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I think it's important to keep the real estate transactions in mind when studying Jeffrey Epstein and his role as an "intelligence asset".

In 1992 the Office of Foreign Missions rented to Jeffrey Epstein the residence located at 34 East 69 Street
formerly used by the Deputy Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran (“Iran”). The lease commenced on February 1, 1992. Initially the lease was for a 2- year term.

On August 1992 Epstein extended the lease term for an additional 5 years through 1997.
The Office of Foreign Missions (OFM) is responsible for implementing the Secretary’s mandate under the Foreign Missions Act 2 facilitate secure + efficient operations of U.S. missions abroad, and of foreign missions + international organizations in the US
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2001 article on AtreNet.
-started web site design/maintenance to high tech clients in 1995.
-Mother, Shaku Atre worked for IBM & he "leveraged her Rolodex" when he moved to California.
-company is on Walnut Ave. 👀
3. Keywords surrounding AtreNet so far:
-Price Waterhouse Coopers
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#Epstein #Maxwell #Rothschild #Wexner


1/ The house where Ghislaine Maxwell lived at 116 East 65th Street was listed as belonging to Jeffrey Epstein. A corporation was created for the house:

"116 East 65th St LLC c/o Epstein"
The "Second Officer" of the corporation is Darren Indyke.

Darren Indyke is an attorney. He was one of the two people Jeffrey Epstein named as co-executor of his will which he drew up two days before he was "suicided".…

All records for the corporation known as

"116 East 65th Street, LLC" have been scrubbed off the New York State Department's website.
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Disgraced German-Canadian Arms Dealer Karlheinz Schreiber Ran Swiss “#Maxwell” Account.…
Karlheinz Schreiber, a notorious German-Canadian arms dealer, and convicted tax evader owned a Swiss bank account labelled “Maxwell“, which was in the focus of court proceedings between 1995 and 2007.
The beneficiary of this account is unknown, as is the provenance of the 2.6 million Euros credit on the account.
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So frustrating to #know the answer to the question of how to formulate that #TheoryOfEverything #scientists say is the biggest unsolved problem in #physics, yet they don't even want to look at it:…

Wave-particle duality a #mystery?
What I've found is rather astonishing:

The #mathematics used by #Maxwell are inconsistent.

He left the magnetic vector potential field [A] undefined and decoupled from the #medium thus creating #MaxwellsHole, which introduced an unwarrented #gauge #freedom in the model...
It is this #gauge #freedom thst led to the #hack known as #Quantum #Madness.

Really, it doesn't take a PhD to figure out that when you believe particles can exist at two places at the same time, you have a mental problem.…
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#Epstein #Maxwell #Paddock

Are there similarities between Jeffrey Epstein and Stephen Paddock of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting which killed 58 people and wounded 422 and which brought total number of people injured to 851?
I will let you connect the dots:

Stephen Paddock…

The day after the mass shootings Paddock “suicided” himself.
It has been rumored that there was more than one shooter because so many people were killed.

The media basically did very little to no reporting on possibly the largest mass shooting in history. Why?
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Google :
Jeffrey Epstein Cause of death.
Cardiac Arrest will come up.

Try with any other person that has killed themself.

Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade for example.
Suicide will come up.

Why censor the truth ?
#q #Dorian
@POTUS @BreitbartNews
More confirmatation that
Epstein was a Mossad agent.

Carbyne911 board of directors
Known Mossad Agent and previous Prime Minister of Ehud Barak and the curious case of Nichole Junkermann.

Lengthy but a must read.…
Alaska anyone?
Ghislaine Maxwell connection.
What stuck out for me was Maxwell talking about her ex boyfriend from the Israeli Defence Force and Mossad.…
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Here you will find one of the longest and most informative threads on Jeffrey Epstein.
It began about a year prior to his final arrest and covers everything previously known about him, his associates, his sick child handlers, his island, previous arrests and charges against him
This is not the end of the story. Only the closing of a chapter.
There are many more very sick and disturbed ppl just like Epstein, freely roaming.
Justice will speak loudly in rememberance of the victims.
#Justice will NOT go silent with the death of Epstein.
We know who the other players are. Many named in the link provided. There are ALOT more predators to be caged.
We will not rest until each and every victim defeats those who prey on innocent children

You are elites NO MORE.

