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Tässä tviittiketjussa tuoreen selvityksemme pohjalta suosituksia tyttöjen sukuelinten #silpominen torjumiseksi Suomessa. Viimeisessä tviitissä linkki selvitykseen. 👇1/7

@helsinginsote @katiloliitto @tasaarvotieto @SuomenPoliisi @STM_Uutiset @okmfi

#FGM #ihmisoikeudet
Viranomaisten ja muiden ammattilaisten tulee kertoa sekä naisille että miehille #silpominen terveyshaitoista ja Suomen lainsäädännöstä esim. vastaanottokeskuksissa, päiväkodeissa ja äitiysneuvoloissa pidettävissä ennaltaehkäisevissä keskusteluissa. 2/7 #FGM
Viranomaisten ja muiden ammattilaisten tulee painottaa asiakkailleen, potilailleen ja palvelujensa käyttäjille, että kaikki #silpominen muodot ovat haitallisia terveydelle ja laittomia Suomessa. 3/7 #FGM
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Selvityksemme: Pk-seudulla asuvat somalimiehet suhtautuvat tyttöjen sukuelinten #silpominen pääosin kielteisesti ja heidän asenteensa silpomista kohtaan ovat muuttuneet huomattavasti kielteisemmiksi Suomessa asumisen aikana. 1/8…
#FGM #ihmisoikeudet
Selvitys perustuu 29:n pääkaupunkiseudulla asuvan miehen teemahaastatteluun. Uutta tietoa miesten käsityksistä ja roolista tyttöjen sukuelinten silpomisen torjunnassa.#silpominen #FGM 2/8
Yhtä lukuun ottamatta haastateltavat tiesivät tyttöjen sukuelinten silpomisen olevan laitonta Suomessa. Nuorille, Suomessa syntyneille tai kasvaneille, miehille #FGM FGM oli melko vieras asia. #silpominen 3/8
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Facts about sex-based oppression:

- Worldwide, up to 50 percent of sexual assaults are committed against girls under 16.

- In 2012, 70 million women aged 20-24 around the world had been married before the age of 18.

#SexNotGender #IStandWithJKR
- Child birth is the leading cause of death in girls aged 15-19 globally

- Girls aged 17 or below represent 20% of victims of human trafficking.

- Two thirds of the world's illiterate population are women and girls.
- Approximately 130 million girls and women in the world have experienced #fgm, with more than 3 million girls in Africa annually at risk of the practice

- In India, due to female infanticide, an estimated 2,000 girls are killed across the country every day
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🆕#CEDAW just published a report highlighting that #Mali’s failure to criminalise FGM results in the violation of millions of women and girls’ human rights. @UNHumanRights

Click here for more ➡️ (1/3) Image
❓Did you know that #Mali 🇲🇱 has the fourth highest FGM prevalence worldwide❓
88% of women & girls there undergo #FGM.

Check out more in our Report "FGM/C: A Call for a Global Response" ➡️ (2/3) Image
@WHO FGM Cost calculator estimates if FGM is not prevented in #Mali over the next 30 yrs, the health expenditure to treat its complications will double from current 8,36 million to 16,88 million USD❗️❕

📣Urgent action is needed! ➡️
(3/3) Image
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Girl child mutilation or female genital mutilation or #FGM is a partial or complete removal of the external female genitalia.
It's any injury to a girl or woman's genitalia for reasons other than medical ones.
Girl child mutilation dates back to atleast 2000 years ago. It's believed to have been practiced in Acient Egypt. Presently, more than 200 Million girls alive today are estimated to have experienced #GirlChildMutilation
And it's now a major human rights issue @ity_network
There are different types of #FGM
Clitoridectomy: it's the surgical removal of the clitoris ( a small erectile part of the female genitalia).
It could be partial or complete removal.

