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1) All out war broke out this morning between #Azerbaijan & #Armenia after Azerbaijan launched an offensive along the entire Line of contact between Azerbaijan and disputed Artsakh (Nogorno Karabagh).

#Turkish UAVs & mercenaries from #Syria are also involved in the offensive. Image
2) #Armenia has declared martial law and total military mobilization following clashes with Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Sunday. (Reuters)

#Armenia deploys ‘BM-30 Smerch’ MLRS on the border👇 Image
3) Video showing an #Azerbaijan Army T-72 tank getting destroyed by an anti-tank missile fired by the #Armenian Army
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We are set to see another Christian nation vs Islamic nation inside #Europe, as
Heavy fighting involving Tanks, UAVs, Air and Artillery ongoing between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Turkey has already pledged support for Azerbaijan.
An Azerbaijan up-armoured Technical taken out 👇 ImageImage
Azerbaijan Artillery shelling Armenian #Military position near an Armenian town at the Nargony Karabakh frontline. ImageImage
Armenian #Military Main Battle Tanks rushing out to Armenia line of contact with Azerbaijan.
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All things aside, #Greece needs to realise that #Turkey is in fact the power broker in the #EasternMediterranean. #Europe has but Greece still has to come to terms with the situation and sit on the negotiations table. #Greeceismaximalist
If #Greece keeps its maximalist policies this will be put it's government in a tough spot. How are they going to explain the reality to its people when things end up in favour of Turkey. Greece should stop misinforming it's people.

The #Greek public has the idea that Greece is in the position to claim the a huge portion of the #EastMed. Given geography, demography and military, the claims made my Greece is unreasonable. The GR public is being lied to. ImageImage
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🔥Today, @Europarl_EN's Committee on Constitutional Affairs (#AFCO) will discuss #transnationallists. Here is why they may not be the good idea we think they are. A thread 👇 1/25
@EPInstitutional @Antonio_Tajani @guyverhofstadt @sandrogozi @d_boeselager @daniel_freund @inside_ep
Many have endorsed TNLs as the way to make our elections more #European, from pro-#EU groups (@federalists, @EMInternational), to politicians (@EmmanuelMacron, @vonderleyen) & advocates (@jonworth, @alemannoEU, @AndrewDuffEU). They argue TNLs will bring a European dimension. 2/25
To be clear, the point of this thread is *not* to argue that TNLs will make our common election less European, simply that they will not remedy the election's core deficiency (that national parties are in control) and that, therefore, they are not the right way forward. 3/25
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THREAD @IsraelMFA: Israel welcomes the verdict for life imprisonment without parole by the Criminal Court in #Bulgaria of the two members of the #Hezbollah terrorist organization for their part in the murderous attack committed at the Burgas airport on July 19th 2012. (1/4)
>> an attack in which five Israeli tourists and their Bulgarian bus driver were murdered.
Israel has been claiming all along that #Hezbollah terrorist organization was behind this attack and that the organization itself, as well as its leadership, (2/4)
>> which have commandeered the attack, need to be brought to justice.

#Hezbollah is a terrorist organization responsible for attacks around the world, including deadly ones on #European soil. (3/4)
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#Europe #Coronavirus

An extended travel warning could soon be issued for Belgium and the Netherlands. The seven-day incidence in both countries exceeds the critical mark of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days.
Belgium just exceeded the limit with a value of 50.3, the Niederlange are already well above it with 63.1. Austria (56.4), France (101.9) and the Czech Republic (121.2) also have values ​​that are too high.
Red = above 50/100k
Orange= 35-49.9/ 100k
dark grey = 25-34.9 /100K
grey= 1.0 -24.9 /100k
Green = 0-0.9 /100k Image
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Mike Pompeo & top #EU diplomat to discuss ‘increasing shared concerns about #China

The #US and #China both have been trying to engage #Europe, as they see the continent as crucial amid their worsening rivalry… Image
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is planning to hold his first China dialogue with his European Union counterpart this month, a senior EU diplomat said on Friday, a move that will unsettle Beijing as it tries to prevent the build-up of a transatlantic united front against it.
Pompeo is also expected to visit Italy and the Vatican, according to Italian media reports, in a bid to discourage Italy from accepting Chinese investment in port facilities and to put pressure on the Holy See, which has seen warming ties with Beijing.
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This is probably the most important thread I ever wrote, therefore, it's supported by numerous evidence... 🙂

