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Notable flare-up of strikes & counter-strikes at #Syria/#Iraq border; between #US & #Iran proxies.

(? Timing ?
in the wake of #Saudi-Iranian rapprochement; & few days after serious steps of Saudi-#Assad normalization).…
#US airstrikes on facilities used by #Iran’s proxies came in retaliation to a drone strike in north-east #Syria that killed a US contractor & injured five American troops.
Strikes killed six fighters at an arms depot in the Harabesh neighbourhood in the city of #Deir_Ezzor.

“Diplomacy to de-escalate the crisis appeared immediately around the strikes. #Qatar reported a call between its foreign minister & Jake Sullivan, the #US national security adviser. Qatar’s foreign minister then spoke with the #Iranian FM Hossein Amir-Abdollahian.”
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It remains to be seen whether #Iran will temper its behavior after the deal with #SaudiArabia or if it will embarrass the guarantor #China and relapse into its old ways, says @JackRosenNYC, President @AJCongress.

Full statement🧵⤵️: /1
The agreement between #SaudiArabia -#Iran to restore diplomatic ties renews debate about the future of peace between #Israel and Arab states, Iran’s malign influence in the region, and #America’s role in the Middle East and ties with traditional regional allies-- @JackRosenNYC /2
#AmericanJewishCongress recognizes 🇸🇦 rationale in severing diplomatic ties with #Iran in Jan 2016. Extremists linked to #IRGC+#Basij stormed & burned #Saudi missions, in violation of intl law & as an attempt to exacerbate tensions to advance 🇮🇷’s extreme ideological agenda. /3
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#Yemen-#Sanaa: In a press conference, the Yemeni Armed Forces revealed a terrifying statistic regarding the harvest of eight years of steadfastness in the face of aggression.

The official spokesman for the Sana'a forces @army21ye , Brigadier General Yahya Saree,
revealed,on Sunday, the harvest of 8 years of confronting the coalition war on #Yemen
"The number of raids launched by the aggression through its warplanes is more than 274,302 raids, including 59 raids during the last year," Brigadier Saree said in a statement.
The statement added, "During the battle to confront the brutal aggression, our forces carried out more than 13,229 military operations, including 6,702 offensive operations and 6,527 response operations, thwarting offensive attempts and enemy advances."
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#UAE preparing to negotiate with #Ansarallah: #Yemeni official

The official also confidently claimed that the war ‘has ended,’ and echoed earlier reports that a ceasefire extension will be announced soon…
Minister of State in 🇾🇪 National Salvation Government (NSG) in Sanaa, Abdulaziz al-Bakeer, announced in a statement via Twitter that the UAE is preparing a delegation in order to launch direct negotiations with the NSG, which is affiliated with the Ansarallah resistance movement.
“The #UAE is preparing its delegation for direct dialogue with #Sanaa in order to finally establish the peace and regional shift that has been brought about by the steadfastness of the #Yemeni people [and its resistance],” Bakeer said.…
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We are now starting to get some of the details of the #Iran-#Saudi normalisation deal, thanks to this excellent report from @WSJ. Some important take-aways:

(A brief analytical thread 🧵)

#china #IranAndSaudiArabia…
1.The report confirms that much of this was the culmination of a regional peace process: years of negotiations and both sides agreeing it was in their best interests. China entered late, as the train was pulling out, but…
2.Chinese diplomacy did play a larger role than it has in previous attempts to get involved in regional politics. Significantly, China agreed to allow Iran to access some frozen funds. This was less likely incentive and more likely the price Iran asked to hand China this win.
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The resumption of #Saudi-#Iran relations has triggered what I believe to be exaggerated reaction about #China’s emergence as a #MiddleEast powerbroker and a strategic shift of #Riyadh away from its traditional partners. 1/17
Some context: in an October meeting in #Jeddah, a #Saudi leader at the highest level explained his strategy was to defeat #Iran through growth. The fact that KSA is the fastest growing G-20 country, w/trillions invested in everything from tourism to mining, supports this. 2/17
But growth takes time - and growth can be sidetracked through insecurity, whether from #Houthi missiles or the threat of nuclear blackmail. To protect the long-term strategy, he said, KSA needs security. 3/17
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#UAE: Restoring #Saudi-#Iranian relations is an important step for stability of the region
Sheikh Abdallah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Foreign & International Cooperation Minister of the #UAE described the development of the relations between #SaudiArabia and #Iran as “an important step”.
"The restoring the relations between #SaudiArabia and #Iran is an important step for the region towards stability and prosperity," Sheikh Bin Zayed twitted on Saturday.
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UPDATE: #Saudi - #Iran resume relations

