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If you’re a wanted felon on parole who beats up your girlfriend, gets in a high speed chase with police and then tries to have a stand-off (with a deadly weapon) you deserve to be shot. Rather him than a LEO, sorry not sorry #BlueLivesMatter
People bitching about “use of force” why don’t you get out there and walk towards the guy with a daisy🙄
He looks like a sweetheart. #RIP
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Currently going viral in France, a video shows members of the Gendarmerie (a paramilitary unit with civil jurisdiction) toss a disabled man out of his wheelchair.

Incident took place in Bessan, France.

(running out of characters, see comment below)
It's a bit unclear how things got to this point, but after a verbal exchange and manhandling from the officers physically lifting the man and setting his wheelchair in the mud (where he can't move it) he tries to yell at them, they spin his chair away so that he can't.
From there, it becomes clear that he is stuck in the mud and one of the yellow vests and a regular dressed man approaches to help push him...then an officer seems to decide to intervene again. This one may have been trying to help, it isn't clear.
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🔴#WalkAway: "I've lived in silence for over 21 years as a registered Republican & NRA member. Since the time I was able to vote I was a Republican & the person who taught me about the differences between the Republican & Democrat Party was my government & economics teacher...1
in high school. He taught the whole class the differences between the parties & what they stood for it, but never once did he interject his personal beliefs into his lessons. At the end of every lesson he would tell us "now it's our turn to decide". Now since we have a great...2
President whom I believed in since day one & #Blexit I have been able to come out of the Shadows & unafraid to talk about where I stand. #GodHasBeen2Good #Walkaway #MAGA #IStand4TheFlag #BlueLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter" - Versace 🇺🇸 (3/3)
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BREAKING: @TWITTER just published the full dataset of tweets from the Russian and Iranian troll farms.

9 million Russian tweets. 1 million Iranian tweets. #motherlode

They gave @DFRLab a look ahead of time.

Thread on the findings to follow.…
Main takeaways. The troll operations:

- were about the home government first
- had multiple goals
- targeted specific activist communities
- apolitical
- opportunistic
- evolved
- not always high-impact…
First point: the troll operations started off as defending the home government.

Timeline on 9 million Russian tweets here.

Russian-language posts outnumbered the English ones, and peaked higher and earlier.

Russians were the first targets.
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+1. We saw both sides. The differences are stark. @SenateGOP will you listen to survivors? Or will you dismiss those with the courage to come forward? Will you let law enforcement investigate claims or will you let elite white men shut down investigations into their behavior?
@SenateGOP will you follow the norms established around the confirmation process or will you change them to save one of your own while blaming the victim? Will you call witnesses or will you let the headaybof an interested party and liar on the record determin his own evidence?
@SenateGOP you are fond of saying #bluelivesmatter but when it comes to trusting the law enforcement professionals at the FBI, you balk. Does law enforcement matter? If so why don’t you trust them to investigate?
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Let us NOT forget the victims of illegal aliens, & the crimes they committed on Americans! #DemsLibs do you see brought against us? #QAnon #WWG1WGA
#DominicDanielDurden Sheriff Dept, 911 dispatcher, 30. His death is d/t the failure of the Obama immigration system, according to his mother.
Grants life was worth 2 packs of cigarettes to 1 dreamer.
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Alright there's no need to keep this inside the whisper network, it's in the public record & people should know so they can make an informed decision. Plus I wanna highlight some things we can learn. Renee Warner was one of Michael Landis's students at Tarleton State University
In March 2017, according to a screenshot Warner shared with the Tarleton student newspaper, Landis texted her, "Wanna get together for dinner, drinks, & movies? My wife will be away ... so it'll just be me & the dogs. #lonely"…
Warner said she was disappointed because she really looked up to Landis as an anti-racist ally
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Yesterday #ICE physically restrained my client just outside the #EastBoston District Court clerk's office immediately after he made bail. The chief of probation said it was the first time in 40 yrs immigration authorities had actually entered the courthouse.
2/ He is 21 years old. No crim record. 1 month away from a greencard. Facing serious harm if deported.

We had done everything possible to keep him from #ICE, but even the #Boston #TrustAct could not protect him.

This is a problem.

@LydiaMEdwards @marty_walsh @adrianmadaro
3/ Even when they are on a state-issued GPS bracelet, ICE officers will cut the bracelet off and toss it back onto a probation officer's desk. Even so, probation told me that they are officially "neutral" on #ICE actions. I tried to explain that there is no "neutral" here.
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1) It is time for a Revival of Entertainment, something we all know and love. Something that has been lost for a while. We see how well @Marvel is doing with it's @netflix shows, well @Hasbro is sitting on a gold mine with GI JOE. I have written a series that would bring it
2) Back!! We should be honoring our #Vets and Service men and women with shows that would make the youth proud of where they are from. I loved rooting for GI JOE, and the show was a sense of enjoyment, it brought about leadership, & everyone worked for a common goal to end evil
3) I propose a series to it's rebirth, live action. GI JOE can no longer be it's own military unit as we have the @USNavy , @USMC , @usairforce , @USArmy , @NationalGuard , @uscoastguard and reserves - so my show would start off with GI JOE ALPHA a new small group that is a
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(1) On Tuesday our great POTUS visits California for the first time since his historic 2016 win. Main event is a visit our #BuildTheWall prototypes. I will have photos below.

Here's Sabine Durden speaking of her late son at the Convention. #AngelMoms #AngelDads #NeverForget
(2) There are dozens of good reasons to #BuildTheWall, but I like to pause and remember the families who lost loved ones first. We have to save lives.

I've gathered photos of the site near San Diego, then I'll show you some Leftist protesters from today. On Tuesday, ignore 'em.
(3) Then the rest of the thread will be my usual relentlessly positive photos about the #POTUSinCA visit, which I'm sure will be another great day for the #MAGA movement of sane, law-abiding Americans. #KeepAmericaGreat #RedWaveRising #GOPUnity

Did I say there will be horses?
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Recently, our lab published a paper “frame contests” within the #BlackLivesMatter and #BlueLivesMatter conversations on Twitter in 2016. Not surprisingly, those conversations often had a very divisive tone.… [thread]
For that work, we created a shared audience graph that demonstrated the underlying structure of those frame contests—and clearly demonstrated two “sides” of the political conversation. Echo chambers.
When Twitter released the 1st batch of accounts related to the RU-IRA troll factories, we cross-referenced those with our #BlackLivesMatter & #BlueLivesMatter data and… some of the most active & most influential accounts ON BOTH SIDES were RU-IRA trolls.…
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2/ A new mass shooting just occurred! Let's Begin:
3/ L: We need to do something! Let's enact common sense gun control! But for reals this time!
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#Thread #Equity: It is difficult to shake off #privilege. Difficult. And it is even harder to explain it to those who enjoy it.
I see so many men writing posts about sharing responsibilities at home, being participatory fathers, not dominating women etc.
This is great. So many are becoming "woke" and we must celebrate it. But here's the flip side and herein lies privilege.
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