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BREAKING: #BNNChina Reports.

Japan’s upper house, the House of Councillors, passed a resolution expressing concern over the violation of #humanrights across China including Xinjiang, the Uyghur Muslim majority state. #China #politics Image
The resolution was passed by the upper chamber of the Diet, the parliament, with a majority vote largely supported by the Liberal Democratic Party-led ruling coalition as well as the opposition parties such as the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan...
...Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Innovation Party) and the Japanese Communist Party. The House flagged “serious human rights situations,” suppression of religious freedom and forced incarceration in #Xinjiang #Tibet, #InnerMongolia and #HongKong.
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La #Cina ha ordinato ai suoi colossi tecnologici di aumentare la censura per evitare la diffusione delle immagini delle proteste, dentro e fuori i confini nazionali.
Così occorre approfondire la questione: perché finora Pechino ha insistito con la strategia #ZeroCovid?
A tentare di fornire una risposta geopolitica è stato George Friedman, l'analista geopolitico più importante al mondo.
Se, al netto del malcontento e dei costi imponenti associati a misure così severe, Pechino ha comunque cercato di contenere il Covid le possibili spiegazioni
sono due.
La prima, dice Friedman, "è che il governo stia cercando di contenere una mutazione di cui il mondo esterno non è a conoscenza. Questa ipotesi è evidentemente dubbia, e in ogni caso non c'è stato il numero di vittime che ci si aspetterebbe da un nuovo ceppo più
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JUST IN: #BNNHongKong Reports.

The high-profile trial of tycoon and China critic Jimmy Lai, who faces several charges of collusion with foreign countries under a China-imposed national security law, was adjourned to December 13 by a Hong Kong court on Thursday. #HongKong #Crime Image
The trial was postponed by three High Court judges three days after Hong Kong authorities asked China's highest legislative body to decide whether to bar foreign lawyers from national security cases, including Timothy Owen, a British barrister who now leads Lai's legal team.
Lai is one of the most vocal Hong Kong critics of China's Communist Party leadership, and his case is being closely followed by the public, legal community, and diplomats due to concerns that Hong Kong's rule of law is being threatened.
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NOW: Dozens of students join anti-#zerocovid protests at the University of #HongKong with blank sheets of white paper, chanting 'No PCR test' 'No lockdown but Freedoms'. #HKU
This slogan is chanted and posted repeatedly by anti-#zerocovid Chinese students tonight at HKU: 'We are not foreign powers. We are Chinese citizens.'
Also chanted in this video, 'Different voices should exist in China'.
This slogan is chanted and posted repeatedly by anti-#zerocovid Chinese students tonight at HKU: 'We are not foreign powers. We are Chinese citizens.'
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L'un des arguments de la Chine pour maintenir sa stratégie radicale #ZéroCovid est d'éviter une vague meurtrière.

D'après la société @Airfinity, un allègement des restrictions comme à #HongKong début 2022 pourrait entraîner entre 1,3 et 2,1 millions de décès liés au #Covid.

Le modèle s'appuie sur les pics de cas positifs et de décès lors de la terrible vague #Omicron à #HongKong début 2022.

Comme en Chine, la population avait été très peu infectée depuis le début de la pandémie et elle était relativement peu vaccinée.

Ainsi, en Chine qui maintenu des restrictions radicales, la part de population protégée contre une infection #Omicron n'a fait que diminuer au fil des mois et elle atteint désormais un bas niveau.

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Now in #HongKong: More than a dozen turn out to show solidarity with Chinese protesters, joining calls to mourn victims of #UrumqiFire and support the nationwide demonstration with blank paper & candlelight silently. There are both Hongkongers and mainland Chinese here. ImageImageImageImage
As the number of protesters grows, police cordon some of the areas and warn of possible violation of social distancing rule, meanwhile filming the participants.
Less than 1.5hr since the protest has begun, the authorities sent cleaners to remove all the flowers, candlelights and all kinds of sheets. Police order protesters and bystanders not to stop at the corner.
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JUST IN: #BNNHongKong Reports.

On Monday, Hong Kong's highest court ruled that a British lawyer can represent pro-democracy tycoon Jimmy Lai in a national security trial, rejecting the government's appeal to bar foreigner lawyers from such cases. #HongKong #JimmyLai #Politics
Lai is perhaps Hong Kong's most vocal critic of China's Communist Party leaders, including Xi Jinping, and the Department of Justice in Hong Kong has repeatedly attempted to prevent British barrister Timothy Owen from representing him.
The trial is scheduled to begin on December 1 and will last approximately 30 days.
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🇨🇳 L'un des gros point faibles de la #Chine, en pleine reprise épidémique et confrontée à une forte contestation contre le #ZéroCovid : sa faible couverture vaccinale avec rappel des personnes âgées.

