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(1) .@IlhanMN .@Ilhan you profess to be a "Muslim"

But nowhere in Islam is #FGM or Female Genital Mutilation referenced or deemed acceptable

(It is non-Islamic Bedouin tradition)

Nowhere in Islam is incest accepted

Nowhere in Islam is polyandry (multiple husbands) accepted
(2) .@IlhanMN .@Ilhan You disrespect and rebel against that which you profess to hold most dear: being a "Muslim."

If you cannot keep the faith to god according to the dictates of Islam, if you feel you can "write" your own religious law in contradiction to ....
(3) the Koran, the Hadith and Shari'a - how can you be trusted?

Your behavior flies in the faith of Islamic and Koranic discipline.

In many Muslim countries - including Somalia, your disrespectful behavior would result in a painful & lethal punishment, no questions asked.
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🇬🇧 #MayGotTrumped
🇺🇸Theresa May Lost for Words as President @realDonaldTrump hits a home run when replying to @SkyNews reporter sarcastic question about the #StoneColdLoser @SadiqKhan

🇺🇸#Trump2020 #NationalPatriot #WinningBigly
🇺🇸 This lady totally agrees with what @realDonaldTrump advised the London Mayor @SadiqKhan
Kahn, you should focus on the thousands of of girls being subjected to the crime of Female Genital Mutilation #FGM in London each year
🏴 #StoneColdLoser
@SadiqKhan who by all accounts has done a terrible job as Mayor of London, has been foolishly “nasty” to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom. He is a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in London, not me . . DJT
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Perus- ja ihmisoikeudet ja niiden edistäminen iloksemme vahvasti #hallitusohjelma’ssa. Monet tavoitteemme hienosti mukana! Työtä on todellakin tehty paljon ja nyt vaikutukset näkyvät. Tässä ketjussa nopeasti keskeisimpiä #ihmisoikeudet havaintoja:
1. Hienoa, että ihmisoikeuksien järjestelmälliseen edistämiseen panostetaan: #hallitusohjelma'ssa mm. kolmas perus- ja ihmisoikeustoimintaohjelma, lainvalmistelijoiden ihmisoikeusosaamisen vahvistaminen sekä perus- ja ihmisoikeusvaikutusten arviointi. #ihmisoikeudet
2. #Hallitusohjelma'n mukaan kv. ihmisoikeussopimusten toimeenpanoa ja valvontaa edistetään ja vahvistetaan. Myös #oikeusvaltio'ta vahvistavia toimia löytyy useita. #ihmisoikeudet
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In American hospitals, the nurses strap the babies onto this circumcision restraint board which elevates their penis for easy access. The doctor might have other duties and may arrive late while the baby screams, chokes and struggles against the Velcro straps.
Sometimes the baby breaks loose, so the nurse straps him down even tighter.

When the doctor arrives, he takes off the baby's diaper and may find that the child has defecated in his panic and desperation. The nurse will quickly clean the baby, and the operation begins.
At birth, the baby's foreskin is firmly attached to the head (glans) of the penis by a membrane, leaving a narrow opening for urination. The dartos muscle, which runs from the scrotum to the tip of the foreskin, controls opening & closing of the tip of the foreskin for urination,
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Ok, so this👇 is just a warning to safeguard our women, because it's ultimately our women whose wombs will be extracted to implant into males in the West!
The greed n exploitation of Western men know no bounds - we must have laws to protect our women
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#WPUKLondon is now kicking off. It’s the 22nd meeting promoting our right to speak.
Previous meetings have been targeted and meetings prevented. Tonight this meeting is free from protests! Thanks to the venue, for support and donations. #WPUKLondon
#WPUKLondon is launching the #WPUKManifesto tonight.
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L. Mosselmans on myths about #FGM/C at international experts meeting: Western media focuses on extreme cases, giving the impression that FGM/C is usually sexually disabling and associated with very poor quality of life. Yet this is not true for majority of women with FGM/C. "We
tend to think of all women with FGM/C as having horrible sex lives, and all women without FGM/C as having wonderful sex lives, but this is not the case; most women, with and without FGM/C, have sex lives somewhere in the middle." See
"When we don't take care to ground our arguments in facts, we can't do our best research, and we can't help women in the most effective way" (paraphrased). "Be wary of seeing 'majority' of women with FGM/C ... this may mean 51%" or it may not be grounded at all.
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Fascinating talk by @CCPallitto (WHO) at international expert meeting on #FGM. Swiss scholar asked re: mixed messages, with WHO fighting to end female genital cutting while simultaneously promoting male genital cutting in the same communities (i.e., that practice both). [THREAD]
Response by @CCPallitto: "Male circ has health benefits, there's evidence for that. FGM has no health benefits, so they need to be kept separate." Appeared to begin to say MC is "voluntary" but stopped mid-word ... perhaps because WHO moving to non-voluntary MC on infants?
Questions for @CCPallitto, (1) if 'minor' forms of *non-consensual* FGM had health benefits, would the WHO support it? Or would it argue that girls have a human right to give *consent* to alteration of their genitals (if desired) when of age? (2) is the WHO creating an incentive
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I think that you should be appreciative of what America has given you, versus being a nasty little Ilhan Omar clone. If you do not like it here, and do not want to assimilate & contribute to our society, move to Muqdisho & see what the government there offers you, qof qallafsan!
Only in America can an immigrant become a citizen, get scholarships that American-born citizens cannot get & then insult the country & the president.

