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Former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi nominated to the Rajya Sabha.

@rashtrapatibhvn #RanjanGogoi #SupremeCourt #ChiefJusticeofIndia #RajyaSabhaElections @rajyasabhatv
BREAKING: Former CJI Ranjan Gogoi nominated to Rajya Sabha [Read NOTIFICATION] @rashtrapatibhvn #RanjanGogoi #SupremeCourt #ChiefJusticeofIndia #RajyaSabhaElections @rajyasabhatv…
President has the power to nominate 12 members to the Rajya Sabha. Currently, 11 members include Subramanian Swamy, Boxer Mary Kom, Swapan Dasgupta and others. Here is the list.
@MangteC @Swamy39 @swapan55 @RoopaSpeaks @RakeshSinha01 #RanjanGogoi
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It's clear that #AnuragThakur, #PraveshVarma and #KapilMishra gave provoking statements, Govt should take action on them and #TusharMehta you are Solicitor General of India,not private lawyer of BJP. Stop defending people who are not related to Central Govt.
Let's think, wasn't there any riots before their statements? Wasn't buses were burn in the name of saving dEmOcRaCy? Wasn't AAP MLA's (especially #AmanatullahKhan) also gave provoking speeches? (Which is the root of all this nonsense) Wasn't he shared stage with #SharjeelImam?
Wasn't Delhi Dy CM #ManishSisodia spread fake news by sharing old video of Delhi police saying Police lit up the buses? Wasn't #NDTV journos gave limelight to so called 'Sheros of #Jamia' who doesn't believe in Secularism and Judiciary of this country & rushed to defend Sharjeel?
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रामालय ट्रस्ट को सौंपा गया राममन्दिर का पहला माडल

#राम_मंदिर #RamMandir #Ayodhya #RamalyaTrust

इन विशेषताओं का किया है समावेश

# 1008 फुट ऊंचाई (विश्व का सबसे ऊंचा मन्दिर शिखर)
# -मन्दिर की प्लिन्थ 70 फुट
# -मन्दिर की प्लिन्थ का एरिया साढ़े तीन एकड
# -गर्भगृह 216 वर्गफुट
# -कुल 1लाख 8 हजार लोगों के लिये परिसर में व्यवस्था

# - प्रतिदिन एक लाख आठ हजार लोगों के लिये भोजन प्रसाद की व्यवस्था
# -1800 सेवादारों के निवास और कार्यस्थल का प्रबन्ध
# -1008 बसों, 10800 कारों एवं 21000 मोटर साइकिलों की एक साथ पार्किग
# -इनडोर ऑडिटोरियम तीन
5000 लोगों के लिए
2000 लोगों के लिए
1000 लोगों के लिए

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1) Was super lucky to hear the legendary archeologist Prof KK Muhammed today in a program organized by @namo_bharath.

Will post his exemplary #Ayodhya presentation in multiple videos in this thread.

Watch ALL parts. The best set of proofs of a bhavya #RamMandir that existed.
2) Prof KK Muhammed started with how the great archeologist BB Lal. He tried linking Vayu Purana's flood with in Mahabharata. Moved from Hastinapura to Kaushambi. Probed the cultural continuation. 

Archeologists used C14 dating, Thermo luminescence dating and more.

3) BB Lal's excavations established 1100 BCE date for an event in Mahabharata.

Then BB Lal came to #Ayodhya during 1976-77 time. 

Explored before excavation for contours of the area. Found symbolisms of Ganga standing on a croc. Yamuna on tortoise. Could only be in temples!
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Laldas was appointed by a court of law as the chief priest in Ramjanmabhoomi temple in 1983. He vehemently opposed VHP.& demanded advani stop the rath yatra. He insisted ‘Hindus&Muslims of Ayodhya &Faizabad can resolve the issue themselves,’
He was shot dead.
On March 1, 1992, he was removed from his position by the Kalyan Singh govt. On Dec 6, 1992, the Babri Masjid was destroyed. In these months, Laldas feared for his life & approached the local administration in Faizabad seeking protection, but his request went unheeded.
in an interview to #MadhuKishwar in 1992, he pointed out that 50-60 mahants had been murdered all over Ayodhya. “I wonder how a person like me is still alive”, he said in that conversation.…
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Today I begin my day by paying homage to a swayamsevak of the first #RSS shakha of Dr #Hedgewar - Shri #MoropantPingley. One of earliest prachaaraks, always smiling & humorous. Man behind hugely successful #EkatmataYatra, that was precursor to #RamMandir movement 1/3
Used to say #Sangh work is a serious work that we should day with a smile. His meetings used to be full of laughter. Key brain trust behind #RamMandir. Always kept himself in background. Inspired innumerable Sewa projects across Bharat. 2/3
I realised how rooted prachaaraks of #RSS when he told karyartas before Ekatmata Yatra, yatra will be hugely successful. It is upto you to be part of it or not. & to wonder of doubtful people it turned biggest mass program. 8 cr participants! Humble homage to #MoropantPingley🙏🙏
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#India's Supreme Court clears the way for construction of #Hindu temple on site of destroyed #BabriMasjid in #Ayodhya.