D'où le risque que cette vague de #Covid19 n'entraîne de nombreux décès.

Cette faible couverture vaccinale semble s'expliquer par plusieurs facteurs, dont le fait qu'initialement les vaccins n'étaient pas jugés sûrs dans les tranches âgées.

Par ailleurs, les vaccins chinois sont peut-être moins efficaces que ceux à ARNm.

Alors oui, c'est le variant #Omicron. Mais on a bien vu par le passé, notamment avec l'exemple d'#HongKong, qu'une vague #Omicron dans une population peu immunisée et "mal" vaccinée" pouvait entraîner un très grand nombre de décès.

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This is now on Wulumuqi (=Urumqi) lu in #Shanghai. People holding up white sheets of paper. ‘We don’t need to write anything on it. It is a symbol of the revolution of the people’, someone says. (Don’t manage to send videos.)
‘We want freedom!’
First it was only a few hundred people. But they seem to be coming from far outside the city centre. More than a thousand now, i’m estimating.
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WATCH: #BNNHongKong Reports.

Cardinal Joseph Zen said he hoped the public would not link his conviction with the city’s religious freedom after the 90-year-old was fined HK$4,000 with four other trustees. #HongKong #Crime
He told reporters after the verdict that "I'm just a Hong Kong citizen who strongly supports providing humanitarian assistance."
He added, "Although I'm a religious figure, I hope this (case) won't be associated with our freedom of religion. It's not related."
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JUST IN: #BNNHongKong Reports.

Cardinal Joseph Zen, 90, one of Asia's most senior Roman Catholic clerics, was found guilty of failing to register a now-disbanded fund for pro-democracy protesters and fined HK$4,000 ($512) by a Hong Kong court on Friday. #HongKong #Crime
The arrest of Zen and four others by the city's national security police in May sparked criticism from some Western governments, who saw it as part of a crackdown on dissent under China's sweeping national security law.
Principal Magistrate Ada Yim stated in her decision that the fund "had political objectives and thus was not established solely for charitable purposes."
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“Ninety-year-old #HongKong Cardinal Joseph Zen and five other pro-democracy figures were found guilty on Friday over failing to register a now-defunct protester relief fund as a society and fined up to HK$4,000 each.”…
Zen, barrister Margaret Ng, ex-lawmaker Cyd Ho, scholar Hui Po-keung, singer-activist Denise Ho, and Sze Ching-wee appeared in front of Principal Magistrate Ada Yip at West Kowloon Magistrates’ Courts on Friday.
Founded in June 2019 at the start of the mass extradition bill protests, it provided financial support for those arrested or injured.
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#HongKong’s national security police have arrested a 42-year-old man on suspicion of sedition over social media posts, including one in which he thanked South Korea for “recognising Hong Kong’s national anthem,” local media reported.”…
“The message was posted alongside a video of a popular protest song being played instead of the Chinese national anthem at South Korea’s Rugby Sevens, according to HK01.
Police made the arrest on Monday morning in New Territories.”
“The man is suspected of publishing seditious posts that could incite hatred against the central government and the Hong Kong government, incite others to use violence and incite others to insult the national flag and national anthem on different social media platforms.”
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"Three years after protesters at #HongKong's Polytechnic University fought pitched battles with columns of riot police and armored cars, many supporters of the city's vanishing freedoms are now in exile."…
"Some, like the U.K.-based group Stand With Hong Kong, are using evidence of human rights violations during the siege and elsewhere to put pressure on the British government to impose sanctions on Hong Kong officials responsible for police violence against protesters, ...
... including a number of British nationals serving as high-ranking officers in the Hong Kong police force at the time."
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JUST IN: #BNNHongKong Reports.

