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Let me put it to you like this, everyone was supposed to stick close to 🦌 from the very beginning, most went down every road but the one they were supposed to go down. Every which way ones would go, it would be A dead end of accounts misleading you, hating, pot stirring or drama
No matter what everyone was being shown as far as "proofs" or "Confirmations", it was never good enough or it wasn't coming from any of the ones most put all their eggs into 1 basket with.
Now, as everyone finally gets to where they should have always been from the
Very beginning, AAAAANYONE else would be like "The hell with all of you" because of the way so many chose to hate, judge or run away from the light TEACHING about the darkness. Not me, here I stand with open arms still waiting for everyone to finally get it..

I have been saying
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When the world finds out it was all staged, don't act shocked ...

It's all A movie & the ONLY reason 1 individual had A skateboard in his hands is because they were given the prop to Mock God, all because someone has been SHOWING the world the REAL WORLD evil didn't want
AAAAAANYONE knowing about ...

The fact that someone among you has been SHOWING the World/Country EVERYTHING long before events takes place, WHY they're taking place & whqt it all means - ones still can't figure out it's all stages & keep feeding into everything
That is not real.
Basically everything is happening in A way to make everyone uncover the smallest of details, realize WHY those derails matter so much & how they lead everyone back to 1 person that has been trying to wake all of you up - God ..

Humans = Easily to manipulate &
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Real Quick, did you know the symbols on many of the toys you bring home for your children are ritual satanic symbols that open demonic portals that allow entities into your homes ..

Now i'm not saying EVERY home/child is affected by this but in large quantities, 1 toy out of 10
Reaches A home where entities are able to attatch themselves to A host ...

Hosts usually are ones who open themselves up to that sorta thing or are suffering from some kind of illness, addiction or they are just A magnet to spirits ...
Not all spirits that haven't crossed over
Are bad & nost certainly there are many that aren't good ...

The supernatural is my thing, I enjoy it. I help spirits cross over to the light.

Any demonic portals [they] could open, [they] definitely did whatever it took to try & open them .. Even if it meant
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Maybe this time around, the something good/miracles that are happening for Humanity, won't have to #SLAP anyone in the face for them to see & embrace .. Ones will finally trust ..

This WHOLE WORLD/COUNTRY, everything around us, all built up (WITH GOOD SYMBOLISM) for God & Gods
God. ..

Moves & Counter moves.

Every street name.
Every business.
Every area code.
Every State Name.
Every layer of life had A choice to make, either build up for John & SON or choose the path of selling your soul to be apart of THEY club of the "They Live" people
For fame, fortune & to be above everyone else in A class of [Their] own while everyone else was kept asleep & enslaved ..

It's so easy to see all who made the right choices & who made the wrong choices .. (Moves & Counter moves)
Ones ones made the wrong choice, the choice of
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I'm still kinda chuckling at how many listen to individuals who said John was going to reveal himself yesterday ...

All the proof in the world has been given to EVERYONE of what is REALLY going on, why it's happening as it is & who is who among all of you - the many still
Choose to listen to ones misleading them ..

All Purposely being done to take the winds out of your sails, make you emotionally out of balance/divided, not believing the Biblical things happening/ones among you & Purposely being done to not who to believe any more.
So many keep falling for all the trix, it's sad ...

Imagine if #REAL chose to be the mirror image of the way ones have chosen to treat #REAL/others OR the way the many have chosen to act thinking others are above them..

No one is above another.
But the many put others
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.@USArmy, So epic ...

What you say, .@muratpak - Time to reveal? ..
I want nothing.
I truly have everything I have ever wanted, A #REAL Family & A women that truly cares about me ..
Damn auto spell, Woman
Let the flockers flock to their shiny objects placed in front of them ...

Heck, most still think 17 was/is A psy op ..

Too Funny.
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Remember all those Tents & "Autonomous Zones" placed up by TIFA? ..

They were all set up PURPOSELY in A way MOCKING God because of where I come from & the things I have done in my life ..
So many have tried & still try to this day to be me, it's pretty mess up & people believe
The others or give them attention.

[THEY] all laughed in your faces KNOWING none of you would ever believe what I was showing you all these years. They did know there would come A day where EVERYONE finally saw though, this is WHY [THEY] needed all the distractions,
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Funniest thing said in the last 2,000 years award goes too . . .

As I said before, time travel is real & the stories of the bible were given to individuals BACK THEN for what everyone is going through today ...

Future Proves Past

Everyone has much learning to do.
I have explained all of this, so many times, repeating myself over & over & over again ... Little to no one cared or took me seriously, now - When it all becomes reality, ones have absolutely no clue what is really going on & why ...

Imagine being the one EVERYONE has been
Waiting for but also knowing NO ONE was ready to know or be told, so everyone had to be SHOWN in ways that NONE OF IT COULD/CAN BE FAKED ..

