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MAGA's are promoting DuckDuckGo which tells you all you need to know.
A mother speaks out on how she got caught in an QANON conspiracy world.
Trump just used us.…#qanon #oann oann #qnon #qanons…
How I got lured into QAnon on TikTok: Mother reveals how she was brainwashed by conspiracy theory group videos until she ended up 'so far down the rabbit role'
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#Hypocrisy is: calling yourself a #Christian and promoting hate, violence and unlawfulness.
#Dems4USA #DemCast #ONEV1 #DemVoice1 Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
#Hypocrisy is: calling yourself an #AmericanPatriot and not abiding by the U. S. Constitution. 2/18
#Dems4USA #DemCast #ONEV1 #DemVoice1 Photo by Zack Marshall on Unsplash
#Hypocrisy is: calling yourself #ProLife and supporting the death penalty. 3/18
#Dems4USA #DemCast #ONEV1 #DemVoice1 Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash
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1. Capitol police are used to dealing with tourists. Street cops are used to dealing with the streets. I refuse to defame any agency. I #BackTheBlue. What happened on 1/6/21 was unacceptable, whether you believe testimony or not. We saw it. Comparing it to the BLM riots
2. Is a valid point, but it should not be perceived as a valid excuse. It upsets me when those who hate cops now want to feign support in order to prove some sick narrative. Police aren’t pawns or props for your divisive shit show. Those of you who compare what happened to 9/11
3. But ignore the fact that DC, along with almost every urban city in America was burning just weeks before 1/6, are the problem. Those of you who wear a mourning band across your shield when an officer is killed, but now want to call other cops cowards based on their version of
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Ok. So in honor of all police officers across this great nation, I’d like all of my brethren to post to this thread the best or worst call/situation you’ve ever responded to (or both)

Let’s show all of these cop haters that we aren’t robots #BackTheBlue #BlueLivesMatter 💙🖤🙏🏼
So, here’s one of mine;

Responded to a possible jumper. Was on the alley side of the building while ESU was trying to set up the airbag. Lady on the roof ledge rocking back & forth on her tiptoes. Crowd is yelling “jump,” son is yelling up at her from a window “mom please, no!”
She tips forward & slightly pushes off. Her son’s scream resonates over the crowd. She hits a gate between the buildings & it splits her clean in half. Her bottom half lands by my feet. She was broken, trying to lift herself up. Didn’t know she was dead yet. I’ll never forget her
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@retrofitness Hello, I need to reach out to you all about an racially antagonizing incident that happened last night at your Edison, NJ location. I just joined your gym last week and now I have no choice but to cancel my membership.
@retrofitness This is the #BlueLivesMatter flag hanging up in the middle of the gym area. My sister said this flag was never hanging up before but suddenly it is hanging on the day of #DerekChauvinTrial #DerekChauvinVerdict Why? Is there a subliminal message being communicated?
This incident happened last night and I called the Edison,NJ @retrofitness to resolve this issue and a woman who said she was in charge got very defensive with me and said that there was nothing wrong with the flag.
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Jury Questionnaire for Chauvin Trial Raises Concern About Racial Bias in Jury Selection Process -…
The jury questionnaire for the #DerekChauvinTrial is a total of 69 questions. Two of them have provided a center basis for the questioning: “How favorable or unfavorable are you about #BlackLivesMatter” and “How favorable or unfavorable are you about #BlueLivesMatter.” Image
The jury questionnaire serves as somewhat of a prerequisite for the attorneys to determine if people would be able to serve as impartial jurors, but the way the attorneys expound upon these questions during voir dire examination has many raising an eyebrow at the system. Image
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The white supremacists who have been screaming #BlueLivesMatter when they were killing black people are now killing cops with white supremacist tattoos. They’re starting to eat their own.
A spiderweb tattoo means one of two things: You’ve done hard prison time or you’re a white supremacist. You can’t do time in prison and be a cop, so you do the math.

“Some groups required that you would have to kill a minority before you could wear such a tattoo.”
I grew up in the same circle with this dude @JoshMerriott. One day he loses his shit, we get into an argument and he calls me the n-word. Long story short: He now works as a correctional officer, he has spiderweb tattoos all over his arms, and is a fervent Trump supporter. Math.
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You'll always win if you change the rules when you're losing. It then becomes natural to assume God's favor is on you b/c your "winning record" is evidence of His will. For decades Evangelical Conservatives (EC's) have told us "justice" must be Biblical, not social.

Biblical = aligned with God's righteousness not pursuing human rights. We were told don't protest, trust the system, & leave it in God's hands. If we didn't comply, we were called: Communists, Critical Race Theorists, Heretics, Liberals, Social Justice Warriors, et al.

Romans 13 was used as a proof text used for us to comply, if we didn't we were not "Biblical". Yet, when restrictions were placed on in-door Church gatherings many EC's claimed persecution. Protests in the form of gatherings inside churches were held, w/ masks optional.

