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Je viens de lire un testament qui m'a laissé bouche bée. Mon client, décédé il y a un mois, a révélé l'existence d'un trésor caché dans ses dernières volontés. #Notaire #Révélation #Heritiers
Il semblerait que les 3 enfants de mon client, qui ne se parlent plus depuis des années, ont reçu chacun un mois avant sa mort une lettre étrange et unique qui contient les indications pour découvrir ce trésor caché. #Mystère #Indices #Heritiers
Ces lettres ont été remises à chaque héritier par le défunt lui-même, et ils étaient perplexes et ne comprenaient pas leur signification immédiate. #Testament #Secret #Heritiers
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Algunas notas sobre este #smishing que suplanta a @Bankinter
(hilo) 🧵
A diferencia del que recibí hace unos días, este tiene el dominio ubicado en otro continente.
¿Adivinas donde? 🤔
Pues ...
Rusia 🇷🇺
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HBD to #QB1

A @JoshAllenQB mini thread for his 26th B-Day
Shovel pass for the first down in Foxboro 💪💪💪
No.7 of the #PerfectSeven
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The first person who waved LJS photographer Kenny F. and I through at the Trump/Herbster rally was Fanchon Blythe from #LNK, who told us we are from the “Urinal Star.” #original
Talked with Thomas Sullivan from Plattsmouth who said he came to see Trump, who he believes could “say something historic.”

Sullivan said he was a Herbster voter until the allegations made against him. Now he’s “50-50.”
This gentleman literally has tin foil on his MAGA cap. Image
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To remain #Original and unique is the Herculean task when being a part of the highly competitive iGaming industry, because hey- who wouldn’t want to implement the same formula that made the opponent so #successful?… But, what happens when one cannot determine which creative factory was the first to deliver cutting edge mechanics? NetEnt and ReelPlay’s innovative features look so similar, even in their name, but there’s much more to this than it meets the eyes? In which way do InfiniReels And Infinity Reels resemble?

The thing in common is that both of them are based on a similar concept-the reels expand sideways as a symbol lands. This is where the similarity ends, as these features not only have gameplay
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@BobRossOfficial I know a painter who knew Ross. Bob pre-drew the paintings he used on television. The BR enterprise is a building hidden next to a birthing center in NOVA. He was a troubled artist, like many artists. The fact that his own son and wife contributed to the doc says something.
@BobRossOfficial LIVE TWEET:
Seems like the Kowalski’s want to silence #BillAlexander - who obviously contributed to @BobRoss success.
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Verwechslungsgefahr! Nicht auf #Taschenspielertricks vom @BMWi_Bund & @peteraltmaier hereinfallen! Es gibt offensichtlich zwei Gutachten. Es gibt den ORIGINAL- ENDBERICHT im #BMWi und eine für die Öffentlichkeit frisierte Fassung von BET-Energie. [1/8]
Am 17.1.2020 lag der ENDBERICHT noch nicht vor. Aussage des #BMWi nach UIG-Anfrage: „Ein Anspruch auf Informationszugang besteht mangels Vorliegen der angefragten Informationen nicht.“ Einen Monat später liegt das ORIGINAL beim #BMWi vor. [2/8]
Die inhaltlichen Arbeiten des #ORIGINAL #Gutachten zu #Folgekosten #Braunkohle wurde Nov. 2019 abgeschlossen. Das ORIGINAL enthielt nach Aussage des BMWi (18.2.2020) „personenbezogene Daten Dritter“ und „das geistige Eigentum und/oder Betriebs- oder Geschäftsgeheimnisse“. [3/8]
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La gente que ponéis los cuernos, ¿CÓMO LO HACÉIS? Si yo le estoy construyendo un regalo a mi pareja y vivo atacado de los nervios por si me pilla, que me va a pillar... El regalo avanza bien, por cierto. El primer juego de mesa nacido de una tabla de quesos, oigan. 🧀♟️
La primera fase fue diseñar el tablero (tabla de corte) y el cajón (donde iban los cuchillo queseros). En este irán las piezas que, por descontado, también tienen sus diseños molones. Tanto las figuras como las losetas. Lleva mucho, mucho trabajo. Y mola.
Ahora estoy con el diseño de las losetas hexagonales. Este es un diseño básico, no creo que sea definitivo, pero por algo hay que empezar a iterar. Aún no he decidido si voy a grabarlas también con el quemador o a imprimirlas en vinilo. ¿Qué opináis?
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I've been part of the Twitter resistance for a year now. I'm going to share some thoughts about why & how I resist.

Some people may not like some things I say here. I’m sorry for that, but they need to be said. 1 #WhyIResist #HowIResist #RebelScum #TheResistance
Some things in the first year were fun: meeting like-minded people, the #scifi characters, learning how to take effective action. Celebrating #victories like beating the #ACA repeal bills.

A lot of it wasn't fun - the threats of nuclear war, the daily stress of bad news. 2
Follow parties were fun, and a good way to promote a message and raise awareness, connect with other resistors and grow our followings. They had themes and served a purpose and there was about about one a month.  3 #PartyWithAPurpose #trending #amplify #effective
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