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Is it safe to say so much of what we have come to love (and hate) about Ontario will be forever changed on Thursday night?
As a Dad of young children, & teacher, I'm struggling with what a PC majority might mean for school communities, the environment, and our health care system.
I have knocked on doors, made phone calls and talked with friends and neighbours. I am voting with a few on Thursday in order to help get out the vote, but I'm afraid it won't be enough.
At this time, I really think the only chance we have of stopping Ford and his PCs is to swallow our preferred party pride, check our hearts, and vote for the candidate most likely to defeat the PC candidate, riding by riding.
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It took mum 3 hours to get to her medical appointment in the city centre this afternoon from East Oxford due to #LTN traffic. She’s a pensioner with underlying health issues and mobility issues, uses a walking stick. Ordinarily her journey would take her a maximum of 1.5 hours.
Mum left home two hours before her appointment to ensure she got there on time. She had to wait 40 minutes for her bus home because of excessive traffic in East Oxford due to the implementation of LTN’s. These are just some of the stories I’ve heard from residents this week.
Yesterday a woman stopped me as I walked past a bus stop she was stood at. She recognised me and wanted me to know she’s a carer and lives in Blackbird Leys. She said it took her an hour and a half to get to her vulnerable client in Cowley. Before LTNs it took her 20 minutes.
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L'étrange histoire de Peter Sands, formé à #Oxford pour devenir consultant chez #McKinsey en 1988. Il a étudié à #Harvard en 2015 et dirige depuis 2017 le plus gros fonds mondial pour la vaccination : The Global Fund. Il est également responsable de la santé au #WEF
23/01/2019, Davos #WEF, Bill Gates enchaine les interviews à l'envie avec un discours bien rôdé . Ici avec Francine Lacqua la journaliste de Bloomberg TV, sponsorisé par Accenture, cabinet de conseil très sollicité par le gouvernement #Macron
Il va lâcher plusieurs bombes :
- Il a investi $10 Mds dans son plan de vaccination mondial mais son fonds est en réalité doté de $100 Mds grâce aux dons des différents gouvernements étrangers.
- Il espère un retour sur investissement 20X supérieur soit $200 Mds, juteux !
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Dati #OurWorldinData #Oxford in collaborazione con #JohnsHopkins university finanziata da #Gates : 7 paesi analizzati: in corrispondenza con 3a dose si alza la mortalità.
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Saluti da #Oxford in visita a varie università

Sarebbe bello se anche da noi un giorno i giovani potessero fare sport in strutture così, immerse nel verde. Anche il clima oggi è clemente. Su 8 che giocano a tennis, 2 sono cinesi

Poi ci sono campi di calcio, rugby e cricket
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NEW PAPER in @TheLancetPH : Public health policies implemented during COVID-19 have been evaluated primarily on their ability to reduce transmission and minimise economic harm. But how are COVID-19 restrictions associated with short-term mental health? 🧵… Image
To find out, we combined policy stringency data from #Oxford (@BlavatnikSchool) COVID-19 Govt Response Tracker with measures of psych distress and life evals from repeated cross-sectional surveys in 15 countries over 15 months by @imperialcollege and @YouGov (N=432,642).
We grouped countries based on their pandemic response as either “eliminators” (aimed to eliminate community transmission within their borders) or “mitigators” (aimed to control virus spread). We also compared Sweden to the other Nordic countries as a quasi-natural experiment.
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تاریخ آکسفورڈ (Oxford History)__800ء
شہر یا جامعہ؟
شہر بھی جامعہ بھی بلکہ خانقاہ بھی
آکسفورڈ نام ھے ایک خانقاہ سےورلڈ نمبرون جامعہ بننےکےسفرکا
آکسفورڈ یونیورسٹی مذہبی اورسیاسی سرگرمیوں کا اکھاڑہ تھی۔ برطانیہ کےشہر لندن سے56 میل کی دوری پرواقع آکسفورڈ برطانوی شہر
اور اس میں واقع یونیورسٹی جسے شہر کی مناسبت سے ہی آکسفورڈ نام دیا گیا۔
آٹھویں صدی میں ایک خانقاہ سے منسلک سینٹ وائیڈ کا کلیسا آکسفورڈ میں بنایا گیا۔مٹی کے برتن، بُنائی اور ٹیننگ ابتدائی آکسفورڈ کے اصل کاروبار تھے تاھم علماء کے علاؤہ زمیندار، پتھر بنانے والے، کاغذ بنانے والے، کتاب
ساز، کاتب، پرنٹرز، درزی اور موچی بنانے والے بھی یہاں آنا شروع ھوئے۔
جامعہ کا باقاعدہ قیام 1096ء میں عمل میں لایا گیا۔ 12رہویں صدی میں علماء اور عوام کی لڑائی، خونریزی سے عدالت کو قانونی پیچیدگیوں کاسامنا کرنا پڑا اور یہی جامعہ کے عروج کا دور تھا۔
1530میں مذہبی بغاوت اور خانہ جنگی
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💉 Nesta terça-feira, o Ministério da #Saúde anunciou que todos os adultos com mais de 18 anos poderão receber a dose adicional da vacina contra a #covid19 💉

