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Last night I tried to teach an AI not to murder ppl.**

This thread = excerpts from that conversation.

It's ALL(!!) AI-generated, except lines starting with my initial ("M:"), and "..." where I've cut something out.

**@StarTrek crew, mostly. #startrek
Pic 1 escalates to killing pretty quickly.
But remember, tons has been cut out.
(Including a little experiment with designing Tribble religion.)

Thing is, it's hard NOT to resort to killing Tribbles, which reproduce so fast, they make "breeding like 🐇🐇" seem positively chaste. Image
This gave me an idea.
The computer didn't hesitate to space #Tribbles.
Would it hesitate to space the crew of the #Enterprise?
Let's find out. Image
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Welcome to #chatbotvoice2023 from Berlin.

I'm throwing up some tidbits around #conversationalai live from the 5th World Chatbots & Voice Summit from Berlin.
First up, Christoph from @GetCyara

We're talking testing and assuring quality in #conversationalai Image
Testing is an impossible manual task and it needs to be automated. Done wrong, it can cost heavily. So it is a huge, but important challenge. Image
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@rk_process9 #ChatGPT has sparked a global belief in #AI and its capabilities to replace humans. However, affluent individuals and businesses seek exclusive access to customized AI models rather than using the tools or #platforms that are publicly available.
With exclusivity, large businesses would be able to train these #AI models using years of their collected #data. This is understandable, as these individuals and businesses have reached #success by thinking and acting differently from their competitors.
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Ask AI doesn't want to be my my lawyer anymore
cc @daphnewelkin5 @Law360 @economics @business Re: Rental Car Cartel has definitely been playing the long game @ijournal @DavidBorreroFL
@JimBoydFL @DougBroxson @JoeGruters @edhooper @senpizzo @NickDiCeglie @jaytrumbull @ErinGrall ImageImageImage
Since Open AI won't represent mainly non white and more often than not immigrant small business one car transportation providers in #FlaPol I will just have to wing it self file
@ijournal @NickDiCeglie
@JimBoydFL @DougBroxson @JoeGruters @edhooper @senpizzo @jaytrumbull ImageImage
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I think at large people are missing the significance of a #web3 #wallet beyond just #hodling your favourite #Crypto #Cryptocurency token.

Maybe the same way they effortlessly think about using the #chrome browser.

They are both portals for the #WWW and #Web3 respectively
There are new functionalities being added to #web3 wallets to exist as wallets to hold your #credentials for zero knowledge #authentication.

This wallet market is going to be worth a whopper of a predicted $7 trillion market by 2027 alone.
One of the most significant comments on this movement is from the creation of the open source Open Wallet Foundation via Linux, which has been noted as potentially more significant than #Linux itself!!!!!


With members such as #ToIP and #Avast (#Gen)
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so! let's talk about the #cryptocurrency phenomenon again. $BITC / @Bitcoin, $ETH / @ethereum, $USDT / @Tether_to, $BNB / @binance — there are a LOT of these #cryptocurrencies out there, maybe even millions of them. and that's a first clue about them and about #capitalism.

(1/x) Image
it's gospel #capitalism that the activities of "the #markets"—capitalist propaganda i.e. #business and #finance and #investment #journalism, not to mention all the #science and #technology journalism that's chiefly #advertising for corporations—are supernaturally powerful.

the central lie is that "the markets" (i.e. the sum total of all monetary transactions by all money-seeking entities in #capitalism) are the best possible mechanism for fulfilling every conceivable human need.

if it's not "on the market", then you don't really need it.

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FREE #Microsoft #CISO Workshop on End-to-End Security & Strategic Guidlines

WHO should watch & What's in the Workshop?

Thread 🧵…
❖ WHO should watch this #Workshop

The workshop is useful for #security_teams, IT teams, #business-leaders, and #cloud teams, but is primarily focused on:

• CIO + IT Directors
#CISO + Security Directors
#Enterprise + Security Architects
❖ Workshop FOCUS on - Key Context & Fundamentals discussion of

#Threat Enviorment and Trends
• Roles & Responsibilities
• Strategy & Recommended Initiatives
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14 Advantages And Disadvantages of #VoIP… via @realproscons
It is easy to understand what the advantage of #VoIP is in practice. The advantages of VoIP telephony are much more significant than the disadvantages. The main thing is to accurately assess the needs of your #enterprise and turn to #professionals.
From a strategic point of view, a user can use #VoIP telephony on a single technical platform due to the many advantages. It will combine solutions to improve #productivity and business development.
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This post is getting a lot of surprise/derision from SV VC and tech.

