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🎆 E X P L O S I V E 🎇

2017 @POTUS #Trump cancelled the 2014 #Obama #GoF ban.
2018 #EcoHealth bat #Coronavirus study proposal first #Rejected by #Pentagon #Agency #DARPA due to #GoF research #Prohibition.
Revived later by Anthony S. Fauci, MD, Director of NIAID, with US money.
Leaked Documents, now made public by #Drastic.
The Full publication (PDF):
Cover and Index:
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#DRASTIC EXCLUSIVE: Leaked 2018 EcoHealth proposal to DARPA --> Project DEFUSE.

This is literally the most crazy jaw dropping thing I’ve read in the last year. Just utterly damning.

Don’t believe me, just read the whole thing.… ImageImage
Context: The DARPA PREEMPT project was announced on January 04, 2018. Proposals were due by March 27, 2018.
Before I wade into this, a caveat: EcoHealth's proposal was rejected by DARPA. (However that doesn’t mean they backtracked on the plan. Everything written in it makes it sound they had a framework, a plan on how to proceed.) The proposal also introduces some new material facts. ImageImageImageImage
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New #DRASTIC Leaked Document Expose

Peter Daszak and the EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) proposed injecting deadly chimeric bat coronaviruses collected by the Wuhan Institute of Virology into humanised and "batified" mice, and much, much more.…

The actual DEFUSE Proposal Documents will be published in due course
Sounds like a terrible idea Image
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Why do I spend time on Ghislaine&epstein?

I don’t think some of the tech being developed is inherently bad - similar to how a gun isn’t

WEF/WHO/UN/Gates/Clintons using Epstein&ghislaine indicates they are willing to use ANY means

They’re evil, like a gun-wielding mass shooter
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Going Back To Mojiang

Now I thought it was fast,
but this girl was faster
She's looking for a real good time
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Fuck Fauci Friday

It's Friday September 3, 2021

Millions around the world are dead from a pathogen released from a CCP bioweapons lab doing Gain of Function research, with U.S. funds and data
directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIH.
The spike protein of that pathogen is also what is produced in millions 💉'd with a gene therapy,
fast-tracked by Fauci and his wife.
Fauci hold patents on the HIV gene sequences in the spike.> #Spike #WarpedSpeed #GoF #FuckFauciFriday #FuckUAndTheWhoresYouRodeInOn #FauciIsAFreak
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WHO, Berlin float sanctions if countries suppress information on pandemics

Spahn and Tedros made their comments at the inauguration of a new virus-monitoring center in Berlin, dubbed the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence.…
An initial $100 million investment by the German government is funding the hub, which will be led by Chikwe Ihekweazu, currently director general of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

For now, the hub will operate out of the Charité Berlin medical and research facility.
That sounds great.. But wait, who is the Head of Administrative Office for Global Health and Director Institute of Virology, at the Charite Berlin?

Dr. Christian Drosten, yes.…
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Contesto en un hilo. La 1ª muestra de la captura en rosa es el genoma del 12 enero a 8:17. La muestra en azul es del 12 enero a 3:50, si hacéis una comparativa entre ambos en histórico de versiones os salen esas diferencias. Host: Homo Sapiens está SOLO en versión azul (3:50)
Aquí tenéis captura a día de hoy con la comparativa de 2 versiones desde el enlace que os envié. Rosa, el genoma del 12 de enero a las 8:17. Azul, el genoma del 12 de enero a las 3:50.

Ese genoma está “truncado” y no hay acceso al original del 5 de enero, ni al del 9 de enero.
Esa versión azul refleja los cambios en la comparativa con respecto a los que están en rosa y tiene ya el taxón cambiado 2697849 (lo cambiaron en unas horas). La rosa no tiene host y su taxón es 1928434, en NCBI corresponde a Rattus norvegicus. Y en Genbank el Host es: rata.
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Not sure. Thesis, back then, based on the IMF’s assessment on potential efficacy of NIRP.

