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#YEMEN:Saudi-led coalition brings Chechen fighters to fight in #Marib

Informed sources in Marib province revealed Wednesday information about the arrival of foreign fighters on board the plane that carried Prime Minister of Hadi’s government, Moein Abdulmalik, to Marib city.
The sources said that foreign fighters, most of them from Chechnya, arrived in the city of #Marib, on board the plane that transported Abdulmalik from Sayoun city in #Hadramout province to Marib city.
The sources confirmed that helicopters belonging to the
#Saudi-led coalition forces transported another number of foreign fighters, who were brought to fight in Marib city, without determining the destination from which they were transferred.
Residents in #Marib city stated in posts on social media that they saw earlier in the
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11 Yemeni fishermen returned on Tuesday night to #Hodeidah province after being held in #Saudi prisons for more than 40 days.

The fisherman Yahya Maqbuli that he was kidnapped with his fellow returnees were kidnapped in the territorial waters by a boat belonging to
1/2 Image
the #Saudi forces and they were taken to a prison in Farasan area.

He also said that the Saudi troops interrogated them for nine days under torture before they were transferred to another prison in Jizan, they stayed there for 40 days.

He pointed out that Saudi forces
released them after confiscating their boats’ equipment and personal belongings.

Meanwhile, President of the General Authority for Fisheries in the Red Sea, Hashim al-Daniaay condemned inhuman practices and acts of maritime piracy carried out by the
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#YEMEN:Senior #alQaeda leader killed in #Marib.

A prominent Emir in al-Qaeda was killed on Monday by an unknown drone strike in Ma’rib province. This was reported by Yemen Press Agency, based on local sources .
According to the sources, Sheikh Ali Hassan bin Ghraib,
1/2 Image
a supporter of #alQaeda operatives in Wadi Obeida areas, was killed by a drone strike.
The sources confirmed, that Bin Ghraib was targeted by a drone with two missiles during a meeting with military leaders of #alQaeda at his farm in Al Shabwanarea in Wadi Obeida,
The meeting was discussing the request of coalition forces to release the Saudi commander who was kidnapped along with his companions two days ago by #alQaeda elements.
On Sunday, the commander of the joint operations of the coalition forces in #Marib province held
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Hello all the entire 'free' World.

I'm to comment upon #JulianAssange now.
I've been a little slack recently on this important subject I admit.

Anyhow, I'm thinking on Palestine and also Yemen here too.

My point: I'm to soon delve into #WikiLeaks to see what I see upon Yemen &
Palestine with regards to this and that.

I'm wondering what I'll find? I have aims yet live to learn.

So, maybe Yemen, Palestine and Mr #Assange could be viewed to currently go in many ways, hand-in-hand?

I offer that the authoritarian leans we see within the West. To esp
provide arms or deal with e.g., the #Saudi coalition and yes, to deal consistently with #Israel too. Well, we're here Western side turning into what I've heard called "murder economies!"

A tough swallow don't you think?
Yet there is truth in the term for sure

It strikes me too
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Targets that need protested in 2021 #MayDay2021 #PortlandProtests
Financiers of #KeystoneXL #TransMountain #DAPL #BayouBridge & #Line3 pipelines
Wellsfargo, Chase, Bank of America, Barclays
@MazaskaTalks #StopLine3 #NoTMX #NoDAPL #IndigenousSovereignty #HonorTheEarth 1/
-Amazon Web Services and Microsoft contract with ICE to provide cloud services, data processing and AI
-Aramark provides shitty food to prisons, including private prisons ran by ICE.
-Wayfair provides beds for detained migrants. #MayDay #AbolishICE 2/…
@G4S helped detain, transport and deport migrants & involved in Israeli occupation of Palestine until recently. Still operate private prisons, and train Israeli police. Contract with City of Portland and @trimet. @AlliedUniversal is merging with G4S 3/
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There is something glorious about the images that @zoom_earth captures. I especially like the large symmetrical and fairly stationary area of cloud in the North Atlantic in this image.

Today's May 1sy Forecasts for #Ethiopia and #MiddleEast rainfall follow.
The main action today was in Europe where the strengthening #WestAfricaMonsoon #WMA has today had a spectacular impact on European Weather.

