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Did you ever wonder where all the statistics on #abortion in Britain came from?

The UK government actually publishes detailed statistics on abortion each year. You can read the 2019 stats yourself here...…

#GetTheFacts #ProLife #ProChoice #RepealedThe8th
207,384 abortions in 2019 alone!

Lowlight #1 of 2019 Abortion Statistics from England and Wales...

This figure of 207,384 abortions is a record high, despite falling # of conceptions💔

(pg 4 + Table 1)

#GetTheFacts #ProLife #ProChoice #repealedthe8th
40% of abortions were repeat abortions.

Lowlight #2 of 2019 Abortion Statistics from England and Wales...

83,624 of women who had abortions had at least one previous abortion, 88 women had 8 or more💔

(Sec. 2.22 + Table 2/4b)

#GetTheFacts #ProLife #ProChoice #repealedthe8th
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Yesterday, I celebrated the fact that Ireland voted to repeal the 8th amendment. Today, I'm here to talk about the other feelings. Buckle up.
I arrived in Dublin a few hours before the exit poll results were announced on 25 May. I didn’t believe them.
It wasn’t until the Saturday morning text from @HelenGuinane saying the other side had conceded that I believed it. Sort of. I needed the official announcement. Or to feel relieved. I needed to feel like the fight was over.
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25 years ago this week, I came back to Ireland from London to report the abuse I suffered at the hands of a Catholic priest to the Gardaí. An Ireland still dominated by the Church & other orthodoxies. Where the idea that the state should hold the church to account was unthinkable
An Ireland where women's rights and LGBT rights were denied on the basis that they were a threat to the moral order. Where we were told we were not capable of addressing such injustices...incapable of even talking about them.
Where when I called for a state investigation into sexual abuse by clerics, we were told that the state had no business investigating the church, that it would be unconstitutional (I kid you not!). We were told that church law was superior to the law of the state.
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The far-right is tearing itself apart online in a way that also sheds like on our domestic hate producers, notably Tan Torino who worked with Caolan (center) only a few months back. Milo has accused Caolan of ripping off huge amounts of cash & acting as an informant. /1
The accusations run to page after page and mostly amount to grifters falling out as pressure from #AntiFa has led to them being unable to hold public events & social media corps cutting off their funding streams, Milo never recovered from Berkley No Platform riot /2
Much of the detail of the conflict is pull up a chair and have some popcorn but Milo does confirm what was long suspected. The far-right are dependent on billionaire money to operate at scale. He claims Mercer pulled an additional 6 million intended to run his operation /3
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Great work by Mark Moloney exposing tiny emerging far-right party has tried to trick people and tricked media with Kilarney Advertiser & Kilarney Today reporting on fake 'stock image Mairead' candidate.…
Arguably it has also worked in national media with journalists media including Newstalk fooled into covering this irrelevancy that could only pull 17 people to a heavily advertised public meeting in Letterkenny.
Media is now scrubbing those stories off its social media as if they were never fooled and it turns out that 'Mairead' was not the only fake person on the Irexit web site, the number of volunteers they were publicising halved - in fact both the women turned out to be fake.
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THREAD: It's 18 years ago today that @BrennanGaye and I lost our son Joshua to a fatal foetal anomaly. Many of you know our story.
Every year since then we have been in a lot of emotional pain leading up to this date.
But not this year!
This year we have been able to remember Joshua and our loss with sadness. Sadness for the loss of what could have been but for cruelty of nature.
This year we have not however felt again the sense of abandonment and judgement we felt in 2001
This year we have not felt the anxious knot of needing to do something to prevent what happened to us happening to others, the need to proclaim "We did nothing wrong". We do not feel the need to be understood.
Because we are understood. Because we have been supported.
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I am glad to see @PatrickStrud’s article quoting 5 British feminist academics who quite rightly remind us that feminism must include rights of trans women. It reminds me of an argument that happened after 1 of my talks in #London when 2 white lesbians bombarded me w/ transphobia
I mention that the 2 transphobic lesbians were white because they followed me to dinner after my talk where a gay #Saudi man, a bisexual Saudi woman and I defended trans rights against those two. In no other country have transphobes followed me to dinner after my talk to argue.
I wanted to eat & to talk w/my friends and the transphobes wanted to lecture. I told them that as far as I was concerned trans women are women and the fight against patriarchy had to include trans rights.And then I said i had just spent 90mins on a lecture & Q&A & I wanted to eat
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This is a (pretty long) thread about adoption information rights and attitudes towards adopted people. First, a quick synopsis of the facts. a) Adopted people have no automatic right to access their birth certificates and adoption files;
b) Adopted people's birth certificates are a public record and we can already access them. It just takes us a lot longer when we're blindfolded with one hand tied behind our backs;
c) The Adoption (Information & Tracing) Bill 2016, which is currently making its way through the Oireachtas, proposes measures which will force adopted people to sign an undertaking that they will not contact their natural parents before they can obtain their birth certificates.
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A reminder: exactly six months ago, on the 25th of May, we #repealedthe8th.

Since then, 1656 people have had to travel from Ireland for an abortion and 552 more have used pills ordered online. A graphic of the number 1656 and a plane surrounded by cloudsA graphic of a pill reading '552 in 6 months'
Abortion pills are being seized at a higher rate than ever before. January is just five weeks away and it's still not clear if and how people will be able to access abortion here at home by then. #repealedthe8th
As the legislation stands, the three-day waiting period and the opt-out clause for doctors will stop people from accessing abortion when they need it.

People will be forced to travel and to rely on pills bought online even though we #repealedthe8th so they wouldn't have to.
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One month ago we stood and waited anxiously for the results of the referendum.
We rejoiced together, the weight lifting, this freedom and feeling of finally being heard - of finally gaining something for ourselves :: our autonomy.
We celebrated, a wash of great relief in knowing that those of us that have had to travel will be the last ones.. that our daughters can get help here at home. That we will shift the stigma and silence around needing abortion care.
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“In 2013 I was absolutely thrilled to discover I was pregnant. I already had a child and desperately wanted to expand our little family...
Having suffered with a very rare and extremely debilitating illness called hyperemesis gravidarum during my first pregnancy, I was excited but terrified of falling victim to the condition again.
The chances are high that it will return on subsequent pregnancies.
I consoled myself with the fact that after 4 or 5 months of living hell during my first pregnancy, I was finally prescribed a medication that was very effective.
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We repealed the 8th
Every Day at least 9 women are still traveling.
Every Day a minimum of 3 women are taking unregulated, illegal pills.
The work is not done.
The work is not close to being done.
The *right* legislation matters
Women and girls will still slip between the cracks. The grey areas unthought of...
We will not stop fighting for FREE SAFE LEGAL
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