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Happy Friday! We hope your day is going great. Following up on last week's #thread on Combating GBV during #COVID19. This week as part of #SexualAssaultAwarenessmonth our #thread touches on the rise of other #harmfulpractices against women during #COVID19 due to the lockdown.
This is a continuation of the conversations we have been having on how the #globalpandemic #covid19 is affecting the lives of girls and young women.
These conversations aim to ensure that we engage a #genderlens response mechanism during global pandemics ensuring the most vulnerable amongst us are not left out in the cold.
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@narendramodi Please give 50% of cabinet positions to women. #CabinetShakti @tarauk
@narendramodi @tarauk India's labour force has just 27% women, please help us in increasing the numbers by implementing the existing laws and changing the ones that badly need to changed. #WomensDay, then there will be many more #SheInspiresUs
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It's that time of the week again. If you enjoy reading and you're curious about #Feminism, #WomensRights & #Africa, you've come to the right corner of the internet. Grab a seat!

#SundayRead #EyalaReads
“Disinformation, emotional manipulation and outright deceit.” Conservative forces will do anything to deny women their sexual & reproductive rights. Exhibit I-lost-count: @openDemocracy's investigation in #Uganda. Chilling.

#SundayRead #EyalaReads
In #SouthAfrica too, healthcare providers are denying pregnant women - many of them as a result of rape - access to the safe abortion they need, request and are legally entitled to. @drtlaleng has had enough. Read her op-ed:
#SundayRead #EyalaReads
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This article believes that silencing of female nurses by the "patriarchy" is WORSE than the genital mutilation of boys!

Not once does the author address the issue of #circumcision from the infant's perspective, being a violation of consent and bodily integrity. #i2
Why are you denying the humanity of African-American men who hate #circumcision like @quill_monger, @LaurenVino?

It's funny how you're trying not to be racist, but by denying their existence, you are racist.

> the manosphere is exclusively the domain of miserable white men
There are extremists in feminism, extremists in animal rights, extremists in environmentalism, so on.

If all intactivists are this way, then all feminists are misandrists. Tit for tat.

> Members of the impassioned anti-circumcision, or intactivist movement, took it from there
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#FGM involves the partial or total removal of external female genitalia or other injury to female genital organs for non-medical reasons. FGM has NO health benefits & is internationally recognised as a violation of the #HumanRights of girls & women. It's categorized into 4 types:
#FGM Type 1:Partial/total removal of the clitoral glans (external & visible part of the clitoris,a sensitive part of the female genitals, with the function of providing sexual pleasure to the woman),&/or the prepuce/clitoral hood (fold of skin surrounding the clitoral glans). 1/4
#FGM Type 2: #Excision, this is the partial or total removal of the clitoris and the labia minora (the inner folds of the vulva), with or without removal of the labia majora (the outer folds of skin of the vulva ). 2/4 #EndFGC #EndFGM #ActionToEndFGMC #ZeroToleranceOnFGM
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Feb 6 is International Day of #ZeroToleranceDay for #FGM- female genital mutilation.

I was born in #Egypt, where FGM prevalence is 87.2% among all women aged 15-49.

Egypt has the greatest number of women and girls who have experienced FGM of any country in the world. A thread.
I have been obsessed with and writing about #FGM for decades. Too many women in my extended family have been subjected to this form of torture that serves no medical purpose whatsoever. FGM instead is about patriarchal control of female sexuality. #ZeroToleranceDay
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Nada Abdul Maksoud was 14yo. She is dead because of a patriarchal determination to control female sexuality.

#Egypt: THERE IS NO REVOLUTION unless the destruction of patriarchy is at its heart, unless consent & agency are at its heart.…
Too many women in my extended family have been subjected to FGM. It ended in our extended family just before I was born. I am lucky. It is a form of torture that continues today against too many girls in #Egypt, my country of birth. This must end.

