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SCOOP: As Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani waged a public campaign this year to dig up dirt in Ukraine on Trump’s political rivals, he privately pursued hundreds of thousands of dollars in business from Ukrainian officials.
by @benprotess @WRashbaum @mrothfeld
@benprotess @WRashbaum @mrothfeld A federal criminal investigation into Giuliani is examining whether he sought to make money in Ukraine while running a campaign to oust Amb Yovanovitch––if he was doing the bidding of Ukrainians who wanted Yovanovitch removed for their own reasons.
@benprotess @WRashbaum @mrothfeld One proposal, weeks after Giuliani met with then Ukrainian prosecutor Lutsenko and discussed the Bidens and Burisma, said Lutsenko would pay $200K to retain Giuliani and Trump allies diGenova and Toensing 'to advise on Ukrainian claims for asset recovery.'
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BREAKING: Trump knew about the whistle-blower complaint when he released the aid to Ukraine in September. Of course he did!

White House lawyers told Trump about the complaint in late August.
White House counsel office lawyers briefed Trump in *late August* about the whistleblower complaint, explaining that they were trying to determine if they were legally required to give the complaint to Congress.
Trump learns of the whistleblower complaint in Aug but only releases the aid after Congress hears about it on ~Sep 9.

Sep 9: Plans are in motion for Zelensky to give the Trump-ordered interview.

Sep 11: Trump releases the aid; Zelensky cancels interview.
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BREAKING via @kyledcheney: Judge says Don McGahn MUST testify to the House Judiciary Committee.

McGahn may still invoke privilege claims but is not "absolutely immune" from testifying. Case will surely be appealed and main quesiton is whether a stay is issued.
@kyledcheney !! Federal judge rules that Don McGahn must testify to House impeachment investigators: "The subpoenaed official does, as a matter of law, have a duty to respond notwithstanding any contrary order of the President."

The Trump admin is expected to appeal.
@kyledcheney The ruling that Don McGahn must testify could also have implications for other key witnesses, such as former NSA John Bolton who has refused to testify until a federal court weighs in on the conflict between Congress and the White House.
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SCOOP: Subpoenas issued for information Parnas and Fruman indicate a broad federal investigation into possible money laundering, obstruction, and campaign-finance violations and suggest prosecutors are looking closely at Giuliani's consulting firm.
Subpoenas listed a half dozen+ potential charges under consideration by SDNY:
-money laundering
-conspiracy to defraud the US
-making false statements to the federal govt
-FARA violations
-campaign finance violations
-mail fraud and wire fraud
MORE: Investigators scrutinize Giuliani’s firm and donations to a Trump super PAC.

There's also interest in interactions with 3 key figures in Giuliani’s hunt for Biden dirt: ex Ukrainian President Poroshenko and ex prosecutors Lutsenko & Shokin.
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SCOOP: The House Intelligence Committee is in possession of audio and video recordings and photographs provided by indicted Giuliani associate, Lev Parnas.

The submitted recordings and photos include Giuliani and Trump. Lordy! There are tapes.
The tapes were provided as part of that congressional subpoena issued to Lev Parnas.

Some material sought by congressional investigators is already in possession of federal investigators within the SDNY and thus held up from being turned over.
“Mr. Parnas reasonably believed Giuliani’s directions [to encourage Firtash to dig up dirt on Biden] reflected the interests and wishes of the president, given Parnas having witnessed and in several instances overheard Giuliani speaking with the president.”
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SCOOP: A confidential White House review turns up Mulvaney emails which reveal extensive efforts to generate an after-the-fact justification for Trump’s hold on Ukraine military aid and a debate over its legality.
by @CarolLeonnig @jdawsey1 @thamburger
@CarolLeonnig @jdawsey1 @thamburger White House lawyers worry that the review has turned up unflattering exchanges and facts that could embarrass Trump.

It’s unclear if the Mulvaney's discussions pose any legal problems for Trump, but could pose political ones if revealed publicly.
@CarolLeonnig @jdawsey1 @thamburger The review also turned up emails between OMB and State discussing why the White House held up the aid and if it was legal.

