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1/ Here is my observations on HKSAR v Ma Chun Man (2021), which has a Chinese verdict and an English Press Summary for now:… (20 tweets,beware!)
2/x The reasons for verdict have 84 paragraphs, and only 4 of them discuss the court’s view on human rights jurisprudence. Sadly, they are insufficient, incoherent and not up to international standard. (See para.46-47, 64-65) #HK #NSL
3/x in para.46, The verdict cited the Jimmy Lai case at the CFA (FACC1/2021) to state article 4 of the NSL safeguards basic rights and freedoms according to Hong Kong law…
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A #HongKong court has found a man guilty of inciting secession under the security law over the content of slogans he chanted and speeches he made in 2020. He is the second person to be convicted under the controversial security law.…
Ma Chun-man, 30, was accused of chanting slogans and making speeches calling for Hong Kong’s independence on at least 20 public occasions, and via social media, between August and November 2020.
District Court Judge Stanley Chan said he believed Ma’s speech demonstrated that he clearly intended to incite secession, a violation under the national security law. Ma “advocated a clear political intention” and was “without reservation,” he added.
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Breaking: @amnesty announced that they will close their two offices in #HongKong by the end of the year, citing the security law and the impact that comes with it on human rights organizations.
"“This decision, made with a heavy heart, has been driven by Hong Kong’s national security law, which has made it effectively impossible for human rights organizations in Hong Kong to work freely and without fear of serious reprisals from the government,” ...
... said Anjhula Mya Singh Bais, chair of Amnesty’s International Board.
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The verdict of HKSAR v Ma Chun Man, aka the 2nd #NationalSecurityLaw trial in #Hongkong,is expected to be given today. Ma’s case is indeed the 1st #NSL case that involves solely #SpeechCrime of incitement & that the defendant at first brought #humanrights arguments to the court.
A brief overview of his case can be found at @hkfp…
We will soon know whether the court will appreciate human rights jurisprudence that complies with international and comparative human rights law in its verdict, and follow the 1st NSL verdict that dismissed the critical review of the safeguarding human rights in NSL context.
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"All arrivals in #HongKong must still quarantine in a hotel at their own expense for two or three weeks, which has been in place since 2020. The policy is expected to last into 2022 — possibly until after the Chinese Communist party congress in November."…
"Hong Kong’s refusal to change tack has renewed questions from the international business community about the city’s status as a global financial centre and the efficacy of its quarantine policy."
“The mood is increasingly dark,” said Tara Joseph, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. “People are losing out on seeing their families, which is becoming very difficult on a personal level, and are losing clients, which becomes difficult for business.”
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@JA_Irl @ClareDalyMEP @dfatirl @EPinIreland QUESTION for @Europarl_EN😴

en route to next week's #COP26
#GlasgowCop26 #COP26Glasgow

I keep asking that question
since #CopenhagenGate!

😴1999 @Europarl_EN😴

Operation #ClimateChaos
#HAARP Alaska, Antarctica, Orbital🔜
@JA_Irl @ClareDalyMEP @dfatirl @EPinIreland @Europarl_EN @TimmermansEU @COP26 Can the European Parliament answer my previous Q&A about their own 1999 report?

" #HAARP disrupts #climate"

@JA_Irl @ClareDalyMEP @dfatirl @EPinIreland @Europarl_EN @TimmermansEU @COP26 Can the European Parliament answer my previous Q&A about their own 1999 report?

" #HAARP disrupts #climate"

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oh hilarious.. 🤪🤡🧐🇨🇳😂😂Why the world's carmakers are watching a small town in #China - I'm so tempted to say: "See? Ya muthas! That'll teach you a lesson in respect. Learn it well. Insult China once too often with your...
...aggressive baseless smears and allegations , and attempts to 'contain' #China via #HongKong, #Myanmar #Thailand etc, and You is gonna get smacked. Where you least expect it. mate. Right up the exhaust pipe..." As I say, I'm tempted. But I won't. But I'm sure others will..
But, I hear you say.. the carmakers haven't been insulting #China.. hmm.. well.. perhaps not directly.. but..
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🧵~5.3 million views in 4 days.

"Fragile"《玻璃心》mocks the oversensitivity of cyber-nationalists, internet trolls that guard #China against criticism.

– by Malaysian #Chinese artist activist @nameweemusic 黃明志 (ft. Kimberley Chen 陳芳語)
🧵"It might Break Your Pinky Heart"

Paid cyber trolls: "fifty-centers" (五毛 *wumao*).
Unpaid cyber nationalists: "little pinks" (#小粉红).

