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Shocker: Bill Barr—appointed AG after giving Trump a 19-page memo saying Trump didn't obstruct justice—just exonerated Trump of obstruction of justice. Mueller specifically said "this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him"
Mueller couldn't establish corrupt intent for obstruction of justice b/c Trump refused to talk w/ investigators. W/o putting Trump under oath, Barr exonerates him. Barr was put in charge of DOJ to salvage the GOP—even if it meant letting Trump get away with everything. Shameful.
.@JeffreyToobin points out the impropriety of AG Barr concluding no obstruction of justice when the whole point of appointing a special counsel was b/c Trump’s political appointees—like AG—have an inherent conflict of interest. And now we see, AG Barr is indeed Trump’s lackey.
Re "collusion," Mueller says investigation didn't establish CRIMES: "Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities"—which Barr limits to trolls & hackers. Cutouts? Wikileaks?Financial motives? #ReleaseTheFullReport
Mueller's job was always daunting b/c Trump's actions were so unprecedented. We couldn't even agree on language for what Trump & Russia did, let alone have an established body of law on it. Trump campaign did many terrible things to get elected. We need laws to make them illegal.
Barr footnote says Mueller defined "coordination" as between the Trump campaign & the Russian govt. I'd like to see how Mueller defined "Russian government," what he had to say about Trump team embrace of cutouts like Wikileaks, Veselnitskaya, Kilimnik. #ReleaseFullMuellerReport
If Mueller didn't include Wikileaks, Kilimnik, Veselnitskaya & others at Trump Tower meeting in his definition of "Russian government," then members of Trump campaign like Don Jr, Roger Stone & Paul Manafort may still have criminally conspired w/ Russians. #ReleaseMuellerReport
One of the most striking things in Barr's letter is Mueller thoroughly refuting Trump's propaganda re DNC hacking itself & other conspiracy theories abt the election attack. Even Trump's friendly AG confirms Russia is responsible for influencing the election he so narrowly won.
Another oddity: Barr's chosen quotes from #MuellerReport refer to conspiracy w/ Russian government. Yet Mueller said Russia's efforts weren't only by Russian govt. One of the "main" influence operations was disinformation by the IRA troll farm—NOT Russian govt but Kremlin-linked.
Barr confirms the Russian govt used "various intermediaries, including Wikileaks." Trump used Wikileaks 24/7 in the closing wks of the election. If Mueller concluded US laws don't prohibit using Russia's hacks, that's not an exoneration. Let's fix our laws. #ReleaseMuellerReport
The #MuellerReport did NOT exonerate Trump of obstruction of justice—a serious & impeachable crime. Yet Trump claims "total exoneration." THIS remains our crisis: A POTUS who demonizes Dems as "other side"— NOT Russia who invaded our democracy to help him.
Instead of taking the partial #MuellerReport win, Trump lashes out like a betrayed tyrant. He wants DOJ to investigate Dems, Obama, Hillary AGAIN, denouncing "illegal" Russia investigation. Thx to Barr & Rosenstein now giving Trump a full pass, while exploiting Mueller's caution.
#MuellerReport doesn't exonerate Trump of wrongdoing w/ Russia. Criminal mafia states like Putin's find ways to compromise ppl while confounding laws & justice systems. "No conspiracy" here, only in the most technical, least accurate sense—@Kasparov63 ⬇️THREAD⬇️#ReleaseFullReport
By concluding in 2 days what Mueller didn't in 22 months, Barr undermines the special counsel regs, designed to give the public confidence in our justice system. His letter only raises more questions, @neal_katyal. (I'd add recusal to the issues raised) nytimes.com/2019/03/24/opi…
@neal_katyal Barr could not have concluded in under 2 days that Trump didn't obstruct justice—w/o even putting Trump under oath— unless his conclusion was predetermined. Which means he should've recused himself. His letter raises serious Qs about his & DOJ integrity.
😧If true, this undermines more than Barr's hasty exoneration of Trump: Source says Mueller didn't charge Trump intending that Congress, now initiating oversight investigations, be "empowered to weigh the lawfulness of a president's conduct." Sooo…did AG obstruct justice??
"Mueller's inability to prove conspiracy does not mean that he failed to uncover evidence that would be troubling to many…. When I declined to pursue charges…I often did so in the face of very incriminating evidence"—fmr fed prosecutor @renato_mariotti
A relevant example of the sort of incriminating conduct the Trump campaign engaged in, from witness in Mueller probe Chris Wylie. Cambridge Analytica even hired hackers from Russia, known Russian agents & researchers in StPetersburg. No charges ≠ free & clear or good for America
Let's not lose the core of the story: All of Trump's scandalous conduct in 2016, he did while Russia attacked us >> Trump Aided & Abetted Russia’s Attack. That's Treachery. Full Stop. It's a betrayal if not a crime. #ReleaseMuellerReport motherjones.com/politics/2019/… via @DavidCornDC
As Russia attacked, Trump hobnobbed w/the enemy, lied about it, bolstered the cover-up & denied the attack. Whatever Mueller report says, a harsh verdict remains: Trump betrayed the US in the greatest scandal in our history. @DavidCornDC debunks the "he did no wrong" propaganda👇
“Good news, America. Russia helped install your president. But although he owes his job in large part to that help, the president did not conspire or collude with his helpers." — @davidfrum on key unanswered question. #MuellerReport #BarrLetter theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/…
🔥@davidfrum: The 2016 election was altered by Putin’s intervention. Finding the Trump campaign only went along for the ride doesn’t rehabilitate the legitimacy of the Trump presidency. He’s POTUS b/c Russia violated American laws & sovereignty. Congress must deal w/ this threat.
Any doubt that if the #MuellerReport "totally exonerated" Trump, Barr would've released more by now, McConnell wouldn't block its release, and GOP wouldn't deflect by smearing Dems? There's likely plenty damning evidence, even if not rising to criminal conspiracy w/ Russian govt.
🔥🎯Spot-on @willwillkinson THREAD re Barr's propaganda letter & Trump/GOP's overall propaganda strategy to frame the Russia scandal, co-opt gullible media to help both coverup damning evidence in Mueller report and to go on offense to stop constitutional oversight. (+Fascist AF)
🔥🎯"Americans should expect far more from a president than merely that he not be provably a criminal"—George Conway: Trump is guilty—of being unfit for office, @gtconway3d h/t @neal_katyal washingtonpost.com/opinions/georg… #BarrLetter #MuellerReport #ReleaseTheFullMuellerReport
@gtconway3d @neal_katyal Barr's letter says Mueller didn't establish criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign & Russian govt. I bet the #MuellerReport will say Trump openly requested, received, benefited from Russia's help AND rewarded Putin post-election. Because all that happened. We saw it.
The Trump campaign's corrupt conduct is what we saw in 2016 and the evidence of collusion @RepAdamSchiff brilliantly presented y'day (see🧵⬇️) Criminal or not—it's NOT OK to request, receive, benefit from AND reward RUSSIA's crimes. The #MuellerReport is sure to bear this out.
🔥🎯McQuade makes 2 key points: 1) Barr using criminal indictment standard of proof (beyond reasonable doubt) is wrong b/c DOJ says a sitting POTUS can't be indicted & only remedy is impeachment. Therefore impeachable is the correct standard for #MuellerReport findings, and 2)…
🔑 McQuade point: 2) #Barr holding onto #MuellerReport looks to be a deliberate strategy to cherry-pick facts to pronounce Trump exonerated & have the full facts come out weeks later. So that by the time ALL the facts come out, the public is either desensitized or has moved on.
Bit of an understatement in NEW announcement that Barr will release the nearly 400 pages of #MuellerReport in mid-April—with redactions: "My March 24 letter was not, and did not purport to be, an exhaustive recounting of the Special Counsel's investigation or report." #BarrLetter
Worst part of Trump's "Witch Hunt Hoax" propaganda is he's still denying an attack on our country—still covering up RUSSIA's crimes! Trump ran interference for Putin's assault WHILE the attack was underway AND echoed & amplified Russian disinformation, as @DavidCornDC's reminds⬇️
@DavidCornDC 🤔You know how people have been saying, if Barr had mischaracterized the #MuellerReport, wouldn't Mueller speak up? Maybe he did. And that's why Barr wrote today's letter, oddly walking back his "summary" as a mischaracterization, and embellishing it w/ other info. #Maddow
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