In a closely watched national security case, six former employees of Hong Kong's defunct pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily pleaded guilty on Tuesday to conspiracy to commit collusion with foreign forces. #HongKong #Crime
The six pleaded guilty to planning, between July 2020 and June 2021, to "impose sanctions or blockade, or engage in other hostile activities" against the Hong Kong and Chinese governments with media tycoon Jimmy Lai and others.
Lai and the six former Apple Daily staff members were charged with conspiracy to commit collusion with foreign forces under the new security law imposed by Beijing in 2020, in Hong Kong's most serious national security cases.
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"Six former staff members of #HongKong pro-democracy tabloid Apple Daily and its parent company Next Digital have pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to commit collusion charge in a landmark national security case."…
Former CEO of Next Digital Cheung Kim-hung, Apple Daily’s former editor-in-chief Ryan Law, former associate publisher Chan Pui-man, former executive editor-in-chief Lam Man-chung, ex-editor-in-chief of the English news section Fung Wai-kong, ...
... and ex-editorial writer Yeung Ching-kee appeared at the High Court on Tuesday.
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#Beijing is not under any official #Covid lockdown but the vast majority of restaurants, shops etc in Chaoyang District are shut and many companies and government departments have told staff not to come in this week because of the #Coronavirus outbreak in the city. #China
I should add the closing of businesses etc mentioned above has also spread to other parts of #Beijing + most schools have switched to online classes. Some restaurants are doing delivery meals. #Covid infections keep going up. Infections found outside of quarantine doubled today.
John Lee has tested positive for #Covid just days after sitting next to #XiJinping unmasked… #China #HongKong.
Read 8 tweets scagliava, @GiorgiaMeloni, contro il memorandum d'intesa con la #Cina (#ViaDellaSeta), sosteneva gli indipendentisti di #HongKong e #Taiwan, si diceva pronta a combattere non meglio precisate "ingerenze cinesi" in Italia, appoggiava completamente la…
linea di #Washington arrivando a sostenere "la politica imperiale cinese è la principale minaccia globale" (!). Ma, come #Scholz prima di lei, andrà a #Pechino nella speranza di concludere accordi vantaggiosi per le imprese italiane. Ha infatti accettato l'invito che le ha
rivolto #XiJinping durante il vertice del #G20 a #Bali.. Ben venga il pragmatismo! Sarà comunque divertente osservare le critiche che le verranno mosse dagli atlantisti "de sinistra" #Letta, #Quartapelle, #Romano ecc.ecc.ecc.
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BREAKING: #BNNHongKong Reports.

Legislative Council members remarked yesterday that in order to recruit talent, civil servant welfare should be enhanced. #HongKong #Politics #CivilService #Welfare
Their views were expressed during a discussion of a vote of appreciation for Chief Executive John Lee Ka-Chiu's opening policy speech.
In order to maintain the morale of the 176,200 civil personnel, according to labour sector spokesman Dennis Leung Tsz-wing, authorities must place equal priority on acquiring top talent and luring foreign businesses.
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BREAKING: #BNNHongKong Reports.

A report by a US congressional committee was "vehemently refuted" by the HK government, which claimed the committee's remarks were malicious and ill-intentional. #HongKong #Politics #Geopolitics #Criticism
It also asked the United States to refrain from meddling maliciously in Hong Kong's internal affairs.
This occurred at the time when a US bipartisan study criticised security forces in Hong Kong of continuing what it called an "attack" on the city's liberties and claimed Beijing-inspired restrictions had a negative impact on the economy.
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#TETHER distributed $108.5 billion in USDT,

received $32.7 billion in $USDT in that same period,

sent a staggering majority of $USDT directly to market makers and liquidity providers. Image
Some of these entities maintain crypto exchanges; the data presented here relates specifically to their operational addresses as companies. Image
#Tether supplied categorized “market makers” with 89.2% of all $USDT ($97 billion) it sent.
Trading funds and other miscellaneous companies received $9.2 billion (8.5%).
Smaller transactions deemed to have been received by “individuals” amounted to $2.35 billion (2.3%). Image
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BREAKING: #BNNHongKong Reports.

Using "zero plus something" to describe Covid regulations will no longer be acceptable, according to Chief Executive John Lee, who also noted that authorities are making every effort to relax restrictions. #HongKong #Health #Covid #Resrictions Image
Inbound travellers are currently exempt from hotel quarantine under the "0+3" arrangement, although they are instead issued an amber health code that prevents them from visiting restaurants and some other locations for three days.
The vice-chairman of the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Lo Man-tuen, said in a Ming Pao opinion piece that the "0+3" arrangement...
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BREAKING: #BNNHongKong Reports.

The police would look into the anthem error during the Asian Rugby Sevens Series in South Korea over the weekend, Chief Executive John Lee stated on Tuesday. #HongKong #NationalAnthem #Controversy #Investigation
He emphasised that it is unacceptable that the national anthem was substituted with a song connected to 2019's violent protests.
Before the weekly Executive Council meeting, Lee spoke to the media but did not go into detail about the investigation's methodology or if investigators would go to South Korea to gather evidence.
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BREAKING: #BNNHongKong Reports.

The largest non-hospital medical services provider in Hong Kong, EC Healthcare, was discovered to have shared client personal information across a number of the group's subsidiaries. #HongKong #Crime #Datasecurity #Healthcare #EC
At a press conference, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) disclosed the results of an inquiry into EC Healthcare, which showed that the company had exchanged customer information throughout its subsidiaries via an integrated customer support system.
28 of the 39 brands held by the business, totaling 1.08 million customers, used the questioned system.
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