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"European Solidarity: Perspectives from the Southern Member States" is about to start! If you haven't already, join us and @iprinova on #Zoom to discover the Southern views on #COVID19 and #EuropeanSolidarity


We will be highlighting our debate: it takes place in the framework of TEPSA's new book "Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe", edited by @MichaelKaeding (@unidue), Johannes Pollak (@WebsterVienna), and @_PaulSchmidt (@oegfe), who is moderating this event

"Different countries, depending on their history and culture, have different viewpoints on #solidarity [...] you will find in this book 41 contributions from 41 experts from 41 European countries"

- @_PaulSchmidt explains the rationale of exploring "Views from the Capitals"

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1/ A História da #Madeira e agressão colonial de Lisboa, ao longo dos tempos. Não pode NUNCA ser esquecida. A Madeira ainda não acertou todas as contas com #Portugal.
2/ A Autonomia, pauta a história do arquipélago da Madeira desde o seu Povoamento, sendo que o sentimento surge com as crises de subsistência que assolaram a história do arquipélago e perante as quais o Poder central nada se dignou a fazer. Senão vejamos.
3/ Os fortes defensivos fora erigidos e guarnecidos pelos rendimentos da fazenda do Funchal, sem recurso ao erário régio, por conseguinte o Poder central depauperava a capacidade do Governador actuar a favor da população em tempos de crise.
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1) Coronavirus live news: Hong Kong authorises Sinovac vaccine for children aged 3-17, Rotterdam riots condemned…
2) Covid cases rate in Czech Republic hit a record 929 new cases per 100K residents (2nd record this week), its health ministry said Saturday.

Czech Rep’s daily cases tally ⬆️ to 22,936 Friday.

A further 110 people died on Thursday, the ministry said;
3) Thousands of people have marched in “freedom” rallies in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, with the largest crowds in the Victorian capital as protests against the state government’s pandemic legislation ramped up again;
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É falso que TV portuguesa afirmou que @jairbolsonaro é o líder mais respeitado do mundo. Gravação original foi exibida em site bolsonarista; principais emissoras de Portugal não veicularam nenhuma reportagem recente elogiando o presidente brasileiro. Siga o fio. 👇
Não há nenhum registro público de que alguma emissora de TV de Portugal tenha feito uma reportagem especial afirmando que @jairbolsonaro é o líder mais respeitado do mundo.
O vídeo foi gravado durante um passeio do presidente em Roma e exibido no canal no YouTube do site bolsonarista Jornal da Cidade Online no dia 30 de outubro.
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This thread is a list of nations that have vaccinated at least 70% of their populations, and how they're doing on a cases/deaths per day bases before and after during the #COVID19 #pandemic.
All vaccination rates are as of October 1, 2021.
All cases/deaths are as of October 20, 2021.
Data from the publicly available Our World in Data dataset.…
#Andorra has seen a 25.3% drop in cases and a 56.7% drop in mortality.
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Preoccupied by about all the political crises from East to West...that I have been cutting my onions all wrong. Not a chef tonight. Here my thread on #Portugal crise while cooking late. 1/1
Early elections said to be most likely outcome in #Portugal amid political crisis over today’s #Budget vote, which is widely expected to fail. PM #Costa says he will run again as the PS candidate, as left-wing parties call for the government to re-submit Budget proposals. 1/2
Hmm.. All political parties brought down the government, 😏 even the Communist Party. There were some deputies "not registered" 🤔.... they left 2 political parties, but remained in Parliament, abstain and now they will not be elected. Right? 1/3
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Patriots from around the WORLD, Australia needs your help, can we get #IStandWithTradies Trending number 1, Aussies are fighting a huge battle and it’s far from over. Let’s go! Together we are strong divided we are weak WORLD UNITING #IStandWithTradies 🙌
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¿Habéis visto alguna vez un puente que sostiene a otro puente? Acompáñame y verás.

#puentes, #Ingeniería , #estructuras, #bridges, #Engineering, #Structures
Estamos en Berlín, muy cerca del Reichstag, cruzando el río Spree. Ahí nos encontramos una pasarela muy curiosa que conecta dos edificios oficiales del gobierno alemán. (Paul-Löbe-Haus con el Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus)…
La estructura se puede entender como una pasarela que tiene dos tableros a distinto nivel . El tablero superior se resuelve con una celosía de acero tipo Pratt de gran canto. El tablero inferior se soluciona con una viga esbelta de hormigón.
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#Pharol ticker (símbolo) #PHR cotiza en el PSI20 #Lisboa #Euronext

Cotiza a 0,0915€ la acción y se podrán vender a más de 1,14€ 💹

Es la máxima accionista de la empresa de telecomunicaciones brasileña #OIBR3

400.000 kilómetros de fibra óptica 🌐

#Pharol es la máxima accionista de la empresa de telecomunicaciones brasileña Oi, cotiza en 🇧🇷 Brasil bajo los símbolos (tickers) #OIBR3 "acciones ordinarias" y #OIBR4 "acciones preferenciales" y en el #NYSE 🇺🇸 bajo el símbolo $OIBR.C es el ADR, 1 OIBR-C equivale a 5 #OIBR3
Para poder invertir en acciones de #Pharol ticker #PHR sólo necesitáis tener abierta una cuenta de valores. La podéis abrir en vuestra entidad de confianza (en vuestro banco de toda la vida), es un proceso muy sencillo.