That's a problem. Not only is this normal, it highlights most of the community don't understand #enterprise SW and infrastructure.

So let's dive in. Why do Citi and other banks have huge engineering teams? 🧵
First, most of the big banks are actually a ton of smaller banks or finserv firms (e.g.: a trading desk, a retail bank, an investment bank, etc.) strung together.

Some of these firms have roles that are unsurprisingly complicated and require SW engineering.
Citi is no exception. They host one of the larger algo/quant trading desks, which means they need a lot of SW engineers to be writing fast code to execute trades and perform analysis.

In fact, Citi's MQA group which serves that desk is pretty fire.…
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@jgbtrade666 @wanchain_org bruh. he is a genius @MPhysics3

Zhang has extensive research and development and engineering experience in blockchain, cognitive sciences, computational fluid dynamics, software modeling, computer technologies, and industrial standards.
@jgbtrade666 @wanchain_org @MPhysics3 Zhang has published over thirty research and technical papers and has over twenty patents, granted and pending, in computer and digital technology. For more than a decade, he was a principal software engineer at Dell.
@jgbtrade666 @wanchain_org @MPhysics3 He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Physics at Tsinghua University and his Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
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I read this G20 policy brief which was released Sept 2021

A lot of positive talk about harnessing the benefits of #Blockchain/#DLT

Compares USA FinCEN VS China CBDC

G20 Implementing policies that leverage DLT⏬

My theory with examples of how it can relate to
First of all, shout out to the writers as this was well written on global DLT @KingsCollegeLon

If you are into global law, regulated DLT, and G20 topics, this is a technical one to review as it has lots of good thoughts.…

#DLT #Blockchain #crypto #G20

The G20 is uniquely placed to implement policies that leverage the benefits of cryptocurrencies, in particular, DLT for faster and more efficient transactions process.

#DLT #Blockchain #isthe #Future #Utility #Theory
#Crypto #fintech #G20
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#Hypocrisy is the best policy in a #unipolar #world, but it wont work in the “multipolar transition” to a “#Tripolar #World with a #multipolar rim”!
The “#Bipolar #World with a #Multipolar #Rim,” is already here. The Russian conflict with Ukraine, wont change this. #High #Tech #Decoupling & #partial #economic #decoupling from China is a necessary for survival of free market, open democracies.
2/hwo The #Hypocritical #World #Order(#HWO): “The very people who want pragmatism on #Afghanistan, don’t want pragmatism on #Myanmar
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Bir şirketin değeri, yaptığı işin değerinden farklı mıdır Peki piyasa fiyatı şirketin gerçek değeri midir?

Şirket diye neyi alıp sattığımızı bilmeliyiz. Önümüzdeki pastanın hepsi bizim olmayabilir :)
Şirketler gelir elde ettikleri faaliyetleri yürütmek için kaynak (sermaye, dış kaynak) ihtiyacı vardır. Girişimciler şirketi büyütmek için yeni ortak alırlar (stratejik, finansal, melek yatırımcı, risk sermayesi, halka arz vb) ve borçlanırlar (banka kredisi, bono ihracı vb)
Şirket borç aldıklarına faiz öder, borç verenler kazanç pastasından başka ısırık almaz. Tüm giderler sonunda kazanç kalıyorsa devlet de vergi olarak payını alır. İşin riskini üstlenen hissedarlar ise faaliyet kazancının faiz ve vergi gideri sonrası kalanında hak sahibidir.
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What is a #decentralized world without decentralized connectivity? @Syntropynet is the missing key part of #web3 where all blockchains should be run on a blockchain-powered internet. Syntropy is compatible with the current infrastructure and protocols for easy interoperability Image
Imagine being an #Enterprise where your own IT-department is screaming for interoperable and seamless automation of the infrastructure @Syntropynet takes away the bottlenecks for having that automation process where as you can manage your whole infrastructure on @SyntropyStack Image
In the next decade our digital world will transform into something we have never seen before where data is the new earning model of modern institutions and corporations. Ensuring privacy, data encryption, optimized performance and governance by the user. Image
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#Enterprise Season 1
Episodes 1-2

Air Date: September 26th 2001
“Where no man has gone before”. Clearly ties back to The Original Series intro by Captain Kirk but does not age well.

