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Por que esconderam de ti a pineal? Por que colocaram fluor na água e na pasta de dente? Por que te ensinaram a comer lixo ao invés de plantas, frutas e verduras? Por que te fizeram fumar cigarro e tomar álcool?
Por que te fizeram acreditar que os raios do sol te fazem mal? Por que inventaram os óculos escuros? Por que a yoga e a meditação são assuntos tão pouco difundidos? Porque tudo isso DESCALCIFICARÁ A SUA PINEAL.
E o que vai acontecer se ela voltar a funcionar? Ela secretará DMT e você abrirá o "terceiro olho", o olho que te conectará com o plano espiritual, receberá mensagens dos seus guias, se nutrirá de prana e pura luz, e enxergará através do véu da ilusão, a Matrix
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If these documents are valid,

the #Queen has been Dethrowned !

#josephgregoryhallett is the true #King of England! 🌹

#FollowtheWhiteRabbit #Qanon #WWG1WGAWORLWIDE #Qanons @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump @elonmusk @qanon_obiwan ImageImageImageImage
March 31th 2020, the #Pope was sent certified documents of the Queen #AnneBoleyn Royal Lineage in Jeffery Gregory Hallett. ImageImageImage
#KingJohnIII is the Real King! ImageImageImage
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Mr President, @realDonaldTrump I want to apologize for buying the b.s. and ignorance against you and the First Lady, not that you need mine or anyone else’s apology. I can see that you can take A LOT of crap. Honestly, I was a Dem until recently and I believed the
Lies and the programming, thinking that I knew better, that I was progressive and radical. I thought the conservatives and R’s were the loonies. Now the more I learn and understand and research I see how lucky we are to have you, #Q and the #QArmy #Qanon #WWG1WGAWORLWIDE!
Now I’m fully dedicated to my President, my Country and Humanity. What a time to be alive! I love you ❤️
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This is a long one will post all pages then you can share etc coronavirus = crown is a virus omg !!! #QanonUK #WWG1WGAWORLWIDE
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#AussieQ and #WWG1WGA Q soldiers..
I m going to show you how we decode DJT tweets. I'll try to explain it simply. The premise is to link POTUS tweets to Q Posts, by number. Also, we are going to explore the coding system gematria which is used in many civilian & military coms.
So, notice the strange CAPITALS? We want to collect all the capital letters and isolate attention, there's homework at the end...
Now, we want to use gematria to calculate some numbers.
We go to and enter the capital letters from the previous tweet.. total is 190. Using this decoder, we can view other terms/names/words that also add up to 190.. #AussieQ #WWG1WGAWORLWIDE #Qdecode
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"We Are Conditioned by Mass Media to Choose Sides."
[They] want you divided by religion, sex, political affiliation,class.
Control of media=power.
Divided you are no threat to their control.
The MSM is the right arm of the Democrat party.
We the people refuse to be controlled or divided. 🇺🇸♥️
#StayUnited #OpenAmerica #GoBackToWork #FightForYourRights #QAnon #WWG1WGAWORLWIDE
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How do you comm [secure] non_publicly?
Define 'backchannel'.
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THREAD 1) You know, I’m soooooo sick of the EVIL, EVIL bad guys in politics right now. President Donald J. Trump is such a threat to their very corrupt existences that they are literally crushing America! THESE EXTREME LEFTIST DO NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANY OF US, ONLY THEMSELVES.
2) Judgement day is coming, and it can’t be soon enough. My heart is hurting for the world right now. AND I’m so grateful we have a President that cares about us! That’s a fact. Anyone that says he’s in this for himself has got to be completely clueless!
3) NO man could have withstood everything he has and he continues to fight so hard for us, for We The People, every day of his existence.
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1) Fil #Qanon pour le 03 Mai 2020

Q posts n°4044 à 4077
Thème: "Where We Go One We Go All"

Les posts de Q peuvent être consultés ici:

#QanonFrance #Qarmy #FrenchPatriot
#VincitOmniaVeritas #MAGA #MFGA
2) Q post n°4044

Le 02/05, #POTUS a accusé ceux qui l’ont illégalement espionné d’avoir commis une trahison:
" Le canular russe est le plus grand scandale politique de l’histoire américaine. Trahison!!! Voyons comment cela va se terminer???"

3) (suite)

En mai de l'année dernière, #POTUS avait déjà énoncé que les comploteurs de #Spygate avaient commis un acte de trahison.

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Look what @US_Stratcom just tweeted!
"You are ready."
"We've always said we'll be tested. It might look different than we expected, but here it is. I know you have spirit and commitment to overcome this challenge.
You've always delivered so much more. You are ready."
"Old Ironsides" and the Constitution, and the "effort to save her for the third time."
This is an effort to save our people and our Constitution.
We are ready.
Thank you POTUS, QTeam & US Mil

#QAnon #WWG1GWA……
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