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Os capítulos 18 e 28 do App WebComics são compilações dos caps anteriores em português

Cada capítulo com "8" no fim será uma nova compilação

É a opção que o App me deu para o público Br poder acompanhar


#thuntersmanga #webcomics Image
Olha, @iaraNaika
Lembro de vc dizer que preferia ler em português
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Homem-Grilo: Tira 001 - O Maior Defensor de Osasco City.

Apresentando o fantabulástico Homem-Grilo.

Roteiro e letras: Cadu Simões.
Desenho e cores: Fred Hildebrand.

#homemgrilo #quadrinhos #bandadesenhada #comics #webcomics #webtoon Image
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Top 14 Best Sites to Read One Punch Man Webcomic…
Manga One-Punch Man is a very interesting manga series to enjoy if you are someone who likes manga. The reason is, this manga tells the story of a hero who can defeat all his enemies using only one punch.
The popularity of One-Punch Man when it was first published on web comics made it adapted as an anime. But of course, the anime adaptation will appear longer than the manga series on web comics.
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Judes Vale is a small town with a large graveyard in the North of England. Image
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Episode 93:…

I am trying very hard not to do spoilers for anyone who is reading this, but the juxtaposition of certain panels in this episode with the episode title is some excellent foreshadowing.
Episode 94:…

"Oh God! They're attacking us with boulders!" is undeniably a nice tension-breaking joke, but the winner here is Karen and Bleu saying "They're right where we predicted they'd be," which immediately amps the tension back up.
Episode 95:…

"If you stop moving, you'll die." Karen is infinitely quotable.

The fact that using that Guides using their powers without working with another Guide just vaporize their targets is both terrifying and amazing.
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There are a few pieces of art I tend to reread or rewatch at least once a year, and for 2020 I've decided to live tweet at least one of them: @j_cutting's two completed works, "The Fortuna Saga" and "Hymns of the Apostate"
Some background: I've wanted to do threads on some of my favorite #webcomics for a long time now (particularly @bclevinger's "8-Bit Theater" and @jephjacques "Questionable Content"). Cutting's comic is one of THOSE works for me, where I notice something new with every reread
It's a Sprite Comic using both original and adapted sprites from a few different sources, with a connection to the world of #FinalFantasyVI. I'm gonna tweet about it page by page and say as much or as little occurs to me as I go!
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As we all settle into the next while in self-isolation, I thought it would be a good time to make and share a comic. So i decided on this one; Robert Lewis Stevenson's "Treasure Island". Page 1 of ??? #Treasureisland #comics #CreativeBursts Image
Page 2 of my adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island #TreasureIsland #Comics #CreativeBursts Image
Page 3 of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island for your kids and also for you! #treasureIsland #Comics #CreativeBursts Image
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For comics artists, especially webcomic creators, speedy drawing leads to freq. updates which lead to more story and excited readers! Here's how to draw fast, which I say is > drawing well (Let me explain)

#comics #webcomics #arttips
As long as your art isn't distractingly bad, it doesn't need to be distractingly good, either. Comics are storytelling+shorthand. If your writing is good & your depictions are recognizable, you're in good shape. You're telling a story through stylized art...what readers expect!
Well-drawn art is awesome & you CAN TOTALLY take advantage of your hard-earned skills and draw stunning panels! That wows the reader! But you don't have to make every panel this way. I find it VERY helpful to ask myself what the purpose of each of my panels is... (example next)
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And for my #visuallyimpaired folks, I will #type out the #text of that #image, down here. Cuz the data is #important. (one of these days I'll get all my comics done with text properly on the site)

Starts here: Hello, It's Trish Malone, creator of #NKVSSP and slightly hurty -
- artist monkey.
And it's just struck me now, so bear with me.
My forearm, right at the elbow, is needles and fire. It happens. And Overuse is the #1 suspect. Turns out today though, overuse is actually #2.

As a patient with #EhlersDanlosSyndrome, I have to be on top of, -
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Due to #overuse (read, #trying to be what i #usedtobe, and #computing every day)

I must stop the majority of my right arm usage for a week. Maybe 2.


#NKVSSP #webcomics #webcomicchat #comicbookhour #Disability #kitteh #puppy #lefty #ouch
I've been a bit #reluctant to talk about #issues

My #health is up & down, and I'm used to it.
I get around, or I lay down (laying down while typing right now)
&now that my forearm is burnin, I'll be doing this a little less as previously stated.

fine enough, but lets talk bout-
-internalized disabili-phobia. (gimmee a break,& gimmee the word if it exists)

it kinda works like internalized homophobia really. I pulled inside all of the shit I've heard for years. all of the hate, all of the "there's no place for you, so go and die already". all inside-
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My lovelies, the comic will be late.
I need to chase down #paperwork to keep my #life humming along, and they manifested with a super tight #deadline. cuz they do that sometimes.

#NKVSSP #ninjakitty #Puppy #webcomics #webcomicchat #comicbookhour
The image here is the raw ink of a watercolour
It's a copy of the image on the back of my flag that I hang on my walker when I go to DCC, or NDK.

On the flag it reads "LOOK AT MY BUTT!" "And come see the comics on the other side!"

Folks have asked for a print (I'm gonna try)
I am hopeful that today's comic will post around 8-10pm MST.

(well, i'm also hopeful that I'll get it all done earlier than that too. I am an optimist at heart)
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#Procrastination is funny.
Am I doing it because I'm bored? nah.
Do I want to do something else? no.

Why then?
Totally afraid of fucking up.
So we'll sit here until the deadline waiting for me to not fuckup?

(telling on myself, to give myself a kick up the backside)
Step 1, draw borders
Step 2, draw something that looks like it follows the action on the previous page.
Step 3, write a bad line. (All it has to be is plausible, not finished)
Step 4, make the next panel to follow the first.

#edits can be done #later
#Fear of #blankpages is real
And if i hate what i wrote on these panels, i can scrap it.
Or, if i like some panels and not others, i hold the page up to the light, trace the panel onto the back and do something else.

In this age of computers, you arent trapped.
No such thing as " #AllOrNothing "

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