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#IMRO, #Skopjes #Secret #Bulgarian #Army composed by around 150 000 🇧🇬Komitadjis.
This map show the most important of these 🇧🇬Komitadjis
Looking on this map we can see many 🇧🇬officers.
This is something that the government in Skopje don't want you to know. Image
2/Poster of most important members of IMRO and SMAC between 1893 and 1913

The organization was founded in 1893 in Ottoman Thessaloniki by a small band of anti-Ottoman Bulgarian revolutionaries who considered Makedonia an indivisible territory and claimed Image
3/all of its inhabitants "Makedonians", no matter their religion or ethnicity.
In practice, IMRO was established by Bulgarians and most of their followers were Bulgarians.

The organization was a secret revolutionary society operating in the late 19th and Image
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On #WorldEnvironmentDay2023 sharing my top 5 #Wildlife destinations. A thread with photos by @shranjan

1) Corbett - The #beauty of #Corbett lies in its montane #river valleys, majestic Sal #forests and expansive #grasslands teeming with #wildlife.

@ReserveCorbett #Dhikala ImageImageImageImage
2) Tadoba - It has transformed from a little known forest in the 90’s to Central India’s tiger capital. The only park where tiger sightings in #buffer zone are as good as the core.
@etadoba #tadoba @SvasaraResorts #TigerReserve ImageImageImageImage
3) Kaziranga - Wildlife as far as the #eye can see, the only park in #India that can match the experience of #MasaiMara. You can sight the “Big Five” in a single #safari.

@kaziranga_ #Assam #BigFive @assamforest ImageImageImageImage
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Il Consolato #USA🇺🇸 a Francoforte #Germania 🇩🇪 è una base copertura di hacker della #CIA che copre l'#Europa, il #MedioOriente e l'#Africa...#Vault7 #SECRET 2017
I Consolati in generale ma anche le Ambasciate sono spesso basi con copertura diplomatica dei servizi segreti
Anche al Consolato di Milano c'è una cellula della CIA, c'è un agente capo-centro in ogni città con il suo gruppo, tipo il capo-decina di Cosa Nostra insomma
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@PiaAhrenkilde @EU_Commission @EC_AVService #mRNA-#Leyen-#Pfizer.
cc: @ Rabyna46
#WEF: At least 4 billion #UselessEaters must be #eliminated.
- #Schwab mentioned the #Chinese and #Japanese people as they have been regimented for centuries who accept and #obey #orders without question
@PiaAhrenkilde @EU_Commission @EC_AVService 1. Insider Jacques #Atalli Revealed "#Vaccine" #Genocide Plan in -81 | Dec 7, 2021
2. This missive from Jacob #Rothschild (Lifts the #Veil) was written in reply to this article which appeared at thetruthseeker | Jan 8
- "#Covid is a necessary #hoax"
@PiaAhrenkilde @EU_Commission @EC_AVService #Darpa-#WarpSpeed-#mRNA.
Revealing Symbols - Top of the Pyramid
- #Rothschild coat of arms
- The coat of arms where the knight has two blue feathers on the edges and one white in the middle belongs to the #Leyen fam
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“How the #myth of #biolaboratories was born and how it spread in #Ukraine

#russian #disinformation #biolabs #Ukraine Image
‘Since the early hours, the #Russian #invasion of #Ukraine has spawned a staggering amount of #conspiracy theories. Some point to completely denying the very existence of conflict, arguing that the #dead and #wounded are actually “#actors”;
others try to raise concerns about specific events, such as the #bombing of the #Mariupol #hospital or the #Bucha #massacre; and still others perform a #propaganda function, above all that of the phantom #Ukrainian "#biolaboratories", one of the best known and most widespread.’
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Trapelati doc segreti del #Pentagono contenenti informazioni sui piani degli #USA e #NATO con dettagli chiave del conflitto in corso in #Ucraina
Bilancio delle vittime militari sulle perdite ucraine e russe sono stimate in un rapporto di circa 4:1…
#Ucraina L'alleanza atlantica è priva di omogeneità e/o non è unita nei seguenti punti
-Addestramento truppe
-Fornitura aiuti letali
-Capacità militare di fornire aiuti letali in futuro
-Volontà politica di fornire aiuti letali in futuro
🟢SI🔴NO 〽 In calo
#SECRET marzo 2023 Image
L'Italia invece con 4 SI🟢garantisce su tutto, anche in futuro...
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Gm 🤗

I work for @DARPA

I'm one of those rlly super #secret agents they leave alone.

