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Este miércoles 21 empieza #U21Euro 🏆⚽️

Este HILO analiza las 16 selecciones

Todos los partidos en @rtveplay ( y App) y algunos, también, en @La1_tve @la2_tve @teledeporte

Lleva enorme trabajo por lo que se agradece RT Image
📌#Georgia 🇬🇪:

- Finalmente NO va Kvaratskhelia
- Muchos ya debutaron y hasta son habituales con la Absoluta como Mamardashvili-Tsitaishvili-Sazonov...
- Son anfitriones y se lo han tomado como su momento histórico, por lo que darán mucha pelea Image
- #Portugal 🇵🇹:

- Se cayó a última hora el MVP de 2021, Fábio Vieira
- No lleva a Quaresma-JoaoMario, que fueron clave
- Tiene menos soluciones por la derecha
- Su mejor jugador está siendo Pedro Neto
- Van varios del Benfica campeón YouthLeague 2022
- Es aspirante a todo Image
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نوسا سنہورا قلعہ (پرتگال)
nossa senhora das graças Fort (Portugal)
اگرچہ "Forte de Nossa Senhora da Graça" کی تعمیر 18ویں صدی کی ھےلیکن گریشا پہاڑی بہت پہلےسے آبادھے۔ قلعہ جسےLippe کی گنتی کاقلعہ بھی کہاجاتا ھے، ایک کھڑی پہاڑی کی چوٹی پرواقع ھے۔ ImageImageImage
اس پورے دفاعی کمپلیکس کو اس حقیقت پر فخر ھے کہ اسے کبھی بھی دشمن قوتوں نے اپنے قبضے میں نہیں لیا۔
جب مسلح تنازعات میں بارود کااستعمال ھونا شروع ھوا تو پرتگالی سیاست دانوں اور فوجی جوانوں نے محسوس کیا کہ ایلواس شہر (City Elvas) مونٹی ڈی گریشا (Monte de Graça) کےممکنہ حملوں کےسامنے Image
کتنانازک ھے کیونکہ اسکی سطح سمندر سے 404 میٹر کی بلندی ھے جب کہ اس علاقے میں کیسل آف ایلواس، جواس کاسب سے اونچامقام تھا، سطح سمندر سےصرف 345 میٹربلند تھا۔
اس صورتحال کاسب سے پہلے احساس کرنےوالے فریڈرک ولیم آف شومبرگ-لیپے، کاؤنٹ آف لیپے ( Frederick William of Schaumburg-Lippe) تھے ImageImage
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🧵Latest: #Portugal's drone manufacturer Tekever has confirmed to me that it will provide some of its long-endurance systems to Kyiv to support land and maritime operations, a move bankrolled by the UK's International Fund for #Ukraine.…
2. This week British MoD shared video on social media showcasing military equipment being provided by the IFU to Ukrainians. Launched last summer, first IFU deliveries — funded by Denmark, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands & the UK— will begin to arrive in July.
3. OSINT analysts were quick to identify what seems to be Malloy T150s manufactured by British company Malloy Aeronautics, the DeltaQuad Pro VTOL drone produced by Dutch firm DeltaQuad, & Astero ISR UAV from Denmark’s Nordic Wing. UK MoD declined to comment on specific platforms
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#Leitura de #Livro #Roboredo : Por xanas do Leste de Angola

O que viemos fazer aqui ? Perguntou o furiel ao alferes: escoltar os comandos
Então tua pickup vai tomar a dianteira da coluna militar, porque o carro rebenta minas é dos comandos
És louco !
Sim, e sou oficial superior. Image
Registo romanceado de experiências e emoções vividas por um Alferes Miliciano de Cavalaria, durante a sua comissão militar, de 1965 a 1969, em particular no Leste de #Angola…
E vamos os dois na pickup, e se dar merda, ou carne picada, vamos desfrutar juntos.