In Dec 2018, GAO had warned OMB it wasn't following the law on how it was disbursing and withholding congressionally-approved funds.
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NEW: Court ordered documents just released from State uncover “a clear paper trail from Giuliani to the Oval Office to Pompeo to facilitate Giuliani’s smear campaign against a US ambassador,” further implicating Pompeo in the Ukraine affair.
by @mawilner
@mawilner Emails show that the White House helped arranged a call between Giuliani and Pompeo in March, the day after Giuliani gave the White House a packet of propaganda on the Bidens and Yovanovitch, and two days later, Pompeo then spoke to Nunes.
#Maddow #AMJoy
@mawilner “Regular channels” weren’t working so Trump’s then-Oval Office personal assistant connected Giuliani with Pompeo, who then called Nunes.

A Mar 28, 2019, email lists Pompeo's scheduled calls, including a Mar 29 call to Giuliani and an Apr 1 call to Nunes.
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US intelligence officials informed senators in recent weeks that Russia has run a yearslong campaign to frame Ukraine for its own hacking of the 2016 election. The briefing came as Republicans ramped up their defense of Trump in the Ukraine affair.
Russian intelligence operatives conveyed "Ukraine election interference" propaganda to prominent Russians and Ukrainians who then used intermediaries, like oligarchs and businessmen, to pass the material to US political figures and journalists.
"Russian intelligence aimed part of their operation at prompting Ukrainian authorities to investigate allegations that people in Ukraine tried to tamper with the 2016 US election and to shut down inquiries into corruption by pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine."

Sound familiar?
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✅Charges of Ukraine Meddling IS a Russian Operation. US Intel says Russia’s run a yearslong disinformation campaign to blame Ukraine for its own 2016 election interference. Republicans are using the same Russian propaganda to defend Trump from impeachment…
Blaming Ukraine has been Russia's go-to propaganda to try to export blame for its own crimes. Putin's larger strategy is to divide & conquer the entire postwar US-led democratic order, as historian @TimothyDSnyder chillingly warned us all in 2015:… #Maddow
Republicans were BRIEFED y'all‼️ They are KNOWINGLY trafficking in Russia's disinformation—planted here by a network of agents—Russians, Ukrainians, oligarchs, businessmen—to blame Ukraine for their own crimes. Let's face it: Trump & the entire GOP—what's left of it—are traitors.
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“Mr. Parnas travelled to Madrid where he attended Giuliani’s meeting with Yermak and witnessed Giuliani pressuring Yermak on Trump's behalf to compel Zelensky to announce investigations of Bidens & alleged 2016 Ukrainian election meddling.”

Oh my.
Parnas and Giuliani’s meeting in Madrid with Yermak –– a week after Trump's Jul Zelensky call –– came at a key moment in the Trump admin’s efforts to pressure Zelensky into announcing probes of Burisma and alleged 2016 Ukrainian election meddling.
Parnas’ presence at the Aug meeting has not been previously reported.

“Giuliani introduced him as his associate and probably said his name, but I didn’t remember it [until] I saw Parnas’ face on TV and thought that this face looks familiar,” Yermak said.
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SCOOP: One of Trump Org’s longest tenured employees, CFO Allen Weisselberg, who's now co-running the business, escaped federal prosecution for the Stormy Daniels payments but is now a focus of an investigation by the Manhattan DA.
by @peterelkind #Maddow
@peterelkind SDNY granted immunity to Weisselberg [that only applied to federal charges] then abruptly closed the case after Cohen's conviction.

Now a state grand jury is examining if the CFO, among others—even the Trump Org—should face state criminal charges.
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SCOOP: Indicted Giuliani associate, Lev Parnas, helped arrange meetings and calls in Europe for Devin Nunes in 2018.