The Next Generation into replaced man with one so that it is gender neutral
Ambassador Pointy 😅
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Wild #crypto #bull and #bear market idea thread:

There won’t be much bear market anymore like we saw back in 2010-2019; why?

1. Too many people know this #digital #asset now; with 1% high net worth will do anything in their power to buy the dip (ask their fin. advisor)
2. #Bitcoin become real reserve in many companies and few small countries now, ok, it can dip down even to 20-30k still in the future with bad news and regulations
3. With 2. if #BTC drawdown a lot from now (45-50k range), #altcoin will take hits too; of course, with bad #shitcoin they will likely drop 40-99%. pick your asset carefully! but the winner will retain value; 20-50% drop may happen; #HODL! if it's good #fundamental!
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1/ @quant_network is here to build that foundational layer on which others can build and create value on, they’re here to (inter)connect large ecosystems / networks that may be national, regional or corporate, finance or health related. They’re here to change your future. $QNT
2/ Yes, their focus is mostly on #Enterprise at this moment, as that’s where mass adoption is taking place. People using #Quant products without knowing they do so, that being #CBDC’s or other #DigitalAssets. They’ve been building silently, to unveil a work of art.
3/ But they’re here to open up the technology to anyone who’s willing to learn and put it in the effort. Yes, this is aimed at the $BTC, $ETH, $XRP, $AVAX, $DAG, $DOT, $ALBT, etc developers. Anyone is welcome to create a connector (due H1).
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1/5 “We lost! Too expensive...We missed this one feature...Our security was below par.”

I was having lunch with a founder. She was quoting what an underperformer in her Sales team kept saying. I had seen this behaviour everywhere. I call it “blaming the arrow”. Let me explain Image
2/5 @SURGE, my colleague @carl_eschenbach explains how Sales is not just the responsibility of the Sales team, but the whole organization. He knows. He has lived it. A legend in the world of Enterprise Sales.
3/5 He then shows an arrow. The arrow starts with the fletching at the tail-end of the arrow.That’s where it starts - with vision, engineering, product management. Then product marketing and demand generation. Sales is only the tip of the arrow. #Enterprise #Sales
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Excited for my first re:Invent and getting ready for the @ajassy keynote coming up!

#awsreinvent #AWS #cloud
Loving the opening music act 🎸
Zach Person is the musician playing, so awesome...

Here is his Instagram -
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/30/2020…
Evolutionary origins of the SARS-CoV-2 sarbecovirus lineage responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic | Nature Microbiology…

#pandemic #evolutionary #origins #microbiology
Strike 1: Gold; Strike 2: Dollar; Strike 3: Inflation Expectations – Alhambra Investments…

#inflation #gold #expectations #investments
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@JBillingsley60 read an article about your #GalaxCon Live panel and I agree with much of your thoughts & feelings there. I really wish they’d have taken another year to develop the show bible/plan and really solidify the storylines as to where you wanted to go. (1/4) #StarTrek
Especially as you’d taken a more serialized approach. Enterprise is tied for my 2nd fav #StarTrek series w/ TNG only behind #DS9.

UPN cutting you guys in season 4 was just absolutely criminal. The Romulan War talked about in TOS & others was JUST around the corner.

Even though they’re not considered canon, the #Enterprise novels are REALLY good and prove all that the show should have/could have been. It’s just not fair that every other #StarTrek spin-off got 7 seasons to tell their stories & you guys got cut off at the knees after 4. (3/4)
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WHAT IN THE FLYING A!? Over the years, many assumptions have been made about the various #Starfleet insignia worn on the original #StarTrek and beyond thru to #StarTrekSNW . Follow Us as we take a deep dive into the show’s most distinctive emblems and the intentions behind them. Image
It begins with Gene #Roddenberry wanting #StarTrek to have a “distinctive emblem,” something immediately identifiable & also with merchandising potential. Here’s a memo he sent to art director Pato Guzman about the emblem on August 10, 1964 (during pre-production on pilot #1). Image
This thinking resulted in a couple of distinct #StarTrek emblems. One is the boomerang shape seen painted on the Enterprise and Galileo hulls. The boomerang also appears frequently as a piece of set decoration—most commonly behind flag officers whenever Kirk gets them on Zoom. ImageImageImageImage
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