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1/ Attorney General Bill Barr needs to recuse himself from ALL 20 investigations handed off by Mueller, including the Mueller investigation proper & should NOT be responsible for redacting the Mueller report. Check out ALL the ways he's TOTALLY conflicted:
2/ First, Barr reported on his financial disclosure that he had earned up to $15K from the Vector Group, which is headed up by Howard Lorber. Lorber is one of the 3 calls DTJR took after the June 2106 Trump Tower Meeting.
3/ Lorber is a real estate developer and OLD friend of Trump, having traveled with him to Russia to talk about building a Trump Tower Moscow. But it gets worse! Barr worked at the Kirkland & Ellis Law Firm, and that firm represented Alfa Bank. You know who else worked there?
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The #MuellerReport... Was it all destined or designed to become a cover-up scam? Is that why Rosenstein and Mueller survived, to better sell us a bill of goods? How is this result credible? Is it just a lullaby? TBD, but it’s sure starting to look like it.
⏰I KNOW PERFECTLY WELL THIS IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY, and I do not believe it... YET. But that is exactly what THE ENTIRE WORLD will conclude if justice is denied. If Trump get immunity-impunity, and we get anything less than 100% complete-detail-rich transparency we can believe.
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Gotta a damn good question...
Feel free to throw in your 2 cents, 'cause if you're feeling like I am after #TheMuellerReport landed, you're more than a little angry & concerned about #BillBarrsComedyHour being followed by the #LowBudgetTrumpRemakeOf1984.😑…
Watching every RW news outlet, pundit & GOP mouthpiece that ever claimed to love this country embarrass the HELL out of themselves on a national scale is the saddest circus act ever performed before a live audience.
Stuff future generations will MARVEL at.…
Anyone interested in "Abnormal Psychology", "21st Century Human Artificial Social Constructs & How They Were Used For Profit & Political Gain" & their companion parody, "The Art Of The Deal" would find it funny to know that's Elementary grade elective studies in the 24th Century.
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QDrops March 29, 2019

Caught Red Handed? DNC = NBC? #FutureProvesPast

We’ve known of the corruption between MSM and the @DNC.

Remember the QDrop that mentions all the reporters that

colluded with @HillaryClinton & DNC?




Before we get into the next QDrop let’s have a read of this

important thread by @yashar.

QDrop #3304 March 29, 2019…

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“Myth No. 1: Mueller found no evidence of collusion.  (Wrong, wrong, wrong.)”…
"Myth No. 2: Questions surrounding Trump’s cozy relationship with Putin are now laid to rest. (Also wrong.)" | @kim_wehle @BulwarkOnline
"Myth No. 3: Obstruction of justice requires proof of an underlying crime. (Nope.)" | @kim_wehle @BulwarkOnline
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Still no decision from judge whether to sack Emerdata’s liquidator and put Cambridge Analytica/SCL into state receivership for alleged bias against US citizens over our data rights.…
We know Crowe, Emerdata’s appointed administrator, has been spending time communicating with US attorneys. It’s in their public progress report.

During last Monday’s trial these topics were off-limits:
—SCL Insight Ltd (SCL Group)
—CA’s Works-In-Progress
That confirms Cambridge Analytica remains a subject of active investigation. Barr Letter doesn’t settle legitimate concerns over Mueller & CA. Instead #ReleaseTheFullReport because even if not criminal under US laws, we’ve already shown these guys flagrantly break UK laws.
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House Judiciary Committee unanimously (22-0) approves measure directing DOJ to give Congress all records on FBI obstruction of justice and counterintelligence probes against Trump #ReleaseTheFullReport #ReleaseTheFullMuellerReport…
When the full Mueller report finally becomes public (as it surely will, Barr's herculean efforts to suppress it notwithstanding), will journalists and pundits cover its contents as breathlessly as they have the Barr memo? #ReleaseTheFullMuellerReport
Mueller's DC grand jury 'continuing robustly', prosecutor says in court hearing about unsealing identity of mystery foreign government-owned company #ReleaseTheFullMuellerReport…
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House Committee Chairs just sent a letter to AG Barr demanding release of the #MuellerReport. Barr has 1 week to comply.

“We look forward to receiving the report in full no later than April 2, & to begin receiving the underlying evidence & documents that same day.”

Now is the time to get fully behind our political leaders.

The Blue Wave elected them into office for a reason--to ensure transparency and accountability, to put a check on the executive branch, and prevent further abuse of power.

We can help. Call your MoC’s (202-224-3121) & push them to follow through on their call for transparency. The people want Barr to #ReleaseTheFullReport.

If Trump did nothing wrong, he has nothing to hide. We can't move forward w/out the truth. It’s up to us to ensure we get it.
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They are playing games
Their Spin Doctors are going crazy & trying to spin this as a huge win
It’s NOT
& it’s NOT over

Mueller couldn’t find enough evidence to make a slam dunk case of guilt

But he also couldn’t find evidence because Trump was OBSTRUCTING

Theres Hope though...
Mueller may have helped us. We know they continue to commit crimes & would’ve continued Obstructing. Mueller probably saw Barr as the #ObstructorGeneral & knew he wouldn’t get anywhere
FACT: Mueller brought 37 indictments BUT not ONE Indictment was brought after Barr came on😳
Today it was reported that Barr KNEW for 3 wks that Mueller wouldn’t reach a conclusion. Barr had time to prepare that legal letter in advance but also did he run to Trump w/ the info Nunes style😳
Trump knowing explains why he’s been freaking out & their PR assault seems planned
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There was no possibility that Barr would find obstruction. Please re-read Barr’s 2018 letter to Rod Rosenstein in which he concluded - more than a year ago - that Mueller’s “obstruction theory is fatally misconceived...& if credited...would do lasting damage to the Presidency.”
Here’s the unsolicited June 2018 letter that Barr sent to Rosenstein.… His summary today should not be surprising or viewed as an exoneration.
It’s critical that members of Congress & the media remember that Barr had prejudged the obstruction issue and put it in writing over a year ago. That’s why his summary on this issue should not be dispositive. Focus on this paragraph from Barr’s June 2018 letter:
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The ENTIRE WORLD needs this info. Because Cambridge Analytica, which also helped w/ Brexit & has re-formed as Emerdata, is very much in business. And its VP, Steve Bannon, is now working with far right leaders in Europe & beyond. #ReleaseTheFullReport 1/
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Shocker: Bill Barr—appointed AG after giving Trump a 19-page memo saying Trump didn't obstruct justice—just exonerated Trump of obstruction of justice. Mueller specifically said "this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him"
Mueller couldn't establish corrupt intent for obstruction of justice b/c Trump refused to talk w/ investigators. W/o putting Trump under oath, Barr exonerates him. Barr was put in charge of DOJ to salvage the GOP—even if it meant letting Trump get away with everything. Shameful.
.@JeffreyToobin points out the impropriety of AG Barr concluding no obstruction of justice when the whole point of appointing a special counsel was b/c Trump’s political appointees—like AG—have an inherent conflict of interest. And now we see, AG Barr is indeed Trump’s lackey.
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