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Thank you @ShaneAParrish for blurbing #QUIT. Shane is, of course, the founder of @farnamstreet which is an incredible community for those committed to becoming better thinkers and decision makers.
@ShaneAParrish also has a great newsletter, Sunday Brain Food, “timeless ideas you can use to create wealth, live a meaningful life, and achieve unstoppable progress.” I’m a subscriber and you should be to!
@ShaneAParrish is also obsessed with mental models and has written extensively on the topic, publishing The Great Mental Models (3 volumes!). These are great books to help you become a better thinker.…
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So grateful to @donandrewmoore for supporting #QUIT and blurbing it. Don was crucial in helping me with the section of the book on over optimism and how that contributes to our bias against quitting. He is my go to guy on all things overconfidence😊
I first talked to @Donandrewmoore about quitting back in Jan of 2021 as I was working on the proposal for #QUIT. What day in January?? January 6th!
As we were zooming, I started getting a barrage of texts about what was happening at the Capitol. I realized I had not heard a word of the last few minutes of anything
@donandrewmoore had said so suggested that perhaps we should both go watch the news & reconvene at a later date.
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So grateful to @RyanHoliday for blurbing #QUIT. Not sure what I can say about him that won’t take a VERY long thread since he might be the most productive human I know! But, I'll try 👇🏻
.@RyanHoliday has a new book coming out THIS TUESDAY! Discipline is Destiny is excellent (I was lucky enough to read an advance copy). Buy it now!…
Ryan is best known for his books on #stoicism. His first book I read was The Obstacle is the Way on how to turn adversity into advantage. It's helped me thru some hard times. It is a breezy read on stoic philosophy that doesn’t sacrifice depth.…
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So grateful to @DavidEpstein for blurbing #QUIT. David didn't just say some nice things to put on the back cover, he also was right there with me when I was just starting the explore the ideas that would become the book.
He was a connector and thought partner and I know this book would be worse, had I not had his support. Thank you @davidepstein.
.@DavidEpstein is a brilliant writer & journalist. His book, RANGE, is a #1 @NYTimes bestseller. It's an engaging & thought-provoking exploration of the counterintuitive idea that being a generalist (not specialist) will = more creativity and success.…
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So grateful to @DavidMcRaney for blurbing #Quit. If you haven’t read David’s work, you are missing out. 1/5
David just had a new book come out, How Minds Change: The Surprising Science of Belief, Opinion, and Persuasion. It is an Editor’s Pick and Best Books of 2022 so far over on Amazon. I’ve read it and so should you! 2/5…
Dave is also the author of You are Not so Smart, “an entertaining illumination of the stupid beliefs that make us feel wise.” Super fun book on how we aren’t as rational as we would like to believe. 3/5…
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#نکته‌_مهم #رشتو
تقریبا ۹۰٪ کسایی که وارد دنیای #ترید و #معامله‌گری میشن بعد از یکمدت و ضررهای پیاپی و سودهای جزئی میان این ضررها از این حرفه کناره‌گیری میکنن و به اصطلاح #Quit میکنن.اما اون ۱۰٪ که ناامید نمیشن و ادامه میدن به موفقیت‌‌ میرسن و اصطلاحا Profitable trader میشن .👇🏼
دوستان #تریدر شدن یک پروسه تقریبا ثابتی داره .اول شما یک اکانت رو با ضررهای پیاپی و سودهای کم در میان این ضررها ۰ (لیکوئید یا مارجین کال) میکنید. بعد امکان داره باز اکانت رو شارژ کنید و همین اتفاق تکرار شه. اینجاست که نباید ناامید شین. اینجاست که تازه 👇🏼
متوجه میشین وقتشه هیجانی ترید کردن رو بگذارید کنار و آموزش درست رو شروع کنید و ۹۰٪ وقتتون رو صرف آموزش و مطالعه کتاب در رابطه با همین موضوع بکنید. هیچوقت نباید از آموزش دست بکشید، زمانیکه اینکار رو بکنید ظرف مدت کم متوجه پیشرفتتون میشید. متوجه سود‌های پیاپی‌تون میشید ✅👇🏼
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I started playing #guitar in college. Some of my friends back home played, so I thought I'd learn. It's been years since I kept up with it. With no job and an empty house, I had time. Plus, I could crank up my amp. Ava would have hated it. All the more reason to do it.
Strumming a few chords or playing a riff through a loud amp usually makes me feel better. It's more of a distraction this time. My amp is a little old. Even a #ragpicker might pass on it. "If you're not going to play it, sell it," Ava nagged. Life always got in the way.
Or I got in the way. Not even ten years ago I kept getting sick all the time. Painful stomach cramps would radiate weakness throughout my body. I learned how to wash it away like healing #rainwater. That's when I really started to figure out who I was and what I could do.
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