#Epstein #maxwell #MAGA2020
#QAnon2019 #q @POTUS
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Everyone from Vanity Fair is full of sh*t regarding #Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell, and is trying to cover up their Epstein victim catch-and-kill, a thread:

1/ VF reporter Vicky Ward and Party Circuit Gal pal Ghislane Maxwell:
2/ Vicky Ward, in 2015, crying in the Daily Beast about how traumatic it was to not be able to run the reporting on Epstein's child rape victims.…

The storyline: Graydon said #Epstein was sensitive about "the young women" (no mention of severed cat heads)
3/ Here's Vicky Ward defending her buddies #Epstein and #Maxwell when stories started popping up again in 2011:…

"So what to make of the current fuss over Ghislaine? Full disclosure: I like her. Most people in New York do. It’s almost impossible not to."
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A Dead Cat, A Lawyer's Call And A 5-Figure Donation: How Media Fell Short On #Epstein… #MediaFail
Bois: "We would go to the media to try to explain what was going on...With the exception, really, of the Miami Herald & the Daily Beast, prior to the arrest [of #Epstein this summer] there was almost no substantive coverage." #OpDeathEaters
"For the first time, in comments to NPR, Maria and Annie Farmer are publicly confirming they gave interviews to Ward. They say they both spoke about their abuse on the record, by name, back in 2002." #OpDeathEaters #Epstein #MediaFail
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#Epstein Estate Case no. is 1:19-cv-07771 in SDNY, filed 8/20/2019. Complaints: Kaitlyn Doe… , Lisa Doe… , Priscilla Doe… #OpDeathEaters
"The message delivered to Plaintiff by Ghislaine #Maxwell was conveyed in a serious manner that instilled genuine fear in Plaintiff that her failure to comply would cause her serious harm."… #OpDeathEaters #Epstein
#Epstein "with the help of an unnamed attorney, forced her to enter a fraudulent marriage with another woman in his orbit." #KaitlynDoe… #OpDeathEaters So Epstein could import the spouse from another country.
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America has your back @GenFlynn! 🇺🇸

$22.22 For the Brave Surfer, the Resilient Patriot, the People’s General. Thank you for the Field of Fight where you stand TALL! We stand w/ you. (Isaiah 22:22)

#QAnon #Q
2. Why's #GhislaineMaxwell's face 20 yrs younger in 1 picture taken in LA In-N-Out Burger NYPost Story? Maxwell is reading a book in the picture but the title is not visible. The NYP named the book: Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives. Msg? #QAnon #Q…
3. The photo of #Maxwell, 57, was published last wk at Burger joint in LA 1 day after press suggested her whereabouts were uncertain since Scott Borgerson's Massachusetts mansion. #QAnon #Q
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Anyone frm #Paris #France? We need to locate #IsabelMaxwell
•She apparently lives there & she may live w/ her sister #GhislaneMaxwell there. For decades their lives parallelled & intertwined w/ Same Men

•Isabel ‘married’ #AlfredSeckel an ILLUSIONIST who mirrored #Epstein a LOT
•Early 2000’s a #VirginIslands co called ENSIGN CONSULTING LTD sued #IsabelMaxwell & #AlSeckle
•Oddly court docs are SEALED🤔

•2015 Looks like #Seckel was SUICIDED in Saint-Cirq-Lapopie in #France’s Lot Valley (south)

•Seckel hung in same crowd/colleges as #Epstein then..
..Married #IsabelMaxwell in 2007

•Also In 2007 Isabel & #Seckel went to #Google HQ for X-Prize Foundation’s Radical Benefit for Humanity hosted by #LarryPage

•Seckel went to Epstein’s #PedoIsland at least once & was also known for throwing eclectic elite parties 🎉
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#Epstein #Maxwell
Based on the fact that Epstein was outed as a spy and that Ghislaine via her father is very likely another spy - I thought I would look at In & Out Burger closer.

The name is odd considering what the Epstein/Maxwell crime spree involved. Additionally In & Out..
The In-N-Out Burgers Foundation, was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in March 1995 and classified as a "Human Services: Fund Raising & Fund Distribution" organization under the NTEE system Based in Irvine, California, the foundation...2/?
"supports organizations that provide residential treatment, emergency shelter, foster care, and early intervention for children in need". And then there is THIS>>> 3/?
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#OpDeathEaters - Stephanies' thread on Jean-Luc #Brunel's brother may provide another link in the #Epstein trafficking chain in #France

