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#Lebanon parliamentary elections:
#Hezbollah and its allies, including the Christian of @tayyar_official won 60 seats at the Parliament, while the allies of #SaudiArabia and the #US, notwithstanding millions of dollars spent to win the majority, won 42 seats.
For more than 12 years, #Hezbollah had 13 MPs and has always won 12-13 MPs in every parliamentary election. Therefore, saying "Hezbollah lost the majority seats at the parliament" is similar to saying Neo-Nazis were evacuated not surrendered in #Azovstal.
#Hezbollah's Shia partner, the AMAL movement, has 17 seats (as agreed with Hezbollah for over a decade) & continues winning 16-17 seats in every election.

The fight was on the #Christian seat: the pro-US-Saudi-Israel group versus the US-sanctioned group led by @tayyar_official
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#YEMEN:Al-#Mahra Tribes Warn Against Building New Base By Coalition
On May 13, 2022 22

Prominent social leaders in Al-Mahra province, eastern #Yemen, warned on Thursday of the repercussions of the coalition’s start to establish a new military base in the province, which
#Saudi Arabia aspires to be a gateway to export oil.

The head of the sit-in committee in Al-#Mahra, Ali Al-Huraizi, said during an urgent meeting that the tribes of the province bordering the Sultanate of Oman will not allow the coalition to pass its agenda in violating the
country’s sovereignty and robbing its wealth, indicating the tribes’ readiness to confront any new schemes.

Al-Huraizi’s statement came with his disclosure that Saudi Arabia had started bringing dozens of locomotives loaded with building materials to Al-Ghaydah Airport,
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#Saudi war on #Yemen has killed over 46,000 Yemeni civilians.

A recent statistic issued by the Eye on Humanity Center for Rights and Development has revealed that 46,374 civilians have been killed and wounded during 2,600 days of the aggressive war waged by the US-Saudi-
-#Emirati coalition on #Yemen.
The statistics showed that the number of civilians killed during 2,600 days amounted to 17,750,including 4,028 children,2,440 women, and 11,307 men,while the number of wounded reached 28,559, including 4,595 children,2,440 women, and 21,091 men.
With regard to infrastructure, the statistic stated that the coalition airstrikes destroyed 15 airports, 16 ports, 342 power stations and generators, 6,827 roads and bridges, and 614 telecommunication stations, in addition to the destruction of 2,815 water tanks and networks,
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🇸🇦🇦🇪🛢️⚡ #Saudi and #UAE ministers have warned that spare capacity is shrinking across all energy sectors as crude oil, diesel and natural gas prices hit record highs.

“I have never seen such things,” Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, who has been attending #OPEC meetings since the 1980s, said Tuesday at a conference in Abu Dhabi, referring to the recent price surge.

"The world must wake up from the existing reality. The world is running out of energy capacities at all levels."

The Prince's #UAE colleague, Suheil al-Mazroui, said at the same meeting that without increased investment around the world, ...

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It is time for #Russia to see the real face of #Israel.

Because Israel feels confident that Russia won't change its policy toward it or react, it allows Israeli newspapers to diminish and attack President Putin.

Israel newspaper: The real face of Putin…
#Russia suggested Sunday that it could seize the Russian-based assets of countries it deems hostile in retaliation for a #US proposal to sell off Russian oligarchs' assets & pay it to Ukraine."it is fair to take reciprocal measures and confiscate assets," said Vyacheslav Volodin.
A lesson to all wealthy countries (mainly #China and #Saudi Arabia who maintain trillions in the #US) and individuals:

Biden seeks powers to use Russian oligarchs’ assets for Ukraine via @AJEnglish
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Study centers loyal to the Qatari government revealed, on Wednesday, the details of the coalition’s announcement of a new presidential council in #Yemen.

The Doha Institute for Research and Political Studies said, in a report, that the new coalition council is a body
shared by #Emirati and #Saudi influence in #Yemen, stressing that Hadi did not resign from his position, but was overthrown by force.

The report made it clear that the Presidential Council is not considered legitimate, noting that "the Saudi-Emirati move undermines the
internationally recognized "legitimacy."