Trust is built when you help others to develop their abilities & have Capabilities, or when they help you to develop yours, as in the common case of being a parent.

However, blindly placing your trust in others who want to enhance your capabilities involves taking a risk..

( e.g. driving on the road, doctors & surgery, taking your kids to #school... chefs... etc )

The truth is that evry1 is fallible, including yerself, & YOU must TRUST you are choosing the right actions.

(CHOICE in actions follows how Capabilities are obtained)

You must rely on your own capabilities & make your own choices.

Where there's a WHEEL=WILL, there's a way.
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@Europarl_EN @EP_President cc: @ ivan_8848
War Is Inevitable?
The #war in #Ukraine started on Feb 16. Russia #responded 8 d later by preempting the Ukrainian ground assault on #Donbas.
People are dying in a #US #proxy war that was deliberately #provoked by the US-centralized empire
@Europarl_EN @EP_President The conflict in #Ukraine was not opened by #Russia on Feb 24, but by #Ukraine a week before.
- The #OSCE #France is a witness to this.
#BULLETINNo27 | MAR 2022
- Il pourrait s’agir de #mercenaires de la #CIA...
@Europarl_EN @EP_President cc: @ TaranQ
14/ "Here’s the top adviser of #Zelensky, #Arestovych in 2019 talking about how their plan to join #NATO will prompt #Russia to #invade Ukraine.“ They must do this before we join NATO.” Our #PRICE for joining NATO is a big #war with #Russia."
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Je viens de lire un testament qui m'a laissé bouche bée. Mon client, décédé il y a un mois, a révélé l'existence d'un trésor caché dans ses dernières volontés. #Notaire #Révélation #Heritiers
Il semblerait que les 3 enfants de mon client, qui ne se parlent plus depuis des années, ont reçu chacun un mois avant sa mort une lettre étrange et unique qui contient les indications pour découvrir ce trésor caché. #Mystère #Indices #Heritiers
Ces lettres ont été remises à chaque héritier par le défunt lui-même, et ils étaient perplexes et ne comprenaient pas leur signification immédiate. #Testament #Secret #Heritiers
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Honored to be cited by @iandenisjohnson @NewYorker:…

"Andrew Erickson, a professor @NavalWarCollege & a visiting professor at @Harvard, said he’s seen no evidence that #China..."

For further background, see:…
...wants to reciprocate, citing #China’s refusal to discuss meaningful arms control. “I don’t see a basis for deep coöperation” with #Xi’s China, Erickson said. “I’m sad to say that.”…

KEY: In what areas is the #PRC under Xi willing to accommodate the US?
•To make the first move in doing so?
•Can anyone name one specific example?

Moreover, in the #PRC under #Xi, is there anything like an equivalent to this high-profile conference @Harvard, w a concluding panel on the subject of “Toward Coexistence 2.0: What Should #CHINA Do?”
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So let’s talk about where things got up to with your #HealthData, before Rishi Sunak started talking about the need to generate trust in Government with “#integrity” and “#accountability”…… I will unite our country, not with words, but with action.
Earlier today we got a bunch of detail out of @NHSDigital’s Board papers and services performance pack - what of that will continue post-#merger?

N.B. The chair of NHS Digital announced today’s meeting would be the last public meeting of the Board...
With the news that the Government is rushing through @NHSEngland’s takeover of the statutory safe haven (@NHSDigital) with about the level of planning that went into the 'fiscal event', where exactly *are* things as the former/new Sec State starts work?

