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Thread of Recent Lab Leak Articles

I have been neglecting "lab leak" updates lately

A thousand apologies!

Here is a thread of recent news reports from most recent to older.

1. Intercept…
2. Lawsuit

Filed by 2 Republican-led states alleging President Biden & other officials "pressured and colluded" with Big Tech companies to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story as well as information regarding the lab leak origin theory of COVID-19…
3. Bill Gates DISMISSES Lab Leak Theory ;)

Points To Bats As COVID Origin" 👉 🦇 🦠

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The Blind Men and The 🐘~ Chimeras

Covid and Long Covid are not typical diseases
because SarsCoV2 is not a typical virus.
It is a lab created chimera.

SC2 spike protein shares gene sequence homologs with several organisms like HIV, SEB, Malaria and 🐍 venom toxins>
These genes direct SC2's mechanisms of pathophysiology. The pathophysiology is strikingly similar to that of envenomation and retroviruses.
SC2 enters almost every cell in the body disrupting the cell wall, like venoms do, and it hides in reservoirs in immune cells like HIV does>
Covid and Long Covid are best analyzed and treated as if they are a constellation of toxification and diseases.

Toxification and airborne AIDS are good descriptors. Infection prevention and early treattment are key.>
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@pathogenetics @Ayjchan @TheLancet @emilyakopp "in 1975 Charles Calisher, on a visit to Cuba took an interest in & obtained information on, the existence of antibodies to dengue in the Cuban population & the non-existence in the population, in at least 45 years, of antibodies for type 2 dengue virus"…
@pathogenetics @Ayjchan @TheLancet @emilyakopp African Swine Fever 1971 Cuba

Dengue Fever 1981 Cuba…

Archived: ImageImage
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UK's Golden Back Garden Pleasure Visa Scheme

UK's "Ho" Office offered anal pleasure services with 2,581 investor visas to Russian citizens who had £2m in investment funds & a UK bank account in exchange for residency rights, along with their family.…
But from what I heard from irate Brits overseas it's nearly impossible to get their non EU partners into the UK since 2017 (unless they have loads of cash as well)

Some sad stories here:…
and more stories here:…
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A list of my SARS-CoV-2 origin projects &🔑articles -
All freely avail. & designed to 'democratize' the evidence & debates tied to the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic
1st, 173 pgs of select emails from the 1st 94K pgs of FOIA COVID docs
@alykhansatchu [2]
Next is my Origin Reference Research Project, with the latest update pictured below.
The update will be publ. by Monday morning; it will
will add 4-5 new tabs & 168 new sources, for a new total of 1,205
#DRASTIC @quay_dr @BretWeinstein @RMConservative…
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It's time to stop pretending.
The recent articles on the market hypothesis are based on a false premise.
The 'Proximal' authors know this.
China knows this.
The news coverage was orchestrated, following an estab. pattern
The data was skewed.
Let me show you
1st, I want to inform @PhilippMarkolin that #DRASTIC has - & will continue - to address every argument arising from Pekar et al or anything else. ⬇️[pics 1/3]
The 'consensus' was & continues to be manufactured [4]⬇️
I researched it myself.
@DeinertDoc @EduEngineer ImageImageImageImage
@PhilippMarkolin @DeinertDoc @EduEngineer [3] Censorship comes in many flavors, and our dear leader AF coordinated with the former OSTP to kill any talk of NIAID's links with the WIV.
@thackerpd lays out how the same authors are currently spinning another fable:
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"These findings show that the earliest known SARSCoV2 isolates were SURPRISINGLY WELL ADAPTED TO BIND STRONGLY TO HUMAN ACE2, helping explain its efficient human to human respiratory transmission."
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@DrKevinWMcCair1 @CharlesRixey @Parsifaler @jjcouey @BillyBostickson @still_a_nerd @fynn_fan @JikkyKjj @Doctor_I_am_The Thank you Kevin for the invitation an great conversation! Will share some references to the topics we touched on. First of all, here is the flagged link to the grassroots autopsy work of the german Patholgists ih helped with:…
@DrKevinWMcCair1 @CharlesRixey @Parsifaler @jjcouey @BillyBostickson @still_a_nerd @fynn_fan @JikkyKjj @Doctor_I_am_The Here is my reference to the gold standard virus "isolation" done for gammaretroviruses from patient tissue, just to get rid of noise. Note that the consensus primers just have about 86% homology to the silverman vp62 XMRV lab-chimera. @DrJudyAMikovits🌹
@DrKevinWMcCair1 @CharlesRixey @Parsifaler @jjcouey @BillyBostickson @still_a_nerd @fynn_fan @JikkyKjj @Doctor_I_am_The @DrJudyAMikovits Here is the FDA Paper confirming the contamination of cell lines and then speculating on improbable clinical consequences. Yet, imho the design of analytics and presented data doesn't allow for that conclusion.
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Great response by @daniel_corcos

"I would be surprised you could find many scientists convinced by a circular reasoning which is not their own"
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George Gao and his band of f*ckerz wait 2 years to inform us of "the results"?