I lived in Africa for a long time & can tell you the reprisals there, for speaking like u do here would be severe, qof qallafsan.
What I do not understand, is why people like you, who are enjoying the benefits (and relative safety) of a free society, are so disrespectful.

Go run your mouth about politics in Somalia and see what happens to you.

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1/ Last week the Solicitor General informed Congress that DOJ won’t appeal a district court judgment declaring that Congress lacked the power to enact the federal law prohibiting female genital mutilation. #FGM…
2/ My friends and colleagues @neal_katyal and @jgeltzer have strongly condemned DOJ's decision; but I agree w/@walterdellinger that DOJ did the right thing here.…
3/ To be sure, I think Congress had authority to enact the #FGM law pursuant to its commerce power . . . and probably also pursuant to its power to enforce the 13th Amendment (because this horrific act is effectively a form of branding ...
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Good morning from the .@UN 👋 We had an excellent day yesterday preparing for submissions to the CEDAW Committee and today we are back attending #CEDAW72 as the UK government will be appearing before the Committee to answer questions!
We have started now and the UK government is making its 30 minute opening statement. The #metoo movement has already been mentioned! #CEDAW72
The government delegation are highlighting the steps they have taken to promote equality, such as: doubled entitlement of free childcare; committed to assisting individuals have taken time out for caring to return to work; addressing gender pay gap. #CEDAW72
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I am glad to see @PatrickStrud’s article quoting 5 British feminist academics who quite rightly remind us that feminism must include rights of trans women. It reminds me of an argument that happened after 1 of my talks in #London when 2 white lesbians bombarded me w/ transphobia
I mention that the 2 transphobic lesbians were white because they followed me to dinner after my talk where a gay #Saudi man, a bisexual Saudi woman and I defended trans rights against those two. In no other country have transphobes followed me to dinner after my talk to argue.
I wanted to eat & to talk w/my friends and the transphobes wanted to lecture. I told them that as far as I was concerned trans women are women and the fight against patriarchy had to include trans rights.And then I said i had just spent 90mins on a lecture & Q&A & I wanted to eat
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Breaking #Chope Chair of East Dorset Conservative Ass Cllr Ray Bryan says he’s had constituents ringing him “in tears, very distressed about this”. Some members furious. Calling a meeting of the Assoc Exec “within 48hrs to sort this once and for all, one way or another” #FGM
On #Chope being called out by @sajidjavid @Tobias_Ellwood and many others, Assoc Chair says

“That makes me very sad. I will take this issue to the Exec. I’m sure Chris has his reasons but the public don’t always understand his reasons. I take the issue very seriously “.
#Chope Cllr Bryan “Chris has a history of some very good work but he does tend to-i#on issues like this.. the members of the public don’t understand. I wold have thought it’s up the party to actually deal with this from a central function”.
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#FGM is about controlling female sexuality.
- We must talk about sex & a woman’s right to desire & pleasure
- Saying #NoFGM is saying I own my body, not the state, mosque, church, street or family

FEMINIST GIANT rant for International Day of #ZeroTolerance4FGM
Editing @rerutled
Here are statistics for #FGM prevalence in #Egypt that I refer to, via @28TooMany:
With prevalence of 87.2% among all women aged 15-49, in population of 95 million, Egypt has the greatest number of women and girls who have experienced FGM in the world.
#NoFGM #ZeroTolerance4FGM
#FGM in #Egypt, via @tadwein: (I reject “circumcision.”It is cutting/mutilation)
- 70% of men & 56% of women approve of FGM
- 9/10 men & 8/10 women agree that men are involved in deciding whether a girl is cut
- 67% of men & 58% women agree FGM makes women less sexually demanding
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Today is International Day of Zero Tolerance for #FGM. With FGM prevalence of 87.2% among all women aged 15-49, in a population of nearly 95 million, #Egypt has the greatest number of women and girls who have experienced FGM of any country in the world. We must say #NoFGM Blue ribbon that is equivalent of Arabic letter for “No.” Under it are words “Zero Tolerance Ribbon. Say no to female genital mutilation. #NoFGM”
Watch this video via @28TooMany about the Zero Tolerance for #FGM Ribbon Campaign in #Egypt. The ribbon is in the shape of the Arabic word “no.” Together we must say #NoFGM. #ZeroTolerance4FGM
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“When he grabbed my ass, that is violence. When I punched him, that is self defense.”

