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Another "Happy Baby Bride" in Islam 🤬
#WakeUpAmerica #ThisIsIslam
Is this what you want for your daughters America 🤔
@IlhanMN & @RashidaTlaib want this for your daughters. 😱
Also the little ones get female genital mutilation. 👹
#Feministas support this Insanity. 🤮
#SistersOfTerror in #Congress leading America down the garden path of Islamic 💀 and destruction with deception while you sleep. 😴 They hate American #Freedom & #Sovereignty.
#TheSquad hates YOU and @POTUS Trump !!!
Is your memory failing you my fellow Americans ? 🤔
Islam is about world dominance under their ideology.
Their are no friends of Islam, only allegiance to the Koran which sanctions all pictured here, jihad. If you are a Christian or Jew / (infidel) in their care, you are 💀.
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.@charliekirk11 is right. #Antifa is so bad the #proudboys today had to:

-hand to gland combat
-rough up the suspect
-badger the witness
-Box the one eyed champ
-play the 5 on 1
-beat the bishop
-make the bald man cry

Then shook hands with the milkman & left #PortlandProtest
I think there is a reporter out there who can report on #PortlandProtest using all these nuances above in the correct context.
@brooklynmarie ?
Don’t unfollow because of my tweet. It is accurate.
These are the #proudboys.
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I know I said I was done, but I realized on my drive home I should probably do some recap in one place.

From what I saw today, this protest was a bust for Joe Biggs and the group of people who traveled to Portland to "fight antifa." 1/
Within an hour of arriving at Waterfront Park, that group asked police if they could cross back over the river to the east side. Police say they allowed that as a way to keep groups separate. 2/
After the Proud Boys crossed the river, Biggs told reporters that his group had proven their point and that they never said they were going to protest for the full five hours listed on the Facebook event he created. They then left for a BBQ away from Portland. 3/
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Let's show everyone it's clear who the aggressors are here at the #PortlandProtest
#AntifaTerrorist to #PortlandCops "Trooper Drew shoot yourself!"
and SHARE THIS 👇 2)
Let's show everyone it's clear who the aggressors are here‼ #PortlandProtest
#AntifaTerrorist group attacking busses. 👊👊💥💥💥
More #AntifaTerrorist group attacking busses #PortlandProtest 👊👊💥💥💥
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Millions are fighting a losing battle for freedom and their very lives against the most murderous regime in human history. #FreeHongKong

Also today:

Weirdos LARPing at the #PortlandProtest, receiving at least as much attention in the US.

Protesting what, exactly?
Seriously you guys
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via @YouTube
@YouTube #LIVE #Portland #IRL
@YouTube Thread by @MrAndyNgo: "Flyers are posted around Portland saying that “armed violent white supremacists” are here to target black, indigenous,igious minorities, disabled, houseless & LGBTQ people. It call […]" #Antifa #PortlandProtest #PortlandProtests…
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#PortlandRally I was never much for protests or rallies. I get why folks want to confront these Nazis losers but it just plays into their plans. IMO best to just let the pathetic losers do their little rally. Non-violence is the only way to defeat these folks.
Trump wants violence. People who think they are helping deal with a fascist in the @WhiteHouse by giving him a pretext are misguided and IMO appear, whether wittingly or unwittingly, to be working for Trump. Go home folks. Register voters. It's much more constructive.
@WhiteHouse Remember, the GRU infiltrated Democratic Party groups in 2016.
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White supremacist “Proud Boys” prepare to march in #Portland, note the red MAGA caps:
Trump flag around “Proud Boys” member’s neck:

Anti-fascists possibly prepared to employ Black Bloc tactics chant against the presence of the white supremacists:

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For 3 years, rival political factions have descended on downtown Portland. Too often, they’ve beaten and brawled with one another.

Will this Proud Boys, antifa showdown mark a tipping point for the city?

Aug. 17 #PortlandProtests live updates:…
A couple of liaison officers are strolling through the left-wing gathering. Otherwise there’s a limited police presence in the waterfront park.
The right-wing group's event isn't scheduled to start until 11a, but they are already gathering.
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Flyers are posted around Portland saying that “armed violent white supremacists” are here to target black, indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Latin American, immigrant, religious minorities, disabled, houseless & LGBTQ people. It calls for organizing “self defense” groups.
Flyers are posted in Spanish as well:
#Antifa political propaganda & graffiti are all over this area of downtown Portland.
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Nader was Partying at Exclusive Island Resort w/ Bill Clinton
Epstein Island dungeon-beneath the temple #EpsteinIsland
This one case has the ability to bring down the (many) rich & powerful people.
Those who scream the loudest….…
#QAnon @GenFlynn @POTUS
#HumaAbedin connection to Nikki Hilton > Rothchild >Soros
Excellent thread @JoanofAmerica
U.S. State Department Tied To Child Trafficking Operation With Epstein
One of Epstein’s aircraft was linked to the trafficking of underage girls is owned and operated by the U.S. State Department.
Excellent Article👇…
@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #SundayMorning
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