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Last Friday, home secretary @pritipatel gave her approval for the UK to send my husband, #JulianAssange, to the country that plotted his assassination. @StellaMoris1
"Patel’s decision to extradite Julian has sent shockwaves across the journalism community. The home secretary flouted calls from representatives of the Council of Europe, the OSCE, almost 2000 journalists and 300 doctors for the extradition to be halted." #FreeAssange
“Who is @mikepompeo, @CIA?”
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#Livorno #excinemaAurora stiamo per incominciare.
Presentazione del libro "Il potere segreto", con l'autrice @SMaurizi .
#Assange #FreeAssange
Siamo tutti Julian #Assange
Precede l'esposizione il racconto terribile di superstiti a stragi nazifasciste.
Ma quelle storie tragiche, dice @SMaurizi agghiaccianti, sono le stesse delle guerre immonde che
#Assange ha svelato.
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“Murderers, torturers and war criminals will be toasting the British home secretary, Priti Patel, tonight. Her decision to approve the extradition of Julian Assange turns investigative journalism into a criminal act,.."Peter Oborne - The Guardian Friday 17th June 2022
The ultimate international whistleblower is to be handed over to the US,where he will get anything but justice, for his ‘crimes’ of exposing the US for murder and incarcenation of innocents breaching internationally upheld laws to protect the most basic human rights.
If investigative journalism is now a crime,we have turned a very dark corner in a post truth age.
A Tory government colluding is hardly surprising but what are citizens going to do? Accept & fail to maintain standards of human rights we assert as the basis of our civilisation?
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Action 4 Assange (@action_4assange):

[145] HUGE announcement #FreeAssange

Presented by

Major David McBride
@CathyVoganSPK of @Consortiumnews

Video ~2:18:24hrs


Follow the chat and see these links below, for helpful information.


On Joshua Shulte
from 15 June

Consortium News (@Consortiumnews)

JOHN KIRIAKOU: A Whistleblower’s Agony…

On Joshua Shulte


From 16 June

See @innercitypress. And Recommended to Follow

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The Assange case is ultimately about whether we have the right to know what the institution we call our government is doing. It’s a case about democracy, transparency and accountability. The US knows that if ordinary Americans were fully aware, it would threaten the whole system.
It’s a system whose name has been repeated so often that it’s become boring to us: the military-industrial complex. Eisenhower knew whereof he spoke, and he understood the spiritual aspect of the military-industrial complex’s malign influence on civic life. For a free, democratic
…society to be possible, we have to be able to see what our government is doing. That’s what the Assange case means, the right for the truth to be known—not sucked into the memory hole, so that nothing ever changes. #FreeAssangeNOW #FreeJulianAssange #FreeAssange #AntiWar
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In diesen Tagen kann die 🇬🇧Innenministerin entscheiden, ob #Assange an die USA ausgeliefert wird - oder nicht. Falls ja, gibt es noch Einspruchsmöglichkeiten. Am Ende entscheidet vermutlich der Menschenrechts-Gerichtshof des Europarates (#EGMR) in Strasbourg. #FreeAssange Andrej Hunko mit einem Schild, auf dem steht: "Assange'
Völlig zurecht hat der Whistleblower der #PentagonPapers, Daniel Ellsberg, auf die immense Gefahr für die #Pressefreiheit hingewiesen:
"Wenn #Assange ausgeliefert wird, ist kein Journalist der Welt vor einer lebenslangen Haftstrafe in den Vereinigten Staaten sicher." Bild von Daniel Ellsberg mit dem im Tweet erwähnten Zitat
Es ist deshalb wichtig, dass die Parlamentarische Versammlung des Europarates und auch seine Menschenrechtskommisarin @Dunja_Mijatovic sich deutlich gegen die Auslieferung ausgesprochen haben. Die Bundesregierung hingegen schweigt.……
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Petit fil sur la grosse désinformation
#PfizerGate #pfizerdocuments
J'ai tapé dans #Google : "pfizer 80000 pages"
Le choix de ces mots clés permet d'avoir des résultats bilingue 🇫🇷 🇬🇧
Voilà le résultat ⬇️
Le 1er lien renvoie vers un site fr ohmymag qui cite @JubeiKigami dont le tweet porte désormais la mention "Trompeur". L'article dit que l'info n'a été reprise dans "aucun autre média officiel", que #Pfizer n'a pas communiqué sur le sujet, conclusion :"fake news"
@JubeiKigami C'est quoi ohmymag ? Ce cite appartient à Prisma Media N°1 de la presse magazine, de la vidéo en ligne et de l'audience digitale quotidienne.
Racheté en 2021 par Vivendi, montant estimé entre 100 et 150M€. 60 journalistes ont quitté le groupe après ce rachat par Bolloré
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The Crimes of Julian Assange:🧵

Publishing a US Army manual on "standard operating procedures" for Guantanamo Bay, showing a policy of hiding some prisoners from Red Cross inspectors & holding new prisoners in isolation for 2 weeks to make them more "compliant" for interrogators
The Crimes of Julian Assange: 2/

Publishing Collateral Murder: the infamous video footage from a 2007 U.S. Apache helicopter attack in Baghdad, Iraq, that killed at least 9 men, incl. a Reuters news photographer and his driver, and wounding 2 children.
The Crimes of Julian Assange: 3/

Publishing more than 90,000 documents related to Afghanistan and more than 400,000 documents from the war in Iraq. Documenting how the US had underreported civilian deaths by at least 15000.