Last February, I started #MosqueMeToo & #IBeatMyAssaulter in same week. Here’s excerpt of a video I made for @washingtonpost explaining the reasons. Grateful to women who shared their stories.
You can watch the whole video here: If you grope me, I'll break your hand #MosqueMeToo #IBeatMyAssaulter
Starting this month, my goal is to record short videos - like first clip 👆🏽- that will be called FEMINIST GIANT Rants - lots of things coming up soon!
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Muslim women's bodies - from head to toe - are the site of battle between right wing racist shits & clueless left wing cultural relativist shits. And where are we?
From hijabs to FGM - the headscarves & hymens of my book title - everything has become about right vs left wing & not about us Muslim women.
For decades and more now: right wing shits who don't give a flying fuck about us Muslim women use hijabs/FGM as racism/Islamophobia entry point.
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Fuck virginity, hymens, chastity and "purity" that make parents cut and mutilate their daughters. Ever since I learned members of my extended family were subjected to #FGM, I've been writing, obsessively against it. This is from 2019… #EndFGM
Something that hurts so many girls and women is kept silent and taboo because it has to do with our vaginas and with sex. From 2016… #EndFGM
That NYT oped is from 2014, not 2019. I get so fucking angry about #FGM is rarely see straight.
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The white men jumping on my #FGM thread saying things like “Yeah that mother needs to rot in hell!” As if you give a flying fuck about girls subjected to the horrors of FGM. I fight FGM w/every fiber of my being but I know for some white people it’s another excuse for racist shit
I hate the cultural relativists too, believe me. Theirs is a racism of lower expectations - the “it’s their culture” racist shit. I respect no culture that hurts women and girls. Who made it”culture.” Not women and girls, for sure. Just shut up and listen to those of us affected
This is why I insist you listen to survivors and activists like my sister and comrade @LeylaHussein. This is why I share that so many women of my extended family were subjected to #FGM. This is not an abstract notion for so many of us. Itvisbin our homes.
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This is the 1st criminal conviction for #FGM in UK since it was criminalized in 1985. I support banning & fighting FGM everywhere. I have to ask why it’s a mother who is 1st to be convicted & not doctor/practitioner/others who subject girls to this horror…
The 3yo girl subjected to this horror will suffer for years I know. She should never have been subjected to this. Remember that. Remember also that when it comes to #FGM, mothers are weakest link in a patriarchal chain that upholds FGM as a form of controlling female sexuality.
Too many women in my extended family have been subjected to FGM. It ended in our extended family just before I was born. I am lucky. It is a form of torture that continues today against too many girls in #Egypt, my country of birth.
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On a night of political turmoil, it’s such a delight to switch off Brexit and celebrate the work of ⁦@BarHumanRights⁩ and wave farewell to our wonderful Chair ⁦@Kirsty_Brimelow⁩, in conversation with the marvellous Baroness Helena Kennedy QC. #ThankYouKirsty
Lovely words of encouragement and thanks from @Kirsty_Brimelow on behalf of @BarHumanRights to our many partners in the room, to our hardworking Drafting Committee and to our student members, future human rights lawyers to keep checking a cycle of backsliding in #humanrights.
International trial observations, which @BarHumanRights specialise in conducting, throw a spotlight on specific #humanrights issues. @Kirsty_Brimelow talks about our work in Turkey this year, and her own trial observation in Bahrain, & Colombia.
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THREAD (PART 3 of 4): Why you shouldn’t trust @QuilliamOrg ‘s report on #groominggangs & the claim that 84% of “grooming gang offenders” are Asian. An evidence-based critique. 1/
It ignores well-known biases in crime data, such as whether victims disclose (‘self-selection bias’), whether reports are investigated/prosecuted (‘institutional bias’) & whether convictions make the news (‘media bias’) 2/
If using news sources, it's a big mistake to overlook #mediabias – especially as coverage of “grooming gangs” has been very racialised. Crimes involving sex, children & race ‘sell' & stories fitting an established narrative tend to get more coverage. ( 3/
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Happy #Pride
I was expelled from my all-girls high school for being a #lesbian & put in a mental hospital for #conversiontherapy.

I became an #LGBT activist to prevent that from happening to other girls like I was.
Yet conversion therapy is still legal.
Happy #Pride
I memorialize every #lesbian who died hidden in the shadows because of #homophobia, who was forced into compulsory heterosexuality, who was made to live a lie. You deserved better. We honor you by making a safer world for lesbians today. Amen.
On #Pride I think of the #lesbian who became my mentor. She propelled me forward into lesbian #feminist writing. #AudreLorde opened a door for me I didn't know existed. I am so grateful she was in my life and left such a legacy for #lesbians.…
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