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This is just sad. I watched family break down in the middle of the street over the loss of #KevinPetersonJr and now Far-Right chuds are planning on harrassing a Vigil for him tonight. Ill add to thread about the threats last night and chatter I hear about tonight. 1/
4 different Far Right contingents calling for peeps 2 show at Vigil.Audra Price from #BlueLivesMatter Cops NW group and Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer are 2. Audra helps spread rumors there was a riot last night in Hazel Dell. I havnt seen this type of chud response in a bit 2/
Here are the rumors chuds are spreading of rioting last night and explosives targeting bridges. Donnalyn is not even from here but shows alot with her Nazi Buddy Jimmy Willingham. ProudBoy Chad Feldman that knocked out a women with his cast on A22 has 25ppl coming 3/...
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2 dudes in black Range Rover, got out and pulled guns on protesters, yelling #BlueLivesMatter , fag*ot, and talking about serving in military. Blonde in the car. No plates, purchased at D&C.
2)Plot thickens: This fed followed guys with guns to Ardea apts, but slowed and kept going when gunmen turned & he circled. I pulled next to him (before I knew he was a Fed) & asked if he saw dudes with guns, he stumbled on words "I heard it, I was on the phone." I replied...
..."They fired"
Fed: "No I heard people saying the guys had guns, I better get out of the way"(he drove off)
After everyone left same plain clothed Fed drove into ICE building. I circled around and other protesters were returning. About 45 min later he drove out with DHS escort.
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[Thread]About BLM ribs.Hijacking Riot Ribs with threats of violence, grifting, paying violent teens to attack people, reports of sexual assaults that have people in hiding, assault by Edreece and collab with #FarRight Context ⬇️Moving on to recent event 1/
2)There have been many threats made by current BLM ribs. They brandished and threatened with guns last Fri and threatened to "shut down"@PDXJail_Support (and did). Bradford (left) threatening journalist & Phil (right)(told some he is JP).
3)"Phil" motioning under his jacket and telling people to turn themselves in. They are filming and calling them out for taking houseless people's stuff. Video later in video shows Phil telling the story of intimidation. Full video
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Sudah pandemi, tertimpa RUU Cilaka pula!

Oligark, DPR, Pemerintah kompak menggolkan RUU Cilaka alias Omnibus Law.

#atasiviruscabutomnibus #jegalsampaigagal #jegalsampaibatal #tolakomnibuslaw #batalkanomnibuslaw #mositidakpercaya #sahkanRUUPKS ImageImage
Malam Minggu di tengah pandemi dipakai DPR dan Pemerintah buat rapat yang menyepakati menetapkan peraturan bangsat ini. Tinggal dibawa ke rapat paripurna buat disahkan, dan nasib rakyat jelata pun makin merana.
Kenapa kita harus peduli? Oh, selama kita bukan bagian dari oligarki, (calon) Undang-undang itu memastikan kita makin diinjak dan dipinggirkan. Mampirlah ke kalau mau tahu lebih banyak kengeriannya.
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SCANDALE révélé dans l'affaire Legay de Nice! La parole du Président démentie de manière HONTEUSE. Ce qui en ressort est gravissime, il est urgent d'en prendre conscience. On en parle dans ce thread :…
Les faits remontent au 23/03/2019 avec une manifestante de 73 ans sérieusement blessée. Soit disant sans aucun contact avec la police dixit le PR E. Macron lui même. Pourtant un Capitaine de Gendarmerie alerte immédiatement sa hiérarchie de graves manquements.
Le rapport écrit par cet admirable officier est sans aucun équivoque sur les faits survenus ce jour là et sur l'état d'esprit du commissaire de police responsable de la charge ayant occasionnée la blessure de Mme Legay.
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@tylereifert used the NFL’s helmet decal provision to list David Dorn’s name which has been used by white nationalists online as anti-Black whataboutism to dismiss police brutality protests and victims. Image
NFL exec Anna Isaacson said the decals “amplify its social justice initiatives” and players can “select a *victim of systematic racism* who is not represented” on an NFL provided list.

@tylereifert & @AIfromBK, please explain how David Dorn is a victim of systemic racism. ImageImage
While David Dorn’s name has been co-opted by Trump and white nationalists to dismiss victims and protesters of police brutality, his daughters say Dorn wouldn’t want to be politicized, and disagreed with Trump’s attacks on Colin Kaepernick.

Tyler and the NFL need to explain. Image
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Proud Boys come to Portland and attack on August 22nd, local antifascists fight back. #ProudBoys #AntiFascist #antifa #PortlandProtests #PortlandOregon #BlackLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter #Portland
Youtube version-
Original thread with video coverage of August 22nd-
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Here are a few thoughts from me in the @washingtonpost on the Democrat's support for 🚨 crime and disorder
[A Thread]…
Let's look at a recent bill from the state of Virginia.

