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Be careful to not only read the theological texts of the Reformation and not look into the biblical insights they had into law, civil society or politics. Otherwise, we will have a truncated view of the gospel and what #Reformation actually was.
A biblicist approach to the Reformation will fail to see how they ministerially used all kinds of disciplines and philosophies to support their theological and juridical arguments. Using sociology or CRT as a subordinate heuristic is not inherently contrary to the Reformers.
To be ignorant of these disciplines is to spurn the Holy Spirit who gifts pagans with common grace and knowledge for the betterment of our neighbors according to Calvin. If you actually read the Reformers, they heavily cite pagans who had a glimmer of truth (just like St. Paul).
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“Therefore, faithful Christian, seek the truth, listen to the truth, learn the truth, love the truth, tell the truth, learn the truth, defend the truth even to death.”- Jan Hus

#ReformationWeek #Reformation
After Hus was finally condemned to death, he proclaimed, “You may roast the goose, (his surname meant “goose” in Czech), but a hundred years from now a swan will arise whose singing you will not be able to silence.”
Exactly 102 years later, a sprightly monk nailed ninety-five theses to Wittenberg’s door. Martin Luther.

The Goose, a prominent forerunner to the Reformers, stood his ground in the Truth and was martyred. The Swan followed the Goose, and Rome still has not silenced him.'
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Let be warn you, that is IF your ears are working.
What is being packaged to you as #RevolutionNow is actually the #CodeName for coup d'état.

Remember I told you that REVOLUTION ALREADY HAPPENED!👇👇
Don't say I didn't warn you, what the likes of @YeleSowore is packaging for you with the backing of International donors & their tools like @AmnestyNigeria on ground is actually a coup d'état after the real #RevolutionNow had taken place.
It's a #CodeName
"The phrase coup d'état comes from French, literally meaning a "stroke of state" or "blow against the state". In French, the word État (French: [eta]), denoting a sovereign political entity, is capitalized"...
seizure of power,overthrow, takeover, ousting,regime change!
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@pmdfoster Then take your finger OUT of yours and hear the people! How did our social elites become so deluded they thought our best destiny was to be subsumed into an empire that has only exploited us for ITS benefit? Game us up, rumbled. there is no halfway, there is no stay
@pmdfoster And if those at the top of our society don't want to run our society as a SOVERIGN FREE NATION: they will be REPLACED. Why is it no-one ever says Japan should be ruled from CHINA? That's the level of ideological idiocy the British Establishment has led us to
@pmdfoster All the while lying to us, right from the start, running from us, imposing on us, yet at the same time its the Remain establishment who are more deluded about the EU than anyway else! Its REMAIN who are the real little britishers who think the EU is just there for THEM
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1. Today is not just any Reformation Day, but #Reformation500 Day. That calls for another installment of #TwitterSeminary.
2. My reflections are prompted by the question: Just what was the Reformation really about? What was its essential aim?
3. In a recent WaPo article, Stanley Hauerwas weighed in on this question.…
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