Fuck the patriarchy.
It shatters my heart that so many women I love were subjected to #FGM. It shatters it more when I reflect on how much more the pain was knowing their mothers were complicit and what that exacts - of mothers and daughters.Fight the powers behind FGM at all levels, not just mothers
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1/ The session begins with follow-up questions to the State.
Ms Rita Izsák-Ndiaye #CERD19 questions the lack of targeted and substantive measures re: Traveller and Roma employment, referencing ‘alarming statistics’ that only 20% of Travellers and 16.7% of Roma are in work
2/ Ms Izsák-Ndiaye raises the criminalization of Traveller and Roma nomadism, but also poses a general recommendation of a national database on evictions to the State @PaveePoint @itmtrav @D_C_H_A
3/ The State have advised the #CERD19 committee and delegates that they will not be answering all posed questions this morning and will respond on ‘a number of issues’ in writing to the committee, David Stanton of @DeptJusticeIRL not present
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Kicking off #WhySexMattersRdg with a welcome from the Head of the School of Law Prof James Devenny.
@RAuchmuty begins by discussing historic sex-based prohibitions in law and protections: rape in marriage only legally recognised in 1991. #WhySexMattersRdg
Sex-based arguments were used to exclude women from various areas of life, inc public office, and these were based on women’s biology. Role of women like Mary Wollestonecraft in resisting such arguments. Reforms won by feminists in C20th against discrimination #WhySexMattersRdg
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Sexual and reproductive health means ensuring that:
💞 sex is safe, consensual & pleasurable
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 people can achieve the family that they want
🤰 pregnancies are intended
🤱 women receive the care they need in pregnancy, and during and after childbirth
@WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @pahowho @WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO When women and girls 👧👵 are healthy, and can make their own choices about their health and their bodies, the whole of society gains.
@WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @pahowho @WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO Sexual and reproductive health care is integral to universal health coverage. We will not achieve #HealthForAll unless we ensure health systems work for all – including women and girls.
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Wow, @WHO uses p value of .06 to declare “non-significant difference” and classify a treatment as safe. This is failure of statistical basics 101. Another reminder: there is no shortage of scientific incompetence at the @WHO. Embarrassing and dangerous
@WHO “Lapse of scientific rigor” & failure to take “account of ethical concerns” in a trial conducted in vulnerable African populations: sadly par for the course at @WHO, with both their unscientific FGM policy & their rush to circumcise millions of African men, boys, & babies.
@WHO For a brilliant deconstruction of @WHO officials “massaging” research findings to support their activist-funded #FGM policy, see the work of Saida Hodzic…
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It's #InternationalLesbianDay!
Here is a thread on iconic lesbians in history, past and present.
I hope you will show your allyship by reading and sharing. 📌

#Lesbians have been with us for centuries.
This sweet couple was photographed in 1907.

19th c lesbians lived together in what were called #BostonMarriages.
Some (straight) historians have tried to de-gay them and erase their lesbian sexuality, agency and history. But they were still lesbians.

Democratic women have long been in the forefront of radical change in America.
#DrAliceHamilton was a physician, scientist, social reformer & #lesbian. Her work created #OSHA. Hamiliton focused on the health of #immigrant women.

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#HEUNI_Tweetsday Weekly thread on Wednesdays. This month we'll reveal you the key findings from our latest project done w/@SOLWODI, @CIRRIFUGIATI, @JRSizbjeglice, @ENoMW and supported by @EU_Justice
Simple rules: 1❤– 1 finding. 1st topic: #GBV, its consequences & risk factors.
@SOLWODI @CIRRIFUGIATI @JRSizbjeglice @ENoMW @EU_Justice So what are we actually looking into when talking about #GBV against women? Is there any definition? And where to find it? Check out #IstanbulConvention… #VAW #HumanRights #ViolenceAgainstWomen
@SOLWODI @CIRRIFUGIATI @JRSizbjeglice @ENoMW @EU_Justice #Refugee women have different backgrounds including different personal qualities, family situations, levels of education and professions. Refugee women do not form a homogenous group, and they definitely should not be seen as uninformed #victims.
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I was locked out of my account by Twitter for a day for describing the difference between #FGM and male circumcision. I chose to remove the tweets as well as appeal, but honestly, this is men mass reporting women for telling the stories of our lives.
#FGM is a brutal crime against girls and women that can kill them or leave them harmed for life. I covered this story up close when I lived in London and I have been privileged to meet many survivor activists. I am appalled that Twitter doesn't recognize their error here.
The World Health Organization/@WHO calls #FGM "a violation of the human rights of girls and women."
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(1) .@IlhanMN .@Ilhan you profess to be a "Muslim"

But nowhere in Islam is #FGM or Female Genital Mutilation referenced or deemed acceptable

(It is non-Islamic Bedouin tradition)

Nowhere in Islam is incest accepted

Nowhere in Islam is polyandry (multiple husbands) accepted
(2) .@IlhanMN .@Ilhan You disrespect and rebel against that which you profess to hold most dear: being a "Muslim."