Passed in the Senate, this law would lessen penalties for assaults against police officers and first responders, while retaining penalties for assaults based on race or gender identity. 🤦‍♀️
If an individual was to assault a law enforcement officer 👮‍♀️, the bill would eliminate the six-month mandatory minimum sentence and lower the crime to a class-1 misdemeanor when it was previously a class-6 felony. ⚖️
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URGENT: RETWEET! I have strong belief from the video footage of a live I’ve viewed from Justin Dunlap. Please review and reach out to #portland police about it, the shooter I believe was not in the red car but on foot. #blm #blacklivesmatter #PortlandProtest #PortlandProtests
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#Kenosha is in real crisis.

My church's council & clergy are currently convened in an emergency meeting looking to find agreement on how best to respond and what we can best do to help support these protests while also working to support those who livelihoods are now ashes.

Bad actors, undoubtedly sympathetic to the causes of the white supremacist agenda have infiltrated social media, local chat boards, and, by extension local and national media outlets.

They are working to heighten resentment against the protesters and to grow fear.

They've spread rumors that protestors will be targeting churches, synagogues, daycares, and schools tonight.

But these threats are not logical nor do they follow the patterns of other protests cycles we've experienced.

These are community wide resources being threatened.

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In 2020 so far, 27 police officers have been shot and killed. Also this year, 32 officers have been killed in traffic related incidents. In 2019, 13 unarmed black men were killed, this year is trending the same. 48 officers were shot and killed in the line of duty in 2019.
So my question is, where is the outrage from everyone when police officers are killed at 3 to 4 more times then unarmed black men? Yet we have thousands out on the street protesting.
In 2019. Of the 48 officers feloniously killed:
15 died as a result of investigative or law enforcement activities
6 were traffic stops
4 were investigative activities
2 were drug-related
2 were interacting/wanted persons
1 was investigating suspicious person or circumstance.
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Mini-thread: My Mom and Dad @Ahouck610 woke up to this far-left message stabbed on an American flag attached to a soldier figurine at their front door in PA. In a neighborhood of Biden, BLM, and "Hate Has No Home Here" signs, my parents dare to have multiple 🇺🇸 flying out front ImageImage
Last night, they had a giant #BlueLivesMatter flag on the pole hanging next to the garage door, a U.S. Marine Corps flag (@Ahouck610 is a veteran), and yardsigns for @LloydSmuckerPA, @realDonaldTrump, and State Rep. @stevementzer4PA.
In other words, their crime? Supporting our LEOs, troops, and the candidates of their choice. They did not have a Ring video doorbell (but they ordered one today). Police were notified and a neighbor happened to see the suspect so police got a description.
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Join me in praying for the grieving families and loved ones of the two police officers, Edelmiro Garza, and Ismael Chavez, who were killed in an ambush while responding to a domestic dispute call in McAllen, Texas, on Saturday.…
Police officers across our nation are hurting. Their difficult jobs have been made even more stressful. When Democratic leaders condone lawlessness, do not support our law enforcement, & support defunding the police, it feeds & breeds violence, disrespect, & dangerous attitudes.
Unbelievably, Officer Chavez’s daughter was slammed by some on Twitter. How could anyone criticize these innocent & heartfelt words: “I’m going to miss you so much. you died doing what you loved most, you died a hero. i love you daddy, see you soon. #bluelivesmatter 💙.”
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LONG THREAD: Last night, #BlueLivesMatter and the NYPD fought with #BlackLivesMatter protesters in Brooklyn.

This is the first of many incidents of violence I see in the footage I received.

All footage in thread by @JonFarinaPhoto for @N2Sreports - contact me for licensing.
A pro-cop activist tried to drive through the crowd, prompting an anti-cop activist to block the car.

Police escorted the car and later motorcycle traffic through.
Another fight broke out. Before police intervened, a pro-cop participant in the fight clearly threw a swing at a journalist's camera (19 seconds in). An officer pulled him away but did not arrest.
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Für den 6. Juni schaltet der Airport Kassel, nord-hessisches Konkurrenzprojekt zum Flughafen Paderborn, diese Anzeige. In Gedenken an den ermordeten Walter #Lübcke und in der Phase der aktuellen antirassistischen Proteste in den USA bleibt die Ware Flugurlaub offenbar "In Time".
Das kleinste Gemeinsame, das hier bestellt wird, ist der Liberalismus, Internationalität wird zu einer Weltoffenheit, die Geschäft ist. Beide können in einer angeblich sich tragenden (so der oberste Bürgermeister der Stadt Kassel etwa zur gleichen Zeit) und
übersubventionierten Veranstaltung Rassismus nur eine Absage erteilen, alles andere wäre geschäftsschädigend. Charity (Almosen) ist ebenso "In Time". Nur, an der Anzeige "Violence Cancelled" ist die semantische Tiefe erkennbar: Der Flug "Gewalt" war geplant, fällt aber aus?
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Have you ever listened to a black woman in America explain what the Movement for Black Liberation is all about? Be honest! Have you? Here's your opportunity. Presented by me, Mr. #ProfessionalVirtueSignaler Part 1/?
Part 2
Part 3 w/ Dominique Hazzard w/ @BlackYouthProj
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