• Deal announced today
• Brokered by China
• Re-Opening of embassies
• Al-Aiban, Shamkhani, Wang Yi
• White House: Good for Yemen
• Iraq, Oman roles…
Hard to understate significance of this, coming on heels of China's improved roles w Saudi &Iran.

US official told @AlMonitor it "welcomes any efforts to help end the war in Yemen & de-escalate tensions in the Middle East region."

Talks between Saudi & Houthis are advancing.
But the crux of this is China: its biggest diplomatic breakthrough in GCC region. Chinese negotiator Wang Yi brokered the deal.

Can China offer guarantees? Will this hold? Time will tell.
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1/ My new book 📖 😊


Published by the super people at @ColumbiaUP…

Discount code at the bottom of the 🧵 😉
2/ If you need one book 📙 to understand the contemporary Gulf monarchies, this book aspires to be it. It takes you from the foundations of the modern monarchies through to today.
3/ It is the fruits of *many* years work. It bucks the recent trend of single country or single issue studies & looks across the six monarchies
#Kuwait 🇰🇼, #Saudi 🇸🇦, #Bahrain 🇧🇭, #Qatar 🇶🇦, #UAE 🇦🇪, #Oman 🇴🇲
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🚩NEW: In our report released today, @HRW finds that #SaudiArabia’s 1st codified personal status law formally enshrines male guardianship over women & contains discriminatory provisions against women on marriage, divorce & children⬇️ #IWD23…
While #MBS and other #Saudi government officials have touted the law as “progressive" and “comprehensive,” the law instead codifies discriminatory practices & includes provisions that facilitate domestic violence & sexual abuse in marriage.
The law also uses vague language that gives judges wide discretion when adjudicating cases, increasing the likelihood of inconsistent interpretations.
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Saudi Arabia, UAE Clash Over Oil, Yemen Amid Growing Rift: WSJ Sources
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Skipped Abu Dhabi Summit in January to Snub Emiratis: WSJ Sources
Now, said Emirati officials say, the U.A.E. is having an internal debate about leaving OPEC, a decision that would shake the cartel and undermine its power in global oil markets.
#OOTT #OPEC #Saudi #UAE…
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Saudi-led coalition targets Yemeni fishermen, destroys their livelihood: Report

Since the start of the #Saudi-led war, over 2,000 #Yemeni fishermen have been kidnapped by coalition-backed mercenaries…
A 16 February investigative report by Yemen’s Insan Organization for Rights & Freedoms revealed alarming statistics detailing the Saudi-led coalition’s systematic targeting of Yemeni fishermen in the Red Sea since the start of the war.…
According to the report titled “Unseen Tragedies in the Red Sea,” the Insan Organization’s investigation team has “monitored heinous crimes against fishermen at the hands of the coalition and the entities funded by it.”…
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Ex-#UN envoy to #Yemen tied to #Saudi, #UAE energy companies: Declassified

Martin #Griffiths has had several clients who have played major roles in bombing attacks on Yemen.
The current UN humanitarian chief, Martin Griffiths, cofounded a consultancy firm with the vice president of a major energy firm that has developed multi-million dollar projects in the US directly after the beginning of the war in Yemen.
According to Declassified UK, The former UN special envoy to Yemen has shown close links to private energy groups that showed significant financial interests in the oil sectors in KSA and the UAE.…
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#Assad's regime, its supporters & a plethora of uninformed commentators are driving a call for punitive sanctions on the regime to be removed to facilitate aid delivery to #Syria.

