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I understand the intense feellings on either side of this issue,

but if the news are telling you that Roe v Wade was settled law or that it would stand forever they are lying to you

Roe had a many rather large weaknesses, & its incredible it lasted as long as it did
Roe v Wade was always fragile,

Ginsburg said in a 1992 lecture that “doctrinal limbs too swiftly shaped, as experience teaches, may prove unstable”… @MrAndyNgo @MrAndyNgo @MattWalshBlog @lizzywol @wil_da_beast630 @Timcast @QTRBlackGarrett @libsoftiktok
isn't a rightwing talking point either,

many lefty outlets & journos pointed this out over the years, its a common belief taught in law school & discussed in congress & legislatures across the country

just not something they like to talk about openly…
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🔴 We're LIVE! Join @InclusionCA and @InclusionIntl to discuss the expansion of medical assistance in dying/#euthanasia in #Canada.

We'll be live-tweeting the session and sharing key points from the discussion here, follow this thread to catch the conversation!
During the COVID-19 pandemic, #Canada legalized a pathway to euthanasia for people who are not terminally ill, provided they have a disability or disabling medical condition.
In practice, people with disabilities are dying because they live in poverty, can’t secure affordable adequate housing, and are avoiding #institutionalization.
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We should not only make research more accessible because it is the right thing to do, but because it provides more accurate results.

Listen to the full podcast on our website:

#AcademicChatter #DisabledInSTEM #DisabledinHigherEd @FractalEcho
Video description: Purple background with a picture of Dr. Rua Williams: a person with light skin, brown hair to their shoulders, and wears circular glasses. They wear a white floral collared shirt, floral bowtie, and blazer/jacket. White text that reads:
Dr. Rua Williams discusses how accessible data collection methods provide better research results that are more comprehensive and valid.
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#CoSP15 is coming up!

Get to know #InclusiveFutures partners and how we're working towards a #disability-inclusive future at the following side events next week ⬇️
Wednesday 15 June ➡️ Beyond placing persons with disabilities in jobs: The case for CRPD based inclusive employment.

Register here:… #CoSP15 #CRPD #InclusiveFutures @IDA_CRPD_Forum Graphic with the times you can join the COSP15 side event, w
Thursday 16 June ➡️ Beyond the rhetoric: Realizing meaningful participation of persons with disabilities through inclusive programming.

Register here:… #CoSP15 #CRPD #InclusiveFutures @IDA_CRPD_Forum Graphic with the times you can join the COSP15 side event, w
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🧵 The @DEAHQ @CDCInjury @HHSGov @CMSGov interference in the practice of medicine is having devastating consequences for people who have #RareDisease Complex #chronicillness or a #Disability that requires a controlled substance to maintain their health
Fear, not Patient well being is determining prescribing practices.

Patients like my daughter are caught in the riptide of Medical Professionals attempting to avoid unwarranted persecution by Law Enforcement.

Unable to discontinue the only Seizure RX
that has stabilized her condition & not caused severe life threatening adverse reactions.

Since the @CDCgov Guidelines were issued by @CDCInjury in 2016, my daughter's life has been put in jeopardy repeatedly. She is a rare disease patient with multiple overlapping chronic
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Just finished 'Between Two Kingdoms' by @suleikajaouad #BookReview #BookTwitter #Disability

Wow. This book has left me in a swirl of intense feelings, so it is a little hard to write a review that truly summarizes the beauty of this book.
Between Two Kingdoms is a non-fiction memoir of Suleika Jaouad, and her experience with cancer, and reconnecting with life after almost losing hers. I am a fairly pragmatic person, but it almost feels like life brought me this book at just the right time.
After months of dealing with severe chronic illnesses, and fighting for my health and wellness, I finally feel like I am turning the corner (knock on wood), and this book found me at just the right time.
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I don’t know why so many people working in wealth management keep requesting to connect and speak with me.
If you work in wealth management, I think you should know:

👉🏽 Nearly half of everyone in the UK that lives in poverty is disabled or lives with a disabled family member.
👉🏽 More than 600,000 disabled people in the UK are estimated to have £10 or less per week to pay for food and other costs.
👉🏽 Disabled people have to pay more to try and live the same lives as non-disabled people, but we have less or no choice due to inaccessibility, ableism and stigmas against us.
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Solved - Gulf War syndrome mystery: U.S. Gov-funded scientists blame SARIN released into air — #veterans #military #GulfWar #healthcare #science #ToxicExposures…
Researchers believe #troops’ exposure to sarin gas is to blame for the mysterious unexplained collection of illnesses known as Gulf War syndrome. About 250,000 #veterans have complained of chronic symptoms like fever, fatigue, #memory problems, body pain, etc… #GulfWar #research
According to the #CDC, sarin gas is one of the most deadly chemical agents. — #veterans #military #GulfWar #ToxicExposures
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#Thread Good morning you lovey lot! I see that a government minister (not sure which) has come out with the tried and tested bollocks of 'work more hours or get a better job'. Two things: more hours won't help people on UC because any extra money is just 1
taken off their benefit, so they are effectively working longer just to save the government money rather than actually improving their own financial situation. Also, the idea that people can just wave a magic wand to get a better paid job is a complete logical fallacy.2
Even if it weren't, who does that leave to do all the low paid (not low skilled) jobs that the hypothetical people who moved onto better paid jobs aren't doing any more? Seriously the fact that they are recycling this tired old trope shows that the posh version of the Mafia 3
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Record Numbers of Americans Dying of Overdoses. Instead of Justice, We Get Theater👨‍⚖️