I smell more #sewage than #science, how about you?


Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in the environment and animal samples of the Huanan Seafood Market…
Of course they point the finger elsewhere

"studies from different countries suggest that SARS-CoV-2 circulation preceded initial detection of cases.. Some positive samples were detected earlier than 1st case in Wuhan, suggesting circulation in other regions may have been missed"
As suspected more #sewage from George Gao

Of the 110 samples collected from sewers or sewerage wells in the market, 24 samples were positive for SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid. All 4 sewerage wells in the market tested positive.
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As we dive into the 19nt story & other dev. that emerge in the coming days, the best way to build context for next steps is to listen to the joint livestream with @jjcouey & I. It's time to get #DRASTIC

@JikkyKjj @AGHuff @BretWeinstein @alykhansatchu
@jjcouey @JikkyKjj @AGHuff @BretWeinstein @alykhansatchu I found this snip in one of my powerpoint collections, and I think my 90-second list of FCS facts that make a natural origin virtually impossible is a simple image that helps explain just how insane the gaslighting has been on this topic.
~1 year ago
@jjcouey @JikkyKjj @AGHuff @BretWeinstein @alykhansatchu I may or may not have touched on elements from this paper at various points throughout this stream.
39:00 - 52:44 is an important stretch
1:47:00 - 1:53:46 is also key
It's very important to understand that Fauci already knew 2 years ago what this paper describes
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Part 3 of the Murphy analysis has been published:…


CIA Cover Up, USAID Funneling of Funds to Daszak & EcoHealth Alliance, Huff's CIA claims.

If you missed the earlier parts:

Part 1:…

Part 2:…
with quite a few references to this analysis of Daszak's CIA connections…
As we were informed by @R_H_Ebright back in July 2020 who has always been ahead of the game

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Lo intento aún‼️
Covid tiene el inserto: PRRAR
La Pif tiene el inserto: PRRARR

Durante más de 40 años Pif con ese inserto NO ha infectado a humanos.
Si una vacuna llevara el inserto de Pif COMPLETO ¿funcionaría?🔥

¿NO infectaría⁉️
¿Crearía anticuerpos⁉️

¿Y sin ese inserto?🤔👇
Ahora que vuelve a retomarse el tema sobre el sitio de corte de furina me he centrado en recopilar todo lo que fui exponiendo desde 2020 sobre este tema.
Para mí toda la atención sobre esta zona comenzó a cobrar sentido cuando escuché a la Dra Li Meng Yan mencionar este inserto.
Al exponer que era un arma biológica y señalar esa zona como clave comencé a pensar en por qué, entre 30000 nucleótidos, estaba señalando un motivo de secuencia extraño en betacoronavirus pero MUY conocido en Alfacoronavirus y no lo mencionaba😳. Me extrañó y empecé a estudiarlo.
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1. What's up with @WHO SAGO?

"WHO wants SAGO to also examine the possibility of a laboratory accident being responsible for the emergence of SARS-CoV-2"

(December, 2021)…
2. The Problem via @Ayjchan
"The question now is how do we make sure the next phase of @WHO #OriginOfCovid isn't subject to more of these pressures coming from parties with reasonably perceived conflicts of interest
Was its SAGO membership also determined under these influences?
3. Example via @DavidLRobrtson of @robertson_lab

"the focus should be on the most realistic scenario for the emergence of the virus: infected animals in markets in Wuhan"

“WHO has to stop wasting time pandering to unsubstantiated lab leak notions”…
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204. Trying to catch up now with news stories and mentions of #DRASTIC since "the split" on Halloween

It's been relatively quiet over the last two months but I found some articles to add.

Clerical Work can be fun during consolidation phases and winter time, and lockdowns ;)
205. While promoting their Covid origin book in Italy, Quay, Barnard & Dalgleish extensively spoke about DRASTIC
They realized that Italian MSM had given DRASTIC more coverage than imagined
"Some people in the vast audience were very aware of you guys"
206. Podcast Ep. 6 of Origins by @asterisk_double focuses on #GainOfFunction and what we know from #NIH & #DARPA documents made public.
Thanks @thackerpd for chatting
Thanks @BillyBostickson
#DRASTIC @BioSRP @joshrogin @Ayjchan for all the hard work.…
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@jjcouey @BillyBostickson @gdemaneuf @MonaRahalkar @still_a_nerd @TyCardon @ScottAdamsSays @alykhansatchu @w_mccairn @Byron_Wan @Ayjchan @Rossana38510044 I'd like to apologize in advance, lol, because there's more.
The sarcasm has been strong within me lately, as I finish up a couple of large projects.
It's time to show the propaPanda that cover-ups aren't the only thing we sleuths can do
@jjcouey @BillyBostickson @gdemaneuf @MonaRahalkar @still_a_nerd @TyCardon @ScottAdamsSays @alykhansatchu @w_mccairn @Byron_Wan @Ayjchan @Rossana38510044 @joshrogin @dasher8090 @JasonButtrill @chrismartenson @BretWeinstein @fynn_fan [3] Here's some of the main characters, for reference.
Peter Daszak as Darth Paydirt
Ralph Baric-Darth Faul [it's an FCS thing]
Fauci-Darth Mischievous [or He Who Shall Not Be Blamed]
Pfizor [the Rancor]
& even Eric Feigl-Ding as Jar-Jar Ding
@mattwridley @ianbirrell
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Get your #DRASTIC Lab Leak Investigation Groove on