"#ArnaudBrunel , also involved with modeling agencies in NY and Florida? Here he is listed as director of Sun Models Inc"
#Epstein's Little Black Book #OpDeathEaters "France section "Massage-Paris" contains ~30 names: Claudia, Alexandra, Carolina, Deborah, Isabella, Rosemary, Donna, Yelena or Nadia. Sometimes, mention is added: "speaks little English" or "speaks NO English".…
"At the time, it was the law firm Berlioz that managed the financier's current affairs. "We were like his Family Office," says Stéphane Coulaux, whose name appears in the famous notebook" #OpDeathEaters #Epstein #France
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Ghislaine Maxwell’s, #Epstein’s handler, sisters Isabel and Christine co-founded Magellan in 1993. Does this sound like the precursor to Google and Yandex (Russia)? Did the Maxwells backdoor the whole world?
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So who is the "beau" that Ghislaine #Maxwell has been shacking up with? Scott #Borgerson, CEO of CargoMetrics. Based on what I'm reading - this company needs more digging! DIG ANONS!…
This needs more eyes on for digging - so I'm gonna tag some people I know dig deep! @StormIsUponUs @M2Madness @2runtherace more tags to come
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Q. Is that where Mr. #Epstein kept his plane, Jet Aviation? A. Yes. #JuanAlessi Depo… p23 A General Dynamics Company #OpDeathEaters
#Epstein little black book contains 9 phone numbers for Mark & Lauren Booth of Warren Buffets' NetJet, based out of London #OpDeathEaters he doesn't always fly his own planes? Or he leases his out via NJ?…
James Michael Austrich - he lived in a trailer on her parents property, and he & Virginia were engaged for a while. Then VR went to work for Mar-a-Lago - at 16 yrs old - as a massage therapist without any education or experience in massage. #OpDeathEaters pg 33
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This thread is dedicated to information on #Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ghislaine is a French name and can be pronounced two different ways. Maxwell prefers the pronunciation "Ghee-lane", as confirmed in this unlisted interview:
Ghislaine founded the TerraMar Project (to protect oceans) in 2012. She traveled the world doing TerraMar "business" w/ government agents & members of global high society. The "save the oceans" company may have been a front to allow Ghislaine to gain entrance into elite circles.
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Well, I know what I'm doing this weekend #OpDeathEaters - Wonder if this is why Tom Winter is busy saying #Trump had nothing to do with Virginia Guiffre? #Epstein #Maxwell
"In newly unsealed documents, Virginia #Giuffre claims that Jeffrey #Epstein and Ghislaine #Maxwell trafficked her to politicians, princes, and a high-flying financier, among others."… #OpDeathEaters
"#Maxwell directed her to have sex with former New Mexico Gov. #BillRichardson, Britain’s #PrinceAndrew (whom she has accused before), wealthy financier #GlennDubin, former senator #GeorgeMitchell, now-deceased MIT scientist #MarvinMinsky, and modeling agent Jean #LucBrunel"
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Ghislaine called girl her slave
Q. Who did Emmy work for?
A. Ghislaine.
Q. Did Maxwell ever refer to Emmy by any particular term?
A. She called her her slave.
pdf… #Epstein #GhislaineMaxwell
Second Girl testifies to sex with Prince Andrew
Ms. Sjoberg also testified about sexual acts that occurred with her, Prince Andrew, and
Ms. Giuffre, when she and Defendant were staying at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion #Sjiberg #PrinceAndrew #Epstein #Ghislaine #SexSlaveCult
It is an undisputed fact that Rinaldo Rizzo testified that Defendant took the passport of a 15-year-old Swedish girl and threatened her when she refused to have sex with Epstein. #RinaldoRizzo #Epstein #SexSlaveCult
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Why did #JefferyEpstein share an FAA tail number with a US military aircraft? To elude law enforcement, of course! #DynCorp #HumanTrafficking #PedophileEpstein #QAnon…
Plenty to dig on Epstein. Good summary of links.
#JeffreyEpstein case 18-2868 documents:
278 (648pp):…
Combined 287-279 & 271 (366pp):…
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This thread will look into the French connection to Epstein through child trafficker Jean-Luc #Brunel owner of MC2 Model Management. Brunel was Jeffery #Epstein's buddy and supplier who once gave him three 12-year-olds as a birthday present. #OpDeathEaters
Victims testified in court that #Epstein raped young girls from South America, Europe, and the former Soviet republics, including three 12-year-old girls brought from France as a birthday gift by Jean-Luc #Brunel (he was not charged). #OpDeathEaters…
In 2005, Jean-Luc #Brunel founded the MC2 Model Management agency which #Epstein invested $1 million, according to a 2010 deposition. #OpDeathEaters…
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