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@J_XingB, lors des Entretiens de l'IRES sur les mobilisations sanitaires des États face à la 1re vague de #COVID19, intervient sur le cas de la #Chine, et notamment #Wuhan. #Thread
Elle insiste sur le rôle des autorités locales dans la gestion de la #CriseSanitaire en #Chine, où une décentralisation intervient dès 1978. Par ex., pour le remboursement des soins, l’État central supporte 80% des frais de santé dans les provinces pauvres, 10% dans les riches.
Avant janvier 2020, les pouvoirs publics sont dans le déni de la gravité de la #CriseSanitaire. Ils prennent ensuite des mesures, dont la mise en place d’un Comité de direction municipal pour la lutte contre le #COVID19 (CDMLC) à #Wuhan, qui sera le principal organe de décision.
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1. I think this article really hurts the #CCP. Since it was posted, I suddenly got concerted attacks from English speakers who say that I don't speak/understand Chinese language at all, I lie about the #deathtoll of #Wuhan, I didn't mention the fact that..
2... that Qingming, the TOMB SWEEPING DAY, was coming when I reported that 320K Visits were paid to the Graveyards in Wuhan in 2 days, etc.
Although the 320K visits number was published by the CCP's official media, although I never said in that article that 320K visits means...
3...320K deaths, different people keep using the same talking points to attack me without know who I am, where I grew up, what I did/experienced in the past, etc.
To be frank, I feel quite proud of myself. I guess hiring English speaking 50 cents army will cost more for the CCP?
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THREAD - What happened at the Huanan #seafood market?

The @WHO report is quite clear on this point: #SARSCoV2 might have jumped from a wild animal sold in this market and maybe other markets in #Wuhan. But what do we know exactly? 1/15

#originsofSARSCoV2 Image
After all this time, the Huanan seafood market still remains the main suspect for a simple reason: most of the early cases had visited at least one market in Wuhan city, and several of them visited the Huanan market. 2/15 Image
According to the report, 10,000 people visited this place every day, making it a perfect setting for an #outbreak. One might argue: what about the cases without market exposure? Good question! 3/15
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(CCP/Harvard - Charles Lieber) Nanotech + milliwaves - on a spectrum that already interferes with blood-oxygen intake...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/31/2021…
Statistical Consequences of Fat Tails: Real World Preasymptotics, Epistemology, and Applications…

#MathematicalStatistics #FatTails #ProbabilityTheory
WHO Buries Dismissal Of Lab Leak Theory In Last Pages Of 123-Page Origins Report, Draft Copy Shows…

#wuhan #LabLeak #who #report #accuracy
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1/ Having read the int’l cttee/Chinese gov’t #COVID19 origins report & watched the @WHO presser, it’s clear 1) the report is fatally flawed, 2) there’s currently no credible int’l investigation into pandemic origins, & 3) we desperately need one. Follow this thread for more.
2/ The core problem is clearly structural. The int’l team saw its task as finding a zoonotic source of animal transition in the wild, not seeking the actual source of the pandemic. There’s a big difference. They set out to prove one hypothesis, not fairly examine all of them.
3/ That’s why no one at @WHO fully recognized the massive CoI that 4 int’l committee members had prior working relationships with the #Wuhan Institute of Virology. Surprised the team took #ShiZhengli at her word rather than actually investigating?
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They got married !

Yangzhou, in Jiangsu - Karamay province, in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.
Separated by 4000 kilometers away, two people who had no common relationship in their lives, met and fell in love with each other by supporting #Wuhan in the fight against COVID-19, and today they are married.
It was helping Wuhan that made two people meet and fall in love. The bride is Zhang Min, a nurse at the Geriatrics Department of Subei People's Hospital in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province.
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1/ A number of media organizations have reached out to me re my question to #SheZhengli earlier today abt whether the Chinese military was doing secret research at the #Wuhan Institute of Virology & her emphatic answer that it most certainly was not. Follow this thread for more.
2/ Dr. Shi said today that there was no Chinese military activity at the WIV. The US government finding released January 15 asserts that there was. Both of these claims cannot simultaneously be true. @ODNIgov @StateDept @Chinamission2un…
3/ If #ShiZhengli is correct, the credibility of the US @StateDept & @ODNIgov wld be undermined significantly. If the US gov't is correct, then all of Dr. Shi's claims regarding WIV research & the absence of SARS-CoV-2 or precursor viruses in WIV repositories wld be in doubt.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/21/2021…
The Bayeux Tapestry Gets Digitized: View the Medieval Tapestry in High Resolution, Down to the Individual Thread…

