #GaliDurgaMandirAttack? Same thing. Did their attack work? Of course.

Will they do it again? Absolutely.

Why? Cuz we're brainless suckers for it
Because of H's strong anti-gov reaction, Hs have given Sickularists & Ms, a great political template.

Now, there will be many such vandalizations of temples across India.

For them, it was a good field trial

Twitter Hs wd be to blame, but of course instead they'll only rage on.
Always consider sympathetic GoI as your second line of defense, never first. Also fool the other side by claiming the opposite.
Primary role of a Hindu Party in power is to deny Sickular parties, who have deep relations with Islamist network of Mullahs, Mawalis, Mafia, suit-boot Reaction-Moderators, and Missionaries access to State's resources, police and bureaucracy apparatus by coming to power!
Never help your enemies capture power.

In short-sighted rage modus, we go overboard and threaten to destroy the dam that protects us from toxic waters, just because the dam leaks.
Here we see prime example of Sickularists trying to shake the faith of Hindus in NaMo and Hindu GoI.

Congis now have a good political template to shake GoI by sponsoring more "temple vandalizations" across country.

Expecting this soon in MH in BJP areas

Valid question.

NaMo & BJP will not give public reactions to anti-Hindu incidents. This riles many Hindus. But there is a very good reason for that. Anything they say on it, which so much as uses the word Mujlim, media will bring house down, saying BJP wants to communalize issue
Then the whole incident turns political into victimization narratives of how BJP targets minorities. Then real victims will hardly be able to get justice.

So NaMo keeps quiet.
All BJP can do is to try to nab and prosecute perpetrators as efficiently as possible, but here too BJP is dependent on police officials who got their training under sickulars, as we saw in Delhi w/ slow response times. But BJP is removing the cobwebs.

But RW don't register this
BJP tries to package communal incidents as law and order problem. That is the only way of really making any progress. Mujlims are more likely to give up the "perpetrators" from their ghettos as long as it is L&O.

But this again riles RW, who claim BJP doesn't want to see truth!
It seems RW is more interested in getting sound bites from our leaders, to convince them, our leaders care, rather than seeing leaders make any real progress.

All their tweets are like how NaMo did not tweet about Twinkle, ergo he doesn't care

If he had, she wd see no justice.
Hindus need to be careful. Many right-thinking Hindus, thinking they are doing the right thing, are letting their frustration manifest into an evil Asura.

Asuric RW is willing to support Congis, if they make some pro-Core noises on temples, or some other core issue.
Supporting Congis is going even beyond the Tamas of #NOTA.

It is like opening the front gates of the fort to the enemy, because the enemy has promised some agarbati for the family mandir.

Please, don't go to the dark side out of frustration.
What exactly is the significance for Hindus of securing rights for

- Ram Mandir
- Sabarimala?

Getting these constructed or respected through some law or agreement means little, until one can guarantee that it stays so for the forseeable future.
If one cannot guarantee rights, security & respect to the Hindu way of life in India over THE LONG PERIOD, any strengthening of sickularism in India, would mean these temples can be razed to the ground any day!

So any promise by any sickular party to Hindus on temple means ZILCH
Temples mean little without POWER, that too sustained, and sustainable long term power.

Some frustrated Hindus feel like throwing away Hindu power for some assurances on temples.

Without power, all Hindu temples will be razed to the ground, like it happened earlier.
Lets say if Aurangzeb were to promise Raja of Kashi that if he helps him fight the Marathas, he can rebuild Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, should Kashi Naresh agree?

Lets say he agrees. He gets to rebuild temple. Marathas lose. Aurangzeb razes all other temples!

Good bargain?
Hindu power at the Center under Modi may not be as hard as some Hindus expect, but Modi still thwarts Sickulars from wielding it against Hindus.

This power needs to ripen, become stronger. Strengthen it.

One thing is clear. Hindus CANNOT replace it. They can only destroy it!
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