Contamos nessa thread como vai funcionar ⬇️…
Segundo o ministério, o único requisito é esperar o intervalo de cinco meses após a segunda dose da #vacina A preferência é que seja usada a dose da #Pfizer como dose adicional. No entanto, a aplicação poderá ser diferente para quem tomou tipos distintos tipos de #imunizantes Foto: Ernesto Carriço/NurPhoto via Getty Images
Há cinco situações diferentes:

1. Vacinados com duas doses da #CoronaVac

2. Vacinados com duas doses da #AstraZeneca

3. Vacinados com uma dose da AstraZeneca e uma da #Pfizer

4. Vacinados com duas doses da Pfizer

5. Vacinados com uma dose da #Janssen Foto: EVARISTO SA / AFP
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#RomanSiteSaturday - The Theatre of Marcellus 🏛️🎭

(1/6) Known to the Romans as the Theatrum Marcelli, this stunning ancient open-air theatre sits in the heart of Rome and once had a capacity of up to 20,000 spectators!

#Classics #Rome #Archaeology #Roman #History
(2/6) Construction began in the closing years of the Roman Republic. Julius Caesar ordered space to be cleared for it, but was murdered before its completion. By 17 BCE, construction was advanced enough that it could host the secular games, and by 13 BCE it was finished.
(3/6) The theatre was dedicated to Marcus Claudius Marcellus, the nephew and presumptive heir of the emperor Augustus. Marcellus died in 23 BCE aged 19, leaving the emperor devastated and almost shattering the illusion of a restored republic.
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Las vacunas contra #COVID19 con las que contamos en el país son altamente efectivas y seguras. Eso aplica tanto para #Pfizer como para #AZ. Aun así ha existido en la gente menos aceptación de la vacuna de #AZ en comparación con #Pfizer. Pero, por qué?…
Bueno. Lo que dicen las personas es que “la pasan peor con..” o “es más pesada” en el caso de #AZ. Sin embargo, eso suele ser una apreciación subjetiva. Pero entonces, qué dicen los estudios? Hay uno que se realizó en 🇬🇧 donde se compararon efectos 2darios locales y sistémicos…
Más de 655 mil dosis aplicadas entre 1ra dosis de Pfizer o AZ y 2da dosis de Pfizer.
🟠 Efectos secundarios SISTÉMICOS:
— 13,5% de los individuos después de la 1ra dosis de Pfizer.
— 22,0% después de la 2da dosis de Pfizer
— 33,7 % después de la primera dosis de AZ.
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Jour J-1 avant @PatrimoniaLyon !

Avant ce grand rendez-vous de la profession du conseil patrimonial, le moment est opportun pour rappeler la composition des équipes.

Voici els visages de celle de @BDLCM, qui vous accueillera sur place au stand J39.