Antes do condutor dar o arranque da marcha, vem a correr o soldado # 62, que pede para seguir no carro já lotado, disposto a trocar lugares, Kwanyama forte, parecia Khoi

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Ich mag den #Eurovision  Songcontest so gern, weil er für Leute in Europa so völlig normal ist und man es aber kaum jemanden außerhalb sinnvoll erklären kann. Der Gedanke, die Regeln, die Kostüme, die Abstimmung - wie ein großer Insider-Witz.
Wie Nascar oder College-Football für die USA, nur lustig und inklusiv.
Ein Song darüber, dass man vom Geist von Edgar Allen Poe besessen ist. Ich mein man muss sich drauf einlassen, dann ist es gold.
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#Eurovision2023 Mesdames et Messieurs, attention, attention. Etant donné que le concours se déroule la semaine qui vient, je vais me lancer durant les deux prochaines heures dans l'écoute des 37 chansons en compétition et dans un thread donnant mes pronostics.
#Eurovision2023 On commence avec #Ukraine avec TVORCHI - Heart of Steel. Production assez canonique de la fin 2010s-début 2020s. A savoir si c'est assez earworm pour marquer pour les esprits, je ne suis pas certaine, malgré la qualité intrinsèque de l'interprétation studio.
#Eurovision2023 #Estonie avec Alika - Bridges. Une interprétation très Adèle-style. J'attends l'interprétation en live parce que si la chanteuse est dans son bon jour, ça peut faire mouche dans le concours. C'est assez accrocheur pour que ça atteigne le top 10.
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And so begins the daily thread for Day 423.
This is the only 🧵you need for all the news about #Ukraine and its defence against #Russia's illegal invasion.

Missed something yesterday? It's all here:

Quite a good 'haul' for #Ukraine in the lat 24 hours on the battlefield.

Four anti-aircraft systems and three "special equipment" items could be crucial ahead of the counter-attack.

In addition, #Russia lost another 680* soldiers.

*estimate by #Kyiv Image
London today gets around to countering some of the masses of disinfo #Russia creates, which trolls, bots and useful idiots gleefully spread.

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine Image
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#Portuguese nationals #MarianaJadaugy, 24, (pictured) and #FaranaSadrudin, 49, were at the Ismaili Centre when an #Afghan refugee named locally as #AbdulBashir entered with a large #knife and fatally attacked them after seriously injuring his #English #teacher

#Lisbon #Diversity
#FaranaSadrudin was killed by the knifeman in the attack on the religious centre in Lisbon

Officers said they fired at him when he ignored orders to drop his weapon and started walking towards them. The knifeman was transported to the São José Hospital in a serious condition
Teresa Pinto added in an online tribute to Mariana: 'How cruel this world can be. Portugal opens its arms to those in need and this is the payback.

'Mariana Jadaugy, you will always be in my heart as that happy, friendly and generous woman.'
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#Portugal : deux morts dans l'attaque d'un centre musulman chiite à #Lisbonne. L'agresseur serait un homme d'origine afghane. Il s'agirait "d'un acte isolé". Aucune piste n'est écartée mais il existerait un passif entre l'assaillant et les victimes…
Selon les informations recueillies par JN, les deux femmes (victimes) étaient portugaises, musulmanes et auraient eu des désaccords avec l'agresseur. L'une serait dans la vingtaine et l'autre dans la quarantaine.…
Les autorités n'excluent pas la possibilité qu'il s'agisse d'un attentat à motivation terroriste, cependant, du fait qu'il existe un passé conflictuel entre l'homme et les victimes, l'enquête pointe vers un acte perpétré pour des motifs personnels.
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Prédio construído por #Portugal desabou em #Angola

Abuso dos usuários (infiltração de água e canos entupidos) e falta de manutenção (drenagem), a expressão coletiva do curto horizonte de tempo individual

$ não faltou, repare nos carros modernos no estacionamento.
Colapso de prédio colonial é uma ocorrência comum, como o QG da Polícia Judiciária em 2008, o Ministro do Interior, então Chefe da Defesa Civil, Laborinho, disse que é responsabilidade do Colonizador e da administração colonial construir sobre um pântano

#WhiteManBurden #Angola
A maioria dos blocos de apartamentos coloniais modernos de Luanda foram construídos entre 1950 e 70, rápida degradação sob proprietários angolanos e administração pública é replicada Centralidades construídos pela #China: ralo entupido por alimentos com água, torneiras abertas
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Apartment building constructed by #Portugal collapsed in #Angola

Abuse by users (water infiltration and clogged pipes) and lack of maintenance (drainage), the collective expression of individual short time horizon

$ was not lacking, notice the modern cars in the parking lot.
Collapse of colonial building is a common occurence, like Judicial Police HQ in 2008, Minister of Interior, then Civil Defese Boss, Laborinho, said that it is the responsabilidade of Colonizer and the colonial administration for building above a swamp.