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@LisaMWatki That @ukfuturehealth somewhat 'buries the lede' on its intention to construct a giant £212 million 👇 #DNA / #genomic database in its patient literature is somewhat concerning...… II.1.4) Short description  The scope of the procurement is r
@LisaMWatki @ukfuturehealth ...not to mention the £62.5 million+ they'll be spending taking people's #bloods, etc.:… A service provider(s) will be responsible for elements of iniv. Responsible for legal and compliance issues related to p
@LisaMWatki @ukfuturehealth Of course, #OurFutureHealth had to get its money from somewhere.

I'll give you one guess as to where...… Our Future Health has announced £150 million funding from l
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La storia di Enrico Mattei 🇮🇹👨‍🚒🏭🇷🇺🏗 🕵️‍♂️🇺🇸🇬🇧📞💣🛩☠⚰
Comm #Mitrokhin Audizione Col #KGB Leonid #Kolosov
#Mattei è stato ucciso..voleva rendere più strette le relazioni tra #UnioneSovietica e #Italia e mi disse "#Confindustria ed i nostri padroni non sono molto contenti delle mie iniziative con l'oleodotto"…
Il Dip Stato #USA e il problema inerente a Mattei sulla sua "apertura a sinistra"
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The largest mechanism used to implement the #NewWorldOrder agenda is the worldwide secret society network #Politicians #bankers #businessmen & #media personalities.The biggest names in #history world affairs form a huge #secret society matrix.This hierarchical pyramid-structured The Secret Society Network is constantly recruitin
“It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines #Military diplomatic #intelligence #economic #scientific and #political #Operations ".

#JFK #SecretInvasion
Believe it or not the Illuminati was once a real organization,its #history surprisingly well-documented.
Adam Weishaupt:the founder of the original Bavarian #illuminati (largely run by Jesuits,w a doctorate of #law -1 May 1776,he founded a secret society w 4 of his law students). What is this sovereign remedy? It is to recreate the Europea
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⚛️Cosmos Ecosystem - Q3 2022 Quarterly Report

This report dives into an overview of the @cosmos & the #Cosmos Ecosystem

💠Network Activity
💠Ecosystem Breakdown
💠Highlight Events
💠 #Kava #Osmosis #Secret #Juno Highlights

Let’s dive in 🧵👇

@cosmos 1/ Network Activity

1.1 Total Value Locked (TVL) of @cosmos Ecosystem

▪️ @kava_platform is ranked first with a TVL of $291,2 million.

▪️ Next is @osmosiszone with a TVL of $209M.

▪️ @THORChain came in third with $105.85M.

@cosmos @kava_platform @osmosiszone @THORChain @DefiLlama 1.2 Developer Activity

▪️ @osmosiszone & @cosmos are two projects with remarkable development activity

▪️With a total of 1865 commits in the third quarter, #Osmosis is in first place

▪️ #Cosmos is in the second position in the third quarter with 1,718 commits

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Started #audiobook on @KukuFMOfficial
It's good experience..... Image
Next Book .... Very new #Prespectice of #Mahabharat .. Image
3. Building Social Business...
Free from #Socialism ... Image
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Hey #Cosmonauts, want set up an #Anon wallet?👀

Let's take a closer look at how to do this through the tools and dapps available on @SecretNetwork. 👇🏻

#Cosmos #Secret #Anonymous #Privacy #IBCGang #blackbox
@osmosiszone @sienna_network @secret_swap
Step 1. Enable VPN!
Add $SCRT to you current wallet (3 $SCRT should be more than enough).
You can buy $SCRT at 🧪 🧪- make sure to withdraw your $SCRT back to the secret chain from the assets tab!
Step 2: Now we have those $SCRT it's time to wrap🎁 it to $sSCRT. Wrap 2 $SCRT on sienna
The remaining 1 $SCRT is for gas ⛽️ Image
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There is a Privacy problem in Web3.