Nunes aide Derek Harvey participated in the meetings, which were arranged to help Nunes’ "investigative work."
by @woodruffbets #Maddow
@woodruffbets Congressional records show Nunes and 3 of his aides—Harvey, Scott Glabe, and George Pappas—traveled to Europe from Nov 30 to Dec 3, 2018, during the time Nunes, as House Intel Cmte Chair, was "investigating" the origins of Mueller’s Russia probe.
@woodruffbets Derek Harvey, a top aide to Nunes [who accompanied Nunes his Parnas-aided trip to Europe in Nov 2018] "has been providing conservative politicians and journalists with information—and misinformation—about the anonymous CIA whistleblower."
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Goldman: What did Sondland tell you that he told Yermak [minutes after the Pence-Zelensky meeting in Warsaw].

Morrison: "That the Ukrainians would have the prosecutor general make a statement with respect to the investigations as a *condition* to have the aid lifted."
In Sep, Sondland told Morrison he'd told Yermak that the prosecutor general had to make an announcement re the investigations to release the aid.

Morrison: ”It was the first time something like this had been injected as a condition to release the aid.”
From Morrison's closed door testimony: ”It was the first time something like this [a demand that Ukraine's prosecutor general announce the Trump-ordered investigations] had been injected as a condition to release the aid.”
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UPDATE: Kurt Volker, one of 'Three Amigos,' amended his closed-door testimony and now does not dispute that military aid was linked to Ukraine announcing investigations, but claims he didn’t know that at the time and it only became clear to him after his Oct. 3 deposition. LOL.
NEW: Kurt Volker significantly revised portions of his closed-door testimony, including his earlier claim that no one asked about "investigations" during a Jul 10 White House meeting with Ukrainians, Sondland, Bolton, and others.
by @kyledcheney #Maddow
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Castor asked Vindman if, when Zelensky's then NSA asked Vindman to be Ukraine defense minister, he spoke in English or Ukrainian –– as if to imply it was a secret offer in front of the other Americans.

Vindman: Mr. Danyluk speaks pitch perfect English.
NEW: Oleksander Danylyuk, Zelensky's former National Security Advisor, said he was “joking” when he offered Lt. Col. Vindman the Ukraine defense minister post and never actually had the authority to make such an offer.
via @ErinBanco @thedailybeast #Maddow…
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SCOOP: After a private White House meeting with Trump in Dec 2018, Giuliani associate Lev Parnas said Trump tasked he and Fruman with a "a secret mission" to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.
by @VickyPJWard #Maddow
@VickyPJWard Parnas understood that Giuliani would issue Trump's directives and he and Fruman would dig up dirt in Ukraine.

Parnas' lawyer: "Parnas at all times believed he was acting only on behalf of [Trump], as directed by his personal attorney, Giuliani."
@VickyPJWard In the days following the meeting, Parnas insinuated to two people that he clearly believed he’d been given a special assignment by the President—like some sort of “James Bond mission,” according to one of the people.
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via @mkraju, testimony of David Holmes, who heard Trump's voice on Sondland's Jul 26 cellphone call.

Sondland: "Zelensky loves your ass."

Trump: "So, he's going to do the investigations?"

Sondland: "Zelensky's going to do anything you ask him."

Holy hell.
@mkraju David Holmes, the State Dept aide who heard Trump's Jul 26 call with Sondland, said Sondland told Trump that President Zelensky would do "anything you ask him to," and that the Ukrainians were going to "do the investigation."
by @mkraju @jeremyherb #Maddow
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Russia, if you're listening, can you please release your recording of Sondland's Jul 26 call to Trump, which Sondland made from an unsecured cellphone while in Kyiv? Thanks.
Sondland's cellphone call to Trump from Kyiv restaurant was a stunning breach of security.

“In a country so wired with Russian intelligence, you can take it to the bank that the Russians were listening,” said a former CIA director chief of staff.
“[Sondland calling Trump] on a cellphone from Kyiv means the whole world was listening in.”