A detailed thread covering those events can be found here.
Today's North African long range (12 day) rain forecast is taken from the Korean KMA model as it looks to be a lot closer to what we are seeing in the skies today.
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Reports on #Iran-#SaudiArabia intelligence contact in #Iraq.

#Zarif leaves #Qatar. #Saudi FM lands in #Doha, invites Emir Sheikh Tamim to meet the King in #Riyadh.

#Tehran (& the #US?) appears to try to take the #Gulf on board.

This could isolate #Israel in a revived #JCPOA.
Some in #Vienna appear to want to isolate #Israel. But officials in #Gulf/#GCC face a difficult choice. They have to weigh if a compromise on #JCPOA and weakening Israel's position will resolve the problem of #Iran's malign activities? Or will it be a temporary solution?
The #US is directly engaging #GCC on #JCPOA, while FM #Zarif engages #SaudiArabia through #Qatar and #Iraq.

If the #Gulf comes aboard, #Israel and #Republicans will be effectively sidelined.

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#Yemen New Batch Of US Marines Arrive To #AlMahrah

Al-Mahrah received on Sunday, a new batch of US Marines, in a move indicating that United States is planning to a long-term presence in this province.

It has military bases and strategic locations under its supervision on
international shipping lines in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.

Local sources that a military plane landed at Al-Ghaydah airport early, which is being used by #British, #Saudi, #Emirati and British forces as a military base on the Arabian Sea, noting that the new

It is not clear what is the mission of Americans to come for in the province that is far from the scene of confrontations with #Sana’a or even the so-called “war on #alQaeda,” that the organization takes the oil-rich areas in #Shabwah, #Hadhramaut and #Marib, as its
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#EXCLUSIVE: Greece’s Foreign Minister @NikosDendias tells Arab News that #Greek #Patriot missiles deal with #SaudiArabia will bolster the Kingdom’s defenses, secure global energy supplies |
@NikosDendias #INTERVIEW: Greece’s Foreign Minister @NikosDendias tells Arab News #Greek participation in #Saudi development projects is not about money — “this is a project that has a historical component.” |
@NikosDendias #INTERVIEW: #Greece’s Foreign Minister @NikosDendias tells Arab News that #Turkey “unintentionally” made #EasternMediterranean & #Gulf countries realize they have a common understanding based on international laws |
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#Yemen’s Expatriate Ministry condemns killing of Yemeni expatriate in #USA.

Ministry of Expatriate Affairs in Sanaa condemned on Tuesday the killing of a Yemeni expatriate in California region, USA.

The ministry explained in a statement an #American gang set fire to the
house and killed Issam Al-Khadher, with and his daughter, Soraya Issam Al-Khader, 2 years, while the rest of the family was transferred to the hospital.

The statement considered this crime is a flagrant violation of humanitarian law in a country that claims freedom and
protection of human rights.

Al-Khadher is a #Yemeni citizen from Ibb province, and working as an expatriate in California.

Separately, the ministry also denounced the #Saudi regime’s continued detention of thousands of #Yemeni expatriates with
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No mention was made of the facts that a Saudi invasion, not Iranian meddling, began this war, which has led to what has been assessed as the world's worst humanitarian crisis, in 2015;that the Saudi occupiers, who receive at least 70% of their weapons
from their chief strategic partner, the #US, have killed thousands of #Yemeni civilians; that while #Houthi missile strikes have mainly targeted Saudi military installations and oil infrastructure, the #Saudis and their invasion partners have indiscriminately attacked
civilians, partially or completely destroying over 500 healthcare facilities and bombing over 100 ambulances, even as the Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged the country.

But the #Houthi moves also point to the simpler, more-sinister reason why this war has turned so violent:
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This is the aid #Saudi and #UAE are giving to some #Yemeni families!?
Just imagine ?? Yet ; the Saudi ambassador to #Yemen himself is photographed here alongside some ministers of the Saudi supported government... They all are accompanied with an army of journalists and
cameras to capture the generosity of the #Saudi government by giving a small bag of rice and some dates to starving families ... The same thing with the #UAE giving a can of milk and a box of dates !!??

