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@JohnMappin @PammyC10 @prayingmedic @Qanon76 I’ve done a lot of research on this I can share if you’re interested. ✌️❤️🇺🇸
@JohnMappin @PammyC10 @prayingmedic @Qanon76 Ok... I’m just getting over being sick but it gave me time to read up on secret societies . I’ll start with this but will continue to go through my files and will post here. #ForTheChildren
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Justice fails deadlines and is forced to release prisoners
Courts do not make judgments and witnesses invoke a state of emergency in order not to appear.
The fact that there is almost no trial or process instructions due to Covid-19 means that within
a few weeks many of the preventive prisoners, for the most varied crimes, have to be released.

The counties from North to South of the country have not carried out trials - nor those considered urgent - due to the lack of public health conditions. Many of the listed witnesses
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Rock Legend @RogerWaters Explains #JulianAssange Situation with #TuckerCarlson
Julian's Mother

Joining this mother's prayer on behalf of her son, and for the future of brave son's everywhere! #FreeAssange
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@ScotsDefend @Assange_libre @KatuArkonada @LaJornada @Candles4Assange @AnonScan @MrsC_Assange @An0nAKn0wledge @wikileaks @couragefound Assange: Empire of vigilance and imperialism

The trial of Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, is a perfect metaphor for how US imperialism operates today in the world.
@ScotsDefend @Assange_libre @KatuArkonada @LaJornada @Candles4Assange @AnonScan @MrsC_Assange @An0nAKn0wledge @wikileaks @couragefound The US is the one that caused thousands of deaths in the Middle East but the person that revealed those crimes to the world is the one being prosecuted.

Rafael Correa (former president of Ecuador) has mentioned if Assange's revelations had been about China or Russia...
@ScotsDefend @Assange_libre @KatuArkonada @LaJornada @Candles4Assange @AnonScan @MrsC_Assange @An0nAKn0wledge @wikileaks @couragefound Assange would already have a Memorial built in Washington in defense of freedom of speech and against war crimes. But in this day and age, you kill the messenger, whether it's this australian or an american, like Chelsea Manning who spent 7 years imprisoned. Like Manning...
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This Assange “Trial” Is A Self-Contradictory Kafkaesque Nightmare

"So Assange may only speak through his lawyers, but also he’s been presented with many obstacles to speaking with his lawyers. Perfectly normal stuff in a perfectly normal trial"…
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Fairbanks blowing the whistle on Trump's acting DNI negotiating a deal with Ecuador based on lies about WikiLeaks is infinitely more interesting and important than the stupid Dem debate. Watch and share. #Assange #FreeAssange
Just scroll through @CassandraRules' timeline for more background and information after watching.
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Important! Please watch, share & care. The fate of Julian Assange rests in everyone hands, our hearts know the way, to bring this amazing man home, safely!

What beautiful parents Julian has, to stand up to injustice, at their own expense, in doing what is right for their son! 🕯️
#JulianAssange appeared in court clean shaven, wearing a suit. He expressed his gratitude for supporters who showed up outside, chanting for his support. But he also said he was having trouble concentrating because of the outside noise from supporters.

The proceedings focused...
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Defence lawyer Edward Fitzgerald: The extradition is for political purposes and that’s prohibited under US/UK treaty.

#DontExtraditeAssange #Freepress #FreeAssange
Defence lawyer Edward Fitzgerald: This prosecution is not about criminal justice, it is due to underlying political motives of the US government.
Extraditing #Assange would also lead to "inhuman and degrading treatment," in the US prison system, his counsel tells the court, says mental condition could put him at risk of suicide.
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🔴 #RSF ​is mobilised this morning in support of Julian #Assange, in front of #Woolwich court in London where his trial begins in a few hours. #FreeAssange #live
In retaliation for his role facilitating major revelations in the international media about how the US conducted its wars, #Assange is facing 18 charges in the US, including 17 under the Espionage Act. If extradited to the USA he could be sentenced to up to 175
years in prison.
#RSF urges the UK government to prioritise the principles of freedom of expression and the defence of journalism in its treatment of Assange, and to act in accordance with UK law and the country’s international human rights obligations. #FreeAssange
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My Spidey senses say we get some new info on Seth Rich very soon.


