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*THREAD* (Trigger Warning) It’s time to talk about #TrumpsTraffickingRing again. But before we do, let me introduce how I know what I know. My name is Hepzibah, several people I’m close to have been trafficked by #DonaldTrump and my friends and I, have been targeted by the
#Trump regime for what we know. I am a #pastor and I, along with a few of my friends, have been being persecuted by the US government for refusing to back down. I’ve been smeared, lied about, threatened with rape and trafficking, had numerous death threats, been stolen from, had
multiple attempts on my life, I’ve had hundreds of death threats, and, a few of my friends have been murdered for what I am to share with you. I am part of a group called the Guardian Council and ourselves, along with the Sentinel Council and he Beacon Council, are being
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They raised $7,000 in two hours to get a Mariachi Band to play outside the White House. If anyone reading this can help us reach our goal overnight, please accept the #SaveFlintChallenge. We need your support.

Every human deserves clean drinking water.…
.@RepDanKildee has seen his hometown of Flint, Michigan suffer through the #FlintWaterCrisis for years. Now, he sees it as a wake-up call – and is calling for #ABetterDeal to improve the infrastructure of communities nationwide. #SaveFlintChallenge
@NateTheApostate Thank you for caring about Flint and donating to the #SaveFlintChallenge. #RVAFlint
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#TheResistance Operational Security Alert
**For Public Release**

False Candidates Influence Operation
#Resist #RefusePolarization #TaterTotsNotTwitterBots (I'm still disappointed that is not world-wide trending yet.) #ResistanceUnited
At least one account falsely claiming to be a Democratic candidate for a political post exists, and we strongly suspect that their may be more. "Hannah Thompson" here, @/EqualityNation, is not an actual candidate.
Standard online resources such as do not list her as a candidate for either Alabama district 3 U.S. nor State House of Representatives. A quick call by our operatives to the Alabama Board of Elections confirmed this. She's not running.
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IMPORTANT FOR #TheResistance


This is the hardest thread I've ever done here. Please follow through to the end.

Our mission states for this movement began as a grass-roots anti-trump ideal where we discuss ways to unite in message, protests, message, and actions. 1/
There has never been a specific way to resist Trump or you're doing it wrong. Essentially it is people from all 😂 corners of the United States adding in their voice, ideas and humor to make these days bearable. 2/
Like most ppl, I'm isolated &don't know how I would've made it w/o u all here

There's always been pockets of ppl that resist together. That's fine, bc at the end we supported e/o. The ppl we worked to take out were Magats. After all, if they came after 1 they came after all. 3/
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Dear #MAGA+#TrumpTrain

36,914 American soldiers died fighting communism in Korea

58,220 American soldiers died fighting communism in Vietnam

Putin embraces the totalitarian ways of Russia's past

Trump AND EVERY DAMN ONE OF YOU are insulting and disrespecting both those
lived through hell, and those who died.

You disrespect the families of those whose loved ones served

2.7 million Americans served in Vietnam 10% of a generation

5.7 million Americans served during the Korean War

Over 8 MILLION gave it all to fight communist totalitarianism
But yet you MOCK a real hero like @SenJohnMcCain who served in that fight and follow a joke boy scout like #CadetBoneSpurs

You and your Trump are NOTHING but cowards and traitors following a man committing treason

You are boot lickers to Putin

Putin is NOT our friend!
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Who is your favorite comedian or comedienne?
And @WhoopiGoldberg just for kicking that Jeanine chic off TV today.
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Redneck Revolt is 'Antifa' in the sense that they adopt nearly none of their street tactics.
How the fuck can you be connected to an organization that doesn't even exist.
I think we need to start referring to #TheResistance as a formal criminal syndicate. It clearly operates with the intent to overthrow the President.
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Powerful article. For my part, I'm beginning to understand just what the end of Reconstruction looked like -- a national government too contemptuous of democracy to protect it while it was under assault by the states.
And Jim Crow lasted for 70+ years -- in some states, nearly 90 years.
The consequences of all of this are really too terrible to contemplate. And yet here we are.
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Prof. @McFaul is former United States Ambassador to Russia, Professor Stamford University, Senior Fellow Hoover Institute, Advisor to Presidents both Republican and Democrat, and no friend to Vladimir Putin

He's a Patriot. Trump wants to send him to Russia to be "interrogated."
18 U.S. Code § 3181:
No citizen may be extradited to a foreign land without a current extradition treaty, approved by the Senate and signed into Law. As a despotic oligarchy, Putin's Russia has no such treaty with the United States.
The surrender of an American citizen & diplomat to a murderous foreign tyrant is not only contract to statutory law, but to the Constitution itself.