The name recalls the color of a popular online nationalist forum. Many are young women.…
🧵references in "Fragile"《玻璃心》(lit. "Glass Heart")

* cotton (picked by #Uyghurs in #Xinjiang labor camps)
* honey loved by Winnie the Pooh (Xi Jinping)
"Carrying the cotton and collecting his favorite honey. / Common prosperity!"
“扛着棉花踩着它爱的蜜蜂 /#共同富裕Image
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#HongKong activist & US citizen @jooeysiiu is now detained in Greece for peaceful protest with fellow Tibetans against #BeijingWinterOlympics. Shame on Greece who helps Beijing whitewash dissent, and the IOC who ignores China's human rights abuse and 'll soon hand over the torch.
Power message from Joey: "Beijing’s authoritarian behaviors and policies should not be normalized and your participation in 2022 Beijing genocidal games is equivalent to endorsing its escalating atrocities."

From @SFTHQ: "the activists waved the Tibetan flag and Hong Kong’s revolution flag... chanting 'Boycott Beijing 2022' and 'Free Tibet'... Within minutes, at least two dozen police arrived at the scene. The student activists were detained...":…
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[FIL] PARUTION du rapport @IRSEM1 sur "Les opérations d’influence chinoises : un moment machiavélien" par @PaulCharon et moi-même. Cette somme de plus de 640 pages et 3000 notes est désormais en libre accès sur
Il y a deux semaines, @lemonde avait annoncé sa parution prochaine en y consacrant la une et une double page (p. 2-3) du journal daté du 4 septembre 2021, avec 4 articles en ligne de @nathalieguibert et @pedroletti…
Fruit de 2 ans de travail, d’entretiens dans une vingtaine de pays, de l’analyse de sources en chinois, combinées aux travaux scientifiques et à la recherche en sources ouvertes (OSINT), ce rapport offre un panorama relativement complet de l’influence chinoise dans le monde.
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🇭🇰Hang Seng Index drops 1.1% in the morning session in #HongKong, with Ping An Insurance down 5.4%.

🇸🇬FTSE China A50 index futures traded in #Singapore fall nearly 2% in the morning session.
#StockMarket #PingAn
Hang Seng Index continues to decrease rapidly, down 2%.
#HongKong #Hangseng #StockMarket
China #Pingan shares in Hong Kong drop as much as 6.8% on Monday though the company said PA insurance funds have zero exposure, neither equity nor debt, including China #Evergrande, other investment exposures risks are under control.
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Shares of #Evergrande open 1.57% lower in Hong Kong on Monday morning.
On Saturday, Evergrande Wealth Management says has already started the process of physical assets redemption.
#HongKong #Evergrande #StockMarket
Stocks related to Evergrande continue the downward trend in #HongKong.
The gauge tracking the #Evergrande-backed sector drops 4.8%, with China Evergrande Group -9.5%, Evergrande NEV -4%, Evergrande Property Services -5.2% and HengTen Networks -5.6%.
Shares of #Evergrande in #HongKong extend losses to 16.1% as its sell-off deepens.
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Over the last two weeks, #HongKong government shifted the focus of their crackdown to @hka8964, as three leaders of the org were charged with inciting subversion. Simultaneously, some activists were trying to memories of the #TiananmenMassacre. My latest:…
On Wednesday, a court in Hong Kong handed nine activists and former lawmakers a prison sentence of up to ten months over their participation in last year’s banned Tiananmen Square vigil, saying they have taken part in an unauthorized assembly
The Hong Kong Alliance had previously refused to comply when the city’s police demanded they hand over financial records and detailed information about its members, citing the National Security Law (NSL).
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The @GayGamesHK2022 has been postponed to 2023, citing the unpredictable progression of the #COVID19 variants corresponding travel restrictions as the reasons.…
"The world today is radically different from 2017 when we won the bid to host the first Games in Asia. GGHK remains steadfast and committed to our original vision of organising the most inclusive and diverse Games celebrating its 40 year history."
"With many parts of the world, including many across Asia, still struggling to contain the virus and facing uneven access to vaccines, we felt that delaying the Games until November 2023 will enhance the likelihood of delivering on our promise to ...
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Latest for @dw_chinese (Eng version): More than a year after #NSL came into effect in #HongKong, the city's judicial system is coming under immense pressure. I talked to @laiyanhoeric about how the NSL is challenging the definition of rule of law in HK.…
"In the past, defendants would usually be able to be released on bail, unless the judges think they have the risk of committing crimes again or the risk of escaping. In other words, being released on bail is supposed to be a right of the defendants."
"However, since the anti-extradition bill in 2019, judges will impose many new restrictions in cases related to protests and enhance the bar for granting bail. And since NSL cases are ruled based on the security law, ...
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A #HongKong group which provided support to prisoners is to disband. It is the latest pro-democracy civil society group to dissolve in recent months, amid what critics have called a national security crackdown on dissent.…
Wall-fare, founded by former pro-democracy lawmaker Shiu Ka-chun, provided support for detained pro-democracy activists by raising funds to provide daily necessities and providing emotional support through a coordinated a letter-writing scheme.
The disbandment comes after the city’s security chief claimed last week that prisoners were using privileges such as chocolates and hair clips to recruit forces to endanger national security.
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Today, one of the important figures in #HongKong's pro-democracy movement, Albert Ho, announced his resignation from some of the organizations that he has long dedicated his career. Here's a thread looking back to some of the last few interviews I did with him:
Prior to the day when #NSL came into effect, he talked about how he viewed the highly controversial law and why the law will destroy the longstanding tradition of judicial independence in #HongKong:…
"I think all the directions and opinions given by this Beijing’s representative will be binding on the council. After all, this national security council will become a super power center, and it will be the highest executive body in Hong Kong."
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#PerseusSays: New changes to #ImmigrationRules laid yesterday for #HongKong #BNOvisa #BNO visa scheme. If no opposition, changes will come into force on 6 October 2021.

