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Please stop using “liberal” to describe socialist ideologues. This is semantic infiltration, borne of socialist ‘longmarch’ entryism. It undermines liberalism,which has its own distinct history. Liberalism is for individual autonomy. Socialism is for collectivism& group identity
There are obviously good socialists (not the relativist #RegressiveLeft) just as there are obviously good conservatives (not reactionaries) but whatever they are, liberalism as an idea is distinct (and yes, there are obviously horrible liberals out there too, primarily nihilists)
And even as there are kind socialists & nice conservatives out there, I still disagree with them politically. But those, at least, are not dogmatic ideologues who would rather crush reality with everyone in it,than bend on the absolute “truth” of their idea. Beware the dogmatist
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Labour leader Corbyn wanted to make this point at @UKLabour’s National Executive Committee yesterday. He was overridden. Regardless, it looks like he emboldened his bigoted supporters to vandalise London instead. Corbyn is responsible for this…
And yet, Corbyn’s dogmatic disciples will still blame our collective disgust at his leadership on “the elite” and “the MSM”. It all sounds rather Trumpian, don’t you think?…
The UK Labour Party has entirely succumbed to the #RegressiveLeft. You are dead to us…
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@MrBenSellers This man is chief of staff for shadow minister @LauraPidcockMP under @jeremycorbyn’s #RegressiveLeft @UKLabour party. Here he mocks a 70 year-old Jewish woman whose family were murdered in the Holocaust. Observe socialists turning into National Socialists before your very eyes
@MrBenSellers @LauraPidcockMP @jeremycorbyn @UKLabour He is white & privileged but clearly believes that his left-wing credentials immunise him from racism. Only a supreme sense of moral absolutism & righteousness (in other words poisonous ideological dogma) blinds people to their own arrogance in this way #CtrlLeftAltRightDelete
@MrBenSellers @LauraPidcockMP @jeremycorbyn @UKLabour Years ago when we used to say the #RegressiveLeft were racists, many would stare at us confused, “the left, racist? How can that be?” We would reply that they weaponise race, and abuse minorities who ‘rose above our station’. Well, now you see @UKLabour overrun with with racists
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This concept was touched on in my last thread of #DrainTheSwampUK but since listening to #EricRWeinstein discuss this on the #RubinReport I feel it needs a thread to explain it properly. See link from 90mins onwards. #TIM
The battle for our futures will be fought over who controls the information that we see rather than on any battlefield in the traditional sense, but make no mistake this battle has been going on for years and will continue to be fought for years too this is the #Swamp. #TIM
In Europe the #Swamp is the #EU working with big corporations to maintain control over the population. In the #US the #Swamp is also the giant technology companies working in conjunction with the #MSM & the Intelligence Community to spy on us. #TIM #DrainTheSwampUK #DrainTheSwamp
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