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Hi there, coming at you from the Anarchist Jurisdiction of Portland: specifically, Laurelhurst Park, where perhaps 100 protesters have gathered in preparation for tonight's activities

Let's see what happens

#PortlandProtests #BlackLivesMatter #PortlandRiots #pdxprotest
@ShieldPDX has clearly been working overtime: just a ton of shields on offer tonight! The NLG and medics tent hands out ear plugs and hand sanitizer; Good Trouble distributes snacks ImageImage
"Move at 8" has been a lie each and every time, and also tonight. My money's on 9:00, as in the days of yore

More people trickling in. It's a small group tonight
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Based man railing the #Portland kids for not even being from the area. "Whose house is this?! You don't even know! Cause you don't live here!" 1/2
How #Portland actually feels about the crust punk anarchists in their neighborhoods 2/2
Antifa claimed some bottles were just thrown down at the #Portlandprotests, and they fired a paintball gun back at the building they think it came from.
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#ClimateChange #Wildfires or #Arson ?
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Multiple pieces builds a full picture.
Here is an example:

One of these guys goes by
Banks and @Antswiththecuts
His Twitter is now deleted but images from Twitter and Instagram have been captured.
Notice the Antifa Flag folded
Posts pictures of fires and black clad protesters.
Lives in #Portland
He follows @Cascadianphotog who supplies wat
#PortlandProtest Related committees share suspect material.
Bottom right corner in image 1 says *Be Water Spread Fire*

•Affiliated groups and people who protest deliver water .

AntswiththeCuts is deliverig water and writes he is gping to set some fires.
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This flag was burned in honor of RBG #Portlandprotests
Windows smashed at Starbucks #Portlandprotests
Nothing says respect black lives like this. #Portland
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Hi there, coming at you from the South Park Blocks, where maybe 100 protesters are chatting and waiting to find out what the evening brings

Let's find out together

#PortlandProtests #PortlandRiots #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceBrutality #AbolishThePolice #AbolishICE
The atmosphere is more block party than recent actions have been. More signs and more chatting. @SoundBlocPDX playing good protest jams, people doing interviews with various press. Someone has a "register to vote" station
(This journalist recommends never registering to vote at a protest. Do it at home)
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Nobody has come "out of their homes and into the streets" in over 3 months. You may want to rethink your strategy. Portland kids marching to the ICE building #Portlandprotests
So the bouncy balls didn't work as intended...
What a bad ass exit by DHS #Portlandprotests
🇺🇸 #Portlandprotests
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Hi there, coming at you from Elizabeth Caruthers Park, where about 200 people stand in the rain-soaked grass and prepare for the first action in nearly a week

Let's see what happens

#PortlandProtests #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceBrutality #PortlandRiots
Elizabeth Caruthers Park is very close to the ICE building

In the past couple days, we have learned that ICE is conducting systemic mass hysterectomies on its prisoners

At a certain point, words are no longer enough
An activist on the megaphone reminds us of the stakes

That Trump had made it clear that, if re-elected, he will prosecute anyone arrested at these events for sedition

We begin to march
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At Elizabeth Caruthers Park, there is a march to the Portland ICE building planned at 8:00 PM. #ICE #AbolishICE #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #ACAB #portland #oregon #Protests #PortlandProtests #PortlandRiots
An apartment overlooking the park has BLM drawn on their window. #ICE #AbolishICE #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #ACAB #portland #oregon #Protests #PortlandProtests #PortlandRiots
Numbers are growing. The march to ICE is expected to start any minute now. #ICE #AbolishICE #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #ACAB #portland #oregon #Protests #PortlandProtests #PortlandRiots
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March in route to JDH. Lots of respirators
Gotta have music on a march
March arriving at JDH, there are areas that are taped off.
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Oregon wildfires in Clackamas County are now confirmed to have been set by individuals with long rifles. Police are seen taking them into custody having averred these arsonists set the state ablaze. #PortlandProtests Original video by Brittni DeVault…
Too many reports to catalog are coming in. This is from Ham radio 155.430 155.190 — Never forget what they do today. Never forget what they've done.
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Bombarding Portland Police with commercial grade fireworks, and is that car on fire? #Portlandprotests
Well Portland seems lively tonight #PDX
More mortar fireworks thrown at officers #Portland
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I just got shot twice. Blood on the ground multiple injured
I'd rather have BORTAC back these Trump deputized Troopsers are lost and acting with extreme force out of fear. He shot me point blank in the nipple and arm. Good thing I dont have a nipple ring and no pictures.
#pdxprotests Kate's Brown shirts need to be put in their place for this! This is unacceptable! Ambulance on the scene. These protesters were completely peaceful. This is what peace gets you. #portlandprotests #ACAB
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"Nazi racist car viciously attacks peaceful activists in yet another right-wing terror attack" #Portland
Their mom is going to be mad when they steal all the foil again #Portland
Our streets. #Portland
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Hi there, it's Friday and I'm at Kenton Park along with probably 200 protesters. Music faintly plays. The crowd relaxes, for now