Only for the UN special envoy @OSE_Yemen to #Yemen Mr #Griffith and
the #UN to say to the world ( we thank #Saudi and #UAE for their aid and help of the #Yemeni people "
When you hear them say this please know that this is what help they are talking about ..
Never mind that Yemeni people are starving in the first place because of the
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#Saudi Opp. Party: Kingdom May Execute More Military Personnel for Refusing to Participate in War on Yemen
A Saudi opposition party, the National Assembly Party [NAAS],has warned of more executions of Saudi soldiers for refusing to participate in the aggression against #Yemen.
This came in a statement by the party after the Saudi authorities recently announced the execution of three soldiers fighting in #Yemen on charges of high treason.

It stressed that the war on Yemen “achieved nothing but losses for all parties, inflicted massive damage
on our country and brotherly #Yemen and claimed many innocent lives on both sides”. The statement added that the war brought Yemen to a state described by the United Nations as the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world, as Saudi Arabia’s vital facilities had been
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#Houthis’ New Missile System Raises #Saudi Confusion

The Saudi coalition admitted its failure to intercept the recent air attack that targeted vital military and economic facilities in Jizan region, south of #Saudi Arabia. This indicates that the new missile system for
#Sana’a has the capabilities of resistance to the world-famous defense systems known as “Patriot”, the pride of the #American industry.

#Saudi media quoted the coalition spokesperson, Turki Al-Maliki, as saying that the air defenses intercepted drones that were targeting
Jizan, a tale that the coalition tells every time Saudi Arabia is exposed to an air attack to justify the failure of its forces and reduce the reactions of #Saudi citizens in light of explosions and fires.

The coalition did not comment on the causes of fires and
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#YEMEN:The Aggression Plunders Half A Trillion Riyals Annually From Tax And Customs Revenues In The Southern Governorates
The media center for the southern provinces,Tuesday , issued a report in which it monitored the organized plunder of oil resources by the countries of the
#US-#Saudi-#Emirati aggression coalition and its tools. They exacerbated the humanitarian situation and caused the deterioration of services.

The report pointed out that the revenues amounted to 1.6 trillion riyals annually, according to the confessions of the
government of ran away president Hadi.

The report emphasized that the expenditures of these governorates are limited compared to the total monthly and annual revenues from oil sales, tax revenues, customs revenues and other fees.The expenditures for
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Die jemenitischen #Houthis haben innerhalb einer Woche den zweiten massiven Raketen- und Drohnenangriff auf Objekte in #SaudiArabia gestartet.
Riad schweigt, doch angesichts der zahlreichen Videos von brennenden Objekten dürfte der Schaden am Boden signifikant sein.
Eingesetzt wurden wieder sogenannte Kamikaze-Drohnen sowie einfache ballistische Raketen.
Die Angriffe erfolgen mittlerweile nahezu wöchentlich.
Die #Saudi Flugabwehr zeigt sich absolut hilflos gegenüber diesen Angriffen der #Houthis .
Der Krieg wird für Riad zum Desaster.
US-Abwehrsysteme "Patriots" scheinen da auch nicht großartig zu helfen.
Obwohl sie auch dieses mal aktiv wurden, konnten sie den Berichten und Videos zu Folge nur einen Bruchteil der Raketen und Drohnen abfangen.
Deshalb auch die Zerstörungen am Boden.
#Yemen #SaudiArabia
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#Sana’a officially revealed on what is going on behind the scenes of negotiations to push for a political settlement in #Yemen, after seven years of war and siege, and in light of a humanitarian catastrophe.
This came in a press interview with Foreign Minister, in the
rescue government, Hisham Sharaf.

Sharaf called on #Saudi Arabia to acknowledge its mistakes in #Yemen, stressing that it sought, through its new initiative, to individuate on Yemen decision.

