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I'm seeing a number of tweets asking how a mass shooting can occur in a mall in Copenhagen despite the strict firearms legislation in place here. It feels necessary to add some facts to the conversation: 🧵🧶🪡
#shooting #mall #copenhagen #Denmark
1) Denmark has had two random (2) mass shootings in eight (8) years, today and one in 2015, where two (2) died. That is 0,25 shooting a year for a country of roughly six million. I'm fairly certain the US have long since used up that horrible quota.
2) Gang shootings are not a part of that number (0,25/year). Why? They have claimed relatively few victims and are rare. Perps usually use handguns and not assault weapons (there's that legislation again!). They also target rival gangs, making them less deadly for "civilians".
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Field's shooter confirmed to be 22 year old Danish male Noah Esbensen. #Copenhagen #Denmark #fields #shooting
He uploaded 4 videos titled "I don't care" the day before the shooting Image
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(1/5)भारतीय पैरा एथलीट अवनी लेखरा ने अपने शानदार खेल की बदौलत दुनियाभर में एक बार फिर भारत का नाम रोशन कर दिया है।

मंगलवार को वर्ल्ड शूटिंग पैरा स्पोर्ट्स रैंकिंग जारी की गई, जिसमें गोल्डन गर्ल अवनी ने R2- 10 मीटर एयर राइफल महिला SH1 और Image
(2/5)R8-50 मीटर राइफल 3 पोजिशन महिला इवेंट में दुनियाभर में पहली रैंक हासिल की है।
इसके साथ ही, शूटिंग में एक साथ दो वर्ल्ड रैंकिंग में ऐसा करने वाली अवनी भारत की पहली पैरा खिलाड़ी बन गई हैं।