Let's see what Night 99 brings

#PortlandProtests #PortlandRiots #PortlandProtest #BlackLivesMatter    #PoliceBrutality #DefendPDX
I have finally attained my very own squeeky pig. My life is complete
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“Law enforcement agents killed Michael Forest Reinoehl while trying to arrest him”… NYT write-up tries to wrap this case up & tie it with a bow — but the facts are far from cut & dried #PortlandProtests 1/
On Saturday, a caravan of Trump supporters, including members of the far-right group Patriot Prayer, entered Portland. During an altercation with counter protestors, a man named Aaron Danielson was shot & killed… #PortlandProtests 2/
Aaron Danielson was supporter of the far-right group Patriot Prayer… Proud Boys & Patriot Prayer are affiliated… #PortlandProtests 3/
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Good evening Portlanders! I originally made this account more anonymous for the sake of keeping my personal opinions and feelings from affecting the objectivity of my reporting. After much thought, I have decided to use my name instead.
I assure everyone that this will not change the content or style of my reporting. I will continue to strive for excellence in reporting the stories & people in the city that I love. Truth in journalism is now more important than ever, in these changing times.
Placing my name will likely bring more hazards in my work, but I would like to be able to personally stand behind the facts I report. Stay tuned Portland. More news to come. #PortlandProtests #pdxprotest #BlackLivesMatter
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Hi there, coming at you from Laurelhurst park where maybe 150 protesters are getting ready to march

Oh boy. Let's see what happens

#PortlandProtests #PortlandRiots #pdxprotest #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceReform #Police #DefendPDX
Like the Kaiser Chiefs in the early 2000s, I predict a riot

I predict this no matter what the protest does. National attention is on us. The police have a chance to really drive home that "violent anarchist" narrative tonight, and I expect them to lean into it hard
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#AntifaTerrorists and #BlackLivesMatter Celebrate Murder of Trump Supporter in #Portland tonight.

These are Vicious, Terroristic Marxists that have no regard for Human Life; only Social Justice Indoctrination/Dogma.

#PortlandProtests #PortlandProtest
It's getting pretty brutal out there....

#PortlandProtests #PortlandRIOT #Riots2020
Sooooo #Portland looks even more like a Post Apocalyptic Warzone than usual tonight 🙃🥴

Nice job Libtards 👍

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URGENT: RETWEET! I have strong belief from the video footage of a live I’ve viewed from Justin Dunlap. Please review and reach out to #portland police about it, the shooter I believe was not in the red car but on foot. #blm #blacklivesmatter #PortlandProtest #PortlandProtests
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The violent MAGA right assaults a member of the press in portland #portland #PortlandProtests
Please donate to @SnackVanTM
Also @PDXCarMedic and @Bitchwitch20 do good for portland community follow them with money
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Hello, I am crossing the Road Island bridge and looking behind to see an absolute wall of Trump-flag-flying trucks jamming McLoughlin from before Ross Island to Morrison

Massive numbers, heading downtown

New thread
I have just arrived at the Justice Center, where some protesters have gathered. Gonna keep things pretty vague because, you know, things seem very much in flux

This is probably going to be a very slow tweet thread and then, suddenly, a very busy one
We're at the Morrison Bridge and it's safe to say we've found the convoy
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There are some 600 cars participating in the conservative pro-Trump car caravan just outside Portland right now. They’re planning to drive through Clackamas to Portland. Antifa are discussing ways to oppose & stop them. They were unsuccessful in getting the rally cancelled.
This is taking place in a Portland suburb (Clackamas). The event is peaceful. They’re all going to drive into Portland. Antifa have used nails and other sharp objects to pop tires at their riots.
The travel route has been released. Looks like they’re all staying on the highway around Portland and are not going into downtown. #PortlandProtests
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#September1st is the first day of

💥 Largest organized #GeneralStrike in modern US history

💥 Begins the same day as the nationwide #MarchForJustice for #BreonnaTaylor

💥 Every city will implement the #PortlandPrototype protest model
The infamous, #antifascist City of Portland, Oregon, is now on Day 91 of its remarkably sustained #resistance against the US #PoliceState.

In fact, the #PortlandProtests serve as an unlikely vanguard of modern day #BlackResistance and have provided for us something of a roadmap
forward for the #BlackLivesMatter movement. #AntiFascistAction to #DefendPDX has given us numerous ideas on how to proceed. As we all know, sustainability is key. #TheResistance in Portland has done exactly that. Not only has Portland demonstrated the tried and true methods of
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