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"We had everything." --as in "WE HAVE IT ALL" ?
Q was right AGAIN? Good Work, Anons!

Why was it REALLY necessary to shut down #8chan?
Why won't #DemoKKKrats ask the Q & Investigate .@POTUS' Collusion w/ #QAnon --for Muh NAT SEC?
Who knows EXACTLY when & how Trump tweets?

WHY silence #8chan?
How often have Anon diggings pointed Real news to Truths? How did QAnon guide? Legal?
Why won't #DemoKKKrats Investigate:
Who is Q? What is Q? Why won't Trump disavow Q? Q174
Imagine that.
@POTUS "We have it all."
How? Legal?

If ILLEGAL, why haven't QAnon & POTUS been criminally investigated & obviously indicted-- 2+ yrs running even?
Define P.A.N.I.C.…
Read 11 tweets… The #sexstrike is dumb. Men can and should fight for reproductive rights, but not because they want to get laid. It's because women are full human beings who deserve support.
The #sexstrike only ended up reinforcing the conservative view of men -- that they don't care about women, just sex. But men can and should be better than that.
How should men get involved? Not by making this about themselves is how. Put women first. Not because a woman is your wife or daughter, but because women are people.
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1/4 Hey #sexstrike Think you can just avoid pregnancy with an elective #hysterectomy? Think again. You don't get to get to make those decisions for yourself either. My 3rd high risk pregnancy in a row became an early emergency c-section… #moleg #hb126 #reprorights #stopthebans
2/4 I /my child had to almost die before Dr's would consider hysterectomy (post recovery). I was so scared of getting pregnant again, we had infrequent & wary sex until the operation was performed. Stop robbing women of freedom #moleg #sexstrike #hb126 #reprorights #stopthebans
3/4 Living in fear of unintended pregnancy robs you of personal #freedom. The only thing you CAN do to 100% prevent pregnancy? Not have sex. I didn’t want to die & couldn’t take #birthcontrol. #moleg #hb126 would rob my kids of their mom #sexstrike #reprorights #stopthebans
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Who's fooling whom?

If you are sitting inside a car, are you now the car?

If you are sitting inside a house, are you now the house?


A wiser man than me once put it this way: Just because a mouse lives in a cookie jar doesn't make him a cookie.

And so, just as surely as you are not a car or a house, a child in the uterus is not her mother, but her own, separate, unique biological entity, a life.
The "heartbeat" bills enacted, or being considered for enactment, in several States are part of a larger program of education. You see, for five decades, the abortion business trade groups and businesses have depended on a comfortable ignorance taking hold of the American mind.
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So many crying that the #sexstrike is "punishing men." This just shows what we women are up against. Y'all are missing the point. What @Alyssa_Milano said was that with our rights being erased, we simply can't risk the dangers of pregnancy.
Even wanted pregnancies are dangerous, and can result in miscarriage and/or life threatening complications. With our rights being taken away, and the death penalty on the table, it is a risk no woman should take, period.
Yet the narrative being pushed is that this isn't FAIR to men, especially pro-choice men, who aren't lawmakers. That we shouldn't "deprive" men of sex and that a sex strike pits men against women.
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The #SexStrike tweet has reminded people of the Republican war against women.


These oppressive, regressive, forced-pregnancy bills are now being discussed in a serious manner on our national news cycle.


Please read on and share if it resonates.

2)GA will be the 4th state to pass a 6 week ban. 15 states have introduced legislation.

Alabama is set to pass a 2 week ban.

Elections matter. Think about this moment in time when you’re trying to figure out if it’s worth making the effort to vote. Please vote.

3)Texas had hearings on a bill to execute women who have had an abortion.

The Ohio bill suggests that an ectopic pregnancy should not be terminated but instead, re-implanted into the uterus, a procedure that doesn’t even exist.

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You think, “Nope, progressives can’t possibly be any dumber,” and then they proceed to reset the dumbness bar. The latest example is @Alyssa_Milano, who has publicly announced she’s not going to have sex anymore until people can once again kill babies without restraint.
Let’s review. Alyssa Milano is not going to have sex unless and until you allow her to kill babies. I am unclear on what our reaction is supposed to be. Does she expect us to pull a 180 on pre-birth infanticide in order to keep the Alyssa Option open?
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Oh, I know, it's...problematic. But Lysistrata is a COMEDY.