इस महीने फ्रांस में आयोजित वर्ल्ड शूटिंग चैंपियनशिप में अवनी ने 2
(3/5)गोल्ड मेडल जीत इतिहास रचा था। 11 जून को उन्होंने 50 मीटर राइफल इवेंट, जबकि 7 जून को उन्होंने 10 मीटर एयर राइफल इवेंट में भी गोल्ड मेडल जीता था। वहीं अब जून के महीने में ही वर्ल्ड नंबर वन का खिताब भी अवनी ने अपने नाम किया है।
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Horrific. A gunman wearing military-style clothing and body armor kills at least 10 people at a supermarket in #Buffalo, #NewYork#racism, misogyny, lax regulations and #gunviolence are interlinked. US policymakers are equally responsible! #endgunviolence…
I live in upstate NY and visit the local #Topssupermarket — I have seen young men dressed as military personnel. The #Buffalo #shooting is just a chilling reminder that U.S. civilians own 400 million #guns —almost half of civilian held firearms globally.
120+ guns/ 100 residents
In 2015 @MotherJones published a special investigation detailing the cost of #gunviolence:$229 billion a year (2012 data). $8.6 billion in direct spending—emergency/medical care & $221 billion in “indirect” costs, quality of life of victims.
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@ir_rkp Hienoa, täytyykin viestittää @ZelenskyyUaaa'lle että kieltää Suomen vale oppositiopuolueet, siionistien @persut ja Kremlin @kokoomus laittomina.
@ir_rkp @ZelenskyyUaaa @persut @kokoomus Voi kysyä lupaa myrkyttää Suomessakin, epämiellyttäviä kansanryhmiä.
- Esim. Candida albicans on tuottoisin 'sairaus' 100 vuoteen. #BigPharma sanoo sitä 'syöväksi'.
#Candidiasis ei parane 'syöpä'hoidoilla, vaan potilaat menehtyvät tuskallisesti n. 5 vssa.
@ir_rkp @ZelenskyyUaaa @persut @kokoomus #Nuremberg 2.0, #sotarikos ei vanhene.
#VAERS Summary for #COVID19 'Vaccines' through 3/4/2022 | Mar 12, 2022
- Covid -sotarikokset jatkuvat Suomessakin, haavoittuvassa asemassa olevien teurastaminen #BigPharma'n voitelemana.…
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🚨#Elections2022 #lecandidat #MacronDehors 👎🏼
1/n L'indécence de la communication héroïque du Président 🇫🇷 candidat à sa réélection & doté du bilan qu'on lui sait, me pousse à faire 1 exception à la neutralité que je vise d'ordinaire.
il suffit !😡
↔️… Image
2/n Je commencerai par le slogan #lecandidat.
Un temps surprenant, le message émis est pourtant limpide : il est sûr d'être LE seul candidat digne de diriger les enfants de 🇫🇷.
Cette pauvre France qui souffre temps (par la conséquences de quelles décisions au fait ?)... Image
3/n Il incarnerait donc une figure allégorique, sorte de PERE, sauveur d'un monde confus, plein de dangereux virus 🦠 et barbares 🇷🇺, dans lequel il apportera toutes solutions 💉🔫en rédempteur de ses valeurs (cf sa lettre A4 de campagne officielle ➡️…) Image
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#Extrajudicial_Killings in #Nangarhar:
"Last night, Haji Yunus was evicted from his house in Lalmi village of Chaparhar District&later killed in Saparo village.
Also, a man named Sakhi Dad originally from Khogyani, was beheaded in Surkh Rod district," Shinwari Kara News reported.
Meanwhile, the same source reported that "Unidentified gunmen shot dead a man near the 40-meter road in PD4 of #Jalalabad City, today evening."
No details are available about the identity of the victim & the reason behind his killing yet.
#ISKP claimed responsibility for yesterday's #shooting incident in PD4 of #Jalalabad City:
"Caliphate soldiers targeted a member of the intelligence of the #Taliban in PD4 (of Jalalabad City), in #Nangarhar (Province), with automatic weapon, which led to his death."
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Another good news & great moment as India won Gold and Silver medals in shooting. Congratulations to Manish Narwal for the Gold Medal and Singhraj for the Silver medal at the #Tokyo2020paralympics : Union Minister @KirenRijiju. Image
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#FOOTHILLS #SHOOTING: @ABQPoliceChief Medina says 2 officers shot, frustrated with 4 incidents in the last few weeks that have targeted law enforcement. Says he needs all parts of the criminal justice system working together to address ABQ's violent crime. @KOB4
Medina: "As a community we have to draw a line in the sand. We can't think we can assist every individual. There are some people who should stay in jail, and we can't be afraid to say that."
Medina: 1 officer in critical condition; 1 officer just went through surgery; 2 other officers sustained injuries but no idea of what long term consequences they could be dealing with

1 in custody - all indications only shooter - other individuals being detained
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Schedule For Indian Sports Fan..

#Basketball: @BFI_basketball Will In Action Against 🇸🇦 In Group H Qualifiers For @FIBAAsiaCup From Aug 20 8:45 PM(IST)

#VolleyBall :India Team Will In Action Against 🇯🇵 In Asian Men's Volleyball Championship On 14th Sep 2021 (2:30)PM IST
#Handball : India's First Professional Handball League ( @PHLIndia ) Will Be Starting Soon

#Hockey: India Hockey Men's Team Will Be Action In Asian Champions Trophy From 1 Oct To 9 Oct
#Archery: World Archery Championship Will Begin From 19th Sep To 26th Sep

#Boxing: World Boxing Championship Will Begin From 26th Oct To 6th Nov 2021

#Wrestling : World Wrestling Championship Will Begin From 2nd Oct To 10th Oct 2021
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A random “Aap log rona band kijiye “ thread

lets begin with Neeraj Chopra
Support by sports ministry during pandemic 😷 thanks to @KirenRijiju ji 2/n
Visa arrangements made by MOFA during pandemic,Thanking @DrSJaishankar sir 3/n
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DÍA 10
Medallero Olímpico #DEN
🥇1 🥈1 🥉2

