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@thezambologist It's #climateChange, not global warming (see floods & extreme temperatures both summer & winter with dumps of thousands tons/day #CO2 and other toxins by #UK .gov & #NATO over #Britain and #Europe)

#COP26 is a con trick @beisgovuk

@LanceForman random ➡️…
@thezambologist @beisgovuk @LanceForman I've literally watched it happening

I'm a plane spotter, not a climate change activist

But this year of literally solid #CO2 dumping coming from .gov and #NATO has to be the biggest con-trick ever played on the public

#LIAR #CORRUPT #EMBEZZLING bank/corporate controlled #SCUM
@thezambologist @beisgovuk @LanceForman @LanceForman - these planes cost hundreds of millions of £ / € a day to run) typically go nowhere. They're in the air from the early hours until well after dark

Those planes could have helped to get the "assets" out of #Afghanistan in a timely manner (3 months into 3 weeks)
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#Nasdaq futures down 0.85%;
#Dowjones futures down 1.3%;
S&P500 futures down 1%.
#US #futures #stockmarketnews
🇩🇪#DAX -1.59%
🇫🇷#CAC40 -2.93%
🇬🇧#FTSE100 -1.42%
🇪🇺#STOXX50 -1.20%
🇮🇹#MIB -4.11%
#Europe #StockMarket Image
🇩🇪DAX extends losses to 2% to the lowest level since July 19. #Europe #DAX #StockMarket Image
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Not a submarine expert, but as a recently arrived Aussie in #Europe I’d like to offer some insights as someone who’s researched/taught Aus foreign & security policy re the #AUKUS deal, so here we go… 1/
There’s really no justification the French were caught unawares re the cancellation of the @navalgroup_AU contract. The writing had been on wall for some time that the deal was on rapidly melting thin ice. Anyone claiming otherwise just wasn’t paying attention. 2/
But it’s also true the Morrison Govt mishandled the r’ship in rushing to announce #AUKUS. At the very least, the trilateral presser should have been delayed until Morrison had spoken directly w @EmmanuelMacron, or conveyed the same through @FranceAustralia Ambassador. 3/
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Happy & proud to share the results of our high level expert group our roadmap on towards stabilization of the #COVID19 #pandemic in the European Region #SARSCoV2 #Europe @WHO_Europe What are our 10 objectives (shortened, for full text see link): 1/…
1. Increasing as fast and massively as possible #vaccine coverage, close the vaccine gaps btw producing/high income countries & middle/low-income countries. No strong evidence for 3rd dose for all people but consider for vulnerable to keep them safe. 2/
Equity across countries should be seen as priority in Europe at this time. Before delivering 3rd doses, all at-risk populations in all countries of the region should be offered the first two doses of vaccine. 3/
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-#China's Belt and Road Initiative is always bad news for locals
-139 countries are part of BRI because local leaders due to personal greed have disregarded #NationalSecurity
-#Cambodia’s Lower Sesan 2 dam & #Guinea’s Souapiti Dam have resulted in severe #HumanRightsViolations SCMP
-BRi isn't just enormous network of roads, railways, tunnels, dams, airports, ports, energy pipelines, power plants
-It comes bundled with digital glue of telecommunications networks, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System and above all search for food & minrals Fortune
-Iran is another nation which is fast replacing #Pakistan as core BRI country
-China has multiple large-scale BRI projects in #Iran with complete disregard for rights of locals
-Chinese fishing ships are creating havoc in leased out territorial waters of #Persian Gulf
@KlasraRauf France24
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/14/2021…
Scientists scramble to harvest ice cores as glaciers melt…

#IceCores #GlacierMelt #ClimateChange #GlobalWarming
Beware the ‘multi-demic:’ Masking this fall will fight more than COVID-19…

#masking #COVID19 #flu #PublicHealth
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🇩🇪 German Social Democrats’ Lead Over Merkel Bloc Widens to Record - Bloomberg…
🇩🇪 #Germany | According to Predictit, Olaf Scholz is the biggest favorite to become Chancellor.
🇩🇪 #Germany | An interesting summary of German elections fiscal manifestos from @nghrbi

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Derrière les rivalités…
“Alger et Rabat instrumentalisent dans les moments de graves crises la menace supposée que représente le voisin, pour contraindre leurs opposants au silence.”