#WhiteManBurden #Angola
Most of Luanda Modern Colonial apartment blocks were build between 1950 and 1970, their rapid degradation under Angola owners and public administration is replicated in current blocks build by #China: Drain clogged by food dump with watter, floods by water faucets left open
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Saied responds to Borrell remarks: We reject any foreign dictates

#Tunisian President Kais Saied said it is necessary for Tunisians to rely on their own capabilities to overcome the difficulties in the country.
Tunisian President confirmed that his country rejects all forms of interference in the country's affairs because it is not under mandate or protection.
"It is necessary for Tunisians to rely on their own capabilities to overcome the difficulties."
Saied confirmed that "Tunisia rejects any dictations of solutions from abroad," commenting, "It is us who [are entitled to] devise solutions."
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#Ukraine: Today’s news from #UkraineWar: 1. Reports from #Kreminna that local residents are being evicted from their homes to accommodate RU troops, dispersing them so they are not vulnerable to UA attack in 1 large building. #tweet100 THREAD
#Ukraine: 2. UK Intel says RU forces Minister of Defence, Shoigu, reported to have visited RU frontlines this week in a rare visit, perhaps prompted by all the visits from Wagner’s #Prigozhin. Future RU strategy not clear - even for them! #tweet100 Image
#Ukraine: 3. By contrast UA’s General Syrsky visited his troops at #Bakhmut for the 3rd time in 10 days. UA artillery destroyed an RU assault group at night to the E of the city & UA National Guard shot down an Su-25. #tweet100
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Eurostat publica hoy su enésima actualización del 4ºT 2022 de las Cuentas Nacionales.

Empezamos por la evolución real desde prepandemia en España y en la eurozona.

Los 4 grandes del euro, #Germany con más dificultades
Recuperación del PIB desde valores anteriores a la pandemia.
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Mar. 1:
1/ ♦️Large #Earthquke #Activity #Predicted

#Dutch seismologist, #FrankHougerbits, who predicted the #Earthquake in #Turkey & #Syria,🔸#Warned of a large-scale #Earthquake that could occur in Mar. 2023.🔸..continued

#Earthquake #Quake #Seismic…
Mar. 1:
2/ ♦️Large #Earthquke #Activity #Predicted

A report released by the #SSGEOS (#SolarSystemGeometrySurvey) scientific institute, where #Hougerbits works, says the approach of the #Planets on Mar. 2 & 5 can..continued

#Earthquake #Quake #Seismic…
Mar. 1:
3/ ♦️Large #Earthquke #Activity #Predicted

..can lead to 🔸very large #Seismic #Activity in the period from Mar. 3 to 7.🔸

So, according to scientists, #Tremors are likely in 12 points of the #Planet ..continued

#Earthquake #Quake #Seismic…
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La #IA Stable Diffusion reveló como sería en la actualidad #madeleinemccan a partir de la foto de cuando tenía 3 años.
Actualmente una joven polaca de 21 cree ser la niña que desapareció el 3 de mayo del 2007 en #Portugal.
Se aguardan los resultados del #ADN...
LV ImageImageImage
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Seems #Germany is upset about the limited number of #Leopard donors to #Ukraine. While I have long been arguing for more aid to Ukraine, I'm somewhat unsure what exactly is the core of the criticism in this case.
The decision to approve exports was good, and #Scholtz et al. deserve credit for it. At the same time, it took months longer than it had to. This discrepancy is at the heart of (at least my) criticism towards #Germany.
Make no mistake, Germany does *a lot*, but every step is accompanied by hand-wringing and vocal concerns about the risk of escalation, which undercut the diplomatic part of it.
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🧵Loved working on this one - The widespread use of #Starlink by Ukrainian troops in defending against Russia is accelerating development of drone warfare, according to experts. Here are the benefits, risks & legal challenges of its militarization:…
2. While SpaceX likely never ruled out potential military use, it was not a case they emphasized. Today, there's no question that Starlink’s prominence in #Ukraine war has militaries all over the world considering & looking to make greater use of it.
3. Currently, Starlink antennas are too large/too heavy for small drones. However, there has been momentum from the defense industry to experiment. In Nov. #Canadian company RDARS, announced that it had successfully integrated Starlink equipment to its Eagle Nest ground station.
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Desigual comportamiento de la industria en Europa.
Sufriendo la industria alemana.