I've been following this issue for 30+ years. Here's a thread analyzing the #AyodhyaJudgment:…
2/n #AyodhyaJudgment
-I first visited #Ayodhya (& #BabriMasjid) in 1990: before the masjid was destroyed, before I entered the field of #anthropology. I went there while researching my first book, "Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God": A re-tracing of the #Hindu epic #Ramayana...
3/n #AyodhyaJudgment
...In my book, I take what I hope is an even-handed approach. For what it's worth, I've received approving messages from #Hindutva activists & #secularists alike. You can judge for yourself:…
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#AyodhyaJudgment: Judges arieve, #CJI requests silence.

Judges signing the verdict
Judgement is unanimous
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The Supreme Court will pronounce the much awaited judgment in Ayodhya Babri Masjid land dispute case today
Stay tune here for live updates.
#AYODHYAVERDICT #AyodhyaCase #Ayodhya #AyodhyaJudgment #SupremeCourtjudgement #SupremeCourt
The scene outside the CJ Court
Media reporters in SC premises for covering #AYODHYAVERDICT
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#AyodhyaCase: A Supreme Court Bench of Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi and Justices SA Bobde, DY Chandrachud, Ashok Bhushan and S Abdul Nazeer will pronounce verdict at 10.30 am today

Track this thread for live updates

#RamMandir #BabriMasjid #AYODHYAVERDICT #AyodhyaHearing
Heavy security deployment in and around court premises.

Here are the 5 Judges who will deliver the #AYODHYAVERDICT today.
#AyodhyaHearing #BabriMasjid #AyodhyaJudgment

CJI Ranjan Gogoi
Next CJI Justice SA Bobde
Justice Ashok Bhushan
Justice DY Chandrachud
Justice Abdul Nazeer
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News Broadcasting Standards Authority has issued an advisory for journalists and media houses reporting on the #AyodhyaHearing.

We'll be watching how TV media reports on proceedings with quick updates.…
Times Now is keeping its coverage restrained, noting the verdict will give very little "wiggle room". It sticks to summarising arguments by both sides.
Zee News has a constant hum of Ram bhajans playing as background score, even as the anchor declares that the verdict today is limited to a title suit.

Follow our live updates on #AyodhyaHearing here:
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This video will be the eye opener for those who doubt the existence of #RamMandir In Ayodhya

Professor B.B Lal unearthed indisputable evidence pointing to the existence of a temple underneath the structure of Babri Masjid.(Video 1/3)
Pro B.B Lal Clearly explains existence of #RamMandir at Ayodhya

Inside the Masjid 14 Black stone pillars were found. These black stone pillars had typical Hindu motifs carved on them and were dated around 1100 AD.(Video 2/3)
Prof B.B Lal Said there is a mosque called Quwwat – ul – Islam in New Delhi & to build the mosque the invaders have destroyed 27 temples

Despite of resolving Ram Mandir issue our politicians played with emotions of Hindus over the decades .Now Ram Mandir at Ayodhya is inevitable
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List of places mentioned clearly in #SkandaPuran about #Ayodhya and #RamMandir 1/3
Courtesy #GaurangDamani
#SkandaPuran evidence about #RamMandir 2/3
#SkandaPuran indicating exact spots in #RamMandir 3/3
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#Thread on what I understood of the #AyodhyaHearing #RamMandir case so far, and why I think verdict should be with Muslim party or amicably distributed among all.
In entire 40 day period only fact proven beyond doubt is that a mosque existed for 450 yrs, destroyed on Dec 6, 1992. Everything else is faith based, lacking scientific evidence. A principle of law is, you cannot benefit from your own malafide act (in this case, babri demolition)
The Hindu party's claim dating back to 1886 is that #Ayodhya is believed to be birthplace of Lord Ram (a deity as per Ramayana a mythology). Archaeologists discover historical facts based upon excavations but nothing found in Ayodhya proving Ram as real biological person.
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Rajeev Dhavan started tearing papers, maps etc handed over to him by Hindu Mahasabha Counsel Vikas Singh Sr Adv as he opposes the party.