Thank you @RealMattCouch and @TomFitton @JudicialWatch

Seems y'all have the fake news all abuzz today. 🙏
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"WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is no longer being kept in solitary confinement and his health is improving, his spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson told reporters on Tuesday."
"Assange, 48, is in Belmarsh high-security prison in London, fighting an extradition request from the United States where he faces 18 counts including conspiring to hack government computers and violating an espionage law. He could spend decades in prison if convicted."
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US government policy is decided by the Neoliberal Globalist Oligarchy.

The main components of this control are the CFR, Bilderberg Group, RIIA, & the Trilateral Commission.

All of these groups are funded by Big Banks, Multinational Corporations & Oligarchs.

The media is controlled by a system of Oligarch & Corporate ownership who plant Editors, Producers, "Opinion Writers" & "Journalists" within each significant "news" organization to control the narrative.

How The CFR Controls The Media…

The CIA controls the Media on behalf of Wall Street & the Corporate Oligarchy, through #OperationMockingbird which has been on-going since the 1950's & now controls assets in all major Western "news" orgs.

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Prosecutors DECLINED to PROSECUTE, haven't we seen this before, A LOT, about his involvement in a news media disclosure. Remember this, involvement in a news media disclosure #AndrewMcCabe #Fakenews #TwoTierJusticeSystem
Do you see the horns? Evil but it doesn't matter
The US won’t charge ex-FBI official McCabe, a Trump target
Prosecutors DECLINED to PROSECUTE, haven't we seen this before, A LOT, about his involvement in a news media disclosure. Remember this, involvement in a news media disclosure #AndrewMcCabe #Fakenews #TwoTierJusticeSystem
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Prediction for Democrats in the 2020 election. The Democrats sole drive is to "beat Trump" After 2016, the elites moved left, Clintonite billionaires like Omidyar & Katzenberg buying into progressive media to control the narrative. Omidyar financially backing the Resistance.
2/ The unity campaign for Democrats/DNC is Bernie/Hillary or Progressive/Centrist. Showing dislike for Bernie in this primary to strengthen his base, the Democrats will bring Hillary out to run w/ him & draw all the centrists into their Resistance "big tent" & unify against Trump
3/ This would explain why Bernie let his campaign throw Tulsi under the bus with bigoted propaganda while he continues to Russiagate, not speak up for Assange, and continues the Democrats foreign policy talking points. Bernie has always served the Democrats/DNC and always will.
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"They had to send me a couple pieces of evidence and to ask me, almost to beg me, to look at it and when I did
I started to see that really the public narrative that we know about Assange has been fabricated. It's not true. The evidence is contradictory" @NilsMelzer

@NilsMelzer Thanks to @acTVismMunich you can watch the full video and more at:
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1.) This is it folks... the rumbling of the storm is unprecedented. Follow me on this logic journey. One in which the coincidences required are completely impossible for this to be so perfectly aligned.

How could so many opportunities to Awaken present themselves so rapidly?
2.) Let's go in reverse order... I'll be quick, and this is a very SHORT list:

The #IowaCaucuses "debacle"? Faith rocked of the Left yet again. Can't even run a Caucus? Really?

Oh, right, and I'm sure nothing shady is going on... right?

Bernie 16' vibes.
3.) Trumps acquittal by the Senate with legal precursors being dropped by his council.

#ImpeachmentTrials + #ImpeachmentTrialSham ...