This is absolute nonsense.

It has no basis in facts.

It's nothing but a regime talking point.
Let’s start with some facts:

- 90% of the multi-billion dollar aid effort that goes through #Damascus comes from the U.S, U.K, E.U. & #Canada -- who also happen to be the x4 sanctioning entities.

In all cases, humanitarian waivers are in place to ensure the free flow of aid.
The West has consistently funded & backed the free-flow of aid across all of #Syria & its *our* money that's paid for it.

It’s #Assad's regime that has systematically weaponized aid since 2011 -- diverting it away from opposition communities as part of its siege & starve agenda.
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The admin of Bab al-Hawa crossing -- the sole route open for UN aid to NW #Syria -- confirms that 3 days in, zero aid has arrived from the international community.

#Assad's regime is getting aid from the @UN + #Russia, #Egypt, #Algeria, #UAE, #Saudi, #Tunisia, #Iraq & #Iran. Image
@UN In NW #Syria, financial donations are coming in from abroad, but nothing in terms of real-world assistance.

They need manpower, fuel, equipment, food, shelter etc.

#Egypt managed to get a team of rescue specialists in to aid @SyriaCivilDefe, but it's unclear how they got there. Image
@UN @SyriaCivilDefe The earthquake + @UN inaction/risk aversion has achieved what #Assad's regime never managed:

-- NW #Syria is now fully under siege; from the south (regime areas) & the north (via disaster-hit #Turkey).

Only concerted international action will see this siege ended.
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Northwestern #Syria#Idlib & #Aleppo in particular — have suffered 12yrs of brutal conflict. More than 65% of the basic infrastructure of the area is destroyed or heavily damaged.

Tonight’s earthquake couldn’t have hit a more vulnerable region.

An absolute disaster.
Utterly horrific reports coming from all across NW #Syria - every town I’ve heard from has dozens of buildings flattened. People stuck under the rubble.

Any many, many casualties — including children.

@SyriaCivilDefe will be heroes tonight, working amid heavy rain & sleet.
I’ve heard from x3 hospitals in #Idlib & N. #Aleppo — all are full, every bed taken by emergency cases following tonight’s earthquake.

As rescuers & civilians seek to extract people & belongings from rubble, there’s mass panic about aftershocks.

@SyriaCivilDefe stretched thin.
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Lange nicht mehr hier gewesen. Ich kam nicht wirklich dazu, und während der WM wurde das hier eher so ein Veranstaltungsboard. Fand ich selbst blöd. Wir sollten wieder über Utopien reden. Heute ein paar Gedanken zu #Saudi-Arabien bei der #WM2023 und Lehren aus der WM in #Katar
Dass eins der frauenfeindlichsten Länder weltweit die WM der Frauen sponsert, ist absurde, gefährl Instrumentalisierung. Und nicht viel absurder als dass der Fettmacher Coca-Cola die WM sponsert oder Adidas, das Geld v.a durch brutale Ausbeutung von Frauen (Näherinnen) macht
Aufpolieren des Images ausbeuterischer Player finanziert zum Gutteil Turniere. Der Fußball verkauft das Kaufen. Das ist krass wenn man drüber nachdenkt. Er könnte ja alles bewerben, inhaltl. Botschaften oder polit. Debatte, Geben, Schenken, andere Sportarten, Klimaschutz...
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BREAKING: Multimillion dollar payments from ⁦⁦@LIVGolfInv⁩ , Reportedly 93% owned by MBS-Controlled Fund, to Trump Golf Resorts Raise Serious Questions about Conflict of Interest, Threats to National Security…
“The revelation that a fund controlled by Crown Prince MBS actually owns almost all of LIV Golf means that MBS has been paying Donald Trump unknown millions for the past two years, via their mutual corporate covers”
"The national security implications of payments from a grotesquely abusive foreign dictator to a president of the United States who provided extraordinary favors to him are as dangerous as they are shocking."
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#Pakistan's ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan convinced #Saudi Crown Prince to discard plans to attack #Iran, claim social media accounts close to Khan and his #PTI party. But don't take it seriously just yet: This claim could be an attempt to disrupt PM @CMShehbaz Govt ties with #KSA./1
The claim that #ImranKhan stopped #Saudi Crown Prince from pursuing plans to attack #Iran circulated on Pakistani social media, timed with a crucial visit by #Pakistan PM+Army chief to Riyadh. A columnist sympathetic to Khan published it on 13 Jan. The paper removed it later. /2
Jang, #Pakistan's largest #Urdu daily, moved quickly to remove a column by a journalist sympathetic to ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan that appeared to be an attempt to disrupt ties with #SaudiArabia just when Riyadh is considering major financial package for Govt of Pakistan. /3
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US-Saudi weapons cause deformities defects among Yemeni children.