Me gustan @ING_es @Openbank @Bankinter @BBVA @degiroeu
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Beruflich ging es gerade an viele verschiedene Orte:
#HH, #Berlin, #Dresden, #Portugal und überall wurde ich gefragt wie es in der #Eifel und im #Ahrtal aussieht und was wer tun kann ? Danke dafür 🙏 1/2
und das hat mich nochmal bestärkt weiter zu informieren und den betroffenen Menschen ein Gesicht und eine Stimme zu geben.
Ab 1.10. geht es los: Wir wollen im Team mindestens 1 Jahr lang kommunizieren, Ideen generieren, Visualisieren und Kontakte zwischen Menschen knüpfen 2/3
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Dear People of #Israel,

It’s time to get off the trains.

Get out into the streets and start protesting this tyranny in huge numbers, like the rest of the world are.

It’s time to wake up.
These are protests against tyranny in #Turkey 🇹🇷

#Israel, it’s time to wake up.
Get off the trains.
These are the protests against tyranny in #Netherlands 🇳🇱

#Israel, it’s time to wake up.
Get off the trains 🇮🇱
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[Thread in 4: Die israelischen Daten verwirren mich]

Man liest z.Zt. viel darüber, dass die Fallzahlen in #Israel aktuell sehr hoch sind. Beinahe schon so hoch wie in Tschechien auf dem Höhepunkt der Epidemie!

Woran liegt das?

Ist die isr. #Impfkampagne gescheitert?

Gucken wir da mal ganz nüchtern drauf!

(nicht mit dem Querdeppenblick eines Stefan Homburg)

In der Gesamtbilanz (Tote/1 Mio als Primärindikator) liegt Israel klar vor Deutschland, D vor Schweden, Schweden vor den USA.

In Israel sind 38% ungeimpft/unvollständig geimpft.

#Israel liegt beim Impfen gleichauf mit #Deutschland - und #Portugal ist #Impfweltmeister!

Natürlich hat #Delta noch jede Menge Angriffsfläche wenn 39% (Deutschland) oder 37,78% (Israel) der Bevölkerung ungeschützt sind.

Dazu kommt, dass Israel extrem viel gelockert hat:

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Thursday's #Coronavirus megathread starts here with the best #Covid19 global analysis and round up available on Twitter.

First a little quiz, answer in the next Tweet:
Do you know which country has had the most recorded cases of Covid19 as a percentage of population?
So I hope there was no cheating... I'll leave some blank lines here too in case some later viewers don't want the answer just yet...
So the nation with more #Covid19 cases than any other based on population is highly vaccinated #Seychelles at more than 20% infected.
Today I spent quite a long time being filmed/interviewed by @bbcturkce about #Covid19 and #Turkey. Not sure how much they will use, let's see.

Coincidentally the cameraman Efe, just happened to be in Kyiv as one of those using Ukraine for a 10 day stop off to avoid hotel prison!
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Wednesday's #Coronavirus megathread starts here, with all the data, news and analysis as #Covid19 continues to cause problems.

Slightly less mega today on the thread as I am working abroad and struggling for time and internet. Doing my best!
Starting with the case numbers from the islands of #Greece which I couldn't publish yesterday.

Broadly heading in the right direction, with exceptionally good numbers from #Crete again and #Zante

#Mykonos surges again and is still the most infected island.
2/3 #Covid19 cases Tuesday on the islands of #Greece

#Crete 196 (-148)
#Corfu 53 (-15)
#Andros 1 (-9)
#Chios 24 (+8)
#Ikaria 11 (-10)
#Ithaca 2 (-1)
#Kalymnos (-1)
#Karpathos (-1)
#KeaKythnos 1 (+1)
#Kefalonia 9 (-1)
#Kos 10 (-2)
#Lefkada 24 (-9)
#Lemnos 2 (-3)
#Lesbos 33 (+1)
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The daily #Coronavirus megathread for Tuesday starts early, from Manchester airport.

Because of the early start I missed a few countries from yesterday's thread, first I'll update these #Covid19 totals. Tweets during the day may be delayed due to travel & connectivity issues
1/3 #GreekIslands - yesterday cases nudged lower again in #Greece and there were some very promising data from the islands too.

#Crete cut new cases of #Covid19 by 43% while for #Corfu it was a 48% fall and #Rhodes saw a reduction of 38%.

