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πŸš¨πŸ†˜πŸš¨ There are 9 Downey #California ACC #dogs whose 72 hr pleas expired today 😨 Only a handful of open kennels. Those not safe by 5 p.m. 3-21 will be in danger 😲 #ADOPT #FOSTER #PLEDGE
DASH #A5532684 Golden #husky 😍
ROXY RAE #A5529273 1 yo gray #gsd info ⬇
Adoptable 3 yo Golden #husky DASH at Downey CA ACC…
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πŸ†˜πŸ˜‘πŸ†˜ Downey #California ACC sent out final 72 hr pleas for TEN #dogs on 3-17 😲 4 yo 77 lb American #Bulldog GINGER may be the cutest 😍 She's a play group superstar! Please go to the shelter 2-5 p.m. & ask to see an urgent dog. List in thread ⬇
#A5532781 #AdoptDontShop
Adoptable 4 yo #Bulldog GINGER at Downey CA ACC…
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πŸ†˜πŸ’”πŸ˜­πŸ†˜ BERNARD, the 3 yo #GermanShepherd with the broken right front leg at Downey #California still has no #FOSTER πŸ˜₯ See thread if you can help. And please #PLEDGE if you can πŸ™ Every $ helps a med alert.
I wish we had a pic in the yard. We have no idea how much he's been out of the kennel πŸ˜₯ Although he may be very dog friendly, Bernard needs a foster where he can have his own quiet space to heal from surgery or possible amputation.
#SoCal #fosteringsaveslives
Listing for medically alerted #gsd Bernard at Downey CA…
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πŸ†˜πŸ’”πŸ†˜ JOEY is a 3 yo 72 lb #GermanShepherd mix near the top of the Downey #California ACC euth list 😨 Another terrific, overlooked dog. Good with other large calm #dogs . Please see him tomorrow 2-5 p.m. or offer to #FOSTER 4 rescue πŸ™ info ⬇
#A5525930 #AdoptDontShop
Adoptable #gsd mix JOEY at Downey CA ACC…
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πŸ†˜πŸ’”πŸ†˜ 24 #dogs on the Downey #California ACC euth list 😳 24 dogs given 72 hr pleas 2-2/2-4. None have left so far, but all are still listed at 1:30 p.m. 2-6. A very few have prospects. Please ADOPT one ASAP πŸ™ Walk in 2-5 p.m. More pics ⬇ #DowneyDogs #AdoptDontShop Image
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πŸ’”πŸ†˜πŸ’” 12 yo #GermanShepherd SHADOW is on the euth list at Downey #California ACC 😲 She is a likely fospice case. We don't want her to die in a cold euth room πŸ˜₯ She has 1 foster offer but low pledges 😞 More pledges & another foster offer or 2 plz πŸ™ More ⬇
#A5523115 Image
Shadow has masses on her mammary chain & a stiff gait - probably arthritis. Our goal in getting her out of the shelter is to make her comfortable for as long as possible & giving her the love she deserves πŸ™ Downey CA
#A5523115 Image
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πŸ†˜πŸ’”πŸ†˜ 6 last chance euth list #dogs at Downey #California ACC. Must leave this weekend! All adoptable! Walk in & #ADOPT 2-5 p.m, or reply here to #FOSTER 4 rescue - it's free 2 u πŸ™ info ⬇
#DowneyDogs #AdoptDontShop
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OPEN LETTER: Erie County is in a crisis. A crisis we have sadly become accustomed to.
Yesterday, I announced my campaign for Erie County Executive. I talked about improving our economy, making it a bubble up, rather a trickle-down model.

I talked about how our current economy was based on poverty, with too many people either living paycheck-to-paycheck or afraid to speak out against leadership because they may lose their job.

To put it bluntly, too many people either work for the system or can't find much work at all. The County Executive (who has been in county-wide office for nearly 20 years) said in response that quote, he has "managed Erie County to its best financial condition in history.”

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BUFFALO, NY (Feb. 1, 2023) β€” Today, former Grand Island Town Supervisor and two-time Democratic Congressional candidate Nate McMurray announced his bid for Erie County Executive.

β€œThe need for new leadership in Erie County government has never been greater,” McMurray said. β€œIn our county alone, the Blizzard of ’22 killed 46 people, left 26,000 families without heat and power, and caused tens of thousands more to go days without food and medical care.
Dozens of people froze to death, and countless homes sustained costly damage from high winds and burst pipesβ€”and amidst the crisis, the County Executive was the first to point fingers in an embarrassing tirade that drew international headlines and brought shame to WNY.