If you cannot keep the faith to god according to the dictates of Islam, if you feel you can "write" your own religious law in contradiction to ....
(3) the Koran, the Hadith and Shari'a - how can you be trusted?

Your behavior flies in the faith of Islamic and Koranic discipline.

In many Muslim countries - including Somalia, your disrespectful behavior would result in a painful & lethal punishment, no questions asked.
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🇬🇧 #MayGotTrumped
🇺🇸Theresa May Lost for Words as President @realDonaldTrump hits a home run when replying to @SkyNews reporter sarcastic question about the #StoneColdLoser @SadiqKhan

🇺🇸#Trump2020 #NationalPatriot #WinningBigly
🇺🇸 This lady totally agrees with what @realDonaldTrump advised the London Mayor @SadiqKhan
Kahn, you should focus on the thousands of of girls being subjected to the crime of Female Genital Mutilation #FGM in London each year
🏴 #StoneColdLoser
@SadiqKhan who by all accounts has done a terrible job as Mayor of London, has been foolishly “nasty” to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom. He is a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in London, not me . . DJT
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Perus- ja ihmisoikeudet ja niiden edistäminen iloksemme vahvasti #hallitusohjelma’ssa. Monet tavoitteemme hienosti mukana! Työtä on todellakin tehty paljon ja nyt vaikutukset näkyvät. Tässä ketjussa nopeasti keskeisimpiä #ihmisoikeudet havaintoja:
1. Hienoa, että ihmisoikeuksien järjestelmälliseen edistämiseen panostetaan: #hallitusohjelma'ssa mm. kolmas perus- ja ihmisoikeustoimintaohjelma, lainvalmistelijoiden ihmisoikeusosaamisen vahvistaminen sekä perus- ja ihmisoikeusvaikutusten arviointi. #ihmisoikeudet
2. #Hallitusohjelma'n mukaan kv. ihmisoikeussopimusten toimeenpanoa ja valvontaa edistetään ja vahvistetaan. Myös #oikeusvaltio'ta vahvistavia toimia löytyy useita. #ihmisoikeudet
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L. Mosselmans on myths about #FGM/C at international experts meeting: Western media focuses on extreme cases, giving the impression that FGM/C is usually sexually disabling and associated with very poor quality of life. Yet this is not true for majority of women with FGM/C. "We
tend to think of all women with FGM/C as having horrible sex lives, and all women without FGM/C as having wonderful sex lives, but this is not the case; most women, with and without FGM/C, have sex lives somewhere in the middle." See
"When we don't take care to ground our arguments in facts, we can't do our best research, and we can't help women in the most effective way" (paraphrased). "Be wary of seeing 'majority' of women with FGM/C ... this may mean 51%" or it may not be grounded at all.
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Fascinating talk by @CCPallitto (WHO) at international expert meeting on #FGM. Swiss scholar asked re: mixed messages, with WHO fighting to end female genital cutting while simultaneously promoting male genital cutting in the same communities (i.e., that practice both). [THREAD]
Response by @CCPallitto: "Male circ has health benefits, there's evidence for that. FGM has no health benefits, so they need to be kept separate." Appeared to begin to say MC is "voluntary" but stopped mid-word ... perhaps because WHO moving to non-voluntary MC on infants?
Questions for @CCPallitto, (1) if 'minor' forms of *non-consensual* FGM had health benefits, would the WHO support it? Or would it argue that girls have a human right to give *consent* to alteration of their genitals (if desired) when of age? (2) is the WHO creating an incentive
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