#Algérie/#Maroc; une analyse intéressante (⁦@CERI_SciencesPo⁩)…
“Aux yeux du régime #algérien, il y a le ‘Hirak béni’, qui a permis de mettre un terme aux dérives mafieuses de la présidence Bouteflika, et le Hirak maudit’, qui revendique un changement de régime et qui serait soutenu -selon le pouvoir- par des forces ‘impérialo-sionistes’.”
“La donne aujourd’hui est différente avec d’un côté le sentiment de crainte d’une #Algérie appauvrie et déclassée, et de l’autre un #Maroc émergent qui n’a plus rien à voir avec le royaume féodal et pauvre d’Hassan II.”
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#EU Foreign Ministers meet today for #Gymnich. They will discuss #Afghanistan. But then they will discuss the #Gulf. This is a rare occurrence - EU Ministers have discussed #JCPOA often but very rarely regional geopolitics between the #GCC, #Iraq & #Iran. They do now because… ⬇️
…because of the #Baghdad_summit last week and #France’s involvement in it. Most in #EU that #Iraq can be the hub for regional diplomacy in the #Gulf, building on talks btwn #SaudiArabia & #Iran. Reality is that with no progress on #Yemen these talks are shallow but ⬇️
…but I welcome choice to discuss #Gulf geopolitics at a #EU level. Hope there is some realism in acknowledging this is a security matter, not a diplomatic misunderstanding. #US retrenchment will inevitably lead to more #Russia & #China in the Gulf. It is already happening. So ⬇️
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Thursday's #Coronavirus megathread starts here with the best #Covid19 global analysis and round up available on Twitter.

First a little quiz, answer in the next Tweet:
Do you know which country has had the most recorded cases of Covid19 as a percentage of population?
So I hope there was no cheating... I'll leave some blank lines here too in case some later viewers don't want the answer just yet...
So the nation with more #Covid19 cases than any other based on population is highly vaccinated #Seychelles at more than 20% infected.
Today I spent quite a long time being filmed/interviewed by @bbcturkce about #Covid19 and #Turkey. Not sure how much they will use, let's see.

Coincidentally the cameraman Efe, just happened to be in Kyiv as one of those using Ukraine for a 10 day stop off to avoid hotel prison!
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🔻The addresses we heard today were especially useful, if inescapably pessimistic, since as you know #PressFreedom in #Europe, is a crucial pillar of #EU #democracy.>>>

#DRFMG @EP_Justice
>>>This is a very serious issue.
The @EFJEUROPE, of which every Greek journalist is a member, conducted extensive research, shedding light on the “big picture” of media ownership in Europe, which found that:>>>

#PressFreedom @Europarl_EN
#DRFMG @EP_Justice
📌The vast majority of Media belong -with various degrees of transparency- to multinational shareholders. Their relationship w/ gov'ts is constantly deepening and this concerns all not just the usual suspects>>>

#PressFreedom @Europarl_EN
#DRFMG @EP_Justice
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Can long-haul #trucks in #Europe run on batteries? Yes, they can! We @TheICCT used detailed vehicle simulation to assess the technology limitations. Let’s debunk some myths around the impossibility of battery-electric trucks!…