It ain't going to stop until the bat lady sings! Image
My (least) favourite mistake
In a wilderness of mirrors

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Back by popular(ish) demand…the 2021 Reality Awards!

Celebrating the men, women & bots of Team Reality who have so masterfully covered the SARSCoV-2 virus, Covid-19 disease, and related hysteria, corruption & heroics.

(Last year’s winners found here)

2021 Reality Award: Best Tweet

There were so many good ones to choose from, but @AJKayWriter captured one TR’s biggest concerns from the very beginning: the war on kids.

2021 Reality Award: Smartest

There are a lot of smart people on TR. But @ZubyMusic can distill complex ideas into concise tweets as well as anyone.

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Pues @anamariferb ‼️… HAS DADO EN EL CLAVO con tu pregunta ☺️ ¡muchas gracias! 🙏

ATENCIÓN: acabo de encontrar la prueba de que ¡¡quitaron un aminoácido del genoma original!!!

Vamos a ver cómo lo he descubierto. 👇
Pues la forma ha sido, cómo no, de lo más casual. Al preguntarme Ana por la cantidad de nucleótidos en la secuencia original, leed la pregunta del hilo, he mirado mis datos para responderla. El 12 de enero a las 8:17 la secuencia SPIKE tenía en aminoácidos (no nucleótidos) 1282.
Pocas horas después rectificaron el genoma a las 3:50 para quitar el taxón 1928434 del Rattus norvegicus y poner uno más “humano” y que encajara con el host identificado (chapuza no, lo siguiente).

Solo quedó reflejado ese cambio. Perooo parece que ¡algún otro cambio hicieron!!
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NEW! The NIH is hiding that a 2016 Shi Zhengli article about Ra4991 aka RaTG13, closest known SARS2 relative, was funded by NIAID grant R01 AI110964 to Peter Daszak's Ecohealth Alliance!

Also hidden is same grant funding to Shi & Baric GOF research with SHC014 & WIV1 clones! 1/3 Image
The funding for the 2015 Shi & Baric SARS clones tests on mice or the 2016 Shi article on Mojiang Ra4991 / RaTG13 aren't mentioned by the NIH websites. Although this was specified by Peter Daszak in the Ecohealth Alliance grant application revealed by The Intercept FOIA. 2/3 Image
Could this be related to the Daszak Ecohealth & PREDICT bat virus sampling close to the Mojiang mine the same period 3 people died in 2012 of an unexplained SARS-like pneumonia while cleaning bat guano? The 2015 Shi Baric article has initially omitted a PREDICT grant to Shi. 3/3 Image
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52. Update - @quay_dr exposes more RaTG13 fraud

The seminal paper from WIV claiming SARS-CoV-2 probably originated in bats appears to contain a contrived specimen, incomplete & inaccurate genomic assembly, & the signature of lab-derived synthetic biology…
54. New #RaTg13 paper from @stvevenemassey

Exclusive to #DRASTIC

SARS-CoV-2's closest relative, RaTG13 was generated from a bat transcriptome not a fecal swab

Implications for the origin of COVID-19…
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[1] I tried to be fair & lay out some of the evidence⬇️against @MichaelWorobey's assertions regarding early COVID cases in Wuhan, but no response has come. That's unfortunate...

@jjcouey @still_a_nerd @chrismartenson @quay_dr @BretWeinstein @Engineer2The
[2] Because he should've taken some⏲️to read any of the dozens of epidemiological studies that China also ignored when making their WHO rpt. It took a while to concatenate the data from 120 studies, but...
@TyCardon @glennbeck @zerohedge @gdemaneuf @BillyBostickson @dasher8090
[3] but I'll admit it takes a certain level of audacity for zoonosis supp. to rehash an arg. even they've prev. dismissed.
I've a better idea...
@Ayjchan @mattwridley @ianbirrell @evadou @R_H_Ebright @SharriMarkson @carlzimmer @franciscodeasis @ydeigin
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