Having established that Mr. Trump cannot send Prof. @McFaul to Putin legally, we turn to our response if he does so illegally.
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1. From the 1990s this same affinity for Russia that @HeerJeet tracks among overt racists ramped up among the Christian Right in conjunction with a shared “traditional values” agenda. That strain of Christian admiration for Russian conservatives can also be traced back further.
2. Pat Buchanan is aware of this and, as a traditionalist Catholic, in fact straddles that overt white supremacist/Christian traditional values line when it comes to reasons espoused for admiring Putin. For more on this, see my essay “Bad Ecumenism”:…
3. For more on the history and current realities of European and US right-wing Christians’ admiration for and collaboration with Russia, see the policy research I’ve published with @PRAEyesRight.…
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@ezraklein DNI @ODNIgov Daniel R. Coats Statement on the IC's 2016 election assessment after President Trouserstain's #TreasonSummit Press Conference cc .@MalcolmNance .@MichaelAvenatti .@kylegriffin1 .@WomanVote #WHPDaily #IndivisibleTimes #AltGovDaily #Indivisible
@ezraklein @ODNIgov @MalcolmNance @MichaelAvenatti @kylegriffin1 @WomanVote Statement from .@ODNIgov's DNI Dan Coats on the #Intel Community's assessment of Russian election conspiracy,issued after President Trump's joint Press Conference w/ Vladimir Putin cc .@MalcolmNance .@kylegriffin1 .@WomanVote #WHPDaily #IndivisibleTimes #AltGovDaily #Indivisible
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President Trump this very morning met with President Putin in Helsinki, even among the more cynical of us, we could not have predicted how this would have turned out. #TraitorSummit #SurrenderSummit
President Trump did not bring up Crimea, E. Ukraine, the felling of MH13 by a Russian Weapon, the Neurotoxin Assassinations on the soil of Britain, our closest ally. Trump also refused to condemn Russia for attacking the very fabric of American democracy. Madness, Madness.
President Trump, before, I named you Racist and Authoritarian. Now, even if it was not clear before, I name you #Traitor . #TheResistance , and the American People shall not stand for this #Treason.

The End.
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#BREAKING:When a reporter at the #TrumpPutinSummit, with the whole world watching, asked #Trump whether he believed U.S. Intel or #Putin's denial of election meddling, #Trump SHOCKINGLY sided with #Putin. WHOA!!

#TheResistance #TreasonSummit #CNN #MSNBC #FoxNews #bbcnews
#BREAKING:Thats it folks. #Trump's right hand man Sen.@tedcruz who is also a MAJOR #Putin SYMPATHIZER has to be VOTED OUT this fall. Texas deserves a PATRIOTIC Senator-- @BetoORourke!!

#TheResistance #TreasonSummit #TedCruz #BetoForSenate #CNN #MSNBC #FoxNews #bbcnews
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Got to love the idiotic trolls in “#theResistance” who have the audacity to tell us what we should or shouldn’t post. And tell us we need to focus on midterms. 1.) Most of the Guardians are not American citizens and 2.) We’re on the frontlines bringing the cabal down - politics
are secondary to us. Our main goal is to rescue the children, stop the #Nazi agenda, bust trafficking rings, stop #falseflags, etc., not politics. That’s secondary. The work we do plays a key role in taking down #Trump’s #regime - but we’re not doing it for political reasons.
We’re doing it to stop the NeoNazi Movement dead in their tracks, which will bring #Trump down. Funny how members of “#theresistace” try to tell us what to say or do on OUR timelines. And it’s even funnier when somebody #follows our accounts and then, comments and tells our
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PLEASE remember to check the specific laws regarding Political demonstrations and protests IN THE STATE that you protest in.