A dérouler ⤵️⤵️⤵️
Tout d'abord, trois gérants de #BDLCM seront présents, à commencer par #Bastien #Bernus, présent chez BDL depuis 2005 et co-gérant des fonds historiques de la société, #BDL #Convictions (968 M€ d'encours au 27/09/2021) et #BDL #Rempart (557 M€).
Arrivé en 2006 chez BDL après plusieurs années chez @EYFrance, #Jean #Duchein pourra vous renseigner sur le fonds #BDL #Transition, qu'il gère, et qui a reçu @lelabelisr dès son lancement en 2019 (92 M€ d'encours au 27/09/2021).
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Then check out the history of Professor John Bell of #Oxford...he has had all kinds of titles bestowed on him. You know what THAT means…
Turns out that he has been under scrutiny in the UK for his financial ties and conflicts of interest, but he is being protected - of course - and no FOI requests have been honored…
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How the UK government, media and scientists were complicit in misleading the British public after Europe raised concerns about the #Oxford #AstraZeneca #Vaccine

A semi-satirical 🧵in the form of a PR crisis management guide, created using real quotes from March and April 2021 Image
The situation:

Norway has made nightmarishly specific statements about blood clots they found in AstraZeneca recipients

The clots are really unusual and serious and will put people off the 🇬🇧 vaccine which would be a disaster for the UK roll out - and a knock to national pride Image
Step 1: Change the conversation to blood clots in general Watch from 1:48 as the UK’s absolutely, definitely, certainly not state-controlled broadcaster transforms the unusual clots into ordinary blood clots!

Cheers Ros and the BBC "News" team!
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In the late 90s as a grad student I became interested in the utility of #analytic_philosophy as a language and method of presentation and looked to how other traditions used it - a thread on #Indian_philosophy 1/
I began reading the work of Bimal Krishna Matilal (1935-1991), who had studied traditional logic and mastered it as a Tarkatirtha at Sanskrit College in Calcutta by the early 1960s 2/
Another major figure in modern Indian philosophy JN Mohanty has this highly useful reminiscence of that time and Matilal’s approach… 2a/
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El Gobierno Nacional reconoció públicamente el faltante de una de las vacunas que se aplican en la #Argentina: el componente “2” del suero ruso #SputnikV. La ministra de Salud, Carla #Vizzotti, admitió las dificultades para acceder a esa droga.
En @clarincom recuerdan que #Vizzotti dijo: “Es una posibilidad que se evalúa desde el primer momento por la dificultad en el acceso, pero lo estamos evaluando”, y aclaró que la combinación de vacunas (1 dosis de #SputnikV ➕otra de #AstraZeneca, solo se dará... (Sigue ⬇️)
#Vizzotti agregó en que “sólo se dará en caso de que los estudios científicos demuestren seguridad y eficacia”.
Qué dicen los científicos del mundo e infectólogos?
Ya son varios los países que están combinando vacunas...

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How good is the #Oxford Masters (MSc.) in Law and Finance program?
Pairing Finance with the law or Legal studies is not a bad combination.
But, you need to develop a road map for your career.
Whether you would like to start off as a #paralegal or as a financial / management accounting or a compliance analyst in the financial services sector of the economy in the long run?!
Because such degrees make you neither fish nor foul.
This is strictly my opinion and you may disagree.
Oxford Universities Degree/s, are second to none.
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Boris Johnson with Lynn Forester Rothschild

Did u know Epsteins Black Book lists Teterboro-headquartered aviation firm MILLION AIR?