#Athletics | 400m. vallas femenino
Lamentablemente, Sara tropezó con una valla y no logró pasar a la final.
Tuvo un gran gesto al calmar y luego felicitar a su rival, #UKR TKACHUK Viktoriya, quién esperaba conocer si clasificaba.
#Badminton | Individual masculino
#DEN AXELSEN Viktor (21-21)
#CHN CHEN Long (15-12)
Otra contundente victoria por 2-0, Viktor vuelve a demostrar su categoría y se cuelga la de Oro.
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¡Tenemos resumen de los representantes venezolanos #VEN en los #JuegosOlimpicos durante este domingo en la noche y lunes a primera hora!

🔴Julio Iemma.
🏋️‍♀️Naryury Pérez.
🏃‍♀️ Robeilys Peinado.

¡Dale RT, sígueme y únete al hilo! 🧵
#Shooting Julio Iemma no contó con mucha fortuna en su participación de los 50m Rifle del Tiro Deportivo.

El venezolano se ubicó en la posición 39 con promedio de 9.433.

Iemma se despide de #Tokyo2020
#Weightlifting Naryury Pérez participó en el levantamiento de pesas 87Kg. En el arranque levantó 112Kg y en el envión solo alcanzó alzar 130Kg.

Finalizó su participación con 242Kg en el séptimo lugar con diploma olímpico. 👏

#Tokyo2020 #VEN
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Medallero Olímpico #DEN
🥇0 🥈1 🥉1

#Athletics | 400m. vallas femenino
La abanderada danesa, medalla de plata en #Rio2016 consiguió su pase a semifinales con un tiempo de 55.52
#Athletics | 100m. masculino
Su tiempo de 10.20 no le bastó para avanzar de ronda.
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#Tokyo2020 | RESULTADOS

Día 4
#Badminton | Dobles femenino
Grupo C
#AUS S. Mapasa / G. Somerville (21-13-21)
#DEN S. Thygesen / M. Fruergaard (19-21-12)
Duro revés para nuestras representantes, que al perder contra las australianas quedaron sin posibilidades de acceder a los cuartos de final.
#Badminton | Dobles masculino
Grupo B
#JPN H. Endo / Y. Watanabe (21-21-21)
#DEN K. Astrup / A.S. Rasmussen (14-12)
Los nuestros cayeron derrotados ante los locales. Sin embargo, están clasificados a los cuartos de final, sus cruces no han sido sorteados aún.
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#Tokyo2020 | RESULTADOS

Día 3
#TableTennis | Individual masculino
Fase 2
#DEN Jonathan Groth (4)
#HUN Bence Majoros (1)
Nuestro representante se impuso al húngaro
Ahora, en la fase 3, enfrentará al francés Simon Gauzy.
#Shooting | Skeet masculino
Día 2/Final
#DEN Jesper Hansen 🥈

En las rondas 4 y 5 acertó todos los tiros y entro en el desempate (122p.). Luego logró el 6° puesto (5+8+20) que le aseguró el pase a la final.
Su final fue 56/60 puntos y obtuvo la medalla 🥈
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#Tokyo2020 | RESULTADOS

Día 1
#Swimming | Relevo 4x100 libre femenino
#DEN Pernille Blume, Signe Bro, Julie K. Jensen, Jeanette Ottesen
8° (3:35.70)
Aunque comenzaron muy bien, las representantes danesas no lograron la medalla, sin embargo dieron una muy buena impresión en la competición.
#Rowing | Skiff masculino
Cuartos de Final 2
#DEN Sverri Nielsen
1° (7:10.52)
Finalmente llegó a las semifinales A/B, donde competirá por un lugar en la Final A, para ello, deberá quedar entre los 3 primeros de su semifinal, a disputar el 28/07 a las 11:28AM (Hora Tokio 🇯🇵)
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Der nächste #Olympics-Tag ist übrigens schon wieder angelaufen - die ersten Runden in den #Surfing-Bewerben finden statt. Guten Abend, miteinander. Image
Worauf ihr am zweiten offiziellen Wettkampftag aus österreichischer Sicht zu schauen habt, #Ölympia:
#Shooting: Steiner (2:00), Strempfl (6:00)
#Rowing: Altenhuber/Cavallar (3:30), Lobnig (4:20)
#TableTennis: Habesohn (7:45), Gardos (9:15)
#ArtisticGymnastics: Hämmerle (4:55)
#Swimming: Auböck (Finale/3:30), Grabowski (12:07), Reitshammer (12:56), Kahler (13:12)
#Tennis: Marach/Oswald (2.S. nach 4:00)
#CyclingRoad: Kiesenhofer (6:00)
#CanoeSlalom: Wolffhardt (6:50)
#Equestrian: Schumach (10:09), Bacher (14:15)

