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We are being told that we should separate Jewish people from #Jewish state of #Israel. The same people refuse to separate Muslims from Al Quida, ISIS, etc. who refuse to separate #Palestinians from #Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or separate progressive #left from China, Russia, et
> Their argument for the above is, all Muslims have same religion & sympathise with ISIS, Al-Quida objectives. They say #Palestinians elected #Hamas so they're all terrorists. They call left #Antisemitic for supporting #Palestinian struggle & opposing Israeli #apartheid system
> practiced in Israel & occupied territories, siege of #Gaza, continuous encroachment on Palestinian land, houses & religious sites by fundamentalist/ extremist Western #settlers. Furthermore, they dislike Left's opposition to sanctions on #Iran as it hurts ordinary people.
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Republican Lawmaker Who Opened Oregon State Capitol To Far-Right Protesters Faces Charges : @NPR…
@NPR During Dec.21 legislative session, #GOP Rep. Mike Nearman opened the doors to the #Oregon State Capitol building for #FarRight protesters. Shortly after that breach, demonstrators scuffled with state troopers & Salem police. One man is accused of spraying officers with bear mace.
@NPR ICYMI A Republican lawmaker literally opened the Oregon state Capitol to a #FarRight mob who scuffled w/ police, shattered glass doors & assaulted journalists.

At least 3 people in the Salem protest went on to participate in the US Capitol attack in Washington, DC, on January 6.
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The Prime Minister is living up to the name #BritainTrump with the power to clear himself

Boris Johnson went full #ToryDictatorship as he launched an angry tirade in Parliament🤦‍♂️

Let's look at the similarities of #MajorSleaze & Donald Trump

First, Steve Bannon got both elected Boris Johnson
1. #SteveBannon Got Both #BorisJohnson & Donald Trump Elected

Bannon was VP of Cambridge Analytica, working on the Leave Campaign and won it for #MajorSleaze (who was elected to #GetBrexitDone on the back of it) 🇬🇧

The #FarRight white supremacist was CEO of Trump's campaign 🇺🇲 Steve Bannon Far Right
2. Both Act Nice But Get Really Angry

In public, #MajorSleaze is usually laughing & joking but yesterday we got a glimpse behind the mask

Like Donald Trump, Johnson is arrogant, vindictive and aggressive. He helped plan to beat up a journalist

Both can be very nasty & selfish Boris Johnson Gets Really AngryDonald Trump Gets Really Angry
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In Hyde Park on Saturday, Police officers were punched and kicked by right wing #antilockdown protestors

#BorisJohnson said he'd see #BodiesPiledHigh before we #lockdown again

#VoteLeave riled them up for #Brexit

It won't be the Left that storm No 10 😓
2 arrests were made. Police officers were unprepared, ill-equipped with no back-up

When the #FarRight protests #BorisJohnson and #PritiPatel send in officers in shirtsleeves. When some "woke left vegetarians protest", it's riot gear🤔

8 Police Officers were injured. With only 2 arrests made, neither were in Hyde Park.

That means the people you see punching and kicking Police Officers were allowed to walk away freely.

Couldn't we even arrest the people who injured the Police Officers?…
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This thread provides the facts to prove unequivocally that The Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party is a #farright, racist party - overflowing with violent, racist and extremist members and supporters #Senedd21 #seneddelection #Savewales #WeareAbolish #senedd2021

Martyn Ford (candidate 4 #CynonValley & 4 South #Wales Central) "condemns diversity" was the author of this horifically racist leaflet when he was a member of another far-right party - UKIP @VikkiHowells

2/32 Image
James Cole has been selected by the Party as candidate for #Swansea West after making this racist white supremacist 'great replacement theory' diatribe! @JulieJamesMS @DaiLloydAS  @ChohanSamantha

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I know the flags have been done to death but here is Scottish trade unionist and the Labour Party's first parliamentary leader, Keir Hardie.

He was obviously far right.

Although to be fair he wasn't a fan Jews.

#FlagGate #FarLeft #FarRight #Flags Image
Ramsey McDonald was even worse, he spoke in front of the imperialist American House of Representatives in 1929.

Another far right Labour leader.

#FlagGate #FarLeft #FarRight #Flags Image
Sickening picture of far right Labour MP Clement Attlee and far right Ernest Bevin the trade union leader and Labour MP.

Clearly best friends with Winston Churchill.

Case closed.

#FlagGate #FarLeft #FarRight #Flags Image
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#FarRight #Belgica

"A Bélgica é uma democracia. As democracias realizam eleições regulares. As eleições geralmente levam a governos funcionais. Não é assim na Bélgica." (Google tradutor)

Que peça fantástica!…
O Vlaams Belang é o sucessor do Vlaams Blok (VB), um partido "nacionalista" flamengo que remonta à história ignominiosa da colaboração flamenga com os nazistas durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial.

A ascensão do VB nas pesquisas começou no final dos anos 1980.
Dewinter promoveu seu partido como defensor comprometido da herança judaico-cristã, secularismo, valores liberais e modo de vida.

Fez um esforço especial para expressar seu compromisso com os direitos das mulheres, a única área em que o Islã era visto como vulnerável.
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There are lot of received wisdoms about #FarRight (often wrongly referred to as #populism ) and #COVID19 so @JakubWondreys and I looked into it. Turns out, shocker, most are wrong.

Below is link to Open Access article. Main points in #thread…
1. We focused exclusively on main far right parties in Europe and on the first wave. However, recent update shows that little has changed.
2. First, we looked into stereotype that "populists" (i.e. far right) ignores or minimizes COVID-19. This is almost exclusively based on Bolsonaro and Trump, who turn out to be exceptions rather than rule.
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Spoke to @Guardian podcast about growing up in post-War #France... that is post-#Algerian War of Independence, still v. much in living memory. The War’s legacy is perceived in all kinds of aspects of modern life, still blighted by the #colonial experience.
A point that is easily overlooked by foreign observers is that the 2nd most influential party in #France now was founded by far-right nationalists who wanted to keep #Algeria French. #LePen's FN -now called the Rassemblement National -is openly racist, islamophobic & antiSemitic.
In his '#Separatism' speech @EmmanuelMacron was sugar-coating #reactionary policies based on the premise that 5-6M French #Muslims can’t be trusted to manage their own affairs & required surveillance at all times.The emphasis was that Islam is a chronic #problem around the world
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103 years ago this day on 19 Nov 1917 (the same year in which John F Kennedy was born), in Allahabad, India (now known as Prayagraj), a daughter was born to the most illustrious political families of the time
#IndiraGandhi became India's First woman PM
#JFK became the 35th #POTUS
The #FarRight remember Indira Gandhi for the #Emergency she declared in 1975 - the suspension of Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. But not because they are champions of citizens' rights and freedoms. On the contrary they are taking away our rights and freedoms silently
The liberal secular left remembers Indira Gandhi's Emergency because the experience taught them the value of Constitutionally-guaranteed #Rights and #Freedoms.
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Here's my problem #America

I'm mostly a "#progressive". I believe in lifting up the less fortunate, don't shoot citizens in back, diversity makes life interesting, give pple health care so we're all safer from diseases.

Unfortunately I also believe in TRUTH above all else...
For that reason, I don't look the other way at what the Clinton's are any more than I did when I knew what the Bushs were.

I watched how Bernie got screwed (2x) so it didn't surprise me when the Russia Hoax was used.

When that didn't work it was the impeachment scam...
You know, where they tried to impeach a President for pushing for accountability on corruption of guess who, Joe Biden.

As for ole Joe and his 47 yr history. I don't pretend serviceman Tony Bobulinski and all those, emails and pictures don't exist because they're inconvenient...
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[Thread]About BLM ribs.Hijacking Riot Ribs with threats of violence, grifting, paying violent teens to attack people, reports of sexual assaults that have people in hiding, assault by Edreece and collab with #FarRight Context ⬇️Moving on to recent event 1/
2)There have been many threats made by current BLM ribs. They brandished and threatened with guns last Fri and threatened to "shut down"@PDXJail_Support (and did). Bradford (left) threatening journalist & Phil (right)(told some he is JP).
3)"Phil" motioning under his jacket and telling people to turn themselves in. They are filming and calling them out for taking houseless people's stuff. Video later in video shows Phil telling the story of intimidation. Full video
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Activists raised the alarm of #FarRight marches posing as anti-mask rallies and have had their blood spilled for it. Yellow Vests IRL, National Party and co share one enforcement gang to quiet dissent. Ken Geary, ex French Foreign Legion leads them #Altshiteunmasked #KenGeary
It must be noted that #KenGeary is also acting Branch Secretary of the Royal British Legion, Dublin Branch, a charitable organisation for Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, veterans and families. They have been contacted for comment and asked to prepare a statement.
Once a decorated soldier, and founding member of the French Foreign Legion Association of Ireland, #KenGeary was quickly expelled for his views. Geary is an Islamaphobe, anti-Semite and Homophobe. It was the recent homophobic attack by his enforcer thugs that put him on our radar
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/10/2020…
Psychological impacts of “screen time” and “green time” for children and adolescents: A systematic scoping review…

#GreenTime #ScreenTime #psychology
It has four incarnations every lifetime, can return from the dead and is the subject of an unlikely new bestseller...…

#EuropeanEels #LifeCycle #zoology
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Trumpies rolling around downtown, hours after caravan ended, showing the size of their balls off. #PortlandProtests
Black charger chased out and beat on, then instead of going North on 4th the car charged through the crowd.
Someone was shot on 3rd and alder. Only thing I know is there was one shot, 3 or more people involved and bear spray was involved. Body still in street. Image
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Today, as the #Christchurch attacker faces sentencing in New Zealand, CfMM has launched a groundbreaking report, "How The British Media Reports Terrorism."

Here's a thread of some of our key findings.

Full report available on our website:…
Reporting of attacks is inconsistent, depending on who the perpetrator is, with white, non-Muslim perpetrators less likely to be referred to as #terrorists.
Words identifying #Muslims or #Islam are more frequently placed alongside “terror”, “terrorist”, “terrorism”, or “terrorist(s)” in comparison with the most frequent identifiers of #farright or #WhiteSupremacist terrorism.
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What did you do when the far-right came, what will you tell your children's children when they ask you what "did you do" to stop the propaganda.
#Trump #BorisJohnson #DominicCummings #propaganda #Antisemitism #racism #FarRight Image
#Propaganda is intended to persuade & accept an idea, often by using biased material or by stirring up emotions, was one of the most powerful tools the Nazis used to consolidate their power.
Nazi propaganda encouraged a nation to look away.
#farright figures need someone to 'blame', Nazis wanted everyone to believe that only certain people were fully human & that Jewish people especially did not deserve any human rights, simply because they were Jewish. ImageImageImageImage
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[Thread] Be careful today. Far right violence and threat of violence on protesters is escalating. As was seen last Sat. and at protests in general, there are alot of new people to the scene. This is good that more people are coming out, but also means more behavior....
2)....that puts people at risk physically and legally, due to inexperience. This also leaves those that have more experience, with the responsibility to help those that don't really know what they are doing. Many don't know who these chuds are, just that they are racists...
3)....#bluelivesmurder chuds are now starting to join forces with the usual Fashy chuds. This means radicalization of more "moderate" conservatives to the #FarRight/#Fascism, just like we've seen happen over the last few years with #PatriotPrayer attendees...
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The #Hindu #farRight seems addicted to what I call the #WhiteMansValidation syndrome. Nothing is so valuable as endorsement from a white man - even it is Boris Johnson. #WhatsApp groups and Twitter handles are sharing this image apparently of UK PM @BorisJohnson doing abhishek Image
There are 2 snamgs though, One that is actually an unofficial parody account of Boris Johnson that I screenshotted. But the picture itself is real - Boris and @pritipatel, UK HomeSecretary pouring water over a figurine of some kind.
That said, the @UKHomeSecretary - not an official account by the way, put out this on twitter: , to clarify that the abhiskek pouring happened not on 5 Aug 2020 but somtiem in 2019 in Neasden #SwamiNarayan temple (when @BorisJohnson was begging for votes)
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United we stand, Divided we fall.

But there is a correct & an incorrect way of uniting.
The #FarLeft & #FarRight always result in dictatorships, & the suppression of freedom, but #LiberalDemocracies also organise society from the top down.

We always get government of the elites, by the elites, for the elites, which is how ancient Greek democracy also worked.
We need Democracy that works for EVERYONE, for coming generations, & for our planet.

We need #GrassrootsDemocracy, in which society self-organises from the bottom up, while the state continues to enforce the rule of law & non-violence.
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1/ @PureConservatsm put out intentional false information on those arrested at #PortlandProtest , claiming most are teachers. Its false because these are mugshots from MayDay 2017 and I was a witness for one of the cases.…
Webpage Image
2/ I messaged them to ask how they got info on #PortlandRiots and #AntifaTerrorists and they lied, but claimed post. When I asked when the arrests occured, they went silent and post was nowhere to be found ImageImage
3/ This is a continued attack on #publicschools , #education and #Teachers by the #FarRight. They want religion in schools, not science. There email was invalid, so it could also be bots or cops. #CopBots
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1/5 What does it mean to mainstream gender across counter-#terrorism research and practice? (note that gender is not synonymous with women) A thread on ICCT's recent publications on male supremacism and the need for gender-sensitive analysis.
2/5 Our perspective on the Hanau terror attack explores the links between male supremacism and #FarRight violence, and notes how these links should not be trivialised by labelling attackers as incels:…
3/5 More generally, how has male supremacism contributed to terrorist attacks? @alexdibranco argues that it is a distinct form of right-wing extremist ideology that has only recently entered public awareness:…
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Parliament SQ, #RiotPlotExposed & police response has been good so far. #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER #TommyRobinson
The far-right crowd from a different angle. #racist
Far-right crowd police presence.
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