"Whole thing is kabuki theater, It ought to be about money" said Ausness. "About who pays what & instead they want to make Sacklers listen to people complain about them"…
Guggenheim joined several other museums last week w/an announcement they are removing the Sackler nameplate from their arts center,

Once again victims are being offered busy work as though it were meaningful reform.
#opioids #medtwitter #sacklers #HarmReduction @praddenkeefe
We are in the midst of the opioid crisis, an addiction & overdose crisis fed by the ubiquity of illicit & deadly fentanyl in the black market,

over 108k people died from an opioid overdose in 2021,… #opioids #addiction #news #twitter #CrimesAgainstHumanity
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#AbortionIsADisabilityRightsIssue 🧵: I and my spouse are both Little People and both support abortion rights for everyone, but I want to highlight why access is especially important for us dwarfs. First, there is the issue of “double dominance.”
If 2 people with achondroplasia (“Peter Dinklage” dwarfism) conceive, there is a 25% chance the embryo will receive 2 copies of the gene and be “double dominant,” which is incompatible with life. Carrying such a pregnancy to term can be deeply traumatic and should be a CHOICE.
Further, carrying any pregnancy can be risky for a variety of little people. Often, a dwarf body has a narrow birth canal that makes vaginal delivery life threateningly dangerous, along with many other orthopedic issues that raise serious health risks for pregnant little people.
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2018: Applicants with #dyslexia NOT allowed to join MBBS (NMC)
2018: Mumbai HC DENIED admission; Delhi HC allowed admission
2019: NMC: Dyslexia ≥ 40% & ≤ 80% disability allowed
#NEETUG2022: Only those with ‘SEVERE dyslexia’ can avail of disability quota benefit in NEET 1/ 🧵 Photo of a doctor wearing a...
The brochure states that dyslexic candidates need to submit two forms (Appendix XV & XVI). The certificate must mention ‘SEVERE’ under the Dyslexia category to enable the candidate to get the benefit of the disability quota 2/ #NEETUG2022 #Disability Front page of NTA's NEET-UG...
Form-1 also asks for the details of the Dyslexia Association meaning that rather than a medical authority, NGOs will attest. Why UDID then?
Form-2 is a newly introduced Certificate to be produced by Dyslexic Candidate from the Principal of School/College last attended. 3/ #NEET Page 26 of the NEET-UG 2022...Screenshot of Appendix - XV...Screenshot of Appendix –XVI...
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A hot take that shouldn’t be a hot take:

Simply raising the #OW and #ODSP rates isn’t good enough.
Some thoughts:
1) If raising the rates is an interim measure towards a #UBI #GLBI, fine. But #OW and #ODSP are riddled with barriers and were not meant to create a living wage.
What do I mean? Well the #OW Act of 1997 defines ‘assistance’ as “life stabilization assistance and basic financial assistance” - no matter how you look at it, stabilization =/= thriving, living, equitable. It’s an interim fix to a structural failure.
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Happy Monday to all my new/existing follows! So excited many people are willing to share their experiences with racism and are READY to dismantle it! I’m a nurse, speaker @NSB_Speakers, writer @ByBlacks, medical contributor @CBCNews @globalnews @CP24 and podcaster @GrittyNurse! Image
I discuss & advocate for #mentalhealth #healthequity #poverty.
I am mom of neurodivergent twins and a little girl. I am a #autism & #disability advocate and anti-racism educator who specializes in anti-racism in healthcare. I’m also an intersectional feminist! #Speaker
I have also advocated for #nursing as a profession, discussed the intersection of policy and healthcare and openly advocate for healthy and safe work environments free from bullying and harassment (got no time for bullies!) #NurseTwitter
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92.01/ Week ninety-two, April 16-22 (17-21), 2022, thread begins here. #MoadimLiSimcha Happy #Passover #CholHaMoedLife

Week 91 below.
92.02/ This has been one of the busiest #CholHaMoed periods I've had in years. Many things are opening up again while I recognize the window may be closing again so we're doing errands (like getting drivers licenses, passports etc). I'm actually looking forward to yuntif to rest!
92.03/ This is very nice! #Disability accommodations are always a good thing. #LGM

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For @townhallcom ✍️

Dear Elon Musk, For the Sake of Freedom of Speech in the Public Town Square, buy Twitter ASAP!💰🐦… @elonmusk #elonmusk #ElonMuskBuyTwitter #ElonMusktwitter #musk #elon @SophiaNarwitz @ItalianxComedy @chadfelixg @BlueBoxDave
yes i know the title is a mouthful lol
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Will the Canadian Disability Benefit receive it's funding in the Liberal Federal Budget 2022 presented tomorrow by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland?