And for those who don't want to hold out, some exceptions: Girls say yes to boys who say no, obvi. And everyone says yes to girls.

#SexStrike cc @bungarsargon
I just like Lysistrata because it makes inhumane politics not just immoral (which could be sexy) but *counter-adaptive.*

Like you face ruin on an animal level if you espouse cruel Trumpite madness.

See: incels and Trumpites who need their own dating apps & safe spaces.
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A note on #abortions

The woman's right to choose whether or not to terminate her pregnancy is a fundamental substantive due process right drawn from the Bill of Rights that protects the privacy & autonomy of the woman. Any assault on that by special interests or States is a
violation against the Constitution of the United States. #RoeVWade has long been virtually obsolete in the sense that in that case the woman's right to choose was plenary. Meaning, she could have an abortion whenever she wanted during the pregnancy. The Supreme Court has since
created significant boundaries around this right by saying that a woman's right to choose is plenary up until the fetus becomes viable. By viable SCOTUS meant the fetus could be kept alive outside the mother's womb through medical technology. Once the fetus reaches that point,
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Be forewarned: if you are doing the actual work of protecting women's rights to bodily autonomy from male legislators, there are no hot pink memes and no hashtags. There's just knowing you are saving women's lives. Which #SexStrike does not.
Also, when you support the work of established organizations for women's repro rights, you are supporting ALL women, not just white heterosexual women. The women who are most vulnerable to these laws being passed are young, low-income, WOC.
#SexStrike is not inclusive.
"You cannot have maternal health without reproductive health. And reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortion." --@HillaryClinton
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I've been watching all the critiques of the #SexStrike today – most emphasizing how it plays into patriarchal & heternormative views of women & sex – and I generally agree with them. but want to add few other thoughts here...
...1) the premise of #SexStrike seems to be that men are denying women's autonomy, so we will "punish" men (via withholding sex) until they relent. but while men/women is certainly an important dynamic at play here, it is not the only one by far...
...the primary dynamic here is social conservatives (of mixed genders) enforcing their ideology on the majority who oppose their views. today it is about abortion. other times it is about LGBTQ+ ppl, or immigrants, or other issues... #SexStrike
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Scroll through the #sexstrike hashtag to see what men are saying about it. It will make you stop wanting to have sex with men forever. So far I've got:

1. Planned Parenthood objects to the sex strike because they won't make money. (It's a nonprofit.)
2. This will make conservative women have more babies. (Some kind of eugenics argument...?)
3. Liberals already hate sex. (Say what?)
4. Liberals are whores, so this is a good thing. (Make up your mind.)
4. No one wants to have sex with a liberal, anyway (Yeah, right...)
5. Women are stupid. (I'm sure he's having lots of sex.)

Clearly, the boys are panicking. Educate them. #SexStrike
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Let’s talk about the difference between #SexStrike & #StopFuckingShittyMen. Sex strike proposes that all women stop having sex (with men its implied I think, no clue if queer women are supposed to stop fucking each other here) in order to punish men or raise awareness.
As some have already noted, this perpetuates the idea that sex is the only bargaining chip women have & that sex is the only reason men will listen to us. I’m not on board at all. But folks may think that the Sex Strike is no different than my recent proposal.
#StopFuckingShittyMen is about centering women’s sexual needs (don’t fuck men who don’t care about your pleasure or who make you feel bad about your body) as well as refusing to participate in sex with men who don’t deserve our time, attention or bodies.
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I hate this
Also I hate the idea that not having sex is a punishment for men but not for women - I like sex! Why should I deprive myself of it?

And lots of women don't fuck men anyway!
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Join us in helping cis men feel the physical consequences of our reproductive rights being systematically eliminated!

Luckily this means you *can* still have sex w women 🙌🏼✨🤗
Sex strikes have a long, long history of being an effective tool for political change. I first heard about them in Colombia in 2013:…
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