During the past six years of the aggression, the air, water, and food were polluted by weapons, germ bombs, toxic gases, and other prohibited weapons that the US-Saudi warplanes dropped
on #Yemen.

The Yemen witness at the present time a very dangerous situation of the birth of congenitally deformed children, and the terrifying spread of cancers of various kinds among children, mostly leukemia, amid a tragedy of the lack of chemotherapy for the treatment of
these diseases.
 They caused the spread of epidemic diseases, fetal deaths and congenital malformations for newborns, constituting the worst epidemiological disaster threatening the fetuses.
The Secretary-General of the Yemeni Pediatric Society at the September 21 University
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Oxfam Study: At Least 87 Yemeni Civilians Killed by UK and US Weapons from January 2021-February 2022.

Oxfam unveiled that “At least 87 civilians were killed by airstrikes from the #Saudi-led coalition in #Yemen using weapons supplied by the #UK and #US between January
1/2 Image
2021 and February 2022.”

The charity accused the #UK government of ignoring an identifiable “pattern of harm” caused by the indiscriminate bombing – and argues it amounts to legal grounds for #Britain to end elements of its lucrative arms trade with #Riyadh.

1/3 Image
Martin Butcher, a policy adviser at Oxfam, said that there had been 431 airstrikes in the period monitored, roughly one a day, and that the “intensity of these attacks would not have been possible without a ready supply of arms.”

The sheer number of attacks, the 87
1/4 Image
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American-#European information and reports leaked to WikiLeaks reveal massive plots against the Yemeni people.

Read the details ⬇️⬇️ #WikiLeaks: #American-European reports and other headlines for independent news and newspapers, as well as information from #WikiLeaks
1/2 Image
leaks,reveal massive and heinous plots being practiced against the Yemeni people with the intention of weakening #Yemen and bringing it into a dirty war and a scenario of destruction amid economic calamities in full view and knowledge of the international community.
The #UAE
1/3 Image
does its best to exhaust the people socially, economically and voluntarily after it has been divided into warring states.
The following report reveals to you the most important points I extracted from UN reports and foreign newspapers and
research coverage;About
1/4 ImageImageImage
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1/ 🧵 Here are some of the things about the alleged #Saudi interference in #Wikipedia, the related bans of Arabic Wikipedia admins enachted by the #Wikimedia Foundation, and the Wikipedians jailed in Saudi Arabia that keep getting missed, or are misreported.
2/ The two Wikipedians jailed for 8 and 32 years respectively were arrested in summer 2020. One had his sentence increased from 5 to 32 years in summer 2022.… They were volunteer editors – hobbyists, not Wikimedia staff.
3/ Neither of the jailed Wikipedians was an administrator at the time of their arrest. They had their admin rights withdrawn years before, because they weren’t using them:…… They were still active editors though.
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🚨🚨 ALERT WORLD 🚨🚨Approximately 16% of all prematurely born babies in #Yemen are doomed to die due to the #Saudi-led coalition of aggression's unjust war and blockade, which are preventing vital medicines from making it into the country.
Sanaa government Health Minister Taha Moutawakel said the coalition's raids have killed and wounded more than 16,000 women and children.
"According to our statistics, 80 newborn babies die every day due to the lack of medical equipment and medicines as a result of the repercussions of the blockade on the Yemeni people," Moutawakel said.
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