#artwork #digitization
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I’m confused. Maybe someone in the media can explain naming conventions to me. Health Care workers, administration officials, and the media are referring to differing variants of the CoronaVirus 🦠 as the “UK” variant, the “South African” variant, or even the “Brazilian” 1/2
Variant....but it’s racist to call the virus by its original name (and place of origin) the Wuhan Virus? Someone please send the decision tree for me to follow along. Hat tip to @JustinPulitzer . #China #SouthAfrica #Brazil #UK #Wuhan
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A partir de ce lundi 8 mars des nouvelles restrictions seront en vigueur en #Italie pour faire face au démarrage en cours de la 3ème vague. Cette situation relance le débat sur la continuité d'un stop & go usant et peu prouvant vs la stratégie #ZeroCovid…
Le débat en France ne peut pas être résumé à être pour ou contre un confinement mais autour d'une démarche de sortie de crise durable. Les retour d'expériences pratiqués sont riches en enseignements
#ZeroCovid a montré sa capacité à offrir une vraie sortie…
Il est temps de poser un débat de qualité, non biaisé, qui évalue pour France et l'Europe ce qu'une stratégie #ZeroCovid apportera. Elle implique prendre des décisions. Leur validité est dans la cohérence. Sortir des mois et des mois de mesures sans fin…
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1/ Honored to have co-led a process bringing together experts from around the world calling for a full & unrestricted int'l forensic investigation into the origins of #COVID19. Here's a copy of the open letter we released today.…
2/ The joint "investigation" by the WHO-appointed independent experts and the Chinese government may unearth useful tidbits, but it's structurally not capable of carrying out the full investigation that's required.
3/ @Peterfoodsafety @MarionKoopmans & the other @WHO appointed independent experts are in a real bind: a consensus report with the Chinese gov't can't be fully credible but an honest and full report couldn't get Chinese gov't sign off.
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Thoroughly enjoyed @HudsonInstitute discn w/ @ShivshankaMenon & Jayadeva Ranade on #India #China relations / 🧵below w/ key quotes by each panelist 1/n
Quesn to both panelists: How does the #Indian strategic community view #China? What impact have the recurrent border standoffs and China’s deepening presence in South Asia had on India’s China policy? 2/n
.@ShivshankaMenon "Opinion in strategic community in India has turned increasingly negative on China & not just because of what happened on the border last summer or the situation right now. Several factors that have brought stress into the relationship." 3/n
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1/ If you haven’t seen @MattPottinger’s interview on @facethenation, I strongly encourage you to do so at this link. Follow this full thread for my response.
2/ @MattPottinger is someone I respect greatly. His efforts to try to do the right thing within the chaos & malfeasance of the #Trump White House is nothing short of heroic. I urge you to learn more about Matt’s work in this excellent @newyorker piece.…
3/ In @MattPottinger’s @facethenation interview, he rightly rakes China over the coals. It's my view the #COVID19 catastrophe would likely not have happened but for the failure of the Chinese government rooted in the distinct pathologies of China’s authoritarian system.
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Pourquoi la Chine et l'OMS ne trouveront jamais une origine zoonotique pour le virus pandémique COVID-19

Les raisons de penser que #COVID19 est bien dû à un accident de laboratoire à #Wuhan et que #SARSCoV2 s'en est échappé. Bon résumé.… via @GMWatch
Particulièrement intéressant sont ces deux shémas.
A gauche, on voit que des coronavirus qui ont fait le saut d'espèce vers l'homme. Ils sont répartis équitablement le long du cladogramme.
A droite: la "coincidence" SARS-CoV-2 est du même clade que le SARS-CoV-1 de 2003.
Le MERS par ex:
- n'est pas apparu dans une ville comportant un labo étudiant et manipulat les coronavirus.
- On a trouvé l'hôte intermédiaire sans difficulté (le dromadaire).
- Le récepteur cellulaire est différent de celui du SARS-CoV
- La famille de coronavirus est différente.
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#Germany #China #Hamburg #Wuhan #Coronavirus #STUDY