Here's a #thread of what has changed.

--> Change 1 - Original image first.

Changes to HK 13.3 seems to be saying that a dependent partner will be able to apply as such under the #HongKong #BNOvisa visa scheme if sponsor already has permission under #BNO route.

--> Same time applications are still part of the #HongKong #BNOvisa visa route, see possible new HK 13.3(b), but the conjunction between clauses (a) and (b) is "or".

So looks like there may be options for applications for partners made AFTER #BNO sponsor has been granted.

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Guess we don’t really need investigation as the movement is initiated by #CCP’s state media.
The Chinese communists hijack the term of “Asians”, chanting end the hate to Asians when they ignore the voice of #HongKong ppl and #Uyghurs.…
See the so called #StopAsianHate rally in Washing DC, protesters called pro- #Uyghurs group racists; the rally at San Francisco, when #HongKongers showed up, they were casted away but the stop asian hate protesters.…
Asians, #HongKongers who wanna joined the #StopAsianHate movement in Vancouver, Canada were also not welcome, as shown in video, the so called protesters trying so hard to cover the sign that said “Hold #CCP Accountable”.
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THREAD: @AmbZhengZeguang - welcome to UK

I have 10 questions for you

1. Millions of #Uyghurs are in prison camps, women forcibly sterilised, people used for slave labour, horrific torture & sexual violence reported /
The evidence is there, & increasingly experts recognise it as genocide. Why are you doing this to Uyghurs & why won't you allow international, independent monitors to visit unrestricted?/
2. Why have you torn up an international treaty, lodged at the UN, valid until 2047, in which you promised to protect #HongKong's autonomy, freedoms, rule of law and basic human rights? Why has your regime destroyed #HongKongers' freedoms?
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@seestone74 @veryvirology 🚨🚨🚨There are TWO DIFFERENT formulations, one of which, #COMIRNATY we have no idea when it was tested. 🔥"The products are legally distinct with certain differences that do not impact safety or effectiveness."🔥

We're just supposed to take their word for it???
@seestone74 @veryvirology "The FDA-approved COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) and the
FDA-authorized Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine under Emergency Use
Authorization (EUA) have the same formulation and can be used interchangeably
to provide the COVID-19 vaccination series.…
@seestone74 @veryvirology These are two distinct shots.
Where is the test data for
#COMIRNATY? What did they change? The original The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 is STILL under #EAU.
@pfizer @FDA Care to explain?
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#August21201, the day Western leaders, mostly @BarackObama, decided to abandon their eminent responsibilities and historical consciousness.
Everything that followed logically stems from this assumed will not to act—yes, a deliberate will.
Intervening would not only have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, but would have also stopped the victories of the revisionist powers.
We decided, yes decided, to lose, which means that we decided to let the #crimesagainsthumanity continue until today—they are—, ...
but also to allow the revisionist powers to set the agenda.
There's a continuity in #Syria between the #Ghouta, #Aleppo, #Homs, #Idlib..., but also with the failure of our intelligence and will in #Georgia, #Ukraine, #Belarus, #HongKong & #Afghanistan.
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Report from yesterday's court hearing #HongKong
1) Andy Li was one of the official leaders of the “Stand With Hong Kong” group, along with Finn Lau, while Chan Tsz-wah liaised behind the scenes with the de facto leaders, Jimmy Lai and Mark Simon, prosecutors said.
2) Much of the slanted, highly negative coverage of Hong Kong was cash-backed, the court heard. Professional consultancy firms were hired and paid for. Rallies were organized. “Publication fees of newspaper articles” were quietly covered from the fund.
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