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Q: Would you consider it hypocritical for someone to pay a ghostwriter to write a self-help book on #Stoicism, so they can pretend they wrote it themselves and publish it under their own name?
I think I've been asked about this maybe three times now. It's not something I would ever agree to do personally. I don't think it's a big deal for a celebrity to have their memoirs ghostwritten but Stoic philosophy is an ethical system that is supposed to value truth.
I was asked once to write Stoic content for a famous influencer, which they wanted to pass off as their own pearls of wisdom. I declined. It just seemed much too insincere on their part to be claiming to teach principles of a philosophy they didn't care about enough to even read.
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1/9 "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius is a timeless classic that offers valuable insights into Stoic philosophy and how to live a fulfilling life. Its' a collection of personal reflections and philosophical musings on topics such as wisdom, morality, & Stoic philosophy. $QUACK
2/9 Accept what you cannot change: Marcus emphasizes the importance of accepting the things that are beyond our control and focusing instead on what we can control, which is our own thoughts and actions. #Stoicism $QUACK
3/9 Embrace impermanence: Life is transient, and everything is subject to change. Marcus encourages us to embrace this impermanence and to focus on living in the moment. #Mindfulness $QUACK
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👇#JeremyMackenzie posted in 2021. Most of U were not paying attention then. Many of U STILL R not bloody paying attention, EVEN NOW

(And you who think UR awake...

He’s now a #PoliticalPrisoner in #Canada🇨🇦

WE NEED U2 join us‼️

👆It’s time 4 my #Diagolon & #JeremyMacKenzie thread 🧵🪡
It’s going 2B a long one. I have a lot 2 say about the state of #Canada & the antics I’ve witnessed take place concerning this #CombatVeteran & #Comedian. People should B ashamed & fighting like hell, yet so few are. 2/ Image
👆Many are becoming spectators & consumers as they wake up & begin 2 see some of the truth about our lost & broken world 🌎 yet many others - who have been awake 2 many things 4 awhile - are still on the sidelines watching & waiting.

Well, friends, it is time 2 MOBILIZE‼️
/3 Image
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6 Important lessons from stoicism

A philosophy thread.

#reading #books #stoicism Books like Meditations, Liv...
1️⃣ Focus on what’s up to you. Ignore what is not.
2️⃣ Review your conduct each evening.
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OUP is proud to present our first ever #Classical #Philosophy Twitter thread! We’ll be bringing you the most exciting scholarship published in the area, with a second part being released in November. Explore below and discover your next read🧵1/13
In recent years, #Stoicism has made a comeback as the ideal #philosophy for those seeking peace in stressful times. Introduce yourself to this way of thinking with a free chapter from @drnancysherman’s book, ‘Stoic Wisdom’. Explore today:… 2/13
Deep dive into #Plato with a free extract from ‘Biopolitics and Ancient Thought’: in this chapter, Mika Ojakangas argues that Plato’s mature political philosophy is fundamentally biopolitical, drawing on Foucault’s ideas of state racism. Read now:… 3/13
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So grateful to @RyanHoliday for blurbing #QUIT. Not sure what I can say about him that won’t take a VERY long thread since he might be the most productive human I know! But, I'll try 👇🏻
.@RyanHoliday has a new book coming out THIS TUESDAY! Discipline is Destiny is excellent (I was lucky enough to read an advance copy). Buy it now!…
Ryan is best known for his books on #stoicism. His first book I read was The Obstacle is the Way on how to turn adversity into advantage. It's helped me thru some hard times. It is a breezy read on stoic philosophy that doesn’t sacrifice depth.…
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6 important lessons from Stoic philosophy

Philosophy tread. 🧵

#stoicism #philosophy
Focus on what’s up to you. Ignore what is not.
Review your conduct each evening.
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I've been accumulating some #books for my #2022 #reading.
A thread! 🧵🧵🧵

Here's some of my selections:
“COVID-19: The Great Reset,” by Klaus #Schwaub – I need to know what he and that rascal #Soros are up to. This book was fully written and published by June 2020. I am nearly convinced these #Communist narratives and #COVID are manufactured by about 5-10 individuals.
“Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World,” by David Epstein
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I've been writing about #Stoicism and #psychotherapy for nearly a quarter of a century now. I started by giving talks on Stoicism at conferences for psychotherapists and discussing it with student counsellors, therapists, coaches, etc., on the training programs I ran in the UK.
My first book on Stoicism was meant to be an overview of the history of its influence on modern psychotherapists, for academics and clinicians. Instead, it became more widely read among nonacademics and "laypersons". Stoicism then became more popular, partly due to Stoic Week.
Authors like Bill Irvine, Ryan Holiday, and Massimo Pigliucci were reaching a wider audience of nonacademics. Communities for Stoicism formed on the Internet. Stoicism became a "thing" again. But something did NOT happen. To my surprise, psychotherapists largely ignored it.
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🧵1/ #躺平 lying flat [thread in progress]

In #China Gen Y-Z are tired of the rat race

"New Non-Cooperation Movement"

#Memes and Music ImageImageImage
🧵2/ #躺人 "lying flat" – #censorship

"Lying Flat" was quickly censored on both Douban and Weibo.

Within 24 hours, four 'Lying Flat’-themed Douban groups were suspended.

For background: see @SixthTone
@SixthTone 🧵3/ #躺人 lying flat

#LyingFlat is becoming a social movement of young people rejecting the #CCP's "Chinese Dream" 中国梦.