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Yes, I am running for County Executive. Because I believe:

--The status quo isn't acceptable
--Choice and open debate are good for democracy
--And I love Western New York, with unabashed optimism

If I win, you will see positive change--Guaranteed.…

I will not serve more than two terms.

I will host open town hall meetings to listen to the public

And I will fight corruption and open the political process

Let's get stuff done #gsd

Read my full vision here:
Read my campaign press release here:…
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πŸ’”πŸ†˜πŸ’” 12 yo #GermanShepherd mix HARRISON at Downey #California ACC certainly doesn't act like a senior. He needs a #SoCal #DogLover to save him from the euth-list ASAP πŸ™ Info ⬇
#AdoptDontShop #dogsoftwitter
Adoptable 12 yo #gsd mix HARRISON at Downey CA ACC…
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πŸ†˜ Downey CA Seniors in Need πŸ†˜
#ADOPT or apply to #FOSTER 4 rescue πŸ™
HARRISON #A5515497 12 yo 43 lb #gsd mix - he's fabulous! Still active!
TRI #A5515535 12 yo 42 lb Shiba Inu.
Both nearing euth list 😨 Contact & foster info ⬇
#AdoptDontShop #dogsoftwitter
Adoptable senior gsd HARRISON at Downey CA ACC…
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πŸ™πŸ†˜πŸ™ #SoCal #doglovers , please visit Downey #California ACC this weekend πŸ™ Over 70 homeless #dogs you can take home today! 1 yo brindle LOCKE #A5504660 & 5 yo #gsd WALTER #A5504525 are at the top of the euth-list and need you SO much. Info ⬇
#AdoptDontShop #dogsoftwitter ImageImage
Just took a look at the website - there are 80 dogs a year or over who are "Ready to go Home" plus 21 of the most adorable #Puppies you will ever see. All available for adoption at Downey CA ACC today. Walk-in 2-5 p.m.πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ…
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This tweet is dedicated to the many Biden campaign team that have worked tirelessly to get us to this moment!

@CristobalJAlex one of Biden's earliest and tireless staff has been on the trail for a very long time and sacrificed a lot, esp time away from Tai + Baby Boss
I think it's so important to lift up the 4 Latinx state directors of the new soon to be blue wall in the southwest
@thejessicamejia in Arizona, @alanamounce in Nevada, @ErnieApreza in Colorado and #RaulAlvillar in New Mexico.
To @JulieR2019 who joined post primary after being on the road at @KamalaHarris side. She has been a total #GSD soldier and proud of her as a history making Deputy CM.

@pilitobar87 @JenMolina_v @munozka315
and the comms team
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#MDSI2019 Day2 Session 2: "Standardization of file format I/O" by @jppiquem.

Straight into problems -- input files are a tougher cookie to crack than output πŸͺ
Actually, Day 2 Session 3 #hasphdcantcount
#Input: Many problems -- many possible solutions! How to find the right one? #goldilocks

#Output: probably easier to handle and we can learn from other fields, like climate research.
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This says perfectly what I have been trying to express: "It broke my heart. Here...was Beto, the first politician in years who’d captured a progressive Texanness that spoke to so many people, thirsty for the chance to move on.…
"Someone who cared about Texas, deeply, and who was committed to un-fucking this place. But then, suddenly, he became a man who turned too quickly into someone else, someone whoβ€Šβ€”β€Šagain, like meβ€Šβ€”β€Šhas believed the lie that Texas is not big enough."
"It is truly remarkable that Beto O’Rourke managed what he did in his senate campaign...And yet when tempted with the adoration and appreciation and opportunity of somebodies and somewhere else, he has sought to capture that."
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Dear #hospitals:

Your discharge planning sets #patients up for failure. How? Let me explain (again, & again, & again). #PtExp #PtSafety #PtEng #EHR #interoperability #PatientAdvocacy #medtwitter #GMDD #hcldr

Photo Credit: Rob Potter (Unsplash)
1)Follow up appts, essential to a patient’s health & recovery, are listed as part of the discharge summary. These appts are recommended to be scheduled within 7-10 days. To be best prepared, patients need their records. #healthcare #PtExp #PtSafety #PtEng #EHR #GMDD #medtwitter
2)All records from a patient's hospital admission should be AUTOMATICALLY sent to every listed follow-up physician. Hospitals, you know which drs patients need to see; it’s listed in the discharge plans. This step needs to be embedded in the workflow #PtExp #EHR #interoperability
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