Thread: Forbidden history of #Europe

* The lost world of #OldEurope - The Danube Valley Civilization

* History of Illyrian #Serbs and ancient #Serbia

⬇️Full thread ⬇️
2) There were once a mysterious European cultures located in the #Balkans which left us a legacy in the form of valuable artifacts covered with a sacred script, spacious houses, professional ceramics, lawish jewellery and other artisan products & sophisticated goods... ⬇️
3) #LepenskiVir culture is the very beginning and it lasts from 9500 - 6000 BC. The #VincaCulture lasts from 5500 BC - 4000 BC. The period from 6200 BC - 4500 BC it is covered by the #StarcevoCulture

The Neolithic period in #Serbia is covered by these 3 amazing cultures. ⬇️
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Germany, Great Britain and France continue to oppose the dispute with the USA over the UN sanctions against Iran.
The reinstatement of the punitive measures pursued by the administration of US President Donald Trump is "not legally competent", argue the UN ambassadors of the three European countries in a letter to the President of the UN Security Council in New York.
Berlin, London and Paris emphasize that they do not see the USA in the legal position to trigger the so-called snapback mechanism. This opinion shared a large part of the most powerful UN body, it said.
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A million applause for this work.
Thank you @RapperPandit.
Every #Indian and #European should read this and acknowledge.
Indians have been looted by not just material wealth, but knowledge.
#Bharat #pride #science #Mathematics #Vedas #culture
Special thanks to @NileshOak
#Bharat #India has been lied, looted, abused for centuries.
While west believed #Earth was flat and center of #UNIVERSE, India had advanced #Mathematics, #cosmology, metallurgy and #Engineering.
#Europe takes it, refurbishes, labels it their own.
@RajivMessage - U turn theory
How was this possible?
Explained systematically by @RajivMessage U turn theory.
#Indian historians were suppressed or corrupted for money. Libraries were burnt by Islamic invaders.
Europeans wrote #History to suit their agenda. Brainwashed the entire world.
No more ignorance.
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Hats off for #blacklivesMatter protesters demanding equality for all in Europe.They created a political force that lead to an #EUActionPlan to address structural racism.

We at ENAR are eager to support in strengthening it and be key stakeholders in the implementation. #SOTEU2020 Image
ENAR welcomes the fact that for the first time, the #EU explicitly acknowledges the existence of structural, institutional & historical dimensions of #racism in #Europe and the need to address them through wide-ranging, proactive policies.

Read our PR:… Image
“This is a groundbreaking moment for racial equality & #justice, & has significant potential to achieve positive change for racialised people in #Europe”, said @KMTaylorBerlin.

“The open boxes now need to be filled:…

#EUActionPlan #SOTEU2020 #BLMprotest Image
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🟢 What is the State of the European Union #SOTEU debate? It's an important moment of #EU #democracy, when MEPs hold the @EU_Commission to account, checking on work done & the #FutureofEurope.

🎞️by @Europarl_EN

#NextGenerationEU #EUGreenDeal @boell_stiftung @boell_EU_USA
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1. My (maybe uncomfortable) views on #Moria and forthcoming #EU #migration pact:

✔️Yes, #Moria was a tragedy waiting to happen and the direct result of #EU policy failing

✔️Yes, early signs that #EU pact will focus on keeping people in their countries is worrying.

2. ...we just cannot keep asking the #EU to do better. Because the #EU can only do what its 27 members states agree to do. And too many of them have interest to keep the anti #immigration rhetoric going primarily for domestic short term political calculations. Same is true in #US
3. To me the question we should ask and work for is:

Is there the political space and will to form a smaller 'coalition of the willing' amongst selected European states/orgs to cooperate on #migration in ways that can work/deliver for domestic audiences?
We know it is possible.
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Lebanon: Remarks by the High Representative / Vice-President Josep Borrell at the EP plenary - European External Action Service!Gw88VN
#Lebanon: read properly what #Europe can give you and stop dreaming.
"We allocate the resources we have (63 million), but you know that we are at the end of the financial perspective, and as long as we do not have new resources, we cannot do more than what we are doing.
The #Beirut Harbour explosion damage is estimated between $8 billion and $12 Billion
#Lebanon deficit is between $81 billion and $110 billion

Europe can give you proudly: $63 million.

Are you still counting on foreign support and we are coming to the end of the year 2020?
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1⃣ The blood thirsty Dracula no none talks about,

the Islamofascist Devlet BAHÇELİ, president of MHP,

the NAZI party that co - governs #Turkey 🇹🇷


A thread Image
2⃣ Devlet BAHÇELİ,

the NAZI that destroyed #Turkey 🇹🇷,

is a Cancer in the soul of our neighbors,

he is 100% responsible for the current alienated face of #Turkey🇹🇷,

he is the reason that #Turkey🇹🇷 moved away from #Europe🇪🇺 and #European🇪🇺 values…
3⃣ Who is Devlet BAHÇELİ?