The Qatari Center pointed out that the coalition did not provide sufficient support to the Hadi government in the face of the forces of Sanaa, nor in the face of the Transitional Council, which exercises great influence in #Aden,
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Arriving by the thousands from #Sudan to #Saudi, the Sudanese mercenaries were handed US-made weapons and uniforms. Then, they were taken to Al-Hudaydah, #Taiz and Aden. Paid in Saudi riyals, 14-year-old amateurs were paid some $480 a month,
while experienced officers from the #Janjaweed were paid $530 a month – both cheaper than any other mercenary, including Colombians.

The RSF profited $350 million from its role in #Yemen.

Ahmed, who was 25-years-old at the time when he was sent to Al-#Hudaydah,
commented on this experience: “The Saudis would give us a phone call and then pull back.

“They treat the #Sudanese like their firewood,” he told the New York Times.
Other than Sudan, the #UAE and Saudi Arabia have also been

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There were two ways through which young #Sudanese – even minors under 18 – got recruited to #Yemen. By force and deception, and by Omar Al Bashir’s thirst for power.

Estimates and reports suggest that up to 15,000 #Sudanese mercenaries were fighting
in #Yemen.
By force and deception: Many Sudanese became victims of forced conscription into becoming mercenaries for a private US firm, Black Shield Security Services.

The contracts signed by young #Sudanese men, which had an e-Visa to enter the #UAE from Khartoum attached
to it, had “profession: Security Guard” written on them.
Up to 15,000 Sudanese mercenaries were reportedly deployed in Yemen, who, according to the current #Sudanese Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, were reduced to 5,000. Many of them were children.
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Then, as the #Emirates went to war with Saudi Arabia in Yemen, that’s when the Emirates deployed these mercenaries into #Yemen to kill #Houthis. And they did. And now we have mercenary warfare in Yemen almost like it’s the Middle Ages again.”…
Under the guise of construction workers, Colombian mercenaries became part of an American mercenary army, led by Erik Prince, who scored a $529 million budget from the #UAE to create a monster.
“That is to me a pretty crazy part of the evolution of the mercenary business
model that was taken from Erik Prince developing it in the US then exporting it to Abu Dhabi – then, all of the sudden, there are Colombians dying in #Yemen. It’s hard to track,” said McFate.
On December 29, 2015, a group of mercenaries from the Delaware-based military
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#YEMEN:In Numbers…Total of Oil Wealth Plundered by Coalition in Four Years
The Ministry of Oil and Minerals in Sana’a government revealed on Sunday, the amount of oil wealth that coalition is looting, stressing that Hadi government “is looting and stealing oil wealth in all
1/2 Image
provinces and is only responsible for renting the islands.”
The Minister of Oil in Sana’a, Ahmed Daris, stated that, “in 2018, oil production amounted to 18 million and 80 thousand barrels of crude oil.” In 2019, more than 29 million 690,750 barrels, In 2020, more than
31 million and 627 thousand and 250 barrels, and in 2021, 31 million and 587 thousand and 500 barrels of crude oil.”

He pointed out that the production of crude oil in the areas controlled by the coalition since the beginning of the year has reached only “5 million and
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#Yemeni Blood for #Saudi Oil

the Saudi-led coalition launched airstrikes on the capital Sana’a and the port city of Hodeida – a key entry point for humanitarian aid – early on Saturday.

The strikes on Sana’a reportedly killed eight civilians…
UK Education secretary, Nadhim Zahawi:

"This is not something that should be taken lightly, that someone can go into a country illegally, and start bombing civilians, and feel that there is no there is no response from the global community"
Video of UK & USA backed Saudi Attack on Saana

via @LoveWorld_Peopl
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After 11yrs of sustained, brutal war crimes & crimes against humanity -- and 48hrs after the @nytimes published evidence of #Assad's mass graves, concealing 10,000s of murdered prisoners.

We have more evidence against #Assad than we had against #Hitler at #Nuremberg.
@nytimes From late-'21 to early-'22, a sustained pressure campaign from the U.S put a big obstacle in the way of regional normalization with #Assad -- & the "Small Group" was restructured accordingly.