Xi Jinping announced this ideal in late 2012 to lead China's “great rejuvenation.”…
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1/2) "Isn't it the way with us humans: we praise the gods for giving us our vineyards and olive-groves, abundant harvests and fruits, in short all the comfort and prosperity of our lives - but no one ever puts their own virtue down to a god's bounty..."
2/2) "..and for good reason: our virtues can garner us the praise of others and allow us to plume ourselves up in pride. When we avoid any of the evils of fortune, then we render thanks to the gods. Who has ever given thanks to the gods for making him a good man?"
- Cicero, 'On the Nature of Gods (De Natura Deorum)', 45 BC #roman #philosophy #stoicism #religion
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1) Chasing 'likes' and validation on social media? Seneca has some advice to offer from 2,000 years ago:

"Why should pride in your abilities lure you into publicity? Who needs the applause of strangers or the approval of the mob? Not one of them can fully understand you anyway..
2) "You may ask then, 'For what purpose did I learn these skills?' It was for yourself that you learned them. Your efforts are never wasted. Asked if he worries his art will only reach a few, the wise man says: I am content with few, content with one, content with none at all..
3) "In fact, you should scorn the pleasure which comes from the applause of the majority. Many people praise you? So? Have you any reason for praising yourself? Do you really want to be a person whom the many can understand. Your good qualities should face inwards."
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1/6) It is important to remember that without modern medicine, many in the ancient world endured chronic conditions that today we could treat. Seneca suffered from asthma and described how it informed his Stoic views on mortality:

"I have been dealt one illness in particular..
2/6) .."The Greeks call it 'asthma' but it is adequately described as 'laboured breathing'. Attacks usually last an hour or so - can you imagine drawing your final breath for that long? I have been visited by all types of physical pain but none are more distressing than this"..
3/6) .."With other ailments you might get sick but with this one you are losing your very soul's breath. For this reason doctors call asthma a 'rehearsal for death'. Even when an attack ends I can't rejoice: you don't win this legal case, you just postpone the day of the trial"..
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/14/2020…
The Pfizer Vaccine News Is Good. Here's the Bad News.…

#COVID19 #vaccine
A Possible Covid Vaccine Means It's Time to Fix Cold Chains…

#distribution #vaccine #PandemicResponse #health
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Paul Dubois:- A young man into whom I tried to instil a few principles of #stoicism towards ailments stopped me at the first words, saying, “I understand, doctor; let me show you.” And taking a pencil he drew a large black spot on a piece of paper.
“This,” said he, “is the disease, in its most general sense, the physical trouble – rheumatism, toothache, what you will – moral trouble, sadness, discouragement, melancholy.
If I acknowledge it by fixing my attention upon it, I already trace a circle to the periphery of the black spot, and it has become larger. If I affirm it with acerbity the spot is increased by a new circle.
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Baudouin on #Stoicism: we must do nothing without a purpose and must not waste our energies by running our heads against a brick wall: “We must not wish for the impossible, or try to do what is impossible.”
He quotes Phocylides, a poet from the 6th century BC, who wrote “Do not let past evils disturb you, for what is done cannot be undone.”
Baudouin compares this Stoic attitude to a modern adage: “If we can’t get what we like, we must like what we have”, adding, “instead of lamenting because we cannot change our lot, let us learn to love it.”
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My favorite Marcus Aurelius passage contains three Core Principles of #Stoicism


A few brief thoughts and Tweets I have sent on each of these Principles.

/Thread 👇👇👇 Image

Don't be lead around by your emotions.

Look at life objectively and choose the best response.

Our ability to choose lies in the space between stimulus and response.

Create that space.


Do a kind deed, that only benefits another, without any thought of yourself.

Don't be too wrapped up in yourself and your problems.

Take a look around you.

Who needs help?

Go help them.

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Hey fellow Stoics ... let’s engage a little.

How did your discover #Stoicism?

Drop your story in the comments below. 👇👇👇
My Stoic journey started with the Ryan Holiday book “The Obstacle is the Way”.

I can’t recall how or why I stumbled on that book. Must of read about it somewhere.

It was the first time I heard of Stoicism and it just “fit” me and sent me down the Stoic path.
Next I listened to William Irvine’s excellent A Guide to the Good Life audiobook on a long business trip drive.

That really cemented Stoicism for me and I began reading the Stoics. Starting with Meditations.
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Ok fellow Stoics...let's engage a little.

What is your favorite #Stoic quote?

Drop it in the comments below. 👇

My favorite is this one from Marcus.

It distills Stoicism down to three basic practices to follow:

-Acceptance Image
Would love to hear if any of the experts, writers, and translators of Stoicism have favorite Stoic quotes/passages:

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I want to write more about #anger because as a young man I was very angry most of the time. It took years but eventually it just seemed to fade away entirely. I think it mainly came from being exposed to a lot of corporal punishment as a child both at home and at school.
I'd ruminate for hours about getting revenge on people who'd upset me. Looking back that seems like a huge waste of my time as a teenager. I think I gradually realized that my own anger was doing me more harm than the things I was angry about. #Stoicism
Also, with travel, I realized that things that seemed important up close began to seem much more trivial seen from a distance, and from a broader perspective. Also #Stoicism.
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#Socrates said there are four reasons why the wise remain calm in the face of adversity. #Stoicism
1. They realize that things are often not as bad as they seem at first because life entails many reversals of fortune, given enough time.
2. They refuse to needlessly add another layer to their existing suffering by grieving about things and lamenting their misfortune on top of everything else.
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🦸 Which superhero is more like a Stoic? (And I mean a follower of the Greek philosophy #Stoicism, not someone unemotional.)
Now let's try the same question a different way... Which one is the least angry? :/
It was close!
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