How he manages to pass under the radar but still be able to set the path of destruction for #Turkey 🇹🇷?

In 1987, Devlet Bahçeli became a member of the board of the Nationalist Task Party (MÇP),
#TurkeyIsATerrorState Image
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On this day in 2011, pursuant to a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty request to the Italian government,
representatives of the U.S. Gov't traveled to Agrigento to interview Ibrahim
Suleiman Adnan Adam Harun (AKA Spin Ghul "White Rose") who fatally attacked my unit during
#OEF on numerous occasions. This meeting led to his extradition to the US where he was later convicted and sentenced according to US Anti-Terrorist Law.

More importantly though...he was released from a Libyan prison & placed on a "#Refugee" boat to #Italy after trying to get to
#Europe himself to commit #ActsofTerror against Western Targets. Who facilitated this? Was it an unfortunate coincidence that the arresting party ended up inadvertently facilitating his goals? Where are (((THEY))) in all this? #AlQaeda #CIA #ClintonsBodyCount #ObamaWarCriminal Image
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How #Germany opened the door to #China & threw away the key

Economic ties have caused #Berlin to tread lightly on human rights

As #Europe weighs what course to take in the face of Beijing’s growing hostility, it's clear that the decision falls on Berlin…
As Europe weighs what course to take in the face of Beijing’s growing belligerence at home and abroad, it has become increasingly clear that the decision depends on Berlin, far and away China’s most important counterpart in the region.
Germany’s big industrial companies — including engineering behemoth Siemens, car giant Volkswagen and chemical maker BASF — were among the first Western companies to make big bets on China in the 1980s and they’ve flourished there ever since.
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Thread: Anatolii Alekseevich Klesov, professor of biology at "Harvard", with analysis of genes shows that #Serbs are ancestors of today’s #Slavs and many other nations in #Europe, whose gene is 12,000 years old.

According to the theory of #Klesov, who heads the scientific 👇 Image
consultative administration of Genealogical International Bureau, the Russians are descendants of those who were living in the #Balkans, today’s #Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia. 👇
Serbian genes (R1A1) are 12,000 years old as opposed to others that are old 4,000 to 7,000 years.

All A – nations (except two) in #Europe have over 40% genes of #Serbs, the scientist claims.
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🌦️ How will #ClimateChange affect future temperature and precipitation in #Europe?

We have collected 8 different methods looking into this question! Check out our new @AMSJCLi paper for a comparison and discussion 👇…

Main takeaway: 🌡️ Under a high emission scenario we have to expect 2-3°C of additional warming in #Europe by the middle of the century.

🌍However, exact numbers across methods vary in several regions (such as Northern Europe)!

Our paper confirms earlier results finding a drying 🌧️☀️ in the Mediterranean but at the same time the divergence between methods is considerable and needs additional research!

Read more here 👇👇…

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1) Topic: European Genocide, #Jesuits and #Serbia

What is the background of Kalergi's plan for #Europe's destruction?

Why is #Christianity in danger?

#TheMoreYouKnow #SilentNoMore #SilentMajorityRising #EU #MigrantCrisis #ChristianOrtodox

⬇️ Full Thread ⬇️
2) When thinking how to start this topic, I remembered the words of Austrian cancellor Sebastian Kurz addressed to #Serbs.

During one of his interviews, he said that we should "give up the past (thinking of giving up #Kosovo) and look to the future"... ⬇️
3) He represents so-called modern European civilization that is forcing this nomadic approach to life - when you don't like it, you pack your stuff & leave. e.g. Pakistani or Algerians don't like where they have lived for centuries, so they leave and wish to settle in #Europe. ⬇️
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Seven Decades of Nazi Collaboration: America’s Dirty Little Ukraine Secret
An interview with Russ Bellant, author of “Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party.”

#Ukraine #USA #Nazi's #Jews #WorldWarII #CIA #Europe #RepublicanParty… Image
Task Force 157 - The Secret Team
The British agent Ayatollah #Khomeini was installed by #MuslimBrotherhood, #Tavistock, the #AspenInstitute and the #ClubOfRome.

#KGB #CIA #Iran #USA #KnightsOfMalta #uk… ImageImage
Operation Bloodstone - America's recruitment of Nazis
"They were the cream of the Nazis and collaborators, the leaders, the intelligence specialists, and the scholars who had put their skills to work for the Nazi cause."
#Fascism #USA #Nazi #CIA…
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