@SecretNetwork which launched in 2020 is here to solve the issue! #secret

I will leave all the official links at the end.

Please like, retweet and follow if you enjoyed the thread!


@SecretNetwork is a decentralized network solving one of the largest problems in blockchain technology and that is Privacy.

Generally, blockchains expose user data to everyone. If you have the wallet address of a user, you can see all their assets, metadata and so on.
This is where #Secret comes in.

@SecretNetwork is the first Layer 1, Proof-of-Stake blockchain with "Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts".

All #DeFi apps built on their network are cross-chain interoperable and private by default.
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1) Today #cosmos was the main theme of the Messari research from their “unqualified opinions” here is an overview of some of the information without the premium subscription. An enterprise subscription is required to read beyond. #atom #osmo #juno #secret #evmos
2) Title “Looking at the Cosmos, but not from the James Webb Telescope”

Evaluating the Cosmos Chain vs L2 Decision for Investors and Builders. Decentralized exchange dYdX recently made headlines in the crypto community when it announced it was leaving the Ethereum L2 …
3) ecosystem powered by StarkWare to launch its own #Cosmos chain. #dYdX was the biggest protocol by TVL on L2 at the time of the announcement. The move prompted questions from the #Ethereum community on the long-term attractiveness of L2s for builders.
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1) @SecretNetwork has such an interesting value proposition when you start thinking about all the ways that no privacy can be a challenge. Just some quick takes. #cosmos #stargaze #secret
2) Public facing services like Venmo/PayPal would be great on chain but if I send you $100 you should not see my entire history that is not your business. This is a perfect example where even various stablecoin banking/payments and interest accounts would be huge.
3) Front running can be a real issue. For example if I see someone buy 5 #NFTs back to back and go to their account and see they recently loaded up on crypto they may be highly interested to buy more. I then buy up some of the floor and raise it 10-40%…
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#Casino players make no #secret of attaching great importance to RTP. Not that they see it as an imperative but definitely as one of the decisive factors in the choice of games. Why is it so? Isn’t it enough that we can pick the next fave simply in accordance with our individual… preferences? If anything, nowadays we can dive into the vast sea of different themes, reel mechanics, and bonuses. Well, slots are easy to play but if you want to make the best of your spinning time, it’s a good idea to figure out how they work and how… In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at what’s hiding behind the acronym RTP.

Short for return to player, RTP is the long-term theoretical payback percentage from all bets placed on a certain game or, in our case, slot.
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MEGA Thread #SecretNetwork : The Data Privacy Platform For Web 3.

Here's everything you need to know about $SCRT, the first blockchain with data privacy by default.

A thread 🧵👇
2. #SecretNetwork is the first blockchain with privacy-preserving smart contracts.

@SecretNetwork primary goal is to enable secure, private computation over encrypted data and gain global adoption.
3. $SCRT Network's mainnet went live on Feb. 13, 2020. #SecretNetwork has gained traction and adoption. Using trusted execution environments, they keep data secure.

Using secret contracts, written in Rust, allow applications to utilize encrypted data without exposing the data.
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Selamlar herkese, #Secret ve #Astar üzerinde olan platformlar benim için heyecalandırıyor.

Platformlarını her fırsatta paylaşıyorum, daha önce katıldığımız @StakeEasy testnetinin v2'si geldi, bir kaç düzenleme ile güncel şekilde katılalım.

Keyifli okumalar<3

#Airdrop #Testnet
1- Keplr walletımızı üzerine bağlıyoruz. Bağladığımızda otomatik olarak Pulsar Testnet ağı ekleniyor.

Daha önce katılanlar eklemiştir zaten.

Pulsar testnet cüzdan adresımızı kopyalayıp faucetten SCRT alıyoruz

2- Şimdi platformda bir kaç işlem yapalım.

Create sSCRT Vieving Key butonuna basıyoruz sağ altta ki.

Daha sonra SCRT stake ediyoruz.
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