In the period from January to December of last year, the Hamburg nanoscientist Roland Wiesendanger compiled various findings from scientific studies, articles, reports in social media and other sources and
came to the conclusion: The pathogen Sars-CoV-2 is not of natural origin, but comes from a laboratory in Wuhan. The physicist cites the following points as evidence for these theories: To date, no so-called intermediate host animal has been identified that
proves according to the "zoonosis theory" that the coronaviruses were transmitted from bats to humans. A research group at the virological institute in the city of Wuhan has carried out genetic manipulations on coronaviruses for many years.
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After he refuted media reports about #China refusing to provide key data about the earliest #COVID19 cases in #Wuhan, @PeterDaszak did an interview with @nytimes, revealing more details about the @WHO experts' trips to Wuhan.…
"The city went on lockdown, I think, 76 days. They were locked in their apartments — people died, and they didn’t know about it. And from then on, they’ve been accused of starting a pandemic, and it’s been called the Wuhan virus, the China virus,...
... and there was just a sense of outrage and sadness."
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EN VIVO. Rueda de prensa de la OMS sobre el #COVID19 con @DrTedros , @DrMikeRyan , @mvankerkhove y miembros del equipo internacional que visitó #China
"Ha habido algunas preguntas sobre la investigación en #China. Hoy puedo decir que todas las hipótesis sobre el origen del #coronavirus siguen abiertas y conllevarán más estudios"
@DrTedros #COVID19
"Algunas personas dicen que es imposible vacunar a todo el mundo. Están completamente equivocados. Como dijo Nelson Mandela, 'siempre parece imposible hasta que se hace'" .
@DrTedros #COVID19
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🚨BREAKING: @WHO team is investigating cases of ~90 people hospitalized with #COVID19-like symptoms in central #China in October 2019—2 months BEFORE Beijing acknowledged the 1st #coronavirus infections in #Wuhan in late 2019.…
#China conducted #coronavirus antibody tests on about 2/3 of those patients in the past few months, and said they found no antibodies. But antibodies could have waned to undetectable levels during the year-plus delay.🙄

The WHO team urged #China to conduct wider tests on blood samples collected in autumn 2019 & held in blood banks around Hubei—#Wuhan’s province—to find when the #coronavirus 1st circulated. Chinese authorities said they hadn’t yet obtained necessary permissions to test samples.🙄
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The @WHO presser in #Wuhan has started with the leader of the Chinese team Liang Wennian going through the kinda boring history of setting up the inquiry, terms of reference etc.
Seems to be already hinting that there will be another “stage” of this inquiry in another country / countries?
Sorry I miss typed earlier. Should read Liang Wannian.
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Persconferentie v internationale #WHO-expertenteam in #Wuhan gaat beginnen, met ruim uur vertraging. Onder meer hier te volgen:
Sprekers persconferentie:
- Peter Ben Embarek, teamleader WHO expert team
- Marion Koopmans, team leader molecular and epidemiological research group, Erasmus MC
- Liang Wannian, China National Health Commission, Tsinghua University
Liang Wannian: Sars-cov-2 may have originated from zoonitic transmission but reservoir host animal remains to be determined. Viruses found in bats and pangolin are not sufficiently similar to Sars-cov-2 for those animals to serve as progenitors
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@WHO #coronavirus investigation team press conference about to start in 10 minutes in #Wuhan #China. @BBCWorld TV will be taking it live.
@WHO presser in #Wuhan running late.
@WHO presser still hasn’t started.
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The @WHO #coronavirus investigation team will hold a press conference here in #Wuhan #China starting in around 7 hours time. We’ll be covering it on @BBCWorld TV, World Service Radio and BBC website.
So that’s 16.00 #Wuhan time / 0900 #Geneva time for the @WHO #coronavirus investigation team press conference here in #Wuhan #China.
What to expect from today’s @WHO press conference: not, here is where the #coronavirus came from. Instead I’d imagine it’ll be along the lines of... because we’ve now found out X,Y&Z from here on in we’ll be turning our attention to these areas to study the possible virus origins
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/07/2021…
The Next Normal: How companies and leaders can reset for growth beyond coronavirus…

#COVID19 #PostPandemic #EconomicGrowth #NextNormal
Wuhan residents remember coronavirus 'whistleblower' doctor a year after his death…

#wuhan #whistleblower #COVID19 #transparency
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