Ihr merkt also: Ihr müsst durchmachen.
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#Tokyo2020 | RESULTADOS

Día 1
#Handball | Masculino
Grupo B
🇩🇰 Dinamarca 47
🇯🇵 Japón 30
#Badminton | Individual masculino
Grupo E
🇩🇰 Viktor Axelsen (21-21)
🇦🇹 Luka Wraber (12-11)
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🗓️ AGORA COMEÇOU DE VEZ! Toda a programação para o dia de hoje nesse MEGA fio 🧶!

#JogosOlímpicos #Tokyo2020
#Shooting (Felipe Wu #BRA) 🥇
#Handball (#NOR x #BRA)
#Fencing (Natalie #BRA x Rossella Fiamingo #ITA) 🥇;
#TableTennis (Jessica Yamada #BRA x Rachel Moret #SUI);
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#TeamIndia's #Tokyo2020 events on July 24 thread:

#Shooting: Women's 10m Air Rifle: Elavenil Valarivan, Apurvi Chandela (Qual: 5 am, Final: 7:15 am)

Men's 10m Air Pistol: Saurabh Chaudhary, Abhishek Verma (Qual: 9:30 am, Final 12:00 pm)
#Archery: Mixed team event (6am onwards)

#Hockey: Men: 6:30 am, Women: 5:15pm

#Tennis: Men's single - Sumit Nagal: 7:30am

#TableTennis: Mixed Doubles Round of 16: Sharath/Manika: 8:30am

Women's single: Manika vs Tin Ho: 12:15 pm
Sutirtha Mukherjee vs Linda Bergstroem 1:00 pm
#Rowing: Men's lightweight double sculls Heat 2: A. Lal Jat, A. Singh: 7:30 am

#Judo: Round of 32 (Women's 48KG) S.D. Likmabam vs E. Csernoviczki: 8:28 am

#Wrestling: Women's 49kg - Chanu Saikhom Mirabai: 10:20 am
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Here is my experience inside #Nationals Park tonight. I share it knowing that it does not compare to what the victims of this #shooting or any other experience.

You learn who your husband really is when you have to run for your life.
We were up over by Section 319 finishing our @shakeshack when after the third out there were 6-8 pops. I noticed them and thought, “That’s a strange new sound effect and a strange time to play it.”

Then we saw people on the first level looking and crouching, followed by people
running to the exit, and noticed that all the players were not just off the field, but had gone back into the clubhouses…at that point I knew that what I had heard was not a sound effect, but gunshots.

We decided not to run but to stay where we were as we heard people say it
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India’s Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar bagged the gold medal in the men’s 50m rifle 3 positions event at the ISSF World Cup in New Delhi on March 24. The 20-year-old became the youngest in history to win a shooting World cup gold in the three 3 Positions event. Image
Hungary's Istvan Peni took home the silver medal while Denmark's Steffen Olsen finished third to secure the bronze medal. This was India's 8th gold medal in the ongoing World Cup. India continues to dominate the medal tally with 15as of now.
Two other Indian shooters in the final had a disappointing game, with Sanjeev Rajput finishing sixth and Niraj Kumar coming in at the last position.
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