#WikiLeaks #FreePress #assangecase
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How many of you knew Assange is Anglicized Chinese name "Ah Sang"?
Julian Assange's biological father John Shipton split w his mom Christine Hawkins before he was born. His mom married Brett Assange (pic) when he was 1 yr old. Brett became Julian's 1st real dad. Julian took his step Dad's surname Assange.
Brett's father is Aussie Jazz and Blues singer George Assange. George has both Chinese father Indigenous Torres Strait Islander heritage, was born on Thursday Island.

He changed his Chinese surname "Ah Sang" to Assange in order to sound more French.
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Today the Westminster Magistrates’ Court will hold a short hearing in the extradition case against Julian Assange. The court is expected to give an order referring the matter back to the Home Office. I’ll be monitoring for @RSF_inter and will have updates on this thread. 1/
The hearing is listed for 10:15 am UK time. In a welcome change from the previous judge (Vanessa Baraitser), I’ve been granted remote access as an NGO observer. I’ll be following proceedings online and will be outside court afterwards to give a statement for @RSF_inter. 2/
Once the court issues the order, the defence has 4 weeks to make representations, then Home Secretary @pritipatel could approve/reject extradition at any time. @RSF_inter has called on her to protect journalism & press freedom by refusing extradition. She should #FreeAssange! 3/
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Recapping #DC events April 10-11th - protesting #JulianAssange's 3-yr anniversary of being trafficked out of his political asylum at the embassy, leading to his arrest & incarceration in a supermax prison.
@EndTheDamnWars @CredicoRandy @action_4assange @SarcasmStardust
Thread ⬇️
@EndTheDamnWars @CredicoRandy @action_4assange @SarcasmStardust April 10th, @EndTheDamnWars kicked off the weekend at John Marshall Park with the 'Pots & Pans Peace March' to the White House to protest the endless wars that #Assange #WikiLeaks tried to end.
A chilly day at John Marshall Park, calling out the war machine with great speeches!
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Remember when Hillary sold uranium to Russia?…
Remember when Biden threatened to cease foreign aid to Ukraine unless it fired the prosecutor investigating Burisma while Hunter was serving on the board of Burisma?
Remember when they impeached Trump for suggesting Ukraine reopen the investigation into Biden corruption?
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I have one simple question for every single human beings throughout the United States Of America:

What exactly do you know about Julian Assange & @wikileaks?

No. No. Let's talk about this. A question that must be asked & must be answered correctly.

On December 10, 2021, Morning Joe have stated the following:

1. The hacking
2. Leaking information
3. A guy who stolen
4. Not the Pentagon Papers
5. A guy that got stolen
6. Trying to hack

Have you noticed that those statements above are not true?

On September 27, 2021, @JordanChariton from @StatusCoup have interviewed @RepRoKhanna about Julian Assange; in terms of First Amendment of Journalism.

The question was: Why is it we can't get any Progressives to talk about Julian Assange?

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"The unenthusiastic reception at @hmpbelmarsh cd not deter me, but it certainly contributed 2 my rapidly declining of perception of #Britain as a reliable partner in the area of #HumanRights".

@UN Special Rapporteur on #Torture, @NilsMelzer (first visit to see #Assange) 🧵
@hmpbelmarsh @UN @NilsMelzer @CraigMurrayOrg @johnpilger @medialens @caitoz @Jonathan_K_Cook @ggreenwald @jimmy_dore @johnmcdonnellMP @StellaMoris1 @wikileaks How thoroughly depressing: the #UK's "#Guantanamo" gaol treated @UN official, @NilsMelzer, investigating torture, WORSE than he's experienced in #Ukraine provincial prisons and in #Turkey.

Let that sink in 🤔 Deeply shameful for all UK citizens...


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Boston's 'Presidents Day' standout to #FreeAssange!
👉More signatures -petition to @ewarren @EdMarkey
👉Letters to AG Merrick Garland
👉Call-In to Biden! Feb 22, 11am-3pm ET
👉@NilsMelzer 'The Trial of Julian Assange'
#DropTheCharges #FreeAssangeNOW
Thread 👇 Image
"We got to break through that trust in the mainstream..have some courage & curiosity to look behind it. Most people are good-hearted but the machine isn't good hearted. They're fooling & deceiving us..We got to look through it & decide for ourselves. WikiLeaks helped us do that."
Activist and Co-organizer of Boston Area Assange Defense talks about @NilsMelzer new book and his advocacy for #JulianAssange.
Susan asks others to get informed, speak up for Assange and join us in the fight to #FreeAssange!
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Lantern Light Vigil at AG Merrick Garland's home.
Bringing yesterday's 'Justice for Julian' protest at Dept of Justice to his neighborhood.
#Vigil7 Image
Bringing the #FreeAssange message loud and clear to the person who could #DropTheCharges immediately and #FreeAssangeNOW!
AG Merrick Garland @TheJusticeDept
#Vigil7 Image
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#BREAKING: The UK High Court will deliver its decision on Monday morning [24 January] about whether to permit Julian #Assange to appeal the US extradition decision to UK Supreme Court #JulianAssange #FreeAssange #DontExtraditeAssange #FreeAssangeNOW
#BREAKING: #Assange has been refused permission to appeal to the UK Supreme Court (SC)

