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Women & child trafficking is a HUGE [U.S & world] issue
&Hollywood has a pedophilia issue
For more info, or, to learn how u can help, check this thread
& To raise awareness...
Yes, Justin was a victim
➡️Peep the thread⬇️
Twitter is the best place to be right now if you want to help. Ill be sharing a lot of info here, in absolutely no specific order. And I have plenty more info if you want or need it.

First of all, ANYONE who has chil dren on tictok pls read…
Human Trafficking is a bigger issue than many know about or care to think of... Until it happens to your child. Its also not just about Sex. PLEASE educate yourself & your child on the signs. Theres training& resources available, don't choose to be silent/ignorant about this
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@HelenClarkNZ @ @UNDP know #GhislaineMaxwell??
#Ghislaine spoke @ the @UN 20+ times.
[25 Jun 2013]#Ghislaine #Maxwell, Founder of the TerraMar Project and H.E. Mr. Stuart Beck, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Palau, Speak at @UN press conference…
How long was @HelenClarkNZ @ the @UNDP
(MINURSO), is not only accused of sexual harassment in a previous @UN post, but is about to benefit from a cover up by the UN boss “to protect another UN official”…
Dat:Fri,Jun 28, 2013 at9:38 AM
Sub:The TerraMar Project To: matthew.lee, It was a pleasure to meet you. As promised, here is some information on the TerraMar Project – you can see all the latest…
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Let's dip in the #Wayfair #RabbitHole.
Wayfair CEO #NirajShah has close ties with the #RockefellerFoundation, the #ClintonFoundation and the #GatesFoundation. #JillShah is on the board of directors for the #RedSoxFoundation with #BridgetTerryLong.…
Bridget Terry Long is a longtime advisor of the #GatesFoundation, who has close ties to the #ClintonFoundation and the #Obamas.…

Keep going!
#NirajShah's brother #RajivShah is the President of the #RockefellerFoundation. He is a former American government official who served as the 16th Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development from 2010–2015.…
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#1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Tech #Startup issues the AOE Slave Purchase Challenge to the #BLM White Leftists who are funding & organizing it. BUY YOUR VERY FIRST BLACK SLAVE out of slavery & bring him to #America & we will match the cost, to #Charity.
These TOTAL LYING FRAUDS 🤥 Have STOLEN over 50 MILLION DOLLARS, in a FINANCIAL CRIME BAIT AND SWITCH program, LYING to Black people, USING them, STEALING FROM THEM, they think they give to BLM but its just going to the Democrat Party WHITE Bigwigs out the back door.
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Who are you Dr.Spencer?
How come there is no solid information as to who you really are!
We heard of you in 2014 W/your #ebola #Plandemic story !!! & now, w/cov!d .But, we still have no idea who you really are!! Who are you Dr?
What's your story? #qanon #QANONWORLDWIDE @POTUS
Did you take this photos in africa ?
Were you there?
Just curious what is your Board certification license # ..and why were you really in africa at the same time that Prince William was ! Were you in the same event?🙄

#WWG1GWA Image
Do you know anything about this?
Why are there armed militia in the pic!

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(1) What is #BlacklivesMatter I will tell you what it is & who is behind it.
#BLM is is a global organization in the #US, #Canada #UK & #Europe supported by Anti-Fascists (Antifa) and Council on American - Islamic Relations (#CAIR) #Patriots #Trump2020
#QAnons #Anonymous
(2)CAIR describes itself as “#America’s largest Islamic civil liberties group,” but in 2007, the U.S. government labeled CAIR an #unindicted co-conspirator in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation for financing the HAMAS #terroristgroup.
(3)Leader: Nihad Awad

Founded: June 1994

Headquarters: Washington, D.C., United States

Founders: Nihad Awad, Omar Ahmad

Purposes: Muslim, Activism

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Q has mentioned Project Looking Glass and Looking Glass on a few different occasions. See more in comments.


I thought it was odd that they have re-written not only Alice In Wonderland but also Through The Looking Glass with Hillary Clinton as the main character. ImageImage

A portion of a video from a supposed whistleblower on "Looking Glass and Cube Tech". Thoughts? Could they have had access to the tech? Awful lot of "Looking Glass" mentions going around....

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The breaking news of Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest points to a number of #QPosts which may connect.
Let's take a look in this thread.
#Qanon #QPosts #QanonWorldWide…
#QPost #3716 points to the "first indictment", which will trigger a mass awakening.

Is Ghislaine the first arrest which will "verify action and confirm future direction."?
#Qanon #QPosts #QanonWorldWide
Note "Marker [9]."
Today is 02/07/20.
2 + 7 = 9.
Is today 'Marker [9]' ?

Q has mentioned Ghislaine a number of times. Here's #3431 from 1 year 12 days ago -
"Think LdR.
Think Gloria V.
Think Epstein."

#Qanon #QPosts #QanonWorldWide
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National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) was a set of proposed economic reforms for the United States suggested during the 1990s by Harvey Francis Barnard.
#NESARA… Image
"Harvey Francis Barnard (1941–2005), a Louisiana State University graduate in systems philosophy, and an engineering consultant and teacher, created the NESARA proposal during the late 1980s and early 1990s.[2] He printed 1000 copies of his proposal, titled Draining the Swamp" Image
"The new law was to be implemented at 10 a.m. on September 11, 2001, but that the computers, and data (of the beneficiaries of the trillions of dollars of "Prosperity funds") were destroyed on the second floor of one of the World Trade Center towers in New York City" 🤔
#Q Image
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#QAnon #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #WWG1WGA #QanonsWORLDWIDE #Ovni #Ovnis #UFOs #Ufo #Alien #TheGreatAwaking #QAnons

¿Cuantos han sentido frustración por la forma de vida que llevan?

En el siguiente HILO te diré cuál es EL SECRETO para cambiar TU VIDA

Acompáñame ➡️➡️➡️ Image
Muy lejos de ser común y sin poder, eres un ser extraordinario y todopoderoso. La fuerza creativa está dentro d nosotros y está desesperada por expresarse. Es la supresión de esta energía lo que conduce a tanta frustración reprimida y en consecuencia,a la violencia y depresión➡️ Image
Imagínate que eres un talentoso artista o bailarín, pero la presión de tus iguales, tus padres y las demandas del sistema insisten en que trabajes en un banco o te sientas junto a la máquina de una fábrica todo el día; ➡️➡️➡️ Image
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Confused about Q's last drops regarding George Floyd and "Reconcile"?
ITT we'll go through them and find out why the theory that 'The Obama Foundation published a photo of George Floyd before he died', is incorrect.

#Qposts #Qanon #QanonWorldwide
We'll also be going through how you can check this on your own. Let's go?

Background: In #QPost #4436 Q posted a photo of George Floyd alongside a link to a tweet from the Obama Foundation on George Floyd.
As Q has done many times, he asks us to "Reconcile".

#Qanon #Qposts
The owner of does an incredible job and in no way is this post is taking away from that.
The title on this Q post however, I believe is an error and causing much confusion.

Here's the tweet Q linked to.
Note the date: May 17

#Qposts #QanonWorldwide
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