Lynn's brother is its CEO

Lease Agreement between MILLIONAIR & Lynn's firm GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE linked to the 911 CABAL:… Image
List of Signatory VWP Carriers*

Airlines authorized to traffic non-US citizens & non-Green Card holders to USA from eligible countries, WITHOUT need for passengers to get Visas

Million Air Charter Teterboro (Lynn Rothschild's brother)

Air Ghislaine Inc… ImageImage

Has Lynn —"financial enabler of Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein"— been supporting aviation companies (her own & her brothers) involved with or linked to #SEPTEMBER11 AND Maxwell-Epsteins Mossad #SEXTRAFFICKING operation? ImageImageImageImage
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Estudo do governo britânico aponta que duas doses da vacina de Oxford e da Pfizer fornecem forte proteção contra infecção sintomática da variante do coronavírus identificada pela primeira vez na Índia.
As informações são do jornal Financial Times.
A variante já chegou ao Brasil. O Maranhão registrou os primeiros casos da cepa chamada de B.1.617 em seis pessoas que chegaram ao estado a bordo do navio MV Shandong da Zhi, atracado no litoral do estado.
De acordo com reportagem do Financial Times, duas doses de vacina forneceram 81% de proteção contra a variante B.1.617 encontrada na Índia.

No entanto, apenas uma dose apresenta proteção de apenas 33% contra infecção sintomática da cepa B.1.617.
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Are you in a doubt? There is news all over the media that Covishield is causing blood clot and the same is resulting in heart issues.


Clear your doubt, 1st it's a paid agenda of a vaccine manufacturer against a vaccine manufacturer.
2nd, if you have a doubt in your mind about the blood clot story, talk to a "real doctor". Do not believe in the so called doctors graduated from WhatsApp and Google University.

They will share all the possible journal and paper to justify the claims.

Don't we know how easy it is now a days to get a paper published. Every "dhapli" wala from JNU also gets a paper published for their doctorate.

Not every published paper is a fact. A paper which gets published is a thought process of an individuals mind, not the verified fact.
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What do you know about #Shafaqna news agency?

The director of Shafaqna, #Abolfazl_Fateh, Iranian reformist who currently resides in #England, was the head of MirHossein Musavi's propaganda campaign in the 2009 sedition against Islamic Republic of Iran!

Fateh went to #Oxford for his PhD with Iranian Government funding money, but he illegally never returned and stayed in #UK! He was the person who announced the color of green for the rebel seditionists against Islamic Republic of Iran.
He organized a press session for Musavi before counting the votes, before announcing the result, in which, Musavi announced his winning as the self-proclaimed president instead of president Ahmadinejad who was the real winner elected by the majority of people.
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Unes poques dades de la propera vacuna que ens arribarà... #Novavax En que es basa? #Vacci atenuat? Inactivat? Vacuna #mRNA? Vector adenoviral? Doncs no, cap d'aquestes... benvingut a una vacuna... diferent, de proteïnes recombinants. #SARSCoV2 Image
La tecnologia de proteïnes recombinants té dècades d'història i s'ha emprat profusament. Només cal que mirin #Humulin. Les proteïnes (cal conèixer la seqüencia del genoma q la codifica, aquí altre cop la diana és la proteïna S) es poden produir en plataformes bacterianes, de...
llevats, de cèl·lules d'insecte o de cultius cel·lulars de mamífer (humanes, de mico, etc.). A diferència de les vacunes #mRNA (#Pfizer, #Moderna) o adenovirus modificats (#Oxford, #Janssen) no inoculem el genoma per generar proteïna sinó que injectem directament la proteïna...
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“La vacuna Covid de #AstraZeneca ha estado marcada por nobles intenciones, errores de comunicación, juicios complicados, pesadillas de fabricación y rivalidad política y económica. ¿Cómo fue que todo salió tan mal? vía @BW #Bloomberg
“Mene Pangalos, jefe de investigación biofarmacéutica de #AstraZeneca Plc, se acostó el lunes 22 de marzo sintiéndose bien por primera vez en mucho tiempo. Después de trabajar las 24 hs del día durante el fin de semana, acababa de anunciar mejor que los resultados intermedios”.
“Eran resultados del gran ensayo de vacunación de la compañía en EEUU 🇺🇸: La inyección fue segura y 79% efectiva para prevenir casos de #Covid19 sintomático. Noticias positivas, por fin, después de meses de preguntas sobre todo, incluida la seguridad y la escasez de suministros”.
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