The SC can still decide to grant permission to appeal now that part of the appeal has been certified by the High Court

#JulianAssange has 14 days to request permission to appeal from the SC. Image

The High Court have limited what the Supreme Court can consider, i.e. a very specific point of law

“In what circumstances can an appellate court receive assurances from a requesting state which were not before the court of first instance in extradition proceedings?” Image
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Thanks @guardiannews for including my shot in this week's photo roundup of the struggle for human rights and freedom. @SusanSarandon @rogerwaters #FreeAssange
The extradition case against #JulianAssange is an unprecedented attack on press freedom--globally.
If found guilty, it will effectively criminalize the work of all journalists and publishers anywhere in the world who attempt to, as Chris Hedges puts it, "shine a light on the inner workings of power."
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'Justice for Julian' at @TheJusticeDept
Friday January 21st, 2-4pm
Time to sound the alarm, once again, in #DC to #DropTheCharges #FreeAssangeTODAY!
Join us, invite people, RT!
@DefenseAssange info:… Image
Randy Credico opens the 'Justice for Julian' Dept of In-Justice action!
Thanks to all who weathered the cold to standout for #JulianAssange!
This thread for photos and video clips.👇👇 Image
"Without people organizing & doing the work day to day change doesn't happen...big movements don't just drop from the sky they come about as a consequence of this day-to-day, rain or shine activism." @BrianBeckerDC
'Justice for Julian'
#DropTheCharges Merrick Garland
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I look upon #Assange as if he were my brother, better than my brother because he has sacrificed far more for me than my own brother ever would.

So, I will defend him like a sister would, a sister who’s been witness to his torture. This is real life not a story.
I will not apologise for my rage at anyone who plays games with that life. Thinks they heard some truths on the deep dark web, or someone ‘in the know’. Unless you have your own clearance level which would immediately make you suspect anyway, you really don’t have any evidence...
...for your smears because I’ve combed through every f’ing angle looking for that damning evidence & if there is one thing I do better in than anyone I’ve ever met & most people I’ve ever known, is to be able to dig through years and years of boring bullshit in order to find...
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Boston #FreeAssange Rally early #FirstNightBoston
Brought in the New Year praising Julian & #WikiLeaks Positive, sympathetic reactions!
Tide is turning!
✴️Letters to Merrick Garland @TheJusticeDept
✴️Petition to senators @ewarren @SenMarkey
Thread 👇
"Assange's only crimes are exposing the crimes of the war makers, of the genocidal war machine that exploits and oppresses working people in countries around the world. ...He is our hero. Please join us in the campaign to #FreeJulianAssange." John Harris,
"Here we are New Year Eve's day as part of #FirstNightBoston. We are very concerned about Julian Assange. He just lost his case...who knows how long he'll be in jail?...@POTUS & Merrick Garland could just #DropTheCharges & the case would go away" Susan McLucas, Activist Organizer
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Dec 18th Boston #FreeAssange rally Fresh Pond Mall, Cambridge.
Great turnout despite rain, sleet and snow! Supporters' speeches, and handouts distributed.
Lots of honks and thumbs up!
#MerrickGarland #DropTheCharges
Thread 👇
"Assange stuck his neck out & released the Iraq War Logs, Afghan Diaries, Guantanamo Files..& he is paying the consequences.He had a stroke in prison..he is in frail health..if he dies, it will be on the @JoeBiden administration.
Susan McLucas Co-organizer #AssangeDefenseBoston
"Assange shouldn't be under the jurisdiction of the US at all. He's not an American citizen, he didn't do any of his work publishing in the US, & yet somehow he's the one who's threatened. The threat is that any of us who publish info might be prosecuted." Jeanne Winner, activist
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When we look back at history, we see forks in the road where the world went one way, not another.

For example: what if Hitler had not invaded Russia? Maybe we would all be ruled by a bunch of militant Fascists today. *

* That's a joke to start the thread...
In March 2003 the USA lead a coalition of Western nations who illegally invaded Iraq based on totally fabricated lies about WMDs. Western media were almost totally complicit. They later claimed they were deceived by govts, who said they were deceived by intelligence agencies...
To be fair, media revealed enough facts for most intelligent people to understand that this war was built on lies. Millions protested around the world. The invasion went ahead anyway.

19 March 2003 was the day intelligence agencies officially took control of Western democracy..
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