CJI said Mr Dhavan, you can shred it further. Then Dhavan tears more pages..
Vikas Singh Sr Adv cited Govt of India Act, 1858 that Sunni Waqf Board was itself abolished in 1858 by operation of this Act & there can't be any question of British Govt sanctioning grants to the Board for upkeep of Babri.

Rajiv Dhavan teared this map from British Library given by Hindu Mahasabha counsel Vikas Singh, showing Ram Janmasthan.

They have lost hope now.

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#Ayodhya Ram Temple-Babri Masjid land case in Supreme Court: Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi has refused to take any intervention application in the case. [ANI]
[#AyodhyaHearing - Final Day]

Sr Adv Ranjit Kumar makes his submissions for Gopal Singh Visharad.
It was said several times that I was a practising muslim. I am also a practicing Hindu. I am aware of scriptures. I visited many temples with Paradaran and also Kailash Mansarovar. It's the mountain thats worshiped as abode of Shiva and not a deity alone.
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Day 40 of the hearing in the #Ayodhyacase begins with the #CJI making it clear that arguments will close at 5 pm today. "Enough is enough," says Justice Gogoi.

Sr adv CS Vaidyanathan resumes his arguments, saying the #Muslim side hasn't given any evidence on exclusive possession or title.

Vaidyanathan argues there could be some evidence that the #Muslim side offered Friday prayers at the disputed site between 1857 & 1934. "But there is absolutely no evidence that they offered any prayer after that. On the other hand, #Hindus continued to worship".

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#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Constitution Bench assembles on Day 40 of the hearing.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi declares that at 5 PM today the hearing in the case will have concluded.

"We have already asked all the intervenors to apportion the time accordingly"
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Senior Counsel CS Vaidyanathan concludes his rejoinder arguments.

Senior Advocate Ranjit Kumar begins his rejoinder submissions
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#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Bench assembles, hearing commences.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Your Lordships cannot give preference to one person. It is not fair, Rajeev Dhavan objecting to Subramanian Swamy occuppying lawyers' seats.

CJI says will look into it.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Custom is not a mind game, Rajeev Dhavan.
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#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: [Day 37] Rajeev Dhavan now replying to the rejoinder arguments.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: A mosque is where one prays to Allah, Rajeev Dhavan.

Is a mosque divine? SA Bobde J.

It is always divine, Dhavan.

Is it dedicated to Allah? Bobde J.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Answer is simple.

Why do you go to Mosque? It is to pray to Allah, Rajeev Dhavan.
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#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid [Day 34] Shekhar Naphade resumes his arguments.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Naphade argues Mahant is legal representative of Math and Hindus.

"Once he says he is Mahant of place of worship, he is legal representative of Math and automatically becomes representatives of Hindu worshippers"

Justice Bobde disputes the submission.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Law is law. Mahant represents the Math, Naphade.
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#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: [Day 32] Hearing commences. #thread
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Supreme Court asking parties how to conclude arguments before Oct 18.

CJI Ranjan Gogoi says matter has to be concluded by Oct 18 and won't be heard beyond that.
#RamMandir - #BabriMasjid: Rajeev Dhavan now responding to the issue of whether Order XXVI, Rule 10 can be used to preclude against Sunni Waqf Board from making objections to ASI report.
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A thread on the views of Justice Gautam Patel regarding Allahabad High Court's #Ayodhya verdict on #BabriMasjid demolition and construction of #RamMandir:

"The findings and orders of the special full bench of the Allahabad High Court on the successful Bhagwan Sri Ram suit......
...and the dismissed Wakf Board suit demand close examination. Central to the final order are two findings - that the disputed site in Ayodhya is the birthplace of Ram, and that it is a juridical entity. Both conclusions are of extremely doubtful legal tenability. In addition...
, is on the basis of the dubious legal proposition of faith and belief that the court arrives at a finding of legal and lawful ownership. The placing of idols in the disputed site in 1949 was as much an act of illegality as the events of 6 December 1992, but the court.......
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This we, in Kerala saw in run to last parliament elections. His book, 'Why I am a Hindu' and the @INCIndia projecting @RahulGandhi as Janeu-Dhari Hindu were not coincidental (3/n)
We have seen his flip-flops before. A good example was #Sabarimala Women Entry Issue. Note, what he said in 2010:…

He then said that "there is nothing sacrosanct about social practices...
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