#Russia & #Ukraine appears to have dissolved that delay altogether -- full speed ahead.
@nytimes To millions of Syrians, having #Assad visit the #UAE on March 18 -- the anniversary for many of the uprising -- is a gut punch of a the highest order.

The timing just cannot be a coincidence.
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🔴 LIVE: Our panel on the 🇮🇷 #Iran talks in the aftermath of its pause over demands from 🇷🇺 #Russia is now underway. Nasser Hadian @UnivOfTehran is optimistic about a return to #JCPOA because "the plan Bs are so horrible that nobody wants to go down that path." 1/x 🧵
On remaining hurdles, @SanamVakil @ch_menap says "there are differences still on the lifting of #sanctions, particularly those over the FTO designation of the IRGC" and the fact that "everyone would like guarantees," not just 🇷🇺 #Russia. 2/x
On the talks' fate, @MarkTFitz @IISS_org gauged that all parties "are serious about reaching a deal," noting that "#Russia very quickly backtracked due to Iranian diplomacy and American diplomacy" to guarantee trade cooperation b/w Moscow and Tehran amidst events in #Ukraine. 3/x
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Obaseki has met his match.

Uncouthness for uncouthness.

An Uselu agbero has met a diobu mad man

Obaseki once used fuel trucks to barricade Oshiomhole's house

Karma is looking for her gele

She hasn't even started

Let someone tell him
The miss!les Wike fired at the Khaki wearing deputy governor

Were meant to scatter the small l!ver of Obaseki

Edo is not Lagos abi ?

Now Obaseki will know the difference between

Lagos and Degema

All his chickens are coming home to roost
He kept a majority of the members of the Edo house of Assembly at home kwo?

Wike has called him a lousy chicken-hearted opportunistic clueless governor whom a deputy governor controls.

Epistles are tame.

Let him go on TV and take on Wike without gloves
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A list of protesters & activists executed today by the foreign-backed #Saudi #MBS & his Klan. 1-Hussain Ahmed Al-Ojami #Qatif #Ukraine @USAinKSA
2- Abdullah Jawad Al Nassif @WHNSC #Qatif #MBSExecutions
3- Abdullah Mohammed Al-Bandari #Qatif @WhiteHouseCNN #MBSExecutions
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Must note that #US has never called or asked #Saudi ruling #Klan to end politically motivated executions or help the dictatorship modernize its courts to ensure the minimum standards of legal fairness. US sold #Saudi trillions in arms & help improve its security @jakejsullivan
#US has so far refused to sanction a single #Saudi official involved in human rights crimes such as @pss_en @MhmdAlissa & others. #American policy has been clear & consisting for decades, support the ruling Klan & ignore its crimes. @WHNSC #Ukraine
#UK PM @BorisJohnson will meet mass executioner #MBS next week in spite of this massacre. This is the real #UK policy where #Arab victims of #UK -backed regimes are not seen or considered #bigotry
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More than 1,000 dead in seven years: Cluster bombs… the silent killer of Yemenis

Mar 12, 2022

Entesaf Organization for the Rights of Women and Children - (Report)

Cluster bombs, #US, #British and #French, are stalking the lives of thousands of #Yemenichildren.
Although the Executive Center for Mine Action in the capital, Sanaa, was able to destroy about 1.8 million cluster bombs from the remnants of the #Saudi-#Emirati aggression during the past years, the number of victims of these internationally prohibited bombs is rising
on a daily basis, not only among civilians, But also among the many deminers who are constantly losing their lives.
In this context, official statistics obtained by Al-Akhbar indicate that this type of lethal bomb has killed and wounded 3,810 civilians during the past years
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Women's Day protest in Chile draws attention to the suffering of #Yemen

Thousands of women have staged a protest in front of Chile’s presidential palace on Tuesday marking International Women’s Day.
During the protest, the #Chilean protesters showed their solidarity with the oppressed people of #Yemen as a result of the #Saudi-#American aggression and its suffocating siege have been imposing on the country since seven years.

They raised the Yemeni flag and banners calling for an end to Saudi-led aggression and siege of #Yemen.

They called for an end to the war in Yemen, the lifting of the blockade and the punishment of the perpetrators of crimes against the Yemeni people.
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Key takeaways from #CrownPrince #MohammedBinSalman's interview with @TheAtlantic.