Open thread. 1/5
Myth: “40-ton tractor-trailers cover too many km a day; batteries won’t cut it” Yes, big batts. are needed, no deal breaker though. By 2030, 700kWh (ie. 7xTeslaS) enough for 500km on single charge, 660km with fast recharge during mandated driver rest. That's >90% of use cases 2/5
Myth:“But what about the payload? That truck will be carrying just batteries!” Sure, the batts can be heavy; the diesel engines they replace too! A battery electric tractor-trailer with 500km range has a small payload penalty today, with potential of having none in the future 3/5
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1 - (21 Apr 2011) All those Muslims particularly Pakistanis who live in #USA & #Europe & support #Talibans, should know that living in Kaafir land is also Haraam (Forbidden) in Islam (Musnad Ahmad, Al-Bayhaqi, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi & Irwae Ghalil )

Ref : |
2 - (21 Apr 2011) All those Muslims particularly Pakistanis who live in #USA & #Europe & support #Talibans, should know that living in Kaafir land is also Haraam (Forbidden) in Islam (Musnad Ahmad, Al-Bayhaqi, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi & Irwae Ghalil)

Ref :
۱ - (۲۱ اپریل ۲۰۱۱ دنیا نیوز) پاکستانی مسلمان بالخصوص وہ جو یورپ اور امریکہ میں رہتے ہیں اور وہاں سے بیٹھ کر #طالبان کی حمایت کررہے ہیں انہیں معلوم ہونا چاہئیے کہ دارالکفر میں رہنا حرام ہے ( مسند احمد ، ابو داؤد ، ترمذی ، اروالغلیل و صحیح البانی)

حوالہ :
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#Biden's decision to stick to the Aug 31 deadline is bold -- it raises 2 key risks:

1) We'll be leaving people behind, certainly 1,000s of #Afghans & quite likely, a few Americans in hard-to-reach spots.

2) Other G7/NATO states have been rebuffed again by #Biden -- more anger.
"#Biden's decision to pull out troops was backed by most Americans, 53%-38%. But almost two-thirds, 62%, disapproved of the way his administration has handled that withdrawal."

Overall approval rating now 41%.

New polling on #Afghanistan's impact:… Image
BREAKING -- The US military has begun re-withdrawing from #Afghanistan, per US officials.

Very worrying sign for the 10,000s of those left behind - mostly #Americans, but some U.S. & European nationals too.
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Kabuki Theater Revealed With #Kabul’s Saigon Weekend Part 2 - To put it bluntly Mr. President, your comments during today’s presser on a “consensus” you relied upon to make withdrawal decisions are absurd- by @TraderStef for #CrushTheStreet #KabulHasFallen…
Link to thread from Part 1... - a new thread for #Part2 begins here.
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For 20 years, #America ruled, #killed people, #looted, I did not see such compassion then... but now when #Afghanistan it is free, and it's time to run the country under #Sharia rule ... people's compassion is overflowing !! 1/10
People who are worried for #Afghans, ask them why are they fleeing the country! Why risk your life to get on the plane! If they are told now, they will take you to #Europe,#America,#Canada,#Australia for free and give you a green card, they will also jump on the oppurtunity.
And they have been betraying their country for so long, they have dealt for America, they did not want Sharia rule, they wanted a secular state. Where like other countries they will roam at their own whim. But it did not happen. 3/10
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Smoke & mirrors -- #Biden is clearly determined to defend the policy of withdrawal, but that's not the core reason for today's anger.

The debacle was *how* that withdrawal was conducted. It's just not enough to shoulder-off the blame to #Afghanistan. Image
"The #Taliban doesn't even have an airforce," #Biden says.

- Well, they certainly do now, Mr President. Image
If I'm not mistaken, #Biden hasn't yet mentioned the appalling suffering, panic & terror being felt by so many across #Afghanistan -- it's all about defending the withdrawal & blaming the disaster on #Afghans.

Just a bafflingly tone deaf message, considering global attention. Image
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In the 90s, an entire generation of #Afghan men left for #Europe for a better future.

Not for themselves. They were not allowed to enter society, kept at the margins, paid pennies.

They would save those pennies to send home so their families could eat and a "living" future. p1
If you are a young progressive European or American, please understand that the waves of #Afghan migrants coming your way are... often representatives of SEVERAL families.