This opens a whole can o' worms on Biden, Schiff, Crowdstrike, Clinton Foundation... etc.
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Why Assange Extradition Case Matters to Our Democracy… @Antiwarcom #FreeAssange #WikiLeaks
@Antiwarcom 1. What is this prosecution of Julian Assange really about? #WikiLeaks has radically changed the media landscape. By publishing truthful information about the United States, the organization came head-to-head with the Pentagon and the CIA. #FreeAssange
@Antiwarcom 2. Yet,effectiveness of his fearless journalism is not the only reason Assange became a political prisoner, being designated as an enemy of the state. He has been psychologically tortured inside Belmarsh prison, once known as the UK’s Guantanamo Bay. #FreeAssange
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Sometimes I feel like history's #1 superpower has spent years & $$$ millions on teams of psychologists & lobbyists & information warfare bots whose entire goal has been to frustrate & silence truth-tellers like @wikileaks & #Assange & supporters like me.
Of course that is true.

We are not paranoid. We have proof.

So why are Western governments wasting so much money to silence the truth?

Because they are totally corrupt.

So where is the media?

They deride us all as gullible "Assangistas".

But @wikileaks would not even need to exist if they were doing their job of holding power to account.

It feels like we are the last people left arguing that two plus two does not equal five.

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1/7Dedicated to the British Government #UK🇬🇧 & Ms. Judge Vanessa Baraitser, in the certainty that your conscience will dictate the case of Mr. JULIAN ASSANGE:

Excellent text by Federal Judge Raquel Domingues do Amaral:

«Do you know what rights are made of, my
2/7 young people?

Do you smell it?

Rights are made of sweat, blood, rotting human flesh on the battlefield, burned in bonfires!

When I open the Constitution in Article 5, in addition to the signs, the statements in legal language, I smell old blood!

I see heads rolling from
3/7 guillotines, maimed young men, women burning in the flames of bonfires! I hear the crazed cry of the impaled

I come across hungry children, hardened by harsh winters, deceased at factory doors with empty stomachs!

I choke on the concentration camp chimneys, spewing human
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Values such as compassion, respect, humanity have been lost. When U look at a Christmas party, remember that the prisoner of the year is still forced into silence in boundless pain. Christmas is all year round, at a time marked by capitalism I couldn't keep silent #FreeASSANGE
"unroll" @threadreaderapp
1/5-By the right to freedom of the press, freedom of speech and freedom to be born human, if one understands Mr. Assange's silence here is the greatest poem in the world for the whole year.
When a Man Wants
You who sleep at night on the sidewalk
a rain bed with sheets made of wind
you who have the Christmas of loneliness, of suffering
you are my brother friend you are my brother

And you who sleep only the nightmare of jealousy
in a bed of rage with sheets made of fire
and suffer the Christmas of loneliness without
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'All info on associations with ********* & Assange'

More news on US DoJ v Bean—Google sent the full (redacted) Search & Seizure warrant & gag order on informing me of this targeted surveillance. Revealing full docs here:… #FreeAssange #DontExtraditeAssange
Excerpt from govt motion to seal the warrant: granted. 'Reason to believe notice will jeopardise investigation incl giving targets an opportunity to flee, destroy or tamper with evidence & intimidate witnesses.' Okay...

What was the US DoJ fishing for?

- aiding & abetting
- accessory after the fact
- misprision of a felony
- conspiracy
- false statements
- unauthorised access of protected computer
- obstruction of justice
- witness tampering
- wire fraud & conspiracy
- foreign contributions ban
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EX-CIA Ray McGovern Drops BOMBSHELL:


#SethRich w/ a Thumb Drive, Physical Access

& #CROWDSTRIKE added Metadata w/ CIA #Vault7


@POTUS: Let #Assange Prove it!


Flashback to Sy Hersh on Seth Rich:

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Finally received my badge of honour with notice that Google have handed over "information related to [my] Google account" to the US DoJ.

You think Assange case is just about Assange? Think again. #FreeAssange #DontExtraditeAssange
Have emailed Google requesting the relevant order which prohibited them from previously notifying me about this. DoJ doc search to come. #FreeAssange
So, here's some further info on the US DoJ's investigation of me presumably for supporting Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

Oh it's "SEALED v. SEALED; Case is not available to the public."

#DontExtraditeAssange #FreeAssange
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