La industria alemana con menor recuperación que la española.
A pesar de la recuperación de la industria del motor.
Caen las tecnología media y baja...
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🇧🇪🇪🇺⚡️On the joys of being a Member State of the European Union

The European Commission has issued three new formal notices to Belgium in a new wave of infringement proceedings.
#belgium #eu #europeanunion #belgique #belgië #belgien Image
The notices concern the reception of asylum seekers, the fight against terrorist publications online, and the lack of recourse for data protection authority officials.
The Commission has also issued formal notices to #Greece, #Spain, #France, and #Portugal for incorrect transposition of certain provisions of the directive on the reception of asylum seekers, …
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‼️BREAKING‼️: Petition to stop the Covid-19 mass vaccination of children and young people with more than 9000 signatories will be discussed in the #Portuguese Parliament on the 3rd of February, 2023.
This will be televised.
The petition was submitted in August 2021 by Sónia Patrícia Barros de Sousa, Dr Marta da Silva Gameiro @MartaBranco86 & Dr Teresa Mota.
Why is the Portuguese media not talking about this petition?
This news should make the headlines in mainstream media!!
The petition is based on the 10 REASONS TO SAY NO TO THE #COVID19 VACCINE FOR THE YOUNG that I wrote in June 2021.
@PanData19 @NickHudsonCT @bell00david @jengleruk…
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A huge military equipment and hardware package for #Ukraine from #Sweden
In short:
- #Archer SPH incl Excalibur👍
- #NLAW (Rb 57), CG RR, AT4
- 50 #CV90💪
- Mine clearing eq
- Automatic weapons
- Procurement collab (ex🇺🇦 can use 🇸🇪 DMA/FMV procurement resources and agreements)
New military equipment and hardware package for #Ukraine from #USA
Interesting is that US and Swedish packages include the mine and obstacle clearing equipment.
More military equipment and hardware for #Ukraine from Baltic States.
1- #Lithuania🇱🇹
"dozens" of Bofors 40mm AA guns and ammunition
2- #Latvia🇱🇻
Machine Guns
3- #Estonia🇪🇪
ALL of their FH-70 155mm howitzers
122mm D-30 howitzers
Other materiel
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Another reason why I should leave San Francisco is the fact that I have fought every day for this city and rarely ever is there any support or team work. Whenever I walk through San Francisco I only ever see @bettersoma , @mattdorsey and Mr. J J in the trenches on the frontlines.
People complain every day but don’t ever do anything about it. It makes everything seem pointless. @michelletandler talks about fentanyl. When is she going to talk about our fentanyl emergency petition that has almost 1000 signatures? It takes two seconds to share petition.
I love @GMcDee2 @JacquiBerlinn because they aren’t picking and choosing what is “cool” to support. They support everything that is dedicated to combating fentanyl. They not only do their own fighting but they also support other people fights instead of picking what is “cool.”
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1/ E se 5000 pessoas partissem, em simultâneo, de Lisboa, cada qual com o seu destino até uma das 5000 localidades mais populosas de Portugal?
A única regra é: Utilizar o caminho mais rápido.

#Portugal #Map #visualization #Python #QGIS @iestruturas_pt
2/ Este foi um "projecto-experiência" que fiz, há 2 anos, e nunca cheguei a publicar. O resultado foi visualmente agradável e, por isso, entendi agora, não deveria terminar os seus dias em oblívio numa pasta chamada pt_dent_exp_00.
3/ O intuito foi criar uma visualização animada dos padrões dendríticos que emergem da nossa infra-estrutura rodoviária e, com isto, tentar modelar o aspecto de uma "figura de Lichtenberg" ou - não muito diferente - a da propagação de um relâmpago.
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