Soviet-style consolidation of banks/wipe out smaller banks for central control/data collection is more likely goal

Adjust $ velocity via expiring CBDCs (FedCoin, digital SDR, digital yuan)
Part of the obvious goal of🦠💉was to eliminate physical cash:

*attack on anonymity/privacy
*provide more immediate combined fiscal/monetary response
*provide real-time data to monitor/adjust economy, control behavior (Social credit scoring)
*dilute sovereignty of currency
Epstein&Ghislaine very much tie into the WEF/UN/4IR

Blockchain/AI/IoT to be used to track all shipping

OBOR/BRI appears to be favored by Davos, setting up WEF centrally-controlled shipping/trade/economy

IoBNT to replace wearable IoT - you, rather than on you
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I keep saying it’s deliberate...literally crimes against humanity & treason. These things are coincidences

#DRASTIC crew got screwed by IC

Afghanistan being handed to🇨🇳

very concerned about the #VaaS theory & injecting our military

#BeijingBiden handing us over to CCP&Davos
Will be “stakeholder capitalism”...companies that implement WEF/UN agendas (ESG & SDGs) will be favored financially. Those that don’t? Might not survive

Same thing on ind level-CBDCs to collect data to central bank, create social credit score, control behavior

Crush small banks
*aren’t coincidences...
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2. Ways Forward

Legal Route (Pompeo and Rivkin)

FSIA Exception + give federal courts jurisdiction over Covid-related claims under state law.

Congress to withdraw immunity from international organizations

Let Lawyers Hunt for Covid’s Origin
3. China wouldn’t be able to ignore lawsuits in American courts, given its close commercial ties with the U.S.
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Very good summary of the intel assessment (declassified portion) by @KatherineEban
“All agencies assess that [the] two hypotheses are plausible.”

This is in stark contrast to the certitudes peddled by Andersen, Lipkin, Holmes and co in Lancet, Nature and their continual social media ranting.
Going further, the report does not rule out the possibility that COVID-19 was genetically engineered:
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This. Is. Bio. War.

You are being lied to.
Fauci, and Big Pharma rely upon your ignorance of basic biology to cover up the BioWar THEY started.
To understand the basic biology that is: SarsCov2,
Covid, the 💉, mRNA, VAER, pharma business, and immunology WATCH @jjcouey 's 📺⬇️
He is a very experienced biology professor, and one of the first people investigating the lab leak.
He explains it all on his site, watch 1st, and in sequential Twitch shows, watch 2nd.
If you don't understand the recent 📺,
watch earlier ones.
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#DRASTiC conclusions:
1/ The official first case (8th Dec) is manipulated. It’s actually substituted case of the 16th Dec instead.
2/ That case of the 16th was not even shown correctly on the WHO map and very close to the terminus of bus line that goes past the WIV (Zhengdian site).
3/ The ‘market’ mentioned by the WHO in relation to that case was a foreign-owned modern supermarket like Walmart or Tesco.

Zero dead or alive exotic animal ever sold there.
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NEW! Prof Neil has returned to lie & threaten some more. Plus a conspiracy theory that I am many people!
-He said his only grants are WT, MRC & KCL. He lied!
-He said he was a misogynistic & bully to politicians only. He lied! There was the PM's mother, a journalist & others. 1/3
2. After threats to his political opponents & to pro lab leak journalist Ian Birrell, Prof Neil threaten a friend with GOF engineered Ebola!

Also, I didn't accuse Prof Neil of being a China shill. He lied about the grant received from the foundation of the Chinese family Huo.
3. Prof Neil's moral corruption has nothing to do with a lab leak! He threaten the PM with a bat virus in Nov 2019!
Prof Neil is spreading a conspiracy theory about me! Just like Dr. Rasmussen did about #DRASTIC. I have just this account. Long Covid sufferer @mentju4 is not me.
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[1] Interested in research on COVID-19 origins, but don't know where to look?⬇️
Here's 703 sources [up from 598], w/ links & color tags for authors [supporting lab-leak or nat origin]
@BillyBostickson @still_a_nerd @MonaRahalkar @ydeigin @TyCardon… Image
[2] The link⬆️takes you to ResearchGate, where the Excel file can be downloaded freely.
I only include links to articles I've read, and I work to include major papers from all sides of the origin debate
@JamieMetzl @R_H_Ebright @TheSeeker268 @Ayjchan @jjcouey @w_mccairn @Daoyu15
[3] I haven't finished updating the censorship #'s, but the old numbers can still be found on tab #2.
Here's a rough look at the peer-rev papers publ. since 1/120 [starts @ nat origin supporter ->ends w/DRASTIC]
@luigi_warren @garyruskin @sai_suryan @RadCentrism @Bobby_Network Image
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Looks likely China may soon learn what happens when you abuse the trust and patience of Peter Embarek:

"Maybe someone is not at all interested in finding out what the truth is"…
Case in point: the (non)search for patient zero:
And as #DRASTIC has kept highlighting:

According to Peter Embarek, he is hardly the world's very first infected - that is, patient zero.

- He may have just gotten it one day in the subway or on a bus or in a store, says Peter Embarek.
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#UNCOVERED Right before the pandemic started, Stuart Neil wanted to subject UK Prime Minister, Home & Foreign Secretary to a deadly bat virus to see how many would die.

Needless to say, 5 months later Boris Johnson almost died of Covid19.

Next, he threatened a journalist.
2. Prof Neil threatened to infect journalist Ian Birrell with a super-killer HIV that could be made in his lab. Ian investigated the role of China, and those like Neil & Jeremy Farrar in stifling the lab leak debate. Farrar is Director of Wellcome Trust, Prof Neil's main funder.
3. Prof Stuart Neil hinted at security issues in his lab & covered-up his Chinese grant.

He imagined infecting with killer viruses the 3 most senior UK Gov members & an inconvenient journalist. All this while working on Ebola, HIV & SARS2.

Is this normal in the UK academia?
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The fish fingers are back, courtesy of Goa, Hughes et al.…
This paper can be found below.
It actually says preciously little that is new - only puts a new twists on well known facts while ignoring the logical issues that the suggestions in the paper raise.

The poor pangolins are again rolled out for the purpose.… Image
Let's start by what is clear and well accepted: the market was just an amplificator event, on line #2 of Wuhan tube.

An haplotype network shows that the samples isolated at the Huanan Seafood Market do not cluster the ancestral lineages - no jump to human there.
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BREAKING! UK zoonosis virologist Stuart Neil from King's College London revealed in 2019 that the ventilation in his research lab never works!

Prof. Neil works on Ebola, HIV, flu & SARS2 viruses! This year he complained the 'UK is woefully deficient in containment labs.' 1/3
2. France just closed 9 labs due to two deadly infections. There's evidence SARS2 accidentally escaped a research lab.

Could the relevant UK institutions check Prof. Neil's lab logs & security, before another accident happens in London?! He said he used a brick for ventilation!
3. The question is, would Prof. Stuart Neil answer any questions and open his lab logs if asked by the relevant institutions or a parliamentary committee?

Or would he tell them to f@ck off, just like he today suggested US virologist Kristian Andersen respond the US Congress?!
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Note the complete contradiction in this Chinese piece of propaganda: Image
So the databases were taken offline in 2019 after the outbreak of the pandemic, which was not even communicated to the WHO until the 3rd Jan 20, and for which there was actually about nothing known internationally until the 31st Dec 19.

These hackers clearly had a time machine.
As we now know, it is even worse because the databases were actually taken offline in Sep 2019.

2nd contradiction: as DRASTIC has always said, only the viruses that were the object of a scientific publication were released publicly in the DB. Everything else was not.
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1. After 3 days of researching I think I understand better how this network works. I guess this is the best they can do to keep this place sane with the existing technology. If they made me CTO, after one day of trials I'd probably keep the same system in place.🙂 Findings:
2. Reply deboosting is the most common form of control. These subjects seem to trigger it and sometimes it ends up shadowing replies that it shouldn't:
- Vaccine talk bans because of hesitancy, anti-vax tropes. Fauci criticism seems tied to vaccines more than to a lab leak ban.
- China criticism bans seem related to anti-Asian tropes.
- Occasional lab leak bans could be unintended effects of the previous two.
- Replies from accounts with lots of followers given to less known ones because they seem to be obscure.
- Conspiracies, violence, curse words.
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