#CanadianDisabilityBenefit #cdnpoli #Liberals #WhereIsTheCanadianDisabilityBenefit #Trudeau #Freeland #Disability #Canada
The answers to this poll are important to me.

As a disabled person, Since '21 I've had the "option" of using MAID due to the C7 amendments rushed through removing the safeguards surrounding it. (Even before the mental illness option for MAID opens in '23) I wasn't able to prior.
By keeping me trapped in legislated poverty, the government is keeping my quality of life poor. I can't afford basic necessities life therapy, rent or medicine. The gov is actively pushing me toward MAID by keeping my quality of life poor with the only other "option" is MAID.
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🧵1/9 Psychologist
"We think your symptoms are psychological." I couldn't get this sentence out of my head. How could my symptoms be psychological? Bulls**.

But what if he was right? I couldn't get rid of the thought & followed the doctors advice & went to see a psychologist.
2/9 It was an old man, around 75. After I have told him about everything, he asked me what bothered me. "My symptoms" I said. “But there has to be something that burdens you mentally” he answered. The following conversation went something like this:
3/9 "Did you have a bad experience in your childhood?"
- "No"
Did you lose a close family member?"
- "No"
Are your parents divorced?
- “No”
He was desperately trying to find something in my past and I was getting more and more confused.
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Big ND Celebration Week news: My 1st PhD publication is out (early vers) in Human Development! Title: Conceptualising Autistic Masking, Camouflaging and Neurotypical Privilege: Towards a Minority Group Model of Neurodiversity. Thread translating to public:…
Nearly 3/4s of Autistic folks report masking & camouflaging [concealing Autistic traits/identity] (@DrEilidh & Troxell-Whitman, 2019). Reasons for masking/camouflaging include facing discrimination if appearing visibly Autistic--so why is Autism called an ‘invisible’ Disability?
@Noahsasson & Morrison (2019, p.51) found that masking (aka camouflage) is “stressful and exhausting” alongside being “associated with anxiety, depression, and poorer self-image”; and @DrMBotha & Frost (2020) argue these poor well-being outcomes reflect Autistic ‘minority stress’
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Remember when #disability Twitter sounded the alarm that the leader for Covid on Biden’s transition team had a history of writing openly eugenic stances, and ppl told us we were “crazy” & overblowing the risk?

Probably a coincidence that he’s still one of their top consultants…
THIS is the same man who the Biden administration specifically consulted to help inform their “new direction” for Covid policies.

But I’m sure that’s coincidental.
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🧵This thread is about the beneficiaries receiving food packages from our food drive for #Kunar province. ⛔️People in #Afghanistan R in worst situation than what we hear. If you can’t donate, RT/share in networks, spread it. @ASEELApp @NasratKhalid
My team went to Tango Camp, a village where more than 400 families live. 50 families (15 widows & 35 ultra-poor families) were identified. The team will continue identifying more families for the food drive and will be added to this #Thread
#AfghanistanCrisis #Famine #Afghan
The team went door to door & inside the houses. This little brave girl explained their financial situation. Her father goes out every morning in hopes to find work. He returns empty hands. They have little food to survive. Plz help such families with food. 3/X #SaveAfghanistan
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As funders hold critical conversations on how to best support #Ukraine, here's a 🧵for #philanthropy on where to start from👇🏽

p.s. updated list of #Feminist #Young #LBTQI #Disability justice orgs is here
Whats needed -- Sensitivity and understanding of rapidly changing local contexts and how grassroots level organizing works (at the moment but also before the war) in order to provide an adequate response to the emergency in #Ukraine
Also, active listening to the needs of feminist, queer, disability rights organizers to deeply understand what kind of funding and the quality of support is essential to consistently address the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine
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What is ME/CFS?
In short, in its severe stage, it is the worst non-fatal physical disease you can have.

ME/CFS is a severe, physical and complex disease, usually caused by a viral infection. Because so little research has been done on it, scientists are not sure about the
underlying cause yet.
An incorrect response of the immune system to an infection is likely which then, as in a chain reaction, leads to a dysregulation of the immune system, the nervous system, the endocrine system, the energy metabolic system and the cardiovascular system.
The disturbed immune regulation also leads to a sustained T-cell activation and a reduced function of natural killer cells.

Who is prone to develop ME/CFS is also still unclear. There are probably two factors:
-An infection at the time of high physical activity or stress load
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1/🧵 Are you happy?

My brother w #DownSyndrome is teaching me tons of life lessons.

In medicine & in life, I make big decisions based on guesstimates of other’s Quality of Life #QOL.

What do adults w #disability teach me about TRUTH?

Can I learn? Image
2/🎥 How do we “calculate” someone’s #QOL?
#Confession: I get it all wrong when I impose MY judgment onto THEIR life.
Greg, my 57 y/o brother-in-law with Down Syndrome, has a better QOL than I do.


Digest this…read on…
3/ My working definition of QOL is “the ability to give & receive love.”


Greg understands the Law of the Gift: Treasures GROW when we give them away.

It’s the opposite of hoarding.

Yet, giving ourselves to others can be SCARY. Greg ponders deeply these emotions. Image
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