There are state specific laws that are not covered in the Constitution or the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Link attached
“Each state has its own form of protest laws designed to spell out the demonstration permit process and provide criminal penalties for violations of peaceful protest laws....”
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Daily Reminder:

Congressional Republicans are trying to kill off a good portion of the 99%.

Don’t ever forget it and don’t dare say it isn’t true.
They think we are all a bunch of street rats to be culled.

That’s a fucking fact.

When will we rise up and show them we aren’t street rats that are willing to be culled?
For every one of them there’s something like 100,000 of us.

I’m waiting for #TheResistance to swarm properly. If they think we are street rats, we need to swarm like street rats.
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#TheResistance is

Did I spell that right
Two tears in a bucket mother fuck it! @johncusack
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I need your help #TrumpRussia #Resistance members.

I have been asking for help on this for MONTHS.

Given the GRU Indictments today, and given everything you all know about Lozansky from the attached thread, we need to work together!
2. Lozansky had his own Web Development Group. This needs to be researched. I need your help.
3. They worked for all the Russian Mob oil companies and seemed to specialize in Financial modeling.
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Important warning thread about the #blackhat #hackers targeting #theResistance. I’m helping the Guardians out-I guess you could say I’m an unofficial official Guardian, anyhow I’m one of the foremost hackers in the world, I used to be a black hat but now I’m a white hat. Today, I
was perusing the deep web and I came across a employment offer for black hats to get paid to #hack several ICs and #DonaldTrump’s top “#deepstate” enemies. There was a list of 1,000 accounts on there - about 750 were famous or well-known people (I.e., #Comey, #Obama, etc.,)
The offer requested 100 🎩 hackers, paying top dollar. The request was put out by a fake company shadow operated by several billionaires, two American billionaires, a French billionaire, three Russian billionaires, and four Saudi billionaires and they each are responsible
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Think bigger. Russian-US conspiracy is more insidious yet lacking in self-awareness. Why? Because it’s seamlessly woven into fabric of today’s conservative movement by a master Kremlin tailor. Putin’s using KGB-Chekists tradecraft to manipulate Conservative groups & leaders 1/7
Vast conspiracies are notoriously hard & almost never work—they require a secrecy & loyalty that is rare-too many leaks & cold feet. But manipulating dozens of mini plots unbeknownst to each other is very effective—particularly if part of vast pliable & greedy infrastructure. 2/7
Getting disparate US orgs to push in same direction required Russia to patiently $incentivize GOP & @FoxNews to weave over past decades a combustible combination of religious zealotry, greed & fanatical nationalism into a “whole” more dangerous than the sum of its parts 3/7
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A common theme among us is,
“I was a voter.. but the election/trump/the #Resistance, made me an activist.”

Me too.

Activism became “my rent for living on the planet.”
It became as natural as breathing.

Now as I breathe, I #Resist.
But isn’t it even MORE than that?

Since then, I’ve learned what patriotism is, and what it FEELS like..

I used to see it as a pretty empty term, sadly, used by the alt-right, evocative of nationalism & bigotry.

Now I know what true patriotism is:
When We The People
fight for a more perfect union.

What have you learned about yourself?

Who or what is your #Resistance inspiration?

#GeeksResist gets a ton of credit for helping me realize my capacity for compassion, collaboration, and leadership 🖖💙

Tell me your stories!
I told you mine 😉😊

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If you just watched the end of #Maddow she recapped Michael Flynn joining a foreign lobbying firm and un-joining it this afternoon.

This *** THREAD *** explains the #TrumpRussia connection between Flynn and Stonington, owned by a Qatari registered agent.…
In May I reported that disgraced former Trump NSA Gen. Michael Flynn was targeted by a Qatari spy ring who said that he "took their money."


I found a video just a few days later showing that Flynn was at Trump Tower when the Foreign Minister of Qatar went there for a meeting.

Michael Cohen escorted the group to the Trump Transition offices.…
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Let’s talk about the new #russianbot/#russianshill/#russiantroll/#altright darling, #walkaway for a bit, shall we, since clearly they’re pushing this as their new marketing campaign.

Now, it’s…#walkaway

(Christ, that’s a lot! They’re super gullible, enh? Heh)
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