All the ones everyone looks to for answers/confirmations, even the Military has been SHOWING all ..

The many chose false idols,
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All these accounts spewing out all they are, even the Biblical portions of what is unfolding, truly have no clue what is really going on.. MOST of them are doing & saying all they are for like & followers.
Because if they knew, they would know exactly what it is I have been
Showing them & WHY I Am showing everyone what I have been for YEARS ...

Most ignore all of it or refuse to acknowledge it because they need ones to still be asleep so they keep clicking on their pages keeping others who want to see the BIGGER PICTURES (GRAND DDSIGN) attention
Away from it.. WHY? Because it keeps their bait on the hook that they have placed for everyone to take. It's so easy to see who is who, it truly is. This is ANOTHER reason WHY everything was hidden in certain particular places of life, all because there would only be 1 who
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1/3. A thread on ballpark estimate of -1% China growth shock, IF really bad chain reactions as some China commentaries suggesting

#Evergrande Fallout LEADS To
#Real #Estate #Contraction -10% LEADS To
#China #GDP -1% LEADS to

#US and the rest of the world?
2/3. IMF paper @KamiarMohaddes etc. estimated in 2016, w. -1% China growth shock

GLOBAL growth - 0.23%.
#INDIA will be least impacted.
#ASEAN-5 countries (except Philippines), ranging between -0.23% and -0.35%
#EURO Area -0.12%
#UK -0.04%
#US -0.07%…
3/3. Caveats: written 2016. Estimates Statistical with wide band. China has further integrated with the world where it BOTH imports and exports significantly. Hope Prof. @KamiarMohaddes keep updating as it will be called up frequently next 30 years
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😱Video of New Zealand PM 'smoking crack'😱

#Real or #fake? Let’s find out. 👇👇👇 1/...

#Verification 📹
#SpeurJeMee? 🧐 #HowToOSINT Image
On 1 Oct. someone posts a video on #Twitter.

We see two videos superimposed. According to the caption , we would see the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern twice.

At the top she appears to be talking to #BillGates and at the bottom she appears to be using #crack. 🔞2/. Image
We also find the same video in various other posts on #Twitter, #YouTube, #Facebook and on the alternative video site #BitChute.

In total, these videos were viewed more than 31,000 times. Let's verify! 3/...
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Lets get #REAL .

@HumanRightsCtte has proved to never exist as I am sure many #VictimsOfDoubleJeopardy can confirm.

@CookPolitical @BBCPolitics #PoliticsLive can and will #NeverAgain will ever be trusted for as long as @UKParliament
that has continued to be ignored by @David_Cameron whose watch the ongoing #coverup of #TheTruth in the death of #AmbroseGGBall is addressed.

We no longer have #FaithNFreedoms that @WHO has to tell us while totally ignoring not only a body that still remains
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and if @jamaicannews had found out that there has been a gross miscarriage of @injusticewatch with a @BBC @injusticedoc #thisistottenham that was set up by @labour @DavidLammy senior members of @MetTaskforce to mislead the public in hopes to not force a #NationalUprising
by burying #thetruth to #ProtectTheProtectors the @RoyalFamily and the few #PoliceOfficers who failed both #AmbroseGGBall and his mother Toni aka Ruth Lovell as confirmed by head of @BarnetCouncil Mr & Mrs @CllrCornelius n the email sent to family within days of Toni's
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Told You ..

Everyone & I mean EEEEVERYONE fed into fake all these years & literally shit on #REAL ..

All of this has been self inflicted upon yourselves.
Do you know how many of those GINORMOUS accounts are on here ONLY to gather incriminating evidence to use against MANY of
REMEMBER when VK Said, "Be careful on this platform"? That there were a lot of eyes upon ALL OF YOU?

You ALL/MOST literally set yourselves up to fail!!!

THE 1 person that has been SHOWING all of you A way out, many chose to Let go of that hand.
Many chose to listen
To ones who were PLANTED within this movement..

Hope all the attention was worth it.
Hope that 15 minutes of fame was worth it..
Hope you all understand what MANY of you have done to yourselves...

I tried warning EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU, YOU did NOT listen . . . .
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They are so lost, they think everything is A "Psy-Op", which yes, there is so much crap in the world today Purposely too distract them..
#REAL has been right in front of them this whole time, showing them WHY this entire world was created & thry spit in my face.
The things that
Have been right in front of them LONG before any of this bullshit started, thry don't care about. They out all their faith into fakes, frauds, false prophets & whatever else, casting #REAL off..

All I want to do is Cast them off the way they did me but I refuse,
All because of you .@YaOnlyLivvOnce.

I will NEVER be like them. Pretty much every single one of them do not deserve to know or even be apart of anything unfolding.

They're so cold & cruel.
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Remember that time .@WWE brought "Guest Stars"/Hosts onto #WWERaw ? ..