#MBS stressed the success of economic and social reforms:

#SaudiArabia is a @g20org country, you can see our position five years ago: It was almost 20. Today, we are almost 17”

1️⃣-🔟 ImageImage
To #MBS, the #Ritz operation was an elegant, nonviolent solution to the problem of vampires feasting on #SaudiArabia’s annual budget.

2️⃣-🔟 Image
The fight between #MBS and Sheikh #Tamim Al-Thani had been no big deal, “a fight between brothers.” The relationship between #SaudiArabia and #Qatar is now “better than ever in history.”

3️⃣-🔟 Image
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Targeting Civilian Facilities by #US-#Saudi-#UAE Warplanes a Collective Punishment of Millions in #Yemen

Perhaps the most prominent results were the impossibility of the coalition countries achieving any military victories in the arenas of confrontations, despite possessing
a large arsenal of advanced and sophisticated weapons and military equipment, in addition to the necessary funds to buy more mercenaries.

The Yemeni army relied on itself and firmly confronted US-Saudi weapons and dealt with them professionally. Series of successive victories
were achieved, inflicting crushing military defeats on the alliance.
The bombing of cities and civilian objects and the threat of residents to leave their homes adjacent to those facilities does not indicate heroism, but rather a military inability because of its successive
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Reflecting on #US-#Saudi Unforgeable Massacres, #Holocaust Continues in #Yemen.

Seven years of futile war on Yemen have passed, and the US-Saudi coalition continues to commit massacres against thousands of defenseless civilians, targets children, steals wealth, brutally
destroys homes, markets and infrastructure, and imposes a land, sea and air blockade to rob all Yemenis.
In the latest reports of the number of Yemeni victims as a result of the Saudi aggression which were issued on January 25, 2022, the Minister of Public Health and
Population in the Sana’a government, dr. Taha Al-Mutawakel, announced that the number of victims reached 47,000, between martyrs and wounded, adding that the coalition’s crimes against the Yemeni people would be "a disgrace to the United Nations, its organizations and the
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#Yemen: For eight years, Yemen has been the scene of experiments with various types of internationally prohibited weapons, some of which have been identified, and other weapons were used secretly, but their effects are clear on civilians.
Ignoring the crimes of the #US-Saudi
aggression by the international community, and the #SecurityCouncil contributed to encouraging it to use more prohibited weapons in #Yemen.

Yemen does not have a scientific structure on the basis of which it can be revealed the truth about the biological warfare that the
country is exposed to, but the statistics of the health sector in #Yemen indicate an unprecedented rise in the rates of birth defects, and an increase in the number of people with cancer.
Viral and bacterial diseases also have spread among children, who are the most prominent
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#US pressure on #Saudi Arabia to fund a pro-Ukrainian move

Sources said that the United States is putting pressure on Saudi Arabia to mobilize Gulf support to support #Ukraine in the face of the continuing #Russian attack on it for the third consecutive day.

The sources said that US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman, I spoke, Friday, with Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister Walid Al-Khuraiji. About the #Russian army's attack on #Ukraine.

Noting what was included in the statement by State Department spokesman Ned Price,
that "the two sides discussed the importance of building a strong international response in support of #Ukraine's sovereignty."

The Saudi position contrasts with the #UAE's support for #Russia in its attack on #Ukraine, as Abu Dhabi abstained from voting in favor of
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#YEMEN:Investigation reveals details on Saudi airstrike against Yemeni bomb removal center.

Investigations into the crime of bombing of Yemeni center for explosive remnant neutralisation in al-Masajd area in the Bani Mater district of Sana’a province, has showed that
#Saudi-led coalition used a US-made GUB-31 bomb in the attack.
The Executive Center for Mine Action said in its report released on Wednesday that the coalition used a GBU-31 bomb, with a Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) guidance kit that converts unguided bombs, or

“dumb bombs”, into all-weather precision-guided munitions.
The GBU-31 is manufactured by Boeing Company, a US multinational company that manufactures aircraft, as well as aerospace defence products, as well as Woodward Inc., a US company that manufactures components for
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