#Samos and #Chios need watching...
#Greece - #Covid19 on the islands yesterday vs previous week

#Crete 129 (-98)
#Corfu 26 (-24)
#Andros 2 (-1)
#Chios 22 (+11)
#Ikaria 3 (+1)
#Kalymnos 4 (-6)
#Kefalonia 4 (-4)
#Kos 9 (-4)
#Lefkada 5 (-7)
#Lemnos 4 (+3)
#Lesbos 19 (-4)
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Ės uma mãe, um pai, uma avó, um tio, uma irmã, uma madrinha babada, etc etc etc? Então, isto é para ti.
Vamos falar de #Sharenting
Sentem-se, que vai ser uma thread looooonga
Intencional ou inadvertidamente, muitas vezes criamos um dossier digital, das crianças que tanto gostamos. Divulgamos o seu nome, a sua idade, quem são os seus pais, amigos e familiares, quais as suas preferências e os seus comportamentos.
A isso chama- se #Sharenting - contração das palavras inglesas “share” (partilha) e “parenting” (parentalidade), e refere-se às publicações relativas a uma criança, pelos seus pais, educadores, familiares ou pessoas chegadas.
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Can we say that what is happening in #Afghanistan is the #EndOfAnEra? Yes, in many different ways... (thread) >
First, it's the end of this 20-year era in US/world politics bracketed by 2 searing, much-photographed incidents that each involved (a) airplanes & (b) desperate people falling out of the sky. >
So we can say it's the end of this era of the US's attempt to invade & then completely control/remake #Afghanistan. Many Americans (solipsistic, as usual) compare this solely to #Vietnam1975. However, >
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Last 20 yrs #Portugal had the highest burnt area of EU. 2017 record a massive 540 thousand ha. That was the last yr I worked as firefighter on my home region Basto. I have seen much misinformation on fires in #Turkey that I wanted to share some comments (thread) #Turkeyisburning Image
European Fire Database (EFFIS) shows 95 thousand ha already burned in 2021 #Turkey. The annual average 2008-2020 was 13 thousand. It usually takes an atypical year (worst heatwave of the decade) to reveal lack of preparation for wildfires (prevention, resources, planning etc...)
June 2017 was that year for Portugal. In Pedrógão Grande, a small municipality in central Portugal, 64 people died. That year wildfires death toll was 120, the highest ever.…
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Long thread: Connections between #Tamil and #Portuguese
When we land in a new country, we generally ask how they say ‘Thank you’ or ‘good morning’ in their language. When we landed in Lisbon, we asked the cab driver: “How do you call a window in Portuguese?” He said, “Janela”.
The emergency windows in Portugal read as ‘Janela de Emergencia’. We continued, “How do you call table in Portuguese?” He said, “Mejai”. We didn’t stop. “How do you call a ‘key’?” “Shavi”, he helped us in the pronunciation. #tamil #Portuguese
Many roof top restaurants in Lisbon are named as “Varanda de Lisboa” (Balcony of Lisbon). Many of us who speak Tamil might have thought Jannal, Mejai, Varanda and Chavi are Tamil words or Sanskrit loan words. They are not. #தமிழ் #tamil_portuguese
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Same pattern in dozens of countries.

✅Huge increase in jabs
✅Huge increase in testing
✅Huge increase in “cases”
❌Almost zero deaths

This is #Cyprus 🇨🇾


They scare the ignorant by over inflating case numbers. Wake up.
Same pattern in dozens of countries.

✅Huge increase in jabs
✅Huge increase in testing
✅Huge increase in “cases”
❌Almost zero deaths

This is #UK 🇬🇧


They scare the ignorant by over inflating case numbers. Wake up.
Same pattern in dozens of countries.

✅Huge increase in jabs
✅Huge increase in testing
✅Huge increase in “cases”
❌Almost zero deaths

This is #Spain 🇪🇸


They scare the ignorant by over inflating case numbers. Wake up.
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Abro uma #thread sobre um mau exemplo de prevenção entre largos milhares de maus exemplos pelo nosso #Portugal 🇵🇹. Após falado numa assembleia de freguesia por um dos seus membros e onde nada foi feito com a promessa que o seria por parte do Sr. Presidente da Junta.
Valeu um e-mail enviado a 30 de Maio por um munícipe para o @MunicipioTrofa alertando para o risco existente em caso do perigo que é um #incêndiorural 🔥, um risco para pessoas, bens e para o tecido florestal autóctone ali existente, não fosse a zona um interface urbano-florestal
Em resposta ao e-mail enviado, ficou a promessa do início da intervenção no local durante a última quinzena de Junho, os trabalhos iniciaram nessa data e ainda continuam, digo continuam porque pela carga de sobrantes deixados acredito que a referida intervenção ainda não terminou
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🔻Imágenes de Río de Janeiro con los pueblos originarios


🛑 #Brasil, em Belo Horizonte o aquecimento do ato #ForaBolsonaro começou cedo com o movimento antifascista da @frenteantifabh.

Fotos: @Cadu_passos_

#3JForaBolsonaro #3j
🛑 #Portugal (Coimbra) y en #ReinoUnido unidos contra el FASCISMO ✊🏿✊🏼✊ #3JForaBolsonaroGenocida

Photos: Raoni Arraes, Laura Trajber Waisbich, Ana Rojas and Ed Schiffer.
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🧵 This thread is dedicated to the precious children that have died from COVID during this never-ending pandemic. By telling their stories we'll ensure that their memories live on #SoulsLostToCovid
The first thread memorialized 40 #SoulsLostToCovid under the age of 50 from different countries.
The second thread memorialized 40 pregnant #SoulsLostToCovid from different countries.
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