Season 18 Episode 19
May 10, 2010
1 Hour : 30 Minutes : 22 Seconds Image
Season 18 Episode 20
May 17, 2010
2 Hours : #ZERO Minutes : #ZERO Seconds

It sure seems to me like MANY who are ALLEGEDLY accused of being Corrupt, were brought onto the show for A very specific reason..
At the time, the Guest Hosts DID NOT know that the truth was being told Image
SUBLIMINALLY too the world ..
Looking back at EVERYTHING with NEW EYES, the World should be able to see what it is I Am/ have been SHOWING all of you ...

Everyone & anyone who was suspected of being Corrupt, the show was put on in A way of spitting in corruptions faces
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This Country will soon learn about ALL the Blood that is on bidens hands, long before this past fake election .. Accompanying all the truth about the biden crime family will be A FLOOD of truth about many other crime families that this Country thought were "Good People"/Leaders".
Do NOT take this post the wrong way.. No, it is NOT funny that lives were lost. See the BIGGER PICTURE. Names Matter.
Everything & everyone that all of this is happening too, the good & the bad, see all of it with the eyes GOD has given the world.
If you don't see what it is
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.@RandyOrton, I think it's time to bring back the PUNT/KICK ... Only this time, used against the real bad guys ... I Also think it's time for you to have 2 Blets. Now GO get your Gold & be the absolute GREATEST World Champion .@WWE has ever seen.. The darkest individuals shine
The brightest of lights ... Shine On.

Viper comes to the #REAL Light.
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The People wants answers, they are given answers/"Sauce" .. It's Refused/Rejected all because they fear some guy on this Virus of Life platform has been showing them the #REAL World they live in .. But of course, the fake world they have been led to believing is real & so many
are still very lost within & may NEVER be able to escape because they will REFUSE to accept what is REALITY ..

All because Darkness KNEW someone was going to be Born & knew the entire world was being created for Him, [They] NEEDED to distract & detour ALL OF YOU away from the
#REAL light.. Sent all these fakes/planted accounts among everyone to discourage YOU from seeing CLEARLY what was being shown to EVERYONE day in & day out.. SO MANY still to this very day hide behind fake user names, Parody accounts & whatever else, NOT being themselves.. The 1
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Please, DO NOT say God did not Warn EVERYONE ...

911 is down because of the Hurricane?
Kanye Releases A song called, 'Hurricane' ..
I SHOWED everyone 'The Writing is on the Wall' post Kanye made, THEN, Iron Maiden releases A song called, 'Writing On the Wall' ..
The writing on
MY #WALL/Twitter Page/Wall tells the whole story. Not just the whole story but also what is going to happen before it happens. I have been doing this for 5 years now, SHOWING everyone the #REAL world YOU ALL live within.

Are you figuring it out yet?
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Vaxxed Patients' blood examined: horrific FINDINGS of the German Physicians.

"This coil structure doesn't absorb life, like the red blood cells do.

(I'm personally hopeful that REAL and ethical science will find a way to lead us out of this... ^^)…
"All the #red #cells are stuck together, and the elongated shiny tubular structures here are going through a group of red #blood cells: a stacking phenomenon called #rouleaux."…
"Red #blood #cells are just lining up like a stack of coins. It's normally found in patients with blood #cancers. They have a negative charge and so they repel each other. they're not supposed to stick together under normal healthy conditions."… Image
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Imagine KNOWING your life has been spied on by good guys protecting you & bad guys trying to get you from childhood on .. BOTH sides KNOWING you were going to be born & used technology to protect you & one side using technology to hurt you. Kinda like the movie, The Terminator.
Yeah, I know, It sounds far fetched & you have more to worry about in your lives than some 33 year old "Dude" trying to SHOW you the #REAL world ALL OF YOU live within/have lived within. A world that has been kept hidden from you. Everyone is still pretty much asleep.
Knowing there has been people planted/placed within your life to protect you/jeep an eye on you from childhood on & have had to be silent of who they really are? ...
EVERYTHING is known in the WORLD today just as EVERYTHING is known in my life & ALL of your lives.. By EVERYTHING
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If you & 8 others that YOU Trusted were going to TIME TRAVEL & then hide all the truth WITHIN many different layers of life from the future for Humanity to KNOW what is #REAL & what is Fake, then SHOW the World HOW to counter every move Evil makes before evil makes it, all while Image
Keeping it A secret from the 10 evil bloodlines that ruled this world, would YOU put the ENTIRE plan in jeopardy just because YOU #WANT something NOW?

IF You Picked 13 different layers of life to hide TRUTH within, would you jeopardize ALL OF IT, just because YOU #WANT
Something NOW that MOST OF THE WORLD is not ready for? Or, would you choose to keep DOING YOUR PART in being that UNBREAKABLE link in the chain?
Take the broken chains that bind your minds & use those same links to strengthen your RELATIONSHIPS with one another.
Still to this
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