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THREAD - What happened at the Huanan #seafood market?

The @WHO report is quite clear on this point: #SARSCoV2 might have jumped from a wild animal sold in this market and maybe other markets in #Wuhan. But what do we know exactly? 1/15

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After all this time, the Huanan seafood market still remains the main suspect for a simple reason: most of the early cases had visited at least one market in Wuhan city, and several of them visited the Huanan market. 2/15 Image
According to the report, 10,000 people visited this place every day, making it a perfect setting for an #outbreak. One might argue: what about the cases without market exposure? Good question! 3/15
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[Thread of threads] #originsofSARSCoV2 #DRASTIC
Compilation of relevant findings. Live thread.
Let's start with the Addendum and the 7896 clade recently confirmed to come from the Mojiang mineshaft
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Question for bioinformaticians! Believe it or not, the first genome of bat virus #RaTG13 had some nucleotides that were supported by zero reads: in other words, the genome didn't match the sequences that were used to assemble it. How is it possible? 1/
Assemblers are computer programs, they do not "invent" nucleotides. So, what happened here? My explanation was that this genome was assembled using other reads, maybe in addition to the ones that were uploaded. 2/
In that case, I expected the authors to upload the missing reads.. Instead they did the opposite: they updated the genome, replacing the nucleotides supported by zero reads with the correct ones. So, the question is: how the heck did they assemble the genome the first time? 3/
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Drop everything and read this BBC article now #originsofSARSCoV2…
"Asked about seeking access to the Wuhan lab to rule the lab-leak theory out, (Daszak on @WHO + @thelancet origins committees) said: "That's not my job to do that.

"The WHO negotiated the terms of reference.. and that's what we've got to do," he added.
Daniel Lucey: "So here we are, 12, 13 months out since the first recognised case of Covid-19 and we haven't found the animal source... So, to me, it's all the more reason to investigate alternative explanations."
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"You may disagree with their unconventional approach, but the truth is that these people behave, to all intents and purposes, like a small scientific community: they search and analyze data, they share and discuss their findings and, more importantly, they make discoveries."
Timely piece by @emmecola on how a coalition of twitter users, several anonymous, have been at the front of investigating the origins and sample history of RaTG13 + connection to SARS-like cases among miners from a Yunnan mine full of bats in 2012.…
Their work and fringe (I say this positively) influence on scientists & journalists has led to measurable outcomes. Namely, this @Nature addendum, confirming that RaTG13=4991; was seq'ed in 2018, not post-covid; linked to severe respiratory cases in 2012.…
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@Rossana38510044 @luigi_warren @babarlelephant @AntGDuarte @MonaRahalkar @BillyBostickson @flavinkins @KevinMcH3 @DrAntoniSerraT1 @_coltseavers @rowanjacobsen @uacjess @RolandBakerIII @TheSeeker268 @Daoyu15 @still_a_nerd @jjcouey @Harvard2H @ydeigin @CarltheChippy @ico_dna @Nomdeplumi1 @Real_Adam_B @nerdhaspower @scottburke777 @JJ2000426 @BahulikarRahul @alimhaider @antonioregalado @Ayjchan @R_H_Ebright @BretWeinstein @sanchak74 @JCalvertST [Thread] Addendum of WIV in Nature.
What we know about the samples and the visits to the mineshaft of TG?
TLDR: 7 trips: 4 already known (Ge et al., 2016), plus other 3 with massive sampling until 2015, including 7896-clade. All already in Latinne et al. (2020)
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People keep messaging me with this @NatureNews article about SARS-CoV-2-related viruses discovered in Japan and Cambodia.

What does this mean in regards to the search for the #originsofSARSCoV2 ?…
First, kudos to the article: "Strong evidence suggests that SARS-CoV-2 originated in horseshoe bats, but whether it passed directly from bats.. or.. an intermediate host, remains a mystery."

Scientific consensus is that bats are the ultimate source. But how did it get to Wuhan?
The Cambodian virus from 2010: "The virus’s genome has not yet been fully sequenced — nor its discovery published — making its full significance to the pandemic hard to ascertain."
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Rant: Why lab leak is not a conspiracy, and how it's being used to shutdown discussion about a possible lab-origin for #SARSCoV2

Here's a good case-study on why calling something a 'conspiracy' without analysing the facts or even waiting for the facts to emerge, can be misleading at best and deceitful at worse

Dismissing lab origin as a 'conspiracy' is just an attempt not to respond to facts, or to exclude possible theories without a sufficient basis to do so.

So can we do away with this label until things get settled?
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Yea, I don’t see how @TheLancet or @EcoHealthNYC can possibly be regarded as appropriate parties in a credible independent investigation of #originsofsarscov2
No way... of the 12 members of the Lancet origins investigation team, the chair (Daszak) and 5 other members (total of half the team) co-signed @TheLancet letter condemning lab origin conspiracy theories in early Feb.…
@EcoHealthNYC @TheLancet I think this guideline on jury selection could be quite useful to you.…
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