A better future for the immigrants will also help those in Afghanistan through cash remittances.
More importantly, fight for a foreign policy in which your governments engage nations and not individuals that they find convenient.

The primary reason Afghanistan's government failed is because the US enabled the same brutal warlords that the Taliban were a reaction to.
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Waiting for a daily close above the resistance by 3% margin is a trading tactic Edwards & Magee discussed in their book Technical Analysis of Stock Trends.

For some of you this might be a too late entry. Remember that trading tactics can be different for each trader/investor.
As there is no perfect stop-loss placement, there is also no perfect entry condition. Sometimes you can miss the breakouts due to gap openings. I'm sure many of you managed to position well into this H&S continuation breakout. Image
There are several ways to trade a chart pattern. From anticipatory positions before the breakout to buying during re-test after a breakout...

However, there is only one way to identify a text-book classical chart pattern. This one was a H&S continuation.
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Aaannnnd the #Saturday #TwitterMusicFest starts!

Today's guest of honor is @swatikhatri_ !

Starting with a Harris Jayaraj number! Enjoy!

#India #Music
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All 11 #MIURA1 sections are being assembled and tested for the first fully integrated combined test with launch platform. Thread! 👉
All those 11 #MIURA1 sections have different functionalities and are mated together in the final steps of the integration after individual acceptance. In some cases requires full set of acceptance test in nominal conditions before final assembly in the launch vehicle.
#MIURA1 Section 1 is the engine section and the one that holds the #TEPREL-B engine and some stage valves for propellant management. Engine is almost ready to support tests and launch. New features now in progress to improve reliability.
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Happening now: @US4AfghanPeace speaks with #AspenSecurity

On Monday, he told @VOANews' @AyazGul64 "The [Afghan] government cannot get rid of the #Taliban" & "the Taliban cannot conquer Afghanistan & have a gvt & that has the support of the overwhelming majority of the Afghans"
"The situation is very concerning" @US4AfghanPeace tells #AspenSecurity

"The Talibs [#Taliban] have been emboldened by the development of recent weeks in terms of the gains they have made & are in a maximalist frame of mind"
.@US4AfghanPeace says US assessment is that neither side can achieve a military solution

"There is no alternative, ultimately, to a political settlement"
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Pour aider le Ministre de Transports @Djebbari_JB à sortir de son Ministère (et de la démagogie) et l'aider à réfléchir plutôt à l'avenir de la mobilité urbaine, un thread concernant les 30 Km/h et son déploiement, en #Europe, depuis la première ville, Graz en Autriche... 1990 ↩️
Graz, Autriche, 30 Km/H depuis 1992.
La Zone 30 est dans le code de la route français depuis 1990 !
Fontenay-aux-Roses, Hauts de Seine, est la première « ville 30 » en 2005 suivie par Nogent-sur-Marne (2006), Sceaux (2008), puis Clamart, Sèvres, Clichy-la-Garenne, Fontainebleau↩️
En 2008, en #Bretagne, Lorient, développe les 30 Kms/h, la ville des "quartiers tranquilles"
On a la mémoire courte ou on ne connait pas son dossier M. @Djebbari_JB ? Il suffit de consulter la fiche descriptive faite à l'époque par @CeremaCom, tout y est !…
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#Yemen war , Update , Corruption of the so called legitimate government.
The exiled hotel government Minister of Information , #MoammarAl_Iryani, is leading a smuggling ring of #Yemen Artifacts through Saudi to #Europe.
This information has come to light by a leaked secret
document from the Chairman of the Control and Anti-Corruption prince Khaled.. It says ; according to the memo we have received from the #British Government about the capture of two smuggkers in London coming from #Saudi carrying and selling very rare
According to the #British muesuem @britishmuseum that this rare relics / artifacts origin is from #Yemen. We have investigated the matter and found out that the two smugglers are part of a smugging ring headed by the #Yemeni Minister of Information,#Muammar Al-Eryani.
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