Russia has already shown its ability to monitor US diplomats’ calls in Kyiv, and the Kremlin has no hesi­ta­tion in leaking them to suits its interests.
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NEW: During an Apr 2018 donor dinner at Trump’s DC hotel, Giuliani associate Parnas said he and Fruman told Trump that then-Ambassador Yovanovitch was unfriendly to him. Trump immediately said she should be fired.
by @PostRoz @mattzap @thamburger @jdawsey1…
@PostRoz @mattzap @thamburger @jdawsey1 Parnas’s account of personally discussing Ukraine with Trump 18+ months ago suggests that he and Fruman had more personal interaction with Trump—and potentially more influence over his views on Ukraine—than Trump has admitted [because he's a liar].
@PostRoz @mattzap @thamburger @jdawsey1 Trump was updated regularly by his lawyer Giuliani on Parnas and Fruman’s efforts in Ukraine, according to a former senior Trump administration official.

“It’s just not true that [Trump] had no idea who these guys were. He knew Lev particularly.”
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💥#Vindman transcript out! He testified Trump's demand for public announcement of politically-motivated investigation into Biden by Ukraine undermines US national security. And detailed the pressure campaign waged by Trump & allies ahead of the call.…
😃GOP Ratcliffe disputed Vindman using the word 'demand' & got better language! Now there's sworn testimony that Trump's demand was a "prerequisite"—"in return for"—for a WH meeting: "This was about getting a White House meeting… a demand to fulfill his particular prerequisite."
#Vindman testimony makes a key point: Trump's demand for investigations, if carried out, wouldn't be credible & likely result in #disinformation. He notes that pressuring a foreign govt desperate for aid to fight for its very survival would do whatever it has to get that aid.
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“Zelensky needed to go to a microphone and basically there needed to be three words in the message.”

George Kent told impeachment investigators that Sondland relayed that Trump “wanted nothing less than Zelensky to go to microphone and say investigations, Biden, and Clinton.”
George Kent: Then-Ukraine prosecutor Lutsenko had met in private with Giuliani in NY, where Lutsenko’s purpose was to “throw mud” at then-Amb Yovanovitch and Kent himself. The two men essentially waged a “campaign of lies” about Yovanovitch.
Kent: Volker expressed discomfort to Ukraine officials that Zelensky was open to investigating his former political rival, Poroshenko. Zelensky’s aide replied: "What? You mean the type of investigations you’re pushing for us to do on Biden and Clinton?”…
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BREAKING: Trump to pay $2 million to settle New York Attorney General civil lawsuit against Trump Foundation and his children, alleging "persistent" violations of charities law, including unlawful coordination with Trump's 2016 presidential…
Filed in June 2018, the lawsuit alleged that Trump, Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric violated federal and state campaign finance laws, using the Trump Foundation "as little more than a checkbook to serve Trump's business and political interests."
Background THREAD on the New York AG's lawsuit against Trump; the Trump Foundation; and Don Jr, Ivanka, and Eric, alleging their foundation engaged in “a pattern of persistent illegal conduct for more than a decade.”
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NEW: Ukraine’s Zelensky bowed to Trump's extortion and planned to make an announcement in a Sep 13 interview with CNN's Fareed Zakaria until luck spared him – word of the military aid freeze leaked and Congress was in an uproar so Trump released the funds.
Zelensky aides decided that US military aid and support for peace talks outweighed the risks of appearing to take sides in US politics so they set up an interview for Zelensky to announce the politically motivated investigations Trump had demanded.
~Sep 9: As plans are in motion for Zelensky to give the public statement Trump had demanded, Congress learns of the freeze on Ukraine military aid

Sep 11 [2 days before Zelensky's scheduled interview]: Trump releases the funds; Zelensky’s office quickly cancels the interview
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SCOOP: Trump wanted Barr to hold news conference saying that Trump broke no laws in the call when Trump extorted Ukrainian President Zelensky to investigate a political rival.

Shockingly, Barr declined to do so.
by @mattzap @jdawsey1 @CarolLeonnig #Maddow
@mattzap @jdawsey1 @CarolLeonnig Trump's request [around Sept 25 –– after he released the "transcript"] traveled to White House officials and eventually to DOJ.

Trump has whined about Barr’s declination in recent weeks, saying he wished Barr would have held the news conference.
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