Sharaf indicated that the negotiations have made progress in the
context of recognition by international and regional parties participating in the war on #Yemen that Sana’a and Riyadh are the decision-makers, referring to the negotiations between the two parties and others, which is currently taking place in the Omani capital, Muscat.
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Civil aviation is often worryingly interesting too

Check out this flight which is bound for Jeddah from Riyadh

I count 10 loops (holding patterns)

There are two other planes in similar patters near it

#Saudi ImageImage

This plane is being diverted from landing at Jeddah

this one stuck in another pattern…
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In an interview with Al-Ahed News, Acting Yemeni Minister of Human Rights Ali Al-Dailami detailed the war crimes that the #Yemenis endured during the years of aggression.
– Destruction of infrastructure: The Saudi-led coalition deliberately destroyed
1/2… Image
infrastructure, including thousands of hospitals, schools, universities, power plants, roads and bridges, communication networks, and fuel supply facilities. In addition, it destroyed food factories, food storage facilities, transportation networks, drinking water, and
irrigation facilities, as well as other civilian facilities that provide basic services. International humanitarian law prohibits the targeting of these sites.

– Starvation and siege: The #Saudi-led coalition sought to starve and destroy the #Yemeni people by targeting many
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#YEMEN:Coalition Establishes Secret Underground Prisons at Ghaydah Airport:
The Saudi-led coalition forces have established several secret underground prisons at Ghaydah Airport in #Mahra province, east of Yemen, local Sheikh Ali Salem Al-Huraizy said .
Al-Huraizy, one of sheikhs of the #alMahra province said in a press statement that the coalition forces have worked during the past few days to build underground buildings that contain 100 solitary cells for prisoners, at #AlGhaydah Airport, which is being controlled by
the #Saudi forces for years.
He pointed out that these forces want, through building prisons, to be #alMahra as the headquarters in torturing, imprisoning and bringing people from everywhere to their peaceful province.

Al-Huraizi called on all #American, #British, #Saudi
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The #US is perceived as a foreign aggressor, not a neutral arbiter, and allow that to guide further actions: The Biden administration needs to shift the mindset with which it approaches the war in #Yemen:
by Annelle Sheline…
The #US is not seen as a neutral arbiter, and so trying to behave as if it were will be ineffective. The US has supported #Saudi Arabia’s efforts throughout the war, despite occasionally imposing some limits on US assistance.

Yet the US maintains a close military
partnership with Saudi and helps to enforce the blockade that is starving #Yemen of food and fuel. The fact that special envoy Tim Lenderking found it “confusing” that the #Houthis rebuffed his ceasefire proposal demonstrates that he does not understand that the #US is seen
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NEW: US intelligence community/National Intelligence Council warns of "increasingly fractured" communities "as people seek security with like-minded groups" per just released #GlobalTrends2040 report "A more Contested World"
"The #COVID19 pandemic has reminded the world of its fragility & demonstrated the inherent risks of high levels of interdependence" per @ODNI_NIC, predicting "more intense challenges & cascading global challenges"
"These challenges will repeatedly test the resilience and adaptability of communities, states, and the international system, often exceeding the capacity of existing systems and models" per @ODNI_NIC
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[Thread] 1/6 Interesting accounts tweeting on the chopped hashtag بس_ار - which is the middle portion of the anti-MBS hashtag ارحل_مبس (Leave MBS) .

Summary: sockpuppets in this network appear to be mostly using Twitter for Iphone

I estimate around 300 sockpuppets #Saudi Image
2/6 It starts with accounts tweeting the suspicious hashtag in isolation (why would you tweet a deliberately nonsensical hashtag spontaneously unless it was co-ordinated?) Graph shows tweets (i.e. not RTs, mention etc) in green starting off the activity Image
3/6 Almost all the tweets that begin the hashtag are sent from iphone (see turqouise colour). Again, multiple accounts, tweeting a strange hashtag in isolation, using the same devices) Image
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I love it how veteran American journalists are now re-discovering #Jordan after a decades-long absence and writing as if it is still 1980, 1991 or 1999.

#الأردن #الامير_حمزه
It highlights a deep lack of understanding of how the #Jordan has evolved under the reign of King Abdullah.

No, East Bank tribes are no longer a monolith and neither are its leaders. A new political-economic elite have risen. Even balance of power in old institutions has shifted
People seem to also missing the point that the #Jordan opposition has been politically decimated or coopted.

There are no real political actors on the ground. Even social actors such as tribes have been divided (many say, on purpose by the state).
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