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Call it racism, misogyny, sexism, religious righteousness, some combination or just plain plutocracy — fundamentally, GOP are against equality.

It’s not new or news GOP are against a fully functional democracy.

#inners #maddow #deadlinewh
#ToxicMasculinity which includes bullying & cruelty to keep others down in GOP hierarchy of value.

Unapologetic amorality born of core righteousness are fear based reaction to democracy & equality as it means loss of privilege/entitlement/freedom to unfettered wealth & power.
Democracy thriving requires we #MakeAmericaHumane

Reconciling our various spectrum of ability with equality of rights & dignity

Reconciling freedom with fairness, abandoning “might is right” for justice

Economy thriving = raising the standard of basic quality of life for all
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if @SenateDems launched ethics probe on Moscow Mitch he’d instantly turn purple and resign #maddow
get the GD judges confirmed FFS @SenSchumer #maddow
Qpubs were Q long before 4Chan was a twinkle in the eye of some nutbag #maddow
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irony: CNN’s Fareed Zakaria was hours away from Zelenskyy interview about contrived Biden probe in Ukraine #maddow
tfg’s mobsters weren’t wrong to be freaked out about Joe Biden #maddow
really was like a mugging #maddow
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voting “purity” in 1918 is the “integrity” of 2021

both are bollocks #maddow
“did you read the history before using that word?” @RafaelAnchia #maddow
Doogie Howser HAS NO PLACE in election management #maddow
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donald trump fan club is Judge Jeanine & a fella called Skeeter-Enos #maddow
only way Rudy can keep people around him is via bribes #maddow
so Rudy wants co-conspirators to pay his fees?

that’s um... problematic #maddow
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patent revenue or public health? golly that’s a tough one #maddow
if Casino Mobster had been reinstalled America woulda been worse than India #maddow
drug companies change ONE EFFING MOLECULE of drugs and get to extend patents

spare me the sanctimony #maddow
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Lysol wasn’t the first who had to rebuke trump; remember TicTac? #maddow
point of personal privilege: sitting here starting my #maddow thread and get a call from some asshole pretending to be Fulton County Police ready to arrest me

freaked me TF out until I Googled


ok I feel better now
FWIW I correctly predicted Casino Mobster would send lemmings to the hospital #maddow
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“deep state” actually just a Zoom prayer circle #maddow
leopard-print cardigan 🤣🤣🤣 #maddow
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Qpublicans MUST be blocked from control forever or this means squat #maddow
we took Obama for granted but ain’t gonna happen this time no ma’am #maddow
“Par for the Putin”: direct-to-DVD romcom produced by Oliver Stone #maddow
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🔥In court documents, Russia admitted that their actions against our election was an ACT OF WAR. That means everyone who aided and abetted Russia committed TREASON‼️cc @FrankFigliuzzi1
🔥PROOF OF TREASON: Russia calls their hack on our election a military attack‼️Aiding and Abetting... #maddow
🔥The case to charge Trump and his co conspirators with TREASON is laid out here👇
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This Tulia, TX cop story is so outrageous and almost unbelievable. They arrested 10% of all the Black people in the town. Some were convicted based on his “word” on bogus drug charges. John Cornyn gave him the “Lawman of the Year” award. Vanita Gupta helped free them. #maddow
Sen John Cornyn is and always has been the worst. He is leading the charge on blocking Vanita Gupta’s confirmation. She helped overturn all those ridiculous charges that he had celebrated. This is a vendetta. Texas senators are trash.…
Remember that time Senator John Cornyn lied about graduating from Oxford?
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We should be livid. Republicans *knew* they were trafficking in Russian disinformation. They knowingly promoted Putin's anti-American lies, while covering up Putin's anti-American interference—so they could keeping using it to dupe Americans. It's treasonous even if they failed.
Rachel @Maddow is talking about this right now. “We can’t let this drift into the Ethernet,” that Trump officials KNOWINGLY LIED to the public about Russia’s interference AND covered it up. AG Barr, NSA O’Brien, DAG Rosen, DNI Ratcliffe—all of them knew & lied.
🔥#Maddow focuses on propagandist Michael Caputo, host of @OANN propaganda film that stovepiped Russian disinformation to US & later installed @HHS: “This isn’t your usual mess. How do we begin to get accountability? When does the Justice Dept start knocking on doors about this?”
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Wow, y’all watching #inners ? FFS! #TraitorTrump is THE most corrupt politician EVER! Trump plotted w the head of the Civil division at DOJ Clark, concocted a plan to oust Acting AG Rosen in order to FORCE the GA DA to void the election & say Trump won! JFC! This was on Jan 3
3/Jeffrey Clark, had been devising ways to cast doubt on the election results & to bolster Trump’s continuing legal battles & the pressure on GA politicians. Bec Rosen had refused the president’s entreaties to carry out those plans, Trump was abt to decide whether to fire Rosen
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This is Meshawn Maddock from MI. A known insurrectionist and protest organizer. #Maddow just announced Trump will not be giving high level insurrection organizers pardons...sad.
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Trump's insurrection is costing the GOP voters.

"In Miami-Dade...more than 7X as many Republicans as Democrats changed their party registrations in the aftermath of the violence. The ratio was almost as high in Palm Beach County."…
A *2nd* data point to show that the GOP is hemorrhaging voters.

In Orange County, CA, they "lost 8x more voters than it gained after the violence in D.C., with 600 GOP voters lost from Wednesday to Friday".

They *gained* voters the month prior.…
And now a 3rd instance of reporting from Pennsylvania:

"Staff reported a spike in phone inquiries after Wednesday’s riots, and 'virtually all the people calling were people saying ‘I no longer want to be a Republican, how I do change it.’”…
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I saw this story on @TheYoungTurks and thought it was despicable. #Maddow
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Wow. There are republicans who acknowledge reality? Just when you think 2020 couldn't get any weirder. #Maddow
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them poor decisions gonna leave a mark #maddow
“please impeach us”—Alito & Thomas (not a law firm) #maddow
“relief from the court” is weird side-slam on Melanie’s tennis pavilion #maddow
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Giuliani is a “celebrity” same way Kim Kardashian is a diplomat #maddow
“they CDC work for him” sounds like a Russian; weird #maddow
like Jello there’s always room for more scandal #maddow
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“COVID will be done by Memorial Day” @Mike_Pence #maddow Image
when politicians fail this spectacularly you shouldn’t vote for them

this is not hard.

wastewater testing is a thing I’ve been tweeting about since April #maddow
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#BREAKING:DC Attorney General told #Maddow that on a particular day, #Trump Hotel in DC charged a non-profit $5,000 for a large ballroom, but then billed Trump #inaugural A WHOPPING $175,000 for the same ballroom. WOW!!

#TheResistance #IvankaTrump #ThursdayThoughts #FBRParty Image
Importantly, DC AG SLAMMED this👇tweet by #IvankaTrump referencing a Dec 14 email, saying #Ivanka conveniently leaves out emails sent to her by Stephanie Wolkoff AFTER Dec 14, raising red flags about over-pricing. Hmm

#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts
Bottom line folks, NO reasonable person can ever conclude that a hotel charging a non-profit $5,000 for a ballroom,and then turning around and charging $Trump's inaugural $175,000 for the SAME ballroom, on the SAME DAY, is applying "market rates"
#TheResistance #ThursdayThoughts
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federal judges furthering GOP conspiracy to steal an election

AGAIN #maddow
“it’s not just that you’re a crook @sendavidperdue; it’s that you’re attacking the health of people you represent” @ossoff #maddow
1988: “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy”

2020: “it’s not just that you’re a crook, Senator”


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does DeJoy realize he’s going to federal prison? #maddow